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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Well my research here says it is a cat converter issue. There is TSB #EG039 open on the issue. I guess I'll be having that discussion with them next week.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    Join the club of waiting on the oil leak parts! I've been waiting since January 10th!! I've called Toyota corp. 3 times, and I call my dealer several times a week. I am not getting any answers. Toyota e-mailed me a survey to fill out after I talked to them, and I gave them the lowest possible scores. Maybe that will help. The number I called was 1800 331 4331. Maybe if we all call Toyota Corp and bug them about not supplying their dealers, they will start making the parts available. Mine started leaking at about 14,000 miles. Now, I am waiting for the rotten egg smell - so far- none. Thanks for the TSB number on that. I'll be ready for it now.
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    Ah, come on, It's only been almost 2 months and they are so busy selling cars and advertising how great their new Camry is, give them a break. Seriously though, as I've stated many times previously, No. 1 breeds arrogance, pride before the fall. If it really bothers you go to a lawyer pay a small fee and have a letter sent on his or her stationary to the OWNER of the car store. State you complaint and you might mention a small claims court suit. As far as corporate, forget it, they have become too Americanized. If someone knows the Japanese corporate information please post it. GOOD LUCK, I've had none..............
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    since your Avalon has no timing belt. it may be a long wait and from personal experience in this matter, you may not need the new PS pump.
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    Mr. Yuki Funo, Chairman & CEO
    Toyota Motor North America
    19001 South Western Ave., PO Box 2991
    TORRANCE CA 90509-2991

    Katsuaki Watanabe, President
    Mitsuo Kinoshita, Executive Vice President
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    1 Toyota Cho Toyota City
    Aichi Prefecture 471-8571
    JAPAN M0 00000
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    Thank you, perhaps they "might" listen and to all, send a nice letter to both explaining you problems and lack of service............
  • mariodmariod Posts: 28
    What part was changed?
  • mariodmariod Posts: 28
    I need HELP. What was the fix??? I have a 2005 Avalon with the same noise or clunk in the steering.
  • smuooksmuook Posts: 35
    A small group of Avalon owners are talking with a distributor/manufacturer about a front end kit. Here's what we are considering:


    This is a genuine request and would like your input. We are looking for honest feedback. If interested, you can read more and submit input here:
  • smuooksmuook Posts: 35
    Sorry... wrong year. I'll see if I can find a TSB for 2005
  • If it's a tapping noise felt at low speeds, try

    TSB #00206 -- STEERING COLUMN NOISE. *TT (NHTSA ID #10019669, MARCH 14 2006).

    In my 2005 XLS, this noise was fixed last July by replacing the steering column.

    Unfortunately the same type of noise has returned in the past weeks.
  • geoshillgeoshill Posts: 27
    I haven't looked at the Forum lately but I'm glad I did yesterday. I found the recommendation to drive in the S5 mode. It works great for me. No quirky shifting episodes.
  • mariodmariod Posts: 28
    My 2005 Avalon is having the same problem... At low speeds my steering makes a knocking sound. It's kind of strange.

    I agree with the TSB # 00206, Is there anywhere on the web to view the whole TSB? I found others but i cant seem to find this one.

    hopefully Toyota will fix yours again! Good luck. I'm going next Monday to get mine fixed.
  • Hello geoshill,

    great to hear that driving in S5 mode works well for you too.


  • mariod,

    I don't doubt that Toyota will fix mine again, but the part seems hard to get. It's been back-ordered from the factory for a few weeks now. I'd make sure the part is in for you, before you go on Monday. Good luck, and let me know.

  • 91199119119911 Posts: 54
    I have a 2006 Avy and it has always had hesitation in transmission plus it jerks through turns and sometimes during straight and level at constant speeds the engine revs up with no forward motion response. This all happens whether in S5 or Auto.. My lwawsuit is progressing on, keep up the complaints when legit.If it was made to drive in auto...then why not?

  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Cj: Good luck---I sold my 06 Limited--tired of the tranny crap--if its an automatic--then be an automatic! I just hope Toyota fixes what is obviously a problem. We had so many "fixes" mentioned in the Forum--toe this way on the gas pedal--foot over here on the gas pedal--leave in S5--count to 3 an pray--heard it all. I know my way worked for me--put it in S1 just before I stopped or slwoed down and then once going slide it back to auto mode--NEVER a problem with hesitation. i submitted a compliant to both Toyota--TALK TO THE WALL and to the NHTSA--never heard anything from them either. Guess it will take a serious accident to get somebody's attention.
  • Can anyone provide details as to changes in standard equipment and available options between the 05, 06 and 07 Limited models? I am considering purchasing my first Avalon and any information and comments would be appreciated. This is my first time on this forum so hopefully I have posted in the right place. Thank you.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    While there are some differences in standard and optional equipment, the biggest thing to remember is that 2005 was a first year model. Most in the forum agree that you should avoid the first year of any car. After that things will only get better.

    Avalons are great cars and you would be hard pressed to go wrong buying one. Just check it out and have a mechanic do the same if it's a used car. And someone here has answers to your question about option changes. The '07 added standard Tire Pressure Monitors as mine has them. Good luck and enjoy the forum..... :)
  • Thank you fin. Would I be guessing correctly that it was a top to bottom redesign in 2005? Any 2005 or 2006 owners care to share their experirences/problems? Thanks.
  • stcroixboy,

    The 2005 was a top-to-bottom redesign, you can read many reviews from 2005 that highlight all the innovations introduced that year. The 2006 and 2007 models are practically identical except for minor differences in options available in some packages. The 2007 includes the now mandatory tire pressure monitoring system.

    If you buy a 2005 second-hand, the first-run issues should have been fixed under warranty for the original owner, or are still fixable under warranty since the earliest cars were sold in Feb 2005. Such issues include tail pipe misaligment, loose covers over fog lights and defective steering column. These defects should not have shown up again in the 2006 model year. The much-discussed (here) occasionally misbehaving transmission and sensitive gas pedal design have NOT been modified since the 2005 model year and don't appear to have hampered new sales, either.

    I have owned my early-early 2005 XLS for over 2 years now, had only very few problems and continue to enjoy the unique combination of interior space, comfort, quiet, dependability, raw power, and fuel economy. Sorry, I don't intend to trade it in the forseeable future!

    Best wishes,

  • 91199119119911 Posts: 54
    I can provide these details: I have a 2006 Avalon Limited and suggest you drive the vehicle you're purchasing for a reasonable amount of time under all reasonable conditions, reason, quiet a few of these vehicles have problems with hesitation in the transmission which is dangerous as well as a nusiance. Search this forum before purchasing as well.

    I have a pending lawsuit against Toyota for that reason and they're being totally obstinate about not giving one inch.

    Best of luck,
  • havalongavalon,
    Thanks for the detailed info. As I have started to read through other comments, there seem to be quite a few regarding the transmission experiencing hesitation problems. Has this been an issue?

  • Cj,
    Thank you and good luck with your lawsuit.

    I had been considering the Avalon Limited but seeing that Toyota hasn't fixed or admitted the problem in three years I guess I will focus on the Hyundai Azera Limited instead.

    I don't want Nav, and so for 30K it seems similarly equipped and lists for about 6K less. I just can't believe how many posts there are regarding this transmission problem that Toyota states is normal!

    My wife has a Rav4L and she had a Previa before that with absolutely no problems but I think that it is time to try Hyundai and that warranty certainly sounds inviting if I should need it!

    Thanks again,

  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I have never had a problem with the steering on my early 2005 Limited, YET, but since the oil leak parts have been ordered for TWO months, I am wondering if I can get my dealer to go ahead and order the parts for the steering problem since that will probably show up too. How many miles did you have on yours when the steering started knocking? Mine has 14,600K.
  • You may find, as other owners have, that changing to a different brand of gasoline may cure the rotten ege small.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Now at the 2k mile mark including a 500 mile roundtrip from Atlanta up to Music City. In short, the car performs as expected, no problems at all.

    Gas mileage is highest 20's (corrected) at avg 75 mph and should improve with additional miles on the car.

    ODO Error - As *captain2* and others have mentioned, the odo is off by 3%. Checked it twice on two different interstates. Ran 34.0 miles of mile markers and saw a beautiful 33.0 miles on the odo. Seems impossible in this age of computers.. Speedometer works OK as we passed some construction zone radar speed signs and they seemed to match indicated speed.

    The seats are still not as comfortable as the '03 XL we sold but we will adjust. Outward visibility is another adjustment. But the extra power, compared to the '03, makes driving a lot easier.

    Enjoy you Avalons, all. So far, so good........ :)
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    ... SORRY if this is a duplicate post in a diff. forum....

    I have a 06 Avalon XLS without the Manufacturer navigation system but I have the JBL Syn. System. One year has passed and I must admit, I'm overall very satisfied. A few months in, I was experiencing the annoying dashboard squeaks but they are long gone, 20K miles now. My wife is now considering I get the Navigation system. I know there are portable models on the market but I am one for esthetics and was considering upgrading with the navigation system option model that is/was offered with the car in 06. I am not sure if my display window will need to be replaced or not, but overall does anyone know if this is even possible? And if so, what's the est cost; with and without the dealer installation. Thank you
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Best guess: By the time you paid the bills you could have traded up for an '07 w/NAV. Seriously, even the controls on the dash are different, not just the NAV screen itself. This is not reasonably possible. Sorry, but consider an '07. Also, you lose the tape player with NAV, if that means anything. Hope this helps.....
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