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Volvo XC90 Maintenance and Repair



  • Is it normal to hear the fan on after turning off the car, removing the key from ignition, etc?

    Not a big deal but I noticed I could hear it whirring for a few minutes after I turned it off today.

    It that is normal, I won't worry about it.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    ya. that's normal. it's drying out the A/C system/vents so that mold won't grow there.
  • Thanks, I appreciate your response. I noticed this morning that it didn't do it at all, so I guess it just happens periodically. I think I just have to get used to driving a different car. I had a Toyota Sienna before and it was great for reliability but definitely boring and not NEARLY as much fun to drive! I'm even getting accustomed to the noise that the air system makes. I'm not totally sure it's "normal" but I didn't hear the whistling sound this morning.

    Our local dealer doesn't have a great reputation but that is where it is going tomorrow for a burned out bulb and some warranty work. Plus, I'm adding two side panel nets for the rear.

    I'm toying with the idea of buying the extended warranty...
  • Ok, yet another question! I took the car in to get cargo nets added to the sides and also to have two recall issues addressed and a light bulb replaced. I also asked them to replace the front and rear wipers, which work much better now.

    My question is this: at very low levels of speed (under 20 mph) and ONLY when my foot is actually on the gas, I have a really annoying vibration/buzz noise from the right hand side of the car. It kind of sounds like it's coming from the sun shade/roof area. It's very, very annoying. Everyone who has ridden in the car has commented on it.

    Any troubleshooting ideas before I take it in to get looked at specifically for this issue? It sometimes happens at higher speeds but mostly at lower speeds.

    If it didn't make this noise it truly would be the perfect vehicle!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    m-a, you are most welcome for the replies. if you've got the time, the vehicle's got the warranty to pay for that to be investigated. gotta be something loose up there or nearby.
  • thanks...but it has 63k miles so the warranty is expired. I am considering buying an extended warranty for it, though. I absolutely love the car, I just want the rattle to stop~!
  • martyfmartyf Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 XC90 2.5T. I have noticied that the mpg drops significantly in cold weather. We had a heat spell for severl days and the mpg went up. Is this cold weather drop normal?
  • I found the rattle/vibration that was happening at lower speeds! It's the light/sunroof/mirror console area in the front (on the roof).

    The front of the plastic console (the part that faces the rear seats) has a space large enough for me to slide in two credit cards. in other words, it's lost it's seal against the roof. The rest of the console is tightly sealed against the roof.

    The way I've solved this for now is by sticking a thin piece of cardboard between the crack. My husband doesn't want to pay Volvo to take it apart (plus he probably rightly thinks that taking it apart, in the long run, will likely exacerbate the core problem).

    So I'm wondering--what would you do? I've thought about using crazy glue or something (maybe some kind of car specific glue?) to make it stick tightly to the roof again...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. The cardboard is working for now but my preference is not to keep it "open" like that..I'd like to just get it resealed.

    Now that the rattle is gone, though, I absolutely LOVE THIS CAR!
  • buroskyburosky Posts: 90
    Just a thought. How about using those silicone sealants that is used for Doors or Windows as caulking? That should seal the gap and keep water from seeping through.
  • Hello All, Also posted under XC90 lemon. Purchsed a new XC90 in Feb 2005. 2.5T, FWD. 13,880 miles. On Wed 3-21-07 complete transmission failure. Am currently awaiting new transmission. Volvo NA will only warranty the new transmission for the remainder of the "new car warranty period", which for me is about 2 years. Anyone else have this problem? The service manager cannot help me he was just transferred from FORD and need to get up to speed. Thanks
  • sorry to hear about your trans. I had a 2004 which needed a new trans at 52k. Volvo will not admit any problems, obviously there is a huge problem. You may cosider an extended warranty, if possible. Volvo national is very unreceptive and places any remedy on the dealers.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    You're lucky that you were able to isolate the source of the noise. That's 90% of the battle. I recently owned a GMC Envoy and had the same noise coming from the overhead console. I noticed that by applying pressure to the console, the noise went away. I removed the console, inserted a tennis ball between the metal roof and the roof liner and the sound went away. I turned the car in when the lease expired. Someday, they'll find the tennis ball and will be perplexed. Be creative and experiment.
  • I forgot to update the situation! I took the car in to a car stereo installation shop to deal with a non working DVD system (well, not entirely non working but one screen wouldn't turn on and one of the headphones wasn't getting reception).

    I mentioned the rattle to them and they took apart the console and tightened some things up and insulated something else...anyway, it's gone now and I am officially 100% thrilled with the car!
  • I have about 250 miles on a new 2007 XC 90 Sport and just had this message warning light pop up. When I called the dealer for an appointment, the first thing they asked me was whether I had added gas to it. I replied no, it's still on it's first tank. Is this strange? Has anyone else had the Check Engine light come on in a car with such low miles?
  • Interesting... We bought a new 2004 XC90 T6 AWD and after 52,500 miles, the transmission went out. We had numerous other problems besides that. The Volvo XC90 is a very frustrating car.
  • cx90cx90 Posts: 1
    I had a minor accident with my 2006 XC90 where I damaged the right lower control arm and the engine cradle (I think it is aka cross member). They were both replaced. However, now when I reach exactly 40MPH, it gives the sensation as if I was driving a big truck with big tires or as if the RPM went up. It makes a noise when it happens, but I wouldn't know how to call it but to describe the sensation it produces. It stops at 41 MPH and I can feel it again at 60MPH and quits again at 61 MPH. If anybody could give me any feed back, it would be highly appreciated.
  • kienekiene Posts: 1
    Same story - My wife & mother-in-law were recently (4-4-2007) traveling home from Charleston SC to Ohio and out of no where GRIND GRIND, there went the transmission. Had to rent a car and leave the Volvo in North Carolina. 56,000 miles and out of warranty apparently.
  • The car had minor problems that the dealer, Crown Volvo in Chapel Hill, made worse.Then there are problems that still were never fixed. Even though my neighbors that had the same problems reported them, volvo denied they existed as they were intermitent. The volvo corp could care less about their owners and apparently could care less if the dealers fix anything or not. The car was in the shop on average once a month for two years. Some of the problems were never fixed (The locks not unlocking, sometimes, the tailgate rubbing so bad it was bare metal, happens on all other ones, my service advisor showed me others in the shop doing the same thing, and said volvo knows about it, but can't figure it out) Every loaner I had, had problems. Most the transmission wouldn't even stay in drive, and those are dealer maintained! Volvo wouldn't buy it back and the dealer offered me $24k on a trade, This was a $46k car two years ago. They don't even believe in their own vehicles.
    I don't think buying a "luxury" suv should entail these type of hassles. I took a bath on it as no one wants them but at least I got rid of it and won't have to deal with the tranny falling apart. Spending $1000 on tires 12k miles into a new car is ludicrous, same problems as everyone else posts about. If you buy one of these vehicles after reading these posts that's your business but I think it's only fair to others to warn them. I wish I would have read this forum before I bought the piece of junk. I will NEVER buy another volvo product.
  • So how do we start a class action?
  • Good morning,
    I am playing catch up and I am new to the site. I had two of the problems occur to me, but I had differnt results. My perilli tires went bad at about 15,500 miles. My dealer replaced them at no cost, they told me that Perilli had a bulletin out about it. It took 2 days but they got them paid for. The other concern was that of a humming type noise. They replaced both left side hubs also under warranty. Unfortunitly, I have nothing but praise for my XC90. :shades:
  • I have a 2007 XC90 Sport V8 and noticed that when accelerating from a stop, the engine feels "rough" and I notice a high frequency vibration. This goes away in second gear. Also upon stopping, it feels as if the car performs two slight jerks.

    has anyone else experienced this? Or is this normal Volvo behavior?

  • Go to your local dealer and tell them this. Tell them that there is a tech-net note (#40-02) that should fix your problem. If you purchased this after 02/12/07 the dealer should have done this to your vehicle before you got it. I am pretty sure this will resolve your problem
  • Thanks skeeter! Is there a way to view the tech note online before going to the dealer? I ask because I just got the car back after week at the dealer to fix a bad oxygen sensor and they apparently didn't perform the fix.

    here is a link where you can browse and purchase the tech notes if you want.
  • dick60dick60 Posts: 12
    I drove my daughter's new 2007 XC90 last week and was so disappointed with the drivability of the vehicle. She has 5700 miles and has the 3.2 engine. First, the steering is totally numb and has no self centering functionality. I was consistantly fighting to steer the wheel to a neutral position. If I didn't the car would wander dangerously into the next lane. Secondly, the transmission is contantly surging the engine and shifting. It appears to have no torque to keep the car in a selected gear. Third, the little lights that tell you what fan speed and A/C control is on are so small and so faint that in the daytime they are invisible. To think she is spending over $500 a month to lease this defective vehicle blows my mind.

    By the way, I drive a BMW 528i and a classic Corvette. But, I just rented a Cobalt on vacation and had a great time with this low end Chevy.
  • roper6roper6 Posts: 8
    After eight e-mails to Volvo Service and a letter to Ann Belec at Volvo North America, I was finally offered a free extended warranty on my 04 XC90. My local dealership will absorb the $100.00 deductible. So I figured that was not too bad. This is after eighteen trips to the dealer for problems. One front steering rack, rear differential and four, yes four rear wheel bearings, and other issues too numerous to mention.
    Then I took it in to have the tie rods changed under the last recall, 500 miles later the front tires were shot, OK, they had about 40k on them. Not too shabby, I put on a new set of Continentals, less than 5000 miles later, they are shot. Back to Volvo to have them check alignment, everything is OK they say. Continental replaces the tires fro $120.00. Not too bad I think, now 1500 miles later there is already a noticeable difference in the wear on the front tires. Me thinks it's time to dump this lemon.... :lemon: Anyone else had this many issues?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    nice move with the free extended warranty, roper6. sounds like you handled the situation well. avoid/dump the Conti tires. Try Toyos or Yokos. Or goodyear. sounds like you've gotta have an alignment problem with the vehicle too. we've had no probs with our 2004 xc90. if yours is a lemon, you know it best, trade it if you can afford to. life is too short.
    dick60, you are probably right about the lack of torque causing gear-hunting by the trans. i have the 2.5T xc90 and it torques ok off the line, but aside from that it is slow.
    your daughter's car needs an alignment and maybe a better set of tires. she can get at least one free alignment at the dealership under warranty. i have noticed the same thing about the lights for the AC fan during daylight. i find automatic AC systems rather annoying most of the time.
    when getting an alignment, always insist to see the before/after alignment specs so you can see if anything was really changed.
  • onemarbayonemarbay Posts: 1
    Apparently have a leak in the AWD angle joint transfer case..."not a serviceable seal"...$2,300 replacement on a 2004 XC90 with < 60,000 miles. No evidence of a leak where the car is parked. Is anyone else familiar with this? Either I am being ripped off now or I was ripped off when I bought this vehicle.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I had this issue while still under warranty. They just changed the seal! Try another dealer!
  • dmedmondsdmedmonds Posts: 4
    I purchased the vehicle in January 2003 and was proud to be one of the first owners of an exciting new model. Since that time, I have become increasingly disappointed with the reliability of the car and the amount of work that has been performed on it. Aside from routine maintenance and some more minor repairs, the following
    In the first year of owning the vehicle, the entire audio system needed to be replaced.
    In October of 2004 the front axle needed to be replaced.
    After multiple occurrences of the vehicle failing to start, the battery needed to be replaced.
    I just learned this morning that the vehicle needs a complete new transmission.
    Items 1 and 2 were performed under warranty, but in discussion with my service advisor, I was told this morning that the cost of a new transmission will be $4,472 plus tax. While the cost of a transmission is understandably high, to need a replacement of this magnitude for a car that is only 4 years old is appalling. The vehicle has relatively low mileage of 45,000 and has been well cared for and maintained.

    I've totally lost faith in Volvo and don't know what to do.
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