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Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree. I am in the market as well - but I can't swallow spending so much $$ when I know that others are paying $4000 less for the same car than I would - nothing fair about that. Then, I see that the Lexus 350 and Audi A4 (though this one is smaller than the CTS) are WAY cheaper than the CTS. I'm going to check those out and see if they are any good.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    so why not challenge the dealership to match the price....if they are eager to sale....they certainly might negotiate....when comparing the A4 and the 350...depends on the options you put on them when comparing to the CTS....looked at the A4, but the GM drive train warranty and the price optioned out the way I wanted the CTS couldnt be matched.....

    also didnt want the sky high maintenance prices Audi and Lexus charges either....
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    When a dealer gets a car from another dealer, the dealer with the car gets to keep the hold-back. The hold-back is about 3% (I believe) of the msrp. It stands to reason that they can't make the deal with you that they could if they had the car in stock. In addition, there is the transport charge that they incur with a driver to bring the car to them. The hold-back is a fee that the corporation pays the dealer for each car sold. Incidentally when you look at the invoice, this is a hidden profit that does not show
  • twain809twain809 Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a CTS and wanted to pass on the info for the dealer where I got it:

    Valley Cadillac
    3100 Winton Rd South
    Rochester, NY 14623

    I live in NYC and contacted a number of dealers via the internet. One of the larger dealers in NJ just across the river did not respond to emails, and when I called him, he sounded like the stereo-typical New Jersey salesman. He offered to sell a car to me at invoice.

    After contacting Cadillac ( to ask where I might find the CTS with the specs that I wanted, they sent me a list that included Valley Cadillac. Instead of firing off an email to them, I called and was put through to a salesperson. I don't know if she is the only salesperson on their team, but she was good. Ask for her and tell her the guy from NYC sent you.

    In fact, the price was good enough that I still saved $$ even after accounting for the cost of my one-way flight from NYC to Rochester to pick up the car. The drive back to NYC (5 hours or so) was a perfect way to break in the CTS!
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    You did not mention the discounts that you got. When I bought mine in January, there was a credit union discount, loyalty cash, bonus cash and, in my case, credit from my GM Mastercard.
  • twain809twain809 Posts: 7
    While there were a number of discounts out there at the time, I did not qualify for them all. For example, I am not a member of a credit union, so while this discount was available, I could not take advantage of it. Neither did I have a family or friend who worked at GM, otherwise I might have gotten the employee pricing. Similarly, I couldn't take advantage of the $4,000 discount for terminating a lease as I was not leasing a car.

    In the end, it was the $2,500 cash discount plus a $1,000 private offer that GM made to me.
  • cdfinneycdfinney Posts: 4
    I did talk to 5 dealers in my area and none did anything about the $4000 difference that i wanted too. the owner of Mataga in Stockton did plead my case to a rep, but to no avail. I also called Cadillac that did not work either, but they did send me email w/ a 1k coupon. anyone thinking of buying should call and complain. I did find a dealer in LA that has some w/ 9k off. that puts me at 10k off only 500 short. it is my wife's dream car, so i may pull this trigger.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    who did you talk to in LA and what part of town?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    You can become a member of a credit union. My two credit unions open membership to anyone who wants to buy a share. The cost is just $25 for that share and that opens your membership. Become a member of a credit union. Some may be for employees only of a certain company, but some are open to anyone. It was a 2,000 discount for me, but I belonged to two. I never showed any proof; I just told them that I was a member of a credit union. Maybe they just trusted me for some reason.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I got excited. Saw $7000 capital reduction for leases on the CTS available. In addition I would have GM supplier pricing, a $2000 capital reduction for leasing a vehicle with an expiration date before 10/31 and possibly another $1000 bonus cash. Additionally I would get about $2500 off with the supplier pricing. So a $45,000 CTS becomes something like a lease on a $32,500 Cadillac.

    Here's the rub. The lease rate right now for GM Smart lease is 24%. I laughed at them as I walked out. I called a dealer in another town and he too came back with the 24% interest rate. I said I don't know how you could tell a customer that with a straight face. He said yeah, right. He's pretty upset too.

    If this is what GM is using my tax money for then the sooner they go out of business and turn this over to someone wanting to do business the faster their recovery will be.
  • hallie72hallie72 Posts: 1
    okay, so we didn't really get that much off the invoice price but we went to Mike Kelly Chevrolet Cadillac in Butler Pennsylvania, and they were very nice and friendly. they actually just threw in a couple hundred worth of extras so we came out satisfied. we bought it at around 38,800 give or take a few i already forgot!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who is considering purchasing a Cadillac or have purchased one this year. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Thursday, June 25, 2009.

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  • I recently went to a dealer for quotes on the 2009 CTS. The 48 month lease (12,000 mi/year) quote was $540/month and the financing quote (0% for 72 months) to purchase car was $550/month. No money down for either quotes.

    I've always leased my cars for no more than 39 months. So, is 48 months too long to lease a car (i.e. is it worth it)? Since I've never financed a car for purchase before, is 72 months too long of a time period to finance?

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Assuming that both payments include EVERYTHING (taxes, tags, and ALL fees) and assuming that you have no tax incentive to lease, then it really depends on how long you are likely to keep the car. With the lease, you are essentially locked in to the car for the full four years (you could get out sooner, but it will cost you big money). With the purchase, you can plan to keep the car for the full 72 months, but sell it at any time you choose. Either way, I would buy GAP coverage in case the car gets totalled.

    Personally, I would buy the car so I could get rid of it if I decided I hated it or if my circumstances changed.
  • Thank you vinnyny!
  • I am going to be looking for a new CTS this week. I am going to pay cash and wonder what kind of a discount there is available? Does anyone know if the incentives will change after OCT. 1st. The 2010 is about to come out,,, wait or buy now. I will keep it at least 6-7 years.
  • You have to determine your situation, howlong you plan to keep the car and stick to it. The 4th year of lease doesn't depreciate too much, so it lowers your payments. You have a 4 year warrenty, but with the 4th year you may need to buy tires. With the lease you have locked in your trade in value, but can use the 60 day return option.

    For buying at 0%, I don't think it matters how many months you get the loan for. It will average out to the same overall cost no matter what, so you may as well go for 72 moths.
  • Usually there is no discount for cash. The dealer gets their $ with cash or loan.

    Normally we have to wait until the next month to see what the rebates will be. Currently there are none on the 2010. If they don't have specials in Oct, Cadillac usually them near the end of the year.
  • I'm confused, it appears to me that the last post was Sept 09, why has everyone stopped posting ?? Is no one buying CTS's ???? How about leasing ??? Nothing ????
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    The CTS Lease Questions discussion has recent posts... you can find that discussion, here:

    Just be sure to come back here and tell us about your shopping experience!


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  • Well, one reason was GM essentially stopped leasing in mid 2009 and didn't restart again until mid-late 2010.

    That said, this is not the leases forum - it's the prices paid forum...???

    We are buying a CPO 2008 CTS this week, i might post some details here, after its delivered. I'll probably get told that i got taken to the cleaners, but it's only money.
  • I purchased this car out of state, from Towell Cadillac in Akron Ohio, and negotiations were done via phone and fax. I have a fax from the sales person with his handwritten note stating that the "in service" date was January of 2010. The car in question is a Certified 2010 CTS Sport Wagon with 1,250 miles on the odometer. Thanks to my servicing dealer, I found that the actual "in service" date was May of 2009. Essentially, I've been shorted 7 months of factory warranty. I called the sales person about this issue and he promised to call back after doing some "research". Towell charged me $1695, or $70.26 for each month of certification coverage. I think that the missing 7 months of warranty should be worth at least $70.26 x 7 months or $494. After numerous phone calls to Towell Cadillac concerning the warranty on my CTS, they freely admit that I was mislead about the "in service" date on the car. I've been shorted 7 months of factory warranty and they refuse to make any refund. I thought some of the Toyota dealers skirted pretty close to the edge, but Towell's behavior is flat out unethical. It took ten years to get me back into a domestic car and the deal really leaves a sour taste. I really do like the CTS sport wagon, but every time I look at it, I'll be thinking about how Towell hosed us. Towell sells a lot of cars on the net, especially E-Bay. They probably get a lot of out of state buyers, and couldn't care less about repeat customers.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Write a letter to the general manager threatening a lawsuit. Include the fax, your contract, and any other documentation you have. Send it via certified mail with the GM's name on it. Tell him all you want is the $494 now but you'll obviously be seeking more if you have to pay a lawyer. Appeal to his sense of fair play. Concede that we all make mistakes but what matters is how we respond to them. He'll cut you a check if he has any sense.
  • Actually, it gets even better. Towell Cadillac charged me $1695 for the certification. When I picked up the car the battery was dead, the tire inflator kit was gone, and the recall for rear suspension was still outstanding. I've got to wonder exactly what was checked for the certification. Clearly, if they had run the VIN, the outstanding recall would show up. The dead battery and missing inflator kit leads me to think that they did squat.
  • Certified letter going out in the morning, followed by a complaint to the Akron, Ohio BBB. I posted this story on cadillac dot (you know the rest). A couple of days back, another of Towell Cadillac's victims came out of the woodwork. He bought his car on or about March 25. Turns out they gave him the same exact "in service" date that they fed me, and like me, he was shorted 7 months of factory coverage. Looks like a pattern to me: Lets screw the out of state buyers. They are not going to bring suit in Ohio
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    $1695 charged to you to "certify" the car....that in itself is a ripoff if that was an additional charge to you above and beyond the purchase is it a dealer certification or a GM Certified Used car....just curious....
  • The car is GM certified. I had my local dealer run the VIN and the car showed up as being certified. The $1695 was above and beyond the purchase price.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    so the 1695 was a dealer add on for exactly what...the fact they sold you a certified car?.....that is a ripoff!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    The $1695 is for the certified warranty..

    That's the only part of certified that means anything...


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  • The Cadillac CPO program is pretty good. It essentially extends the bumper to bumper coverage another 2 years or to 100K, whichever comes first. GM charges the dealers 1K for the warranty and the dealer pays for the vehicle inspection. Buyer costs range from $1200 to whatever the traffic will bear. IMO, Toyota platinum is a much better deal, but Toyota doesn't make the CTS.
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