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Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    A courteous Certified letter to the CEO of Towell Cadillac-Saab brought an immediate response. They apoligized for the foul-up and sent a very nice check as recompense for my agravation.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,207
    Good deal!

    I love a happy ending..


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  • I'm glad you calmed down before you wrote that letter.

    You really should do some homework. The dealer could have provided you with a BUILD SHEET in 1 minute if you had asked. It verifies build date, in service date, etc. and it also states all the options the car has.

    You could have also asked for a carfax, which shows initial registration date, etc. but the build sheet is authoritative.

    The certification process does cost at least $1,000 and it can be "removed" of one so desires, but most folks want it. I have bought 3 Cadillac CPO cars over the years, and i priced each one with the CPO, and in all three cases i paid LESS than the dealer's on-line advertised price. Next time do a little more research, and check several dealers. I realize this was probably not too easy with a 2010 used car in 2011, since not too many come back in in 1 year, but there are ways to figure out the going rate.

    Do yourself a favor and get rid of the inflator kit and get a real spare tire / wheel. the kit messes up your TPMS valves and does not make a permanent fix to the flat.

    How is TOYota better than Cadillac CPO?
  • We did end up buying that 2008 CTS - certified back in Mar. Now i have to go back and figure out how much we paid for it. so i can post details. It was (is) an AWD premium edition with the 18" all season performance package and chromed 18" wheels (a non-factory option, that i can't ever pass up!).
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