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Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking to also buy at Grand Prize Cadillac. I have not hit the dealer yet. Looking thru Edmunds to see what others paid. Sounds like you got a good deal at $41,800 for what you got. What was your MSRP and how much did you get off? I'm looking at the preminum luxury pkg, crystal red paint, 18" chrome wheels and spare tire. MSRP $45,950, Invoice $41,946. What do you think they'll bargain at?
  • adnanzadnanz Posts: 10 mistake, I took out the paperwork and here are the detail: in addition to standard items, Black Raven Exterior and Light Titanium Interior, I purchased the Premium Luxury Collection and the 18" Summer Tire Performance package, MSRP was $45,885...I paid $43,400, not $41,800 (my mistake) minus $1,000 GM Rewards, minus $500 Dealer Discount which puts it at $41,900 (i guess this is where I remembered the price from). This price was better than the GM Supplier discount, you can check online if you have a GM Supplier code or something. I couldn't combine the GM Rewards and the GM Supplier discount as I have a different type of GM card, who knows. I haven't been able to take it out much because it sits on summer tires and the pavement is cold, although the weather has been cooperating so far, snow melt and/or snow showers and stuff I just don't want to take a chance. Longest trip yet was to Edison, NJ (about 55 miles)...went down 287 south, the ride is smooth, quiet, really nice...I was at 80 MPH and felt that we were doing joke, amazing smooth and quiet ride. Still breaking in the engine and breaks, i added about 1/4 to 1/2 qt of Mobil 1 as the oil was low, I've read on other blogs the oil level drops as the car is breaking in, I'm not an expert on cars, I assume the theory works, all I know is the manual says to keep it under 70 till about 700 miles and about 200 miles for the breaks to break in. I haven't had 'fun' with it yet...just waiting for the weather to get better and really test it out. Car drives like a dream, looks like a dream, jury is still out on performing like a dream and most importantly how reliable the electro-gadgets far the one and only thing I had to deal was the rear sensor thingy, it wasn't working, I would put the car in reverse and rather than working all the lights were on, meaning something isn't working, the car is clean so nothing was on the sensors, the car hasn't been I did what I do to most electronics when they act up...turn them off, count to 10 mississippi and turn it on again and VOILA it works.

    Car is great, I hope and pray the car hold up as I am married to it for 5 years, Grand Prize have been really good to me. The only think I forgot to ask when picking up the car was for them to throw in a free oil change and detail...other than that, go for it. I also went to Grand Prize as they are local for can help.

    Hope I didn't ramble on and on and this post helped. :)
  • Hi Folks, what are people's opinions on the best time of year to purchase or lease a new CTS? For example, are there specific holidays when dealers typically add more incentives? I'm dying to buy the 2008 CTS DI, but am willing to wait if it will save me some dollars. Thanks in advance for any advice. I haven't bought a new car in almost 20 years, so pardon my ignorance.
  • Congrats on the new baby! Oh, and car seats fit great in the back...I have 2 in my backseat!
  • mvd80mvd80 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 08 CTS from Napleton Cadillac in Hammond, Indiana. First a little bit about the car. It has the luxury collection, sunroof, wood trim, white diamond, and cashmere and cocoa. Though I was somewhat choosey when it came to options, I tried to remain flexible while still staying within budget.

    I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I started my search for a CTS by visiting my local dealer, doing the test drive and seeing what kind of price they could give me. After some back and forth they offered to accept a couple hundred over invoice on the basic (no options by auto trans) model I was looking at. Eventually I decided on the options that I wanted. I found the exact vehicle at Napleton Cadillac. Since, it was a weekday and a near 1.5 hour drive away I called to try and get a price from them. The first price I was quoted was $500 less than invoice. (At the time there was a $500 manufacturer to dealer incentive.) I knew then I was dealing with a straight-up guy. I made the deal and was going to pick up the car that weekend.

    In the meantime they "accidentally" sold the car I wanted. But they offered me the same deal "$500 less than invoice" on another vehicle they had on the lot. As it turns out, I like the options and colors on the car I got more than I did the other car I was looking at. At the dealership there was no haggling, no pressure, and no gimmicks. I know it a bit of drive down to Hammond, Indiana but I would highly recommend those looking for a good deal to contact Napleton Cadillac and get their best price. I think you will find that it is worth the drive. I was a little worried about the hassle of taxes involved in an out of state purchase, but that also turned out to be just as simple as buying at your local dealership.

    When I first started to look around for the CTS I had a lot of salesmen tell me the car was too hot or too in demand for them to come off the MSRP. I think my story disproves that line. If you keep exploring your options, especially in a larger area with several dealers in range, there are good deals to be had. Keep trying and don't accept the lines about supply and demand.
  • You got an exceptional deal. A family friend is a Cadillac dealer. He cannot get enough of the CTS. He has sold everyone he has received within one week of it hitting his lot for MSRP.
  • I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered a crystal red, cashmere interior, 2008 CTS. I got the 304 hp engine, preminum luxury collection and spare tire options. That's really all that seems to fit my needs. Everything else comes with it other than the various tire options. MSRP was $45,200 without tax and titling and I ended up getting the car for $42,00 even. What do you guys think of my deal? I went to a couple of other dealers and couldn't do any better. With New York State tax and titling, total out the door price was $45,911. That is including the $1,000 rebate. I would appreciate any comments.
  • mvd80mvd80 Posts: 2
    The dealer I purchased from isn't in an area that sees a lot of traffic. I would guess that the wide majority of their sales are to repeat buyers. That might have helped me get a better deal. At the time I bought they had between 7 and 10 CTS on the lot and for sale.
    Another bonus of where I purchased is that there was no ad fee tacked on. I asked the salesman about it and he said that they as a dealership had opted out of the program that charges customers for ad fees. I didn't know dealers had that option. But finding a dealer that doesn't charge the ad fee is sure a nice and easy way to save around $500.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Im seeing 3K off MSRP here in Northern VA if you order the car.....they are getting close to MSRP in most cases for those in inventory
  • Im deployed right now so its nearly impossible to get an actual quote....But im plannin on buying a 08 CTS in april with the 304 HP engine AWD with the premium luxury package...was wondering if anyone here has bought one with the same specs or if they got it in RWD with the same specs.....would really appreciate it im trying to calculate how much money i need to put down and whatnot, thanks =)
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Want to know the money factor on a 39month lease, and residual%, and carman what is the invoice on a vehicle with MSRP of $38140. And any incentives offered on leasing a Cadillac. Thank you very much
  • you can get the invoice for any car at, including current incentives.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    I think I got the correct invoice from edmunds not sure though $35,200 based on an MSRP of $38,140
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    This is what I have been offered with GM employee pricing for an awd Cadillac CTS with MSRP $38140, and invoice of $35254,residual 61%,Money Factor .00254. with a selling price of $34,281.23 and down payment $650.50, I am at a 39months/12k lease with a payment of $483 including tax in upstate NY. I was told that my net cap cost is $35,718.04 with tax minus any rebates. Seems high?
  • Closing on my new CTS and was hit with a $498 Documentation (processing) fee. Is this customary and fair price among all delaerships?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    its another glorifed way of the dealership making a profit....most around my area only charge $99 processing fee...on top of tax, title and tags.........$500 is high IMHO
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,218
    Doc Fees are just ADM, imo. When I bought my Chrysler 300M, doc fee $55. My TL: one dealer was $99, the other $197 but this included lifetime "Free" state inspections (@ $29/year. Another tax, thank you Massachusetts!). Evil Wife's Lexus doc fee: $239 IIRC. Just profit...

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • OK. nobody jump on me for putting alot down. I know the risks and it was imprtant for me to stay within a monthly budget. Anyway, do you think I got a fair deal? I just leased a 2008 CTS with a window sticker of $39685, I put $4500 down, 10K/mi/yr, 39 mo., for $397 mo. which icludes tax at 7%, I qualify for friends and family discount. Originally I thought it seemed like a fair deal and I ran the numbers thru a lease calculator using 63% risidual value and .00254 MFand the numbers were real close. However, when I study my lease agreement they used alot of fuzzy math to come up with the same number. BTW, the car is awesome. I just hope I got a reasonable deal. Thanks!....CJ
  • I purchased my Acura a couple years ago using my fax for negotiating and I'm looking to do the same for an '08 CTS. What helped me was this company that sells you a whole package of documentation on the car you're looking to buy or lease and they tell you how to strategically do all your negotiating for the price via fax. It was a huge help and it had every piece of information in it that you could ever want to know about the car. Problem is, I can't remember the name of the company and I don't have my paper work any longer. Can anybody help?
  • If you don't mind asking, what is the GM family discount? Do you negotiate the deal and then give the dealer your authorization number, or is it a set price for a particular car w/options?
  • As near as I can decipher my puchase agreement I come up with the following:
    Window Sticker $39685
    Selling Price $37033
    That means I got $2653 off which = 6-1/2% off sticker.
    But I am still asking, did I get a fair deal ?
    They really didn't clearly say how much my friends and family discount was. From all the numbers I have seen my monthly lease payment seemed fair. That is why I didn't try to decipher all the fuzzy math.
  • Thanks a lot. My brother in law retired from GM and still gets his perks. I can get advantage of the GM discounts but even he wasn't sure what it was.
  • i leased my 04 cts-from scott novik-owner

    brdgeton, nj
    great guy and dealership
  • The '08 CTS will make me a first time Cadillac buyer.

    In late November '07 I saw new '07 leftover CTS's with very few options on a dealer's lot with $7000 OFF whitewashed on their windshields (roughly, say 20% off sticker). That puts a CTS in the same price ballpark (or less) than a well optioned Honda.

    Was that a fairly commenly available discount range on leftover '07 CTS's after the'08's were at the dealers??
  • I believe the service you are talking about is Hope that helps. :)
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I placed an order for my CTS today. DI/automatic with PDW & PDR. The MSRP was $41,965. Signed a contract for $39,233. I believe the price was fair. He made money. I saved money. The point of bargaining isn't to squeeze the last dime out of the other guy or to brag about how you got that last dime.

    Many dealers are still getting full MSRP for every CTS they can get. I talked to my father's dealer In Port Richey, Fl last week. He did not have a single CTS on his lot, and he wouldn't take a cent off MSRP when his next shipment arrived.

    I also spoke with a dealer friend in PA who told me he can sell everyone he can get for full MSRP within a week of it hitting his lot, but he offered me $2,000 off if I wanted to order and wait. The car business is tough, so I don't begrudge a dealer for getting what he can. Nor am I upset that my friend didn't offer me as good a deal as I was able to get elswhere.

    What you can do depends on local demand. A dealer with ample inventory will deal, but one who has a short inventory will not.
  • jazz32jazz32 Posts: 4
    The deal I was just offered for a fully loaded CTS:
    MSRP $48740 (don't have the spare tire)
    GMS $42970
    39 month lease, 6.1% lease rate
    $592 down and $592 month
    61% residual

    $636 down and 636 month
    58% residual

    Out of the 4 dealers in the Cleveland area, this was the only one willing to use the published 6.1% rate, actually showed me the GMAC printout that shows all the published rates.

    A dealer outside the local area even offered a little better deal but he didn't have the car I wanted in stock and had no idea when he might get one due to the back order situation with the Premium Luxury Package, but he offered $583/mth with $0 down for 12k.

    Bottom line is there are a few dealers out there that will honor the 6.1% lease rate.
  • Hi, I wondered how you qualify for GMS pricing? I used to get this and they seem to be sticklers on it. I have a dealer agreed to supplier pricing (which is easy to get) but would love gms as it lowers the lease payment by 80/month on the terms I'm looking at. 24 months, 10 or 12K miles, 6.10% lease rate, 690 acqu fee and 399 doc fee. Thanks.
  • jazz32jazz32 Posts: 4
    My sister is retired from GM. The only way I know to get this pricing is from a relative. They have to get you an authorization number from GM that you give to the dealer.
  • asteinbergasteinberg Posts: 138
    Blue tooth kept me from CTS. Dealer will add for around $500 a system which, in fact, gives me a desired second screen.
    Anyway, instead of (highly discounted to invoice) Infiniti G-35 or (substantially discounted) Lexus GS350, I now lean toward CTS.
    I can wait, if necessary, to get a better price or capitalized price.
    How much above invoice can I now get a CTS for?(Do I add in ad fee?)
    Is there a discount because I'm switching from a BMW 530I?
    BUY: What is GM interest rate for financing?
    LEASE: What is GM interest rate, or MF, for leasing CTS for 12,000, 15000 miles?
    Is there decreased interest rate or MF for multiple security deposits?
    Many thanks.
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