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Infiniti M35/M45 2006+



  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I also love my iPod. If I don't get the DVD system (which I wouldn't use for video) is there a way after market to plug in my iPod to an Aux input?

    There's a lot of information on this if you search for here for AUX or iPod.

    There's currently no clearly good AUX solution other than FM modulation, if you don't get the DVD audio. However, you don't need the DVD overhead screen (the MES), just the DVD surround system.

    Additional info available from searching:
    Potential, unconfirmed hacks to tap into the analog audio input.
    Possible workability of the Monster ICruze on the M (talk with grubbs infiniti in TX), and some real downsides to the ICruize.

  • s54s54 Posts: 29
    My Siemens S56 works great.
  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    Thanks, Pete. I've tried the adapters (tape, FM) and the quality is awful.
  • scoop4scoop4 Posts: 40
    Any suggestions on where to buy the Earth Rite Polish? I can't find it in any of the stores nor can I find it on the web.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I agree 100%. My friend test drove the M35 and all the while I thought it was an 8 cylinder we were testing!!! Yes folks... it's that good!!! The interior is gorgeous, but the rear end... well.... let's just say it needs some work. We also test drove the GS and nearly fell asleep. So BOORRING!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line... my friend who is quite indecisive, ended up leasing a 2006 Merc S class for $699 a month for 13 months (special program). The car has been to the dealer three times already!! He is looking forward to next year when he finally gets his M. Good luck folks! I'll be checking in every so often!! Enjoy!!
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    It just seems that the looks of some cars really grow on you and others get worse over time. I now get a thrill every time I see my M.

    I agree, my original list of included the Lexus GS 430, a very good looking car, but, I liked, but didn't love it when I drove it, so noticed the back seat was a bit tight, etc. and decided on a few more drives. . .

    Looked at the Mercedes CLS 500 'coupe', also gorgeous, but the styling was a bit too much for me, it's not very roomy, there are enough current MB quality issues to worry me, and, it's $65k+. Still I scheduled a test drive.

    I was not a real fan of the front grill look of the Infinitis. So, although I drive past my Infiniti dealer on my way to work, I wasn't really tempted in, but the car had some good press, so I went to that dealer next. After I drove an M35x and an M45, I felt no need to keep the appointment at my MB dealer - called and cancelled from the lot.

    My only decision 4-wheel drive vs V8 :confuse: . Went with the 45 (I've got a couple of FWD cars for the snow ;) ).

    The styling of the car just continues to look better and better to me over time - doesn't hurt that it remains a blast to drive.
  • Okay - news flash from the front: ( not related ) seems to be the major player on the web for advanced audio stuff. They have several hundred titles, from classicals to even a limited amount of country. I ordered Beach Boys and Olivia Newton John on dvd-a. George Harrison Live in Japan on Hybrid Multi Channel SACD and preordered the new Streisand / Barry Gibbs (9/20) on Dual Disc for my wife. Total with s&h slightly over $100
    Seemed pretty reasonable to me for quality sound material. eBay was a waste of time, had a little selection and had a fair selection. Pricing was all pretty close. If you like Dylan, Creedence Clearwater or the Stones --this is your luck day.
    With the M coming in Tuesday ( I hope ), I'm lining up the tunes for the Bose.
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Ptkim, WOW! I started with the E500 Benzo, but followed the same route you did! And maybe this is a coincidence too, but the Infiniti & Lexus dealerships are right down the road from each other. Not to mention I'm ordering the same car!

    Best of luck with it! I don't need to say enjoy it as that's a sure thing!!
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Anyone know how much the security deposit is on these?

    I'm trying to run numbers for a lease negotiation and the dealer says I can put up to 9 sec. deposits down, each of which would result in the MF decreasing by .24%

    And, after reading some previous posts, am I correct in my understanding that dvd-a's will play while you're driving unlike dvd's??

  • Mass dealers will deal, but it depends on the dealer. I visited 3 greater Boston dealers, called 2 more-and got a poor offer from Norwood- they gave a discount, but wanted to add $650.00 for paperwork and misc!!!!, a bit better deal at Peabody, and the best offer from Herb Chambers in Boston. You should get $1000.00 to $1500 over invoice if you go in with a dealer cost info sheet from Edmunds, and ask them how much over invoice they want. I let each dealer know that I live within 25 miles from 5 dealers, and I had a choice of where to buy- Norwood, Peabody, Nashua,Boston and Quincy. I live in Sudbury, so they are all close enough. If you go to Boston, ask for the sales manager- Mike Alessi. If you do buy from them, let me know- they will offer me a referral fee- dont tell them about the referral fee until after you make the deal, so it will not affect your price. I did not keep the referral papers, so I do not remember how I could quality- My price may have been a reflection of the fact that I wanted Umbria Grey, with bourboun interior- a color some do not like- , Tech & Journey,and the only car that had features I wanted had a premium package- so I got the price because he may have wanted to sell a car that was overloaded with features. I was happy because I got the best price, so the overloaded features were less of an issue. I also traded in my daughters VW Jetta that had very low milage, and I am sure he- the dealer- did well on the trade. Good luck
  • I believe it is entirely negotiable. I'm not putting any down (that I'm aware of) and I'm going through Infiniti Leasing. The acquisition fee runs from $195 for me to some who say $800. I did get the offer to put money down and reduce my payment. When I added it up, the money I put down was what I saved over the course of the lease. It worked out to just being an early pay off, and that made it a loser for me. Watch those numbers closely.
    If I'm understanding correctly, you can play any dvd, audio or video and get the sound all the time on the Bose Surround System. You can get the video on the Vehicle Information System monitor when the car is in park and the parking brake is set.
  • techbiztechbiz Posts: 5
    Hi I live in the North Shore - I care about services a lot and wonder which dealer you would strongly recommend. Have been dealing with Ira Lexus in Danvers and love everthing. I specifically want places where they a) really take warranty program seriously, it's always the default option rather than try to tell the customers that things shouldn't be covered; b) have great loaner program, i.e. really have the cars for the customers!

    Lastly, if the sales department is also good to deal with that's a big plus. Thanks in advance.
  • gohorns1gohorns1 Posts: 53
    Will there be a 2006 1/2 out in the winter or will the next one be the 2007 out next summer?

    I have been wondering the same thing. If so, any word on changes Infiniti has planned?
  • ptkimptkim Posts: 14
    I agree. totally negotiable. I actually didn't even need to negotiate the money factor. I said, "I'm paying you x over invoice, and I have to ask you give me the car at IFC base rate". So I got the 39month lease/15K at base rate. No security deposit. Sales manager at my local Infiniti dealer (So. Cal) was just awesome - worked his butt off for 4 days to get me the car. He agreed, no questions asked. PM me if you want a referral.

    So I picked up my car earlier today..and I keep trying to find an excuse to drive the car.. :)

    If mid size luxury cars were ..steaks,

    Benz E-class: Ribeye
    Lexus GS: Tofu
    Lexus LS: Tenderloin
    Cadillac: slab of bacon
    Infinit M3/45: Porterhouse! ( of both worlds)
  • ckelly14ckelly14 Posts: 105
    I am close to dealing on a M35 but I had a question about bluetooth functionality. My phone already has a number of voice tags set up for different numbers i.e. "Home" calls my home number. I am curretly using one of those small bluetooth headsets. From what I can see in the M, I would need to redo those voice prompts in the M's address book for them to work. I cannot use the voice tags already programed in the phone. Is this correct?
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    You are correct. Depending on your phone/provider, the Bluetooth function on the M should connect well, but the address books, with their tags, don't transfer. What I did, and it seemed to work well for me, was to sit in my M for 2-3 hours, engine running, soon after I got it. I programmed the phone, address book, trip computer, got the satellite radio connected (I signed up for service the night before, so the signal would work), programmed the radio and generally, with the owner's manual in my lap and my wireless laptop on the 'net in the seat beside me - to check out this forum and other M-related sites, figured out all the bells and whistles on the car.

    It was worth it, there is a lot of technology in the M, and there is a learning curve to the car. I like the hands-free phone well enough, and for me, the call quality is good enough, to have basically filled the M's phone address book. BTW, it is worth it to put your own voice tags into the M for easy dialing.

    Also - after all that 'work', I took a drive!

    good luck with the decision - rrob
  • bfeng7bfeng7 Posts: 47

    I can't help you because it is not allowed to post names and phone numbers in an Edmunds forum... Go to the website and search on automotive service.

    The headunit in your car (the actual disc/radio unit) is not made by
    It is sourced by Nissan from the supplier of their choosing.
    Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for me to help you. A standard
    route for you would be via your dealer's service department. If you
    don't get any satisfaction, you can also use our customer service
    department (specific to automotive):
    in the U.S. call:
    Outside the U.S. call:

    XXXXXXXX is the manager of the service organization, and either he or one of his staff will log your problem and contact Nissan directly (and I'll hear about it as
    well ...).

  • bfeng7bfeng7 Posts: 47
    Not quite.

    None of the M35/45 Bose systems can play SACD, and only the technology level system does true 5.1 (DVD-A, DTS, AC3).

    If you want SACD, start petitioning Nissan directly.

  • Hey everyone, I am currently a 93' Cadillac STS owner, however my Diamond Graphite M45 (w/ journey package) will be mine in a few days. I've been keeping up with this forum and its been great reading what fellow M owners have had to say. I can say that I am truly excited about getting my M and have gotten very little sleep over it. I look forward to posting messages and speaking with everyone on a daily basis about the M. Cheers to the greatest Midsized sport luxury car on the market :)
  • Hey, Thanks for the heads up on the SACD not playing on the Bose. I think I got that canceled from my order. So do you have an understanding of how video dvd's work ? Can you play the music part and then when you park and set the brake it pops up the video on the monitor ?
    To our STS newbie - I looked at the 2005 STS before the M35. Man that car is 15 years and three continents behind the M. I really wonder what the Caddie engineers think when they see what is possible for about the same money as they try to sell their sad sacks for ? It's like apples and some pretty sad oranges.
    Welcome to the forum. There are some pretty bright and very helpful people on here.
  • I have not had any services from an Infiniti dealer yet- so I cannot offer any advice.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Thanks for the heads up on the SACD not playing on the Bose.

    Sorry for the confusion on SACD. I had mentioned in my previous response to you that I had SACD discs. I converted them to dts however and burned them to new discs to play in the M. If you have rip/burn and conversion software it can increase the catalog of music available that will take advantage of the Bose system.

    Can you play the music part and then when you park and set the brake it pops up the video on the monitor ?

    That is exactly what will happen. If the disc is playing and you put the car in motion, a message indicating that video will resume when car is stopped and parking brake engaged will appear on the information/nav screen. True to the message, put the car in park, engage parking brake and video plays.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    I appreciate your response and thanks again for the wonderful system in the M.
  • edspider1edspider1 Posts: 195
    I'd like to buy so multi channel sound for my M and visited accousticsounds. There are so many different kinds! Can we play them all? I see terms like:

    SACD Hybrid Multichannel
    SACD Pure DSD
    SACD Single Layer Multichannel

    Wish Beatles One was available in multi channel.
  • Infiniti has already announced their complete lineup for 2006 and the M was unchanged. I would not expect anything before the 07 model year, which should occur next summer, back on schedule.
  • bfeng7bfeng7 Posts: 47
    I beg to differ on the STS.

    The STS is overall a great leap forward for GM, and it's a pretty damn good car.
    It's not an M, and it appeals to a slightly different crowd.

    WRT the video DVD's, you can play just the music part, but I don't recall what you have to do to get the video portion. Sorry, but it's been a while, and that's the kind of detail that is left up to Nissan to decide.

  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    I just picked up and M35 with tech and journey package.

    Commenting wrt dvd-video, you can see the video only if the vehicle is on park gear and the parking brakes are on. I did try it out and it works. But once you move your car, it would stop, only the audio can be heard.
  • After spending way too much time looking at the STS and then finding the Infiniti, here was my conclusion: yes, it was a huge jump forward for GM. Now instead of 85 year old people in Phoenix having heart failure at 65 mph on I 10, they can now be doing 85. Just kidding from personal experience.
    Overall, I found it wallowy, sloppy and bouncy in turns and in general a boat.
    When matched to about the same level and dollars-- The Infiniti goes way beyond with huge residual value differences - then add voice recognition, Bluetooth, individual tire pressure, rear view monitor, cooled seats, auto leveling for the headlights, Adaptive Lighting System, Bird View Nav, Lane departure warning, Brake Assist, Mobile Entertainment System, rear power shade and reclining rear seats. I respectfully suggest that is a lot of difference.

    NEWS FLASH Best Buy has a pretty good section of DVD V 5.1 --- priced well and a lot more contemporary selection than our web suppliers from ABBA, Rod Stewart and the Bee Gee's to Britanny Spears and many others that I'm too old to recognize. :^)
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I just received my Road and Track issue and the M45 is one of 12 nominees for Best Car 2006. Those interested in voting can do so on a card in the issue or can call a phone number. I can give it out here if that is consistent with the rules in here....

    Im up to 9000 miles on my M45 and love it. No flaws to report and absolutely love it. Great combination of power, handling and luxury. Best car I have ever owned by far.....just a joy to drive.
  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    I think phone numbers are a 'no' here, but URL's are OK. Here's the one for R&T voting:
    Road & Track nomination

    One vote per computer!

    I think we represent a group of informed voters - maybe a bit biased, but in a good way ;)
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