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smart choice warranty HELP !



  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    A couple of years ago I used www dot chryslerwarranty dot com for a D/C Factory warranty on my Jeep. They are actually a part of Des Moines Chrysler. I was able to save more because I did not have to pay Tenn sales tax at 9.25%.
  • mnbmnb Posts: 1
    Hello I am a smart choice warranty holder and would like to know of any information regarding the warranties because I am just now finding out that my warranty is no good
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Too little, too late. Your first mistake was buying a non- Mfg. warranty.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Smart Choice did what many service contract companies do: made promises, took people's money in exchange for paper, then went out of business and skipped town.

    There may be a class-action suit you could join, but we all know how well those judgements pay the people who are actually out money. I don't remember if there is one for Smart Choice customers, but there is one for Warranty Gold dumpees (different company, same story).

    There have been a few people on this site who say they were able to get the dealer they bought the contract from to pay some or all of the bill on repairs that would have been covered. It would be worth a try, just ask the dealer before you get anything fixed. Don't march in with the bill and an attitude and expect help.

    Other than that, Congratulations! You are the proud owner of an expensive piece of paper!
  • My SC2000 warranty came with a "no claim bonus" where I could get an 80% refund if I never made a claim on it in 3 years.

    My Buick Regal I bought in September 2002 has been flawless, so a month ago I started getting ready to claim my big refund ($1,000+), and discovered the NWIG saga. Mailed in all the refund info anyway to see what would happen, and I got a check for $135 from ProGuard International in Laguna Beach CA. They refunded the "application fee" since NWIG went out of buisness.

    I figure a 10% recovery on the dollar from a bankrupt firm ain't bad. :mad:
  • My situation is excatly like yours. I don't know what do to. I called the Better Business Bureau last friday and they asked me to contact the DMV - Compliance and Investigations Department to get extra information about it. I also called the bank that financed my car :confuse: because if this company doesn't exist anymore I want to know who is receiving a portion of the payment of my car note that suppose to go to Smart Choice.
  • My situation is exactly like yours. If you find out something about it please let me know. I called the Better Business Bureau last week and they asked me to talk to the Compliance and Investigation Dept. at the DMV to get more information. You should do the same thing.
  • did you contact the dmv or the bank to find out who is receiving the money that was financed. i would be happy to file the same claims if it would do any good. as i had to just dish out 450.00 to get something fixed that should of been covered under the warranty :mad: ">
  • I have been trying to contact them with every number that I can find to CAC. I call one number 1-800-400-9118 and all I get is a busy signal for a few seconds and then it hangs up. Does Anyone know how to get a hold of these guy?
  • did you ever find a way to contact, I am having the same problem
  • deeqdeeq Posts: 2
  • deeqdeeq Posts: 2
    THE NUMBER TO CLAIMS IS 1-866-410-6748 :)
  • lasalasa Posts: 1
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Well, looks as if Smart Choice warranty company has gone out of business. GM & Pontiac have nothing to do with that. The only one still around that you 'might' have any success with is the dealer who sold you this contract in the first place. Their position will probably be that they passed along your money to the warranty company (of course they kept a fair percentage for their profit). They are probably not legally responsible to you for anything, but I would ask them for some relief or assistance anyway. Worst they can do is tell you 'no' and I doubt that will upset you any more than you already are.

    Depending on what the problem/repair is, you might get an independent shop to do the repair for less that the 1/2 the dealer repair that they seem to be offering. If not, them covering half or splitting it with you might be a reasonable offer. The big mistake was purchasing a 3rd party warranty. If you had purchased a GMPP warranty, then GM would still be on the hook. I guess some dealers push the 3rd party warranties because they get a better commission on them than the factory warranties.... Not a reason for any consumer to buy them, at least in my opinion.

    Sorry for your problem, but you have probably learned and expensive lesson.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    I'd take the 50/50 split and run. The dealer, GM, and Pontiac owe you nothing. Your deal, even though you went through a middle-man (the dealer), is with SmartChoice. Since they went out of business, you're basically up a creek. It's frustrating as you-know-what, but there it is.

    As a side note, please don't post in all caps, it's very hard to read and is viewed as shouting.
  • zztop3zztop3 Posts: 23
    A bit confused here.
    I was googling on extend warranties and came up with 1Source Auto Warranty on Edmunds's website.

    Of course that caught my attention because of Edmuns reputation.

    On , I could not figure out why the 1Source Auto Warranty quiting system would not let you put in a car newer than 2002 nor does it have a website that I could find.

    So, I searched the forum on people's opinion of 1Source Auto Warranty and found out that 1Source Auto Warranty apparantly went out of business.

    So whats the scoop - why is a reuputable website like Edmunds doing with an out of business warranty company?

    Also, this now makes me question any reviews I may have read on warranty companies done on Edmunds so can anyone point me to a reputable warranty website for my use 2005 Chevy Colorado?

    I alrady checked GMPP and all I can say is WOW, they are really expensive. Too expensive for me.

    Thanks for any info anyone can provide
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    It looks like you found an old webpage, note the 2002 date on the bottom. Edmunds now advertises Warranty Direct. They need advertisers to keep this site running. I'd advertise anything if someone would pay me enough.

    I can't find any reviews of service contract companies on this site, just the advertisement for WD.

    I haven't found any unbiased reviews of service contract companies on the web. I've spent alot of time looking. There are a blue-million sites advertising assorted companies, but no unbiased ones. They are all ruled by the almighty dollar.

    Buying a service contract is a crapshoot. Either you have enough claims paid to come out ahead, or you have wasted your money. You might get 'lucky' and have multiple problems with your 'GMC Colorado' and they'll all be covered. Or your might get stonewalled at every claim. Or the company might file bankruptcy. Or you wreck your truck and don't need the contract anymore.
    Or you might actually have a good truck and never need to file a claim.
  • borjanaborjana Posts: 1
    HI, I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    I just found out that Smart choice 2000 is out of business, I bought my used car in march 2003 and I also purchased the warranty. SO I want to know when did they go out of business what year and date can somebody help me?

    I have a problem with my car now in 2006 and nobody wants to help me to pay the repair. I talked to my dealership that sold me the car and he said to me that it is not his fault the smart choice got my money not THE DEALERSHIP.

    I do not know what to do. I mean this is not fair WE all paid for it. CAn anyone help me I do not know what to do next, should I take legal action?

    Thank you
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    You can take legal action but if they went belly up do not expect any type of compensation.
  • tricia72tricia72 Posts: 1
    This is all too bad for us all that bought the warranty...I bought my car in 2001 and my extended warranty is good until 2007 and now my car needs to be worked on and I just found out that all this happened with Smart Choice, they didn't even send me a letter or anything...I have been calling everywhere I was told to call my State Insurance Commissioner so I'm waiting on some forms to fill out...I'm not sure if it's going to do any good, but it's worth a try...AND I just found out the Dealership I bought my car at is also out shut down...Kind of makes me not want to purchase another warranty again. I guess it is okay for warranty places to file bankrupt on other peoples money... :cry:
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I guess it is okay for warranty places to file bankrupt on other peoples money...

    Well its not ok....but it happens alot more than it should with aftermarket warranties. when considering your next extended warranty make sure it backed by an auto manufacturer and not some company that has no incentive to keep you as a happy customer.
  • There is a class action suit involving an extended warranty under several names. Mine happens to be Smart Choice. I was contacted by lawyers tracking my contract through
    a purchase in Las Vegas NV and my relocation to New Mexico years ago. Perhaps all are located through their vehicle registration for updates on addresses of those who purchased such extended warranties. My advice is to do a search on the name of your extended warranty and “lawsuit” to find information regarding your State in which it was purchased. An example of the form to be filed on my behalf, here is the link: 24335537
    Again, this is a copy of the Las Vegas NV case. There may be justice after all.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Couldn't find Smart Choice on that site... your link just leads to a legal firm's home page.


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  • I have received a letter to participate in the lawsuit also and i went on the web page for it and there is a claim form to fill out and submit hope this helps you
  • I recieved a letter also, but lost it. I just had transmisson work done. My dealer cut me a deal, but still spent

    I received a letter for lawsuit but lost it. I went to that web site and couldn't find any thing to help me out.the smart choice lawsuit was for stock purchases. It seems the one for the extended warrentaries has been taken down. If any one has the address that you mailed your letter to, I really need it.I just spent $$ on transmisson work and need a few more things done. my email address is Thank you
  • Reply to Hearts:
    In answer to your request for information on Smart Choice Warranty lawsuit, the letter I received was from the District Court in Clark County, Nevada. I had to fill out a
    form to be part of the class action suit no later than
    3/5/07. The two websites my letter listed regarding this was or (click current class notices and then view Rocker et al. v SC&E etal) or write to "Rocker Class Claim at 2255 Calle Clara, La Jolla, CA 92037. Hope it helps. Sorry about the previous link I posted.
  • daboiesdaboies Posts: 2
    It is sort of funny when the credit card statement shows the payments taken out by Interstate National Dealer Service but they say SCP owes the money back to me. HMMMM but they took the payments. I have further my investigation about this issue. I even have the ladies name who processes the payments for INDS. All the info you guys have list sure does help. THANK YOU.

  • daboiesdaboies Posts: 2
    Sorry for the type-o. I will just blame it on 18 years of marriage or old age... something...LOL

  • emcguireemcguire Posts: 7
    yes, thats right... they are happily taking people's money again under a newly formed corporation. the attorney generals are worthless.
  • semersonsemerson Posts: 2
    I have fallen victim to Smart Choice Protection LLC Frank Amos of Saint Louis and Cumming GA 30040 as well. I have posted on ripoff report: tec-f9f3b.htm
    and complaint board:
    I am trying to stop him from doing further harm. Here is the contact info I have:

    SCP, LLC
    1825 Jackson Court
    Cumming, GA 30040
    Frank Amos


    Good Luck!!!
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