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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "And get floor mats for your floor mats"

    That's already happening. Those carpet factory mats are so plush many people are throwing rubber "winter" mats over top of them. Now, to protect those nice custom-fit winter mats.... :P
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    My grandmother had many nice things - & she went out of her way to protect them.

    Clear plastic covers on her sofa and chairs - same thing on her car seats - put on by the dealership before she took delivery. I recall after she died helping to remove the plastic coverings so we could get her stuff ready for the estate sale. It all still looked new.

    I like to take care of my stuff - but I buy it to use and enjoy it - not so it will still be like new when I am done with it.

    Nothing wrong with getting all weather mats - but I like to take the floor mats out of the car sometimes. Before I got married I always took them out begore I went out on a date - still like to remove them (stick them in the trunk) when we go on a long trip. Sure my carpet gets a little dirty - but who cares - at least I got to use it.

    Even if I get $250.00 less at trade in time (which I don't think I will) I would still feel it was worth it.

    As far as clear plastic / or removable type bra's to "protect" your car - I would rather have a few scratches!
  • I see there is an issue with vibration in the 2004? Is this issue also in the 2005?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You would take your all weather mats out when you go on a long trip? Why? :confuse: Wouldn't that be when your car's interior is subjected to the most wear and tear?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I don't know if the carpet gets more wear on a long trip - I guess thats my point - I would rather wear it out by using it myself rather than keep it covered up - I mean - if the only time you see the carpet is when you vacuum under the floor mats then how can that be a good thing? What are you afraid will happen? Do you have plastic covering the carpet in your house? (I know some people do)

    If the car has 60,000 miles on it when I trade it in and the carpet under the floor mat has a small wear spot on it - or a stain - or even a hole - who cares? Or look at it this way - even if the carpet looks like new - because the owner has always had it 100% covered with rubber floor mats - how much more will they get at trade in time?

    I do clean the car out on a regular basis - if the carpet is dirty I clean it. But why pay extra (for special floor mats) to protect something that you will never use? That just does not seem right to me.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I don't have plastic covering the carpet in my house, but then again the entire main floor where the heavy traffic is, is all granite and hardwood. Only the upstairs containing only bedrooms are carpeted. And we don't wear shoes upstairs.

    If only your carpet is in new condition, and the rest of your car's interior is shot, then of course it wouldn't make much difference at trade-in time. However, if you've maintained the whole interior nicely, including the carpet, then yes, I do think it makes a tangible difference at trade-in time. You throw out the worn mats then, and I think it makes a good impression on the buyer (or the dealer if you're trading in) if the carpet is in mint condition.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I do take care of my car - so can't/won't disagree - if your car still looks new when you trade it - it will be worth more. My car will look good when I trade it - but the carpet under the floor mats will have been used.

    I would guess that 99% of the time the guy that puts a value on the car (at the dealership) when you are trading does not even bother looking under the floor mats.

    I bet if you took a poll that more than 90% of all people who buy a new car never drive it without the floor mats installed. The only time they even see the carpet under the mat is when they are cleaning the car. I am in the other 10%.
  • I have a set (7 bucks from Wal-Mart) of plastic mats that cover the factory set. They serve their purpose very well and I can see straight through them. They are practical for me since I don't trade cars in at all and tend to keep them for quite some time. If you plan on keeping the car for a relatively short duration (less than 4 years) and you don't have kids, I say use the factory mats.
  • tom19382tom19382 Posts: 10
    I have an 06 TL 6 speed and was wondering if anyone else has ever towed with one fo these cars. I know it can be done and there are many towing hitches available online for them. I am considering getting the lower rear bumper spoiler as well as the other lower body spoilers. I was wondering if anyone has a trailer hitch on a TL with this lower spoiler on the rear bumper or if it would not be possible to install due to hitch and bumper clearance issues. Thank you for your help.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - as I mentioned in another place you posted, you really only need to post a question once. Here's the same link I gave you there: tom19382, "Acura TL: Accessories & Modifications" #418, 7 Aug 2006 5:58 am.

    See ya there!
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    My o4 was in for the vibration issue and they gave me a 05 loaner. It also had the harmonic vibration.
  • dan4125dan4125 Posts: 12
    I have read several posts as to what others have used for the fading and chalking of the dash which I am experiencing with my 06 TL. I have tried the Black Magic Pro shine but it does not seem to solve my problem. I am noticing the outline of the Airbag more now. I spoke to the Dealer today and they said they would put in a new dash,but I am not comfortable with them tearing everything apart. Has anyone found any product that can be used to darken the dash or used a custom dash pad other than using a protectant. I would appreciate any input. Dan
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    hahaha. of course it did! your presence on this forum is borderline "trollish."

    bmw, test drive some TL's extensively. talk to other TL owners in the "real" world. try to test drive as many used 05 & 06's out there and don't go by what you read in these forums.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    Do you deny the existence of this problem in the 04 and 05 models?

    Who do you think your fooling ...only yourself!

    By the way...if you check with the dealer, Acura had issued a tsb to install a vibration damper to help solve the vibration problem. It’s not widely known or advertised.

    They do not issue TSB for make believe problems....
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    I had my dashboard replaced and it solved the fading problem for about a year. I did create more rattles.

    I would not do it again.....
  • meateatermeateater Posts: 123
    Amazing that not only do you continue to own the car (and not trade it since you're so disgusted with it) but you continue to visit this board to trash the car.

    One would think you would have moved on by now.......unless, of course, your motives are pernicious.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Of course, I don't deny the existence of SOME TL's having this issue.
    I am just fighting myself to believe that your posts on this forum are genuine i.e. YOUR TL having every known problem known to man. Again, sorry to hear YOUR TL ( and every TL you have encountered) is a :lemon:
    Good luck in your endeavors to find a manufacturer that builds the perfect vehicle. ;)
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    My posts are genuine….if you want details I’ll be glad to provide them.

    In fact I actually took Acura to court and received a settlement, which I not allowed to discuss in detail because it’s bad press for Acura and they want to keep these problems a secret.

    I ‘m angry with Acura for the way they treated me and I want other potential buyers to know how poorly Acura treats customers that do have problems. We maybe in the minority, but Acura just wrote us off.

    In all my dealing with Acura (over two years) I have never spoken to anyone more senior than a telephone rep and I made many attempts to speak to a senior person. They did however speak to my lawyer…

    As far as moving on…my car will be paid off in Oct and I’ll move on to some other brand. …I’ve been looking at the Lexus 350, but I want to wait a year before I buy one. I don’t want to buy too early and make the same mistake twice.

    No car is perfect...but my experience with Acura had been beyond imagination. It’s been like a Steven King novel.
  • And that's saying a lot, considering my TL costed $12K more than my next most expensive car. Have had climate control issues since the first month of ownership. Took it to the dealership and they said they couldn't reproduce the issue. 15 months later and the issues have gotten progressively worse, the most annoying of which is when I use the defrost setting in the morning, the floor vents pump out HOT air (like 85-90 degress) even though the dash vents are apparently pumping out the 65 degree air I set it to. Got a TSX as a loaner and it does the same thing, but it's far less pronounced (more like 5-10 degrees warmer on the floor where my my TL feels like 20).

    In general, the climate control doesn't handle small temp changes well (have to crank it way down or way up to get it cool off/warm up) and doesn't work like any other car I've ever driven (why do the side vents pump air even when it's turned off or set to floor only??? stupid). The temps also vary constantly - 68 sometimes feels like 72, sometimes feels like 62.

    The windows rattle. A LOT. And rolling them down doesn't scrape off moisture at all.

    Tried setting up a bluetooth phone. According to the instructions, first step is using the voice command "phone setup". That didn't work. And apparently there's no other way to bring up the phone setup menu without using the voice command. :|

    I have taken the car in for service twice, both times with a pair of problems. And keeping with the "twos" theme, the service manager gave me the same pair of responses "that problem is actually normal" (rattling windows, A/C super slow to cool off) and "we couldn't reproduce the other problem".

    All you all who feel like you must defend the TL's honor with your life - save it. Color yourself extremely lucky that you didn't drop down $35K + tax and interest for a headache and a half. Those of us with extreme buyer's remorse don't need the extra grief from the misguided fanboys telling us our expectations of having a reliable luxury car that's not only covered by warranty but, *gasp!*, actually gets fixed when something is wrong are too high.

    I had originally planned to buy the best car $25K could buy but ended up splurging because of Acura's stellar reputation and because of all the great reviews I read on the TL. If you haven't purchased a TL yet, please save yourself the hassle. This car sucks, the service (sales & repair) sucks as much as anywhere else, and it's a waste of money. I bad mouth Acura (and Los Gatos Acura in particular) every chance I get. I'll never buy one again and I will never say a nice thing about them.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Ok, so aside from that, how do you like your TL? :P ;)

    Well seriously, while I haven't encountered most of the problems posted, I must grudgingly admit that the TL is sweeter to look at, than it is to drive. It has lots of toys, but they don't always work as intended. It is still eye candy, but somehow, it's not the type of car that, the more you drive it, the more you want to drive it. Hard to put a finger on it, but it just doesn't have that "intangible", the mechanical harmony, if you will, that makes you want to keep driving it at the end of the commute. In fact, I would go so far as to say the opposite is probably true. Sometimes, after having been away for a period of time, I would jump into the TL and think, what a nice car! But after some time behind the wheel, then the handling kinda feels ponderous, the steering a little loosey-goosey, the power not as overwhelming, the blind-spots a little more noticeable, a little more noise starts to be noticeable, etc, etc. :sick:
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    It's too bad you received such a poor example of a fine car, but it does happen. After 19,000+ miles in my '05 (I'll guess yours is an '04?) it has been fine. Performing exactly as I hoped and expected. Here in New England, last week was brutally hot/humid and my CC performed flawlessly. No window rattles, although they have squeeked a few times when raising/lowering. That's just recently, only a few times and not in the last few days. Maybe the hot/humid weather?

    Anyway, no need to defend the TL's honor. I'm just reporting my facts. I have no Bluetooth experience, but my father in LA has not had any problems with his Bluetooth. Neighbor loves his TL, too.

    Sorry you got a :lemon: , but I've yet to personally meet anyone who doesn't love their TL. And I believe sales continue to be brisk.

    Good luck with your next set of wheels.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I got to test drive the Acura TL this past Saturday. I figured I'd better start test driving the cars I've been interested in while
    I await the verdict on whether my Maxima is going to be totaled out from the accident.

    I called the local dealer and spoke with a saleswoman to discuss a good time for me to
    come in. We agreed I could come in between
    2:30 and 3:00 p.m. I got to the dealership at
    around 3:00 p.m. After waiting almost an hour
    for the saleswoman to returm from some other
    test drives with other clients, I was getting
    ready to just leave when she showed up.

    I also was told that this was only her second
    day on the job. Needless to say, I knew pretty
    much more about the car than she did. Although
    she was a nice lady, she just wasn't able to
    answer some of the questions that I had, such
    as if the $1000 incentive on the TL's was still

    Anyway, we finally got around to test driving
    the car. Everything was going pretty well until we got on the interstate. I started
    noticing a significant wind noise that appeared
    to be coming from the windshield area. Has
    anyone experienced something like this?

    Well, we got to talking about some other things
    about the car and I had somewhere I had to be,
    so I didn't get a chance to bring the noise
    issue to her attention. This has been bugging
    me since then.

    To be fair, I may ask them if they would let me
    drive a TL overnight or for the day so I can
    spend some time with the car on my own with no
    distractions, and hopefully in a different car
    than the one I drove.

    I still would like to give the TL the benefit of the doubt, as I really do like the exterior
    and the interior styling of the car and love
    the gadgets also on the inside. I enjoyed
    listening to the satellite radio. It had
    crystal-clear sound, whereas on some cars, the satellite radio doesn't sound as clear or as
    loud as the radio or the CD Player.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I know the TL uses some type of sensor in the key as part of the security system. I assume if I go to Acura and buy a spare key it will cost $50-$100 - I would rather have a key that WILL NOT start the car - I just want to unlock the door.

    Has anyone had a key cut at your local hardware store (or Walmart) - that can be used to unlock the door?

    I had a key cut at Walmart ($.88 plus tax!) for my Mazda3 - it works just fine in the trunk/door locks but will not start the car.

    I keep this key hidden under the rear bumper - if I ever misplace my key while away from home - I can unlock the trunk - I keep a spare key in the trunk that can be used to start the car.

    Even if someone finds my spare (Walmart) key they can not use it to steal my car.
  • jimmy81jimmy81 Posts: 170
    Could your 'problems' with these minor issues stem from the fact you got ripped off paying $35K for your car?

    I have no AC problems, no rattles, my Bluetooth set up the first time I tried it, and the one time I went to the dealer for something I was handled great - in and out in 10 minutes.

    To say 'this car sucks' because you have an AC problem and a few rattles appears trollish. All cars have issues sometimes. Yours are minor but you feel inspired to just trash the entire car. Whatever.
  • I sympathize with you . I had few problems with my brand new car and same response from dealer that they couldn't reproduce the problem. So i kept notes on when rattles happened and how and also got acura client service involved. After few dealership trips got most of my problems fixed.. The car is very nice these small problems make it bit annoying.

    With regards to bluetooth: Keep at it. It didn't work for first few weeks. It kept going back to setup and my phone was not listed as compatible. However last month i tried once more and managed to hook it up.. Voice recognition software is bit picky. I think my accent freaked it out

    So if one dealer doesn't fix your problem take it another one. They will definitely do it . Atleast that is the experience i had with Acura so far
  • To fellow TL owners; I have my 06 TL w/ Nav. for above two weeks. I started to notice the temperature in the morning is extremely cold. Living in the Midwest with the high humidity it fog up my front windshield to the point that I can’t see through. I have the climate control set to Auto and temperature at 80 degrees F and cold are still blowing inside the cabin (outside temp is 74 F). Try using the “Defog” and the matter got worse. Also, completely turn off the climate control but still don’t help. The only option is to use my wiper to clear my windshield so that I can see.

    My of other vehicles have never experience this type of behavior. Is this something unusual only to my TL or other have a similar experience? Also anybody know how to correct it? Thanks in advance.
  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    This car is perfect for the 16-35 yo who is impressed by gadgetry and fluff. I leased this car and hated it, fortunately I was able to get out of the lease early. My car vibrated( I know well documented /harmonic vibration issue), seats were cheap hard leather( very uncomfortable for long drives) and the suspension made me feel every crack in the road. I have no idea how or why consumer reports rates this car as highly as they do. To each their own, I doubt their are more negative posts on any other car in any other forum here on Edmunds.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Posts: 134
    Yes I had it done. I went to Ace hardware. They told me that they didn't have a blank but any Honda blank will work. I keep it in my wallet just in case.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Posts: 134
    You should have it looked at. Mine has never done that even on the most sticky cool mornings. If you had it set on defrost or defog it would do that, but it shouldn't do that with it set on auto.
  • Thanks for the feed back. I am scheduled next week to bring the car to the dealer.
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