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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • rvator4 - thanks for the recommendation to go to the BBB. I just rec'd a call from the service mgr who basically was willing to do what ever it took to make me happy. A big change from 5 day ago (before the BBB got involved). I am very thankful for your advice!
  • rvator4rvator4 Posts: 84
    Thanks greenacura. Glad it worked. I have found that most businesses do not want a bad report in the BBB files that is unresolved. Let us know how it works out. I am sure you are not the only one to have a dealer issue here.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Wanted to see if this is common or what - A New TL with 200 miles has rust on the wheel and is visible (around the brakes) is that ok or should I check with the dealer. is it common with New cars and has any one seen it
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    If you are referring to rust on the brake rotors that are visable through the wheels (which I believe you are) than yes. If I let my car sit outside for only a few days without using it, rust rapidly appears.

    Just drive the car a few miles and use the brakes several times. When you get out the rust should be completely gone.

    You can visit your dealer and look at the new cars sitting on the lot (other thaa the test drive vehicles that are routinely used). I think you will probably see the same rust you described on every one of them.

    If this does not fit your circumstances, then I'd definitelycheck with my dealer.
  • rvator4rvator4 Posts: 84
    Our 08 bought in August has never shown any rust at all, unlike the previous one.
  • Hi, im looking to get a 2005 maybe 2006 acura TL and I was wondering are the services and repairs really expensive? Are the cars a lot to take care of? Because I have a 325ci BMW right now and it cost me an arm and a leg to take care of. Its to much, so I was thinking of trading my car in but then someone made a statement to me telling me im trading my car in for another car thats going to cost me the same. Do you think this is true? Anyone please answer
  • Glad the BBB worked. Another option in such situations is to leave one last message w/the owner/GM of the business telling them you'll be sending a letter to the state Attorney General in three days if the matter isn't resolved. The nice thing about that deal is that a) you don't pay any attorney fees, b) the state is involved, and the AG can get very serious very quickly if they feel their taxpayers are being scr*wed, and c) businesses really don't want to pay their attorneys $250 - $500/hour to write letters to you and the AG's they just want to make the matter go away. I had a $15,000 problem with a company once and I did just this, and within a few days they sent me a check for 90% of the money.
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    Maybe they changed the composition of your brake rotors. I have an 05.

    I noticed that the temperature and moisture content of the air seem to have an effect on the speed the rotors rust. Also, the more frequently you use you car the less likely you are to notice any rust build-up.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Comparing the repair costs of our TL to out Mini, the TL definitely costs way less for maintenance, especially for the first 3 years. I think we spent more in the first year for the Mini than we did for the first 3 years for the TL.

    But you also need to consider if you are willing to give up the advantages of the BMW, such as performance, because the TL ain't no BMW!
  • mwhite336mwhite336 Posts: 2
    LOL I know but the TL has more horsepower then my beamer plus my car is costing me waayyyy to much right now. Its an 02 and has about 87,000 miles. I have only had it for about 2 yrs and i have already spent over $2,000 in maintance. Thats why I was interested in the TL. I wanted a newer car with less miles. Granted I love the look of the BMW better but theres a lot I could do to a TL too. I was just trying to figure out if its worth it or not, because my beamer has not been up to par lately. :(
  • I am having the same issue on my Aucra TL 2008 w/ navigation. I parked it at Park N Fly in Houston for a week, and when I tried to restart it yesterday the battery was completely dead. The Park and Fly guy who helped me jump start my car told me he had another customer just a week ago, who had the same Acura model / type as I do, and he had to do the same thing for him as well.

    This is just ridiculous. When I was trying to put gas into my car afterwards yesterday, my Acura went dead AGAIN. I had to get it towed to the dealership (Champion Acura in Houston). Right now it is over there, and they are telling me that they are going to do a battery test on it. The girl said that this happens to a "few" of their vehicles occasionally. I DID NOT pay this much money to get a car with crappy [non-permissible content removed] battery problems. I EVEN missed the X Men Origins premiere because of this stupid issue.

    I just can't believe it's been FOUR entire years, and this problem is STILL happening. I'll keep you guys posted on what they tell me. Thanks for reading.
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    I believe that it's actually been 5 years (04,05,06,07,08) with the problem unresolved. My friend got a new 08 with nav and has the exact same problem.

    You could write to 60 Minutes and/or 20/20 and offer to do an investigative report with them on the "hidden" problem with this car. And refer them to this site for some preliminary confirmation. I'd be sure to send a copy of that letter to Acura Headquarters and maybe even my dealer.

    While you are at it you could mention the "hidden" automatic transmission problem that I believe plagued the 99,00,01,02,03 Acura's. Again this board has a lot on that.
    My 00 TL had to get a whole new transmission.

    With the domestic auto companies taking it on the chin, I'm sure some TV news show would like to go after a non-domestic company that keeps putting out cars with the same problem year after year and has been able to "cover it up" so to speak.

    I know that this is what I'd do if I had the nav equipped Acura with the problem. My 05 has no nav and does not have the problem. My friend with an 08 w/nav is afraid to take it to the airport for the exact reason you described. It's just beyond my comprehension that the problem continues .
  • ruthhruthh Posts: 1
    I want the interior lights over the front windshield to turn on when I open my car door. My owners manual says to "push the toggle switch" to a specific position. There is no toggle switch. The only switches are for the remote device programming. I know there is a switch somewhere. There are buttons to push which will turn the lights on or off but these offer no automatic way to set the switch so the lights come on when I open my door.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Not sure which Model, in 2009 TL on the console above the head, there is an option for Off, Door & On. When you put the option to Door, the interior lights on the top of the windshield and also the rear passenger interior lights get switched on.

    There would be similar switches on any model and the option - Door will have the lights turned on.Hope this helps
  • trailhikertrailhiker Posts: 26
    From posts in another forum from people that experienced this problem, this problem seemed to have been caused by something in the Navigation electronics that did not power off when the ignition switch was turned off. The Navigation system would continue to run and would drain the battery down overnight. There are others who have experienced battery problems for other reasons that have also been posted on different forums. Supposedly there are some Acura TSBs about isolating what is causing the battery to drain. Interesting that people who have TLs without Navigation do not seem to complain about the dead battery problem. I have an 08 TL I bought in Feb 08 and have not experienced the dead battery problem yet, I do carry one of those portable battery jumpers you can get at Sears or Northern Tool as I am concerned about this problem and hate to be stranded.
  • bigtee77bigtee77 Posts: 1
    i have that same vibrationfrom anywhere between 80mph & up i thought i needed to balance my rims(stock)....
  • cvv011cvv011 Posts: 8
    Pick one up last week. So far, impressed with the car very much. Couple of things thought to bring up:
    1. I might be crazy, but on the highway (over 70 m/h), can't seem to drive the car straight... it always seems to pull to either side. I drove Sienna the say day... do not get this feeling. One of the tires reported at 31 psi, compare to the others at 35... wondering if that's a reason. Wanted to take it to the dealership this morning, but decided to take more time to characterize this. Anybody with similar concern?
    2. Wishing the steering wheel's audio controls will be quicker... it takes about a second after ch +/- for the update to take effect. My 2000 TL was instant in this regards.
    3. Still trying to figure out how to use all the features... I think I need a week off from work to go over the manual. Feeling as Acura should have a 2-3 day long class to get owners up to speed on the car. This one is not a complain... just a positive feedback I guess. I just didn't used to for the car to be so techy.
  • I'm guessing the pull to one side or the other might be because it's front wheel drive. My civic did that all the time. I don't notice it on my 2008 Acura as much though. You might want to take it in to get the allignment checked just to be on the safe side.
  • jimwasherejimwashere Posts: 1
    Did any have an answer for this problem?
  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    I have an 04 TL without NAV with 51K mi, and I am on third battery.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    I have a 2007 TLS on my Third battery in a little over 2 yrs 35K Miles. When I was in for service they said my battery was near dead and replaced it. About two weeks later my car wouldn't start. DEAD BATTERY! I had to jump it. Took it to Acura and ran a bunch of tests on it and found out that the battery they just put in had a bad cell. What are the odds??? I don't believe it! It's been 2 months now and no problems yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. Acura is pulling a fast one on all of us! :lemon:
  • camoncamon Posts: 98
    An 04 TL without Nav and on its third battery.. . wow! It looks like the Acura TSB on the Nav draining the power after shut-off was just plain wrong. No wonder they started focusing on the Hands Free Blue Tooth Link. Do you use your Hands Free Link??

    The bad battery idea just doesn't wash, because the dealer can test any battery's full capabilities on their shop equipment prior to putting it in (a draw down test).

    My friend with a 08-TL on its second battery is turning his in when his lease expires, although he would have purchased it under normal circumstances.

    I don't have a Nav and I do not use my Hands Free Link. Fortunately, I have not yet had a problem with my 05-TL. I was looking at a new left-over 08-TL w/o nav to replace my other car, but since the TL's w/o nav can have the problem too, I'm forgetting that idea.

    Between this unresolved battery drain problem, and the often disliked redesign of the 09-TL, it looks like Acuras are going to be sitting on the dealer's lots for some time to come.
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    "2. Wishing the steering wheel's audio controls will be quicker... it takes about a second after ch +/- for the update to take effect. My 2000 TL was instant in this regards. "

    If it was XM, it does take a second for the system to switch to another channel. After all it is satellite based.

    If it is local stations, then there is an issue as mine changes instantly. I have an '04.
  • silvertlssilvertls Posts: 2
    have 08 TL w/nav...i have experience the dead battery as well, jumped the battery made appt. with the states battery checked out fine. was told by acura cust. relations...that i may not be driving car enough or getting RPM's high enough.
  • rvator4rvator4 Posts: 84
    Hmmmm. I have never known an alternator equipped auto to ever have to worry about "not enough RPM". Sure, the old generators put out more power at higher RPM, but alternators do not work that way and will charge a battery at idle.
    We also have an 08 TL/Nav. Except for two 2300 mile trips, we have added only 1200 local miles since last summer. No battery problems.
    Somebody is trying to feed you a line.
  • silvertlssilvertls Posts: 2
    has anyone heard of this? was driving down the interstate, when overhead console (aka map light assembly which has bluetooth speaker, map light, and sunroof switch) fell and was hanging by wires. screws are still in place with plastic around them (in ceiling of car, from where assembly has fallen...looks to me as if screws were overtightened at factory) took in to dealer and was told it would not be covered under warranty, they claim that we must have pulled on it. ????pulled on what, there is nothing to pull on, if you did pry it off with a screwdriver there would be obvious damage!! they have offered to pay 75% of cost. have contacted acura cust. relations. will repost with outcome. car has less than 7k miles.
  • clubhabelclubhabel Posts: 2
    My 1996 Acura TL Air Conditioner didnt work, freon was full, and I was driving with the fan on when all of a sudden, cold air came out. The clutch on the compressor engaged when I ran a hot wire from the battery to it and the A/C worked perfect. I gotta have some electrical issue, but what? Someone said a relay maybe but what is it and where do I find it? The fuses look good. Also, I have about 5 lights lit up on my dash including the SRS, TCS, Brake, Check engine, and one other. The brake and TCS light go on and off at random. Any ideas why?
  • clubhabelclubhabel Posts: 2
    I've reset all of my lights, except for the check engine light. Any ideas on how to reset it?

    My a/c still doesnt work. I think the relays are attached to the drivers side of the radiator and I do see about 5 plugs/relays(?), but which is the compressor clutch?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    I'd have your alternator LOAD tested before I did anything else.

    I think your AC system has a by-pass pressure switch which will shut the compressor down if it senses that you are too low on refrigerant. So I'd check your refrig level before tearing into anything else.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • pkwykid1pkwykid1 Posts: 1
    Picked up '09 TL SH/AWD w/Tech last Thursday evening. Hated to give up my '01 A6 2.7T with all the sport options but was approaching 100k and 8 1/2 years - spent $1600 on new tires and 100k service. Came back from a 600 mile college grad weekend to find that my 4 camshaft seals were starting to leak oil- estimate another $2600 (with new front brakes and rotors as well) because entire engine had to be disassembled over a 16 hour job. So I'd be $4100 into a car worth maybe $6k and it's still be 8 1/2 years old with 100k.

    Anyway, we promptly broke in the TL by taking it up to Boston last weekend for a wedding. Very happy with car and performance although even though I'm a certifiable car nut, I found Tech pkge and instrumentation and driver choice settings to be somewhat daunting, but pretty much got everything just right.

    The car's a beautiful Grigio/Umber combo that's adds a little conservative touch to the Transformer meets the Cylon look. Anyway, here's the good part. I leave the house at 7:45 AM yesterday and the car is COMPLETELY DEAD as in D-E-D dead!

    Roadside service called and here in 25 minutes, called dealership who said "bring it in immediately" will give you a loaner and DON"T TURN IT OFF!

    Diagnosis - Bad battery (411 miles) and I'm thinking, there's too much shizz connected to this thing, I hope they have a big honking amperage output with the new one. I'm usually used to replacing a battery every 4 years or so on all my cars - but after 411 miles? Things that make you go Ummmmhhh!

    The really good news out of this was the speed of roadside service, the excellent service received from Acura of Westchester ( last purchase there was an '86 Legend) and most importantly, all the settings including Homelink and Bluetooth were preserved
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