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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks m6user again.

    If it is a tire issue, how should I deal with it?

    Can I use warranty to replace it or do anything else?

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I guess that depends on how bad it is. You will probably have a hard time getting a dealer to give you new tires for something they can't (or don't) experience when you take it in. The first thing I would do is check my air pressure in all four tires and make sure they are properly filled and all the same pressure. Then I would have the balance of each tire checked as whatever you're experiencing may be aggravated by cold tires and less noticeable when the tires are warm.

    If it is really bad and shocks or something are involved that is beyond my expertise.

    I would have someone else that knows cars drive the car first thing in the morning and get thier input if you can find someone to get up that early. :)
  • The tires aren't covered by Acura . .they are warrantied by the tire manufacturer. And from your description, they will tell you there is nothing wrong with the tires, it is something in the suspension or alignment.
  • I have the same problem with my 05 TL (automatic), there is a slight vibration at 50 mph but it seems to slowly subside at higher speeds.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Have your front tires checked for the correct balance. Sometimes a tire a not balanced 100% correctly and because it's on the rear you don't notice. When you have the tires rotated that tire is now on the front and it shows up as a slot wobble in the steering wheel at certain higher speeds. Not to say that is the problem but is a cheap check.
  • Thank you for all suggestions
    Had my front tires checked yesterday.
    The balance is fine.
    They put more pressure to my tire and it seems driving better.
    Before: 32 PSI (Colde)
    Now : 34 PSI (Code)

    What are your tire (cold) pressure that runs well?

  • I have a 05 TL. I recently noticed my right front tire rubbing when coming out of left turn. I am having trouble pin pointing the actual spot where the tire is rubbing. I think that the shocks or something related might be loosing fluid, but actually have no idea. Looking for any advise.

    Thank you.
  • I have an 04 w/ about 80,000 miles on it....I don't change the oil myself. I usually will schedule an appointment with the dealer and it's $45.00 or so, but when you call in advance my dealer will give me a car to use for the day. Usually drop it off in the am, and pick up the next morning. Can't really beat that. I took to a quick change last time and it was $53.00.....

    The dealership is a little out of the way - would probably change myself, but don't have a place to dispose the oil.

    The MPG really varies. One thing about this car is you have to stay after the tire inflation. If i am not at 32psi all the way around not only can I feel it, but I see it in the mpg.

    Pure Highway driving 80-90 mph 30+mpg
    Mixture 22
    City 18

    I use the 89 grade gas..The service manager at the dealership I bought told me that is all the car needs. Used 87 and mileage went way down. Used High octane for a month and no difference. So I stick with the 89. Can't go wrong when the man whose supposed to know everything about your car tells you to do it. They did strongly advocate not to use the 87 octane!
  • Are there any online OEM parts place? An online search seem to find URLs that are just portals into the same place.

    I remember 20 years ago when I got my first Acura that A&H Motorsport in Pennsylvania had OEM parts at great discounts but now it seems like they are out of the parts business and more into service.

    I just recently got an '09 TL AWD. Looking for air filter, cabin filter, all weather floor mats, etc.
  • I have purchased numerous parts for my Acura vehicles (88 Legend & 08 TL) thru this Web Site. Good prices and quick shipping.

    I would recommend this business for "Exact Fit" floormats:
    I purchased their "Digital Fit" all weather floor mats for my 08 TL for both front and rear that fit like glove. They have Gray, Tan and Black. Acura did not have Gray and I wanted Gray to more closely match the interior and I saw their AD in a auto magazine and found they had very good reviews.
  • Hey, thanks for the heads up on the Digital Fit. Looks very promising and reasonable in price. The Delray website looks good but they don't seem to have anything for the'09 TL. Am I missing something?
  • Does anyone understand 2008 TL's Suspension system?
    Is it all mechanical parts or is there a digital part (sensor)?

    Is it possible that there is something wrong with Shock absorber and suspension system in TL?
    And this may cause sometimes shimmy and sometimes not.

  • Try and give them (Delray) a phone call. They have always been very helpful when I have called. They may not have updated their Web site yet. When I purchased my 08 TL in Feb 2008 they had parts for the 08 TL.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    The TL was substantially redesigned so it may take some time for the aftermarket suppliers to adjust. The '08 was pretty much a continuation so most of the stuff from '06-07 probably fit.
  • When it comes to their AcuraCare extended warranties, Delray Acura seems to be about 50 per cent more expensive than the competition. I would stay away on that basis alone.
  • I moved to Minnesota two years ago, and last winter was pretty rough driving for my 2005 TL. The car never handled great in winter when I lived in southeast Michigan, but the snow and ice conditions in Minnesota are more significant/severe than southeast Michigan.

    From what I hear the Blizzak tires are terrific in winter. I'm looking at buying some on But I'm also considering buying their "wheel and tire" package - where they ship them to you already balanced, and I could just put them on the car myself.

    My question to the forum is, have any of you done this? Anything I should be on the lookout for? It's certainly more expensive to buy the wheels AND tires, but I'm thinking it will be less hassle long-term to do it this way. I have plenty of room to store the wheels/tires in our garage or basement.

    Presently the '05 has 52,000 miles and is running like a top. My plan is to drive it another five years and then give it to my daughter who will start driving at that time. So I think we'd get some good use out of winter tires.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/help.
  • You're not alone. If I have one complaint about this car it's the tires. I can't put a finger on it, but sometimes I too have a "shimmy" in the car that hits around 45 - 55/60 mph. Lower than that...nothing; higher than that...nothing. But in that general range, and about 30% of the year (particularly in colder weather) I feel a vibration. I'm on my second set of tires (forget what they are; but not the same brand as the originals on my '05; I guess that had issues) and the second set is better than the first, but it's still there from time to time. I've had them rotated religiously, balanced, aligned, massaged, wined and dined...and it's still there. The guys at the tire shop finally said I better just learn to live w/it. They said these low profile tires on a performance-oriented front wheel drive car can be a little temperamental.

    I don't necessarily believe them, but after two tires shops over 50,000 miles, and two sets of tires, I'm done trying to figure it out. I would take it to the Acura dealer but their rates are crazy (I can afford them, but refuse to pay it unless absolutely necessary). I just bought some wheels and winter tires on so we'll see if these are any better come winter.

    Good thing I like everything else about the car!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,939
    has anyone replaced the struts or rear shocks on a 2ndgenTL? I have a 2000 with 149K that is probably ready (1 is starting to leak).

    just wondering how much it cost (or how difficult it is) to do the fronts or rears?

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    not sure if you have the same problem as me but here is what happened; leased a 06 base TL and had no vibration/shimmy problems the entire two years I had the car; liked the car so much that I leased a 08 base TL which I currently have; from the get go noticed severe vibrations/shimmy in the wheel, pedals, seats, and even doors at time whenever I did over 50mph and the faster I went the worse it got so suffice it to say that doing 70-75mph on the interstate was a nightmare

    took the car back to my acura dealer had the tires balanced, a front-end alignment done and a little extra pressure put into the tires; even had the mechanic look at the suspension and struts/shocks to make sure everything was okay but I mean the car only had about 1k miles on it so I didn't expect it to; everything with the suspension etc was okay and the dealership said it had to be something with the tires; the balancing and front-end alignment did nothing to fix the vibrations/shimmy

    since I had the base car I had the bridgestone EL400 tires on my car and if you read about these tires on you'll see how lousy of a tire they are; took the car to a bridgestone/firestone dealership and told them about my problems and they told me that bridgestone is aware of a problem with these tires causing moderate-severe vibrations/shimmy in vehicles and is why they came out with the top of the line bridgestone serenity's; these are an expensive tire roughly $245 a tire for the TL but I was able to make my case to bridgestone and was able to get a take off and have four serenity's mounted and balanced for $100 bucks total

    I know have about 11k miles on the car and since having the serenity's put on have had no vibrations/shimmy in the car at high rates of speed; overall I've been very happy but these tires are really expensive and I could not have afforded it without the adjustment, but after reading the poor reviews of the EL400 on tirerack I'm surprised Acura is still putting them on the cars; just read the reviews on tirerack about the bridgestone serenity's and you'll see a night and day difference between the stock EL400s
  • Several weeks ago I noticed a sound like crickets chirping when I started up cold. The dealership identified it as a loose fan belt and replaced it. The noise returned, so they then said it was the tensioner, and replaced it, then the belt.

    Guess what? It's back again and I go in Monday for the 4th time?

    Is this perhaps a known problem with 08 TL's? Mine only has 12,500 miles on it
  • Most of the forum posts I read about the '05 TL tires seemed to indicate consistent issues w/the brand of tires, that's why I switched when I hit ~30k miles. (I forget what's on there now; too lazy to go look!). In general I'm happy w/my current tires, except for that little issue.

    Still hoping someone can answer my other question!
  • Don't even think twice about it, buy the wheel and tire package. I live in the suburbs of Cleveland and drive between 15K and 20K miles a year. After buying a used snow tire and wheel set for my previous vehicle from a coworker (originally purchased from TireRack), I will always have snow tires on my vehicle in the winter. I don't car if the vehicle is front, rear or all wheel drive, there is a night and day difference in handling in snow and ice. It's kind of like the difference between playing football in the mud with tennis shoes or cleats.

    The odometer just hit 140000 on my 2002 TL-S that I bought back in Nov of 2001. I bought the wheel and tire package from TireRack for the first winter and 8 winters later I am just getting ready to replace the tires for this winter. (Last winter was a little more slippery than usual as I squeezed an extra winter out of them.)

    It's easy to switch the wheels before and then after winter. If you clean the wheels, give them a quick coat of wax and mark them with chalk or a crayon, you can easily rotate them when you switch and both sets will continue to look almost new (as mine do).
  • Thanks Optimistic1, that's great to hear.

    I'm also thinking about changing and upgrading the brakes when I swap the wheels/tires for winter. I'm sure the info is somewhere in this forum, and I'll do a search, but if anyone knows this information off the top of their head I'd appreciate the following:

    1) What upgraded brakes do you recommend for a 2005 Acura TL? I hear the Brembo brand tossed around quite a bit. I wouldn't mind a little more "oomph" in my braking power.

    2) I recall hearing that I may need some sort of special tool to get the brakes and/or pads off, is that right?
  • Haven't read anything about this on the net but the 4th time????? Lemon Law??? :)
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I have a 2008 Base TL with just under 11k miles on it; within the last month I've noticed the brakes starting to grind a tiny bit and just yesterday I've smelled burning when I get out of my car from my rear wheels; the rotors have some minor scratching on them; this usually a sign that the brake pads need to be replaced I just pray the rotors don't have to be resurfaced; I'm annoyed because the car barely has 11k miles on it and there is no reason why the pads should have to be replaced or rotors resurfaced at this low miles; I wanted to know if anyone else with a base 07 or 08 TL has had problems with brake pads wearing out or had to have their rotors resurfaced at low mileage! any info would be helpful!
  • I only have an '05 TL (53k miles) and I just replaced my front brake pads. And even then, they still had 30% to 40% life left on them. If I were you I'd take it into the shop and ask them what's up. The TL's are known to have tire issues, but I don't recall reading about persistent brake issues. Good luck!
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    I have a 2007 TLS with BREMBO Brakes in the front and they needed replaced at 30K. I still have my original brakes in the rear with 48K on the car now. Original tires were shot at 30K also. The car mechanically hasn't given me any trouble except for the Transmission hunts and pecks for gears once and awhile not sure if I should mention it to the mechanic at Acura ...any opinions? The build quality is poor in my opinion. I mean the typical rattles, front door tracks had to be replaced, body creaks when I pull in from the side, suspension squeaks if you rock the car side to side. I wonder if it has anything with it being assembled in Ohio! Oh and by the way Acura.. the new TL is GOD AWFUL UGLY!!!!!!!! I will wait for the next Generation.. GOD I hope it looks better than a Transformer!!!! :P
  • Just a follow up to my previous post re: brakes. My handyman Father replaced the front pads and he said it was the simplest brake job he's ever done. Total cost: $45 for the premium ceramic brake pads.

    A few days later the back brakes started making some weird scraping noises. Not wanting to bother Dad again, I called a local mechanic and inquired about the price. Cost to replace rear pads/rotors: $400. (I can only imagine what the Acura dealer might charge). So I went out and bought high-end pads again for about $45, and new rotors for ~$55 (for the pair; fyi Acura dealer wanted $130 EACH for the rotors). My Dad replaced them last night and once again said it was very simple. I'm not sure I'd tackle it on my own because I'm not that handy and I'm always afraid I'll mess the job up and wind up costing myself a lot more in additional repairs. But the car/brakes run like a top now.
  • Yes I have the exact same issue with 08 TL. 20,000 miles on it. The issue is loud, screaching noise during a cold start first thing in morning. Does not seem to happen after until next cold start. I am sure its the same issue youre experiencing and the frustrating part is i have been to one dealer for 1st visit, then another dealer for 2nd visit, then a 3rd, and now i am on 4th visit. I believe this is a defect in certain 08 TL's that the don't know how to fix properly and are trying to "patch" the problem. Not what i expected from an acura product. :lemon: Losing confidence fast and am very upset!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I was interested in replacing the halogen light bulbs Acura has illuminating the rear license plate with white LEDs, similar to the one's Lexus has on the ES and IS models; has anyone tried this yet and if so could you recommend the best type of bulb I could buy at a place like Autozone or PepBoys? any help would be appreciated!
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