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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • I was involved in an auto accident two weeks ago. I was sitting at a red light and was rear ended. The trailer hitch of my 2005 Toyota Tundra Double Cab took the blunt of the force causing both fram members to bend. The insurance company handeling the situation wanted to straighten the frame. Obviously I was not going for this. I have had negotiations for the last tow weeks and they have now agreed to do a total frame replacement since toyota has informed them they would not stand behind a re-bent frame.

    My next question becomes how is toyota going to warrant the remainder of my vehicle once this repair takes place? I still have 26K mile remaining on my warranty and don't want to get in a situation where if something goes wrong it is blamed on the repair. I'm currently discussing diminished value with the inssurance company but do not want to be hung out to dry once the repair is completed. My true wishes woulb be for the vehicle to be totaled.

    Any suggestions?
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    "My true wishes woulb be for the vehicle to be totaled."

    I know what you mean, though funny things happen. Back in 1999, I got a new B3000 4x4 - which, after years of driving a beat up old Citation with no working AC in the south was wonderful. A month after I got it, my wife was coming home from the store when a dude ran a red light, and plowed into her. She was turning left, and he hit her pretty square on the front axle. Knocked the heck out of it. When I got to the scene, I was sure it was totaled.

    Naturally the 30 year old "kid" who hit her had no insurance, worked at a car wash, lived with mama....ahhh, the wonders of living in a state that, at the time, did not require insurance.

    Anyway, after nearly $10,000 worth of repairs on a $17,000 truck, I got it back. You can look at it and see ifs not quite straight, it has a little "lean" to it. Not horrendus, but noticable if you looked at it from behind. Yes, the put the frame on a straightener.

    Now, I mostly did not care about the lean. The fact is that that truck has been the most relaible vehicle I ever had. It now has 117,000 miles on it. Never burned oil, still runs like a champ. I would keep it, even after I got my new Tacoma, but my wife is pushing/forcing me to sell it. I am selling it to a secretary at work for a car for her son.

  • i assume your talking about an exhaust leak? exhaust is emissions and waranty on emissions is 8yr/80k miles
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Does anybody have advice on removing the TRD stickers off my new Tundra without damaging the paint work?
  • I have a 2004Tundra Double. Cab. I have recently been having problems with the gas gauge going to below empty when the tanks get to about 1/2. It stays there for a few miles then goes back up to 1/2 and is fine after that. When it is below empty the light doesn't come on. I took it to the dealer and they checked the sensor but found no problem.
    Any one else have this problem or know of a fix?
  • I have a 2000 Tundra AC. My low fuel indicator light stopped working about (2) months ago. I thought it was the bulb and replaced it and it still does not function. This light was my savior because ever since I installed my EL Glo gauges, my fuel gauge has been off. I tried again this past weekend to re-calibrate the needle. I waited until the tank was almost empty and removed the plastic cover to the gauge cluster. I then manually moved the needle to the empty (E) on the gauge. It automatically moves back to the wrong position. I tried this both with the engine running and with it off. Any suggestions? I need one of these to work, either the indicator light or the gauge itself. Both would be nice. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  • hi i have the same problem with my tundra cutting out when i put it in gear . it happened once then it has been ok ?? have you found any answers?
  • The company that I work for has approx. 200 Tundra regular cab V-6 trucks(year05-06), All of which you have to slam the doors to shut them. It is very evident that Toyota undersized the purge vents in the cab. Does Toyota have a recall or fix for this problem? It's very aggravating because the cab light stays on and kills the battery.
  • i have a 2001 tundra with 43,000 miles the check engine light went on, i took it to the is a rusty gas filler tube.has anyone else had this kind of problem.
  • fastfjrfastfjr Posts: 11
    I have had my 05 4WD V8 Access door Tundra since May. I traded my 02 Tacoma in for it. The stereo system SUCKS. Or at least the speakers do. Has anyone replaced their system and or speakers with aftermarket ones? I also installed a K&N air filter (just the filter) about 2 months ago. I now get 17-18 mpg in the city and 22-23 mpg highway. Towing my 4500lb boat and trailer I get about 14mpg
  • fastfjrfastfjr Posts: 11
    Unless your truck is way different from mine that is NOT orange peel. It is a clear coat that adds protection from chips, stones etc... VW has been using it for about 20 plus years now
  • fastfjrfastfjr Posts: 11
    Sorry for not reporting back sooner. My numbers are pretty good. 22-23 Highway and 17-18 City. I only bought the filter. K&N does not yet have a full air filter kit. Maybe by 06. One more thing, I DO NOT have any knocking or pinging in the engine since I change to the K&N filter.
  • I had the same problem (2001 Tundra) After 2 complete removals of the gas tank to replace the float and sensor, the dealer asked me if I was over-filling the tank. I always cram as much gas in as I can... well this is bad for the Tundra float. They told me to stop, I did, and I haven't had a problem since. That was 3 years ago.
  • 90,000 miles on my 2001 Tundra V8. Bought it new. I pull a 5000 pound boat around town and on 4-5 long trips a year over mountain passes. For me there are two postions on the throttle, FULL and IDLE. I drive my truck wicked hard! I'm on my 6th set of brakes, 5th set of tires. I have had NO problems at all with the transmission. I do however flush the transmission fluid every year and change the axle fluid as well. Regular oil changes every 2500-3500 miles. I only use toyota parts. I also run it at the local drag strip frequently running high 14's low 15's. I'm really sorry to hear that you are having transmission problem. Based on the way I drive my vehicles, I was expecting to have already replaced some major components. It's still running strong. The first 5 years have been great, I hope the next 5 are just as reliable.
  • wick2wick2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 toyota tundra, V8, access cab, TRD off road pkg, 4x4, it just turned 105,000 miles. Between 30-40 mph when my automatic transmission is shifting from its 2nd to 3rd speed it almost feels like the rearend is slipping but then the tranny will grab and the truck will operate fine after that. I can literally go down the highway at 85mph and the tranny runs fine. It only does it once in a while between 30-40 mph. Did you ever troubleshoot yours and find out what exactly was the problem? I need the help, I hope its not to expensive for the repairs!!! I'm assuming that it has something to do with the transmission computer module!
  • My 2002 v8 Toyota Tundra makes what I call a harmonic warble noise from the time I start driving, but is much more noticeable at 60-70 mph. Any thoughts on what might be making this noise? When I first purchased the vehicle I did not have this noise. Tires replaced and the noise continued.
  • I have a 2003 Tundra v8 SR5 Access Cab and also experience what I refer to as a harmonic noise coming from the front end. The noise develops and is most pronounced between 30-40 mph, although I can still hear an feel it at higher speeds including at 60 mph.. The dealer replaced the tires at 3,000 miles but that didn't make a difference. I switch over to snow tires in the winter and thought that might indicate if it was tire noise, but nothing changed. I've been back to the dealer several times over the past year but they don't seem to have any ideas. The vibration seems focused on the driver side front. I hoped the ball joint replacement based on the recall might help, but it didn't. I have noticed that putting the truck in four wheel drive eliminates the noise.

    When I first bought the truck the noise was noticeable but has started to become a bit louder and is wearing on me. :( I bought the Tundra because of a great experience with aTacoma I had for a few years just prior and reputation of Toyota. Now at 35,000 miles I have my doubts about a never ending stream of brake replacements and what could be a serious and costly power train issue, although in most other respects the truck is great. (The brakes were replaced by the dealer at 32,000 miles - seems to be a trend on this board - and I'm not keen on how easily the paint chips and scratches.)

    I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow and will run the 4 wheel drive issue by them. The noise is clearly a harmonic vibration that I bet many folks would miss if their radio is on loud or they regulary drive rough roads.

    Anybody else have this problem?
  • I finally did find out what the problem was. The torque converter in my transmission was locked up. Fortunately it was repairable. After repairing that and completely servicing the transmission I am back in business. Could have been really bad if the converter had broken and littered my transmission with parts. That would surely have been a new transmission. I highly recommend taking your truck to a TRUSTED mechanic. I have a feeling that in my case if I had taken it to an untrusted mechanic I would have been look ing at a new transmission. My total bill was about $400 versus $2800 for a new transmission.
  • I have a 2003 Tundra with almost 70,000 miles. I have seen messages here where they have a field fix kit (TSB Revision Notice 1/19/05). Am I over the warrenty to cover this repair, and if so, wondering how much its going to cost me?
  • I wanted to know if anyone would know how to get the oem video out puts to coincide with my oem navigation? It only works with tv in the back.But I can watch movies through the navagation.Thanks
  • I have an 05 Tundra double cab TRD (5500 mi) with the same problem. You can hear and feel just enough rumble to be irritating. After replacing bearings, axles, re-torqueing everything they could and testing several other Tundra's at their regional offices, Toyota claims that the sound is the exhaust which causes a harmonic vibration and that there is no fix to it at this time. They did say that putting on the dual exhaust would possibly help some (mostly help their pocket, not mine it seems). I asked if they had a dampner available, but they didn't, and did not want to even discuss going to an outside (non-Toyota) supplier for one. Not real happy about gas mileage either. I just made a 900 mi trip and with the cruise set at the speed limit (75mph) I got 14 - 14.7 mpg.
  • I also have a 2004 double cab and have not experienced this problem. Sounds to me like a bad fuel sensor which is probably located in the gas tank. However, you say the dealership checked the sensor, I would have them replace it if this problem persists. good luck
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    I test drove a new SR-5 RWD Double Cab today, hoping to buy it, but the car (with only 9 miles on it) had a weird problem. When I stepped on gas pedal to go, instead of accelerating like a V-8, the transmission started free revving to 3-4,000 rpm but the car went no where. But if I gingerly use the gas pedal it accelerates OK. What could be the problem? Transmission defect (I had similar problem in a Benz and needed a transmission solenoid replaced)? Drive-by-wire sensor defect? Or was it because it was low on gas? I plan to drive another one just to see if same thing happens, but I am a little bit afraid of potential transmission probs down the road. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.
  • I would be most grateful if you could advise me of your City/Highway mileage per gallon with a V-6.

    There is very little information on Toyota Tundra Regular Cabs with V-6s on this site.
  • Out of curiosity, what's your City/Highway mileage per gallon on the V-6? According to EPA, it's supposed to be 18/22.
  • Have a 2002 Tundra 4 door v8 2 whl drive. That's the problem. It's a one wheel drive!!. I have problems making it up slightly inclined gravel and dirt driveways even if dry, almost got stuck on wet grass, got high centered once with the right wheel suspended and the left wheel wouldn't pull it off. Been to three dealers who say that's the way it is. I find that hard to believe for a pick up truck. Only my right wheel provides traction. Is anyone else had this problem and can it be corrected? Doesn't seem like the mechanics realy understand the rr ends on these things.
  • I just had the lower ball joints replaced by the dealer on my 03 Tundra (recall) when I picked it up, I asked if the frontend was aligned. The service advisor told me that it is not required because they don't have the equipment. They said they drove the truck & it's OK. Should the front end alignment been done?
  • My 2000 Tundra V8 makes a ticking exhaust leak type of sound which gets a little better when up to temp. My dealer who isn't a toyota dealer told me there was no exhaust leak and it was a normal lifter sound. Anyone think this is the case because it has me nervous and thinking of maybe trading it in before something breaks. ALSO my tranny seams to hunt and have lag in it some time anyone else?

    Im running MOBIL 1 5W30 oil and MOBIL 1 ATF in the tranny. Im planning on a heavier oil next change. would that make any sense?
  • I put sylvania silver stars in my fogs. get the 65watts version and shave the 2 grooves out of the bulb socket and they will fit. This was a great improvement and nobody ever flashes at me that they are too bright.
  • My 03 Tundra V8 does the same in cold weather. A friend with an 02 told me his is the same.
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