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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • I own a 2000 Tundra with 164,000 miles and I have had essentially no mechanical problems. I did just replace the oxygen sensors (intake), but otherwise it runs like a champ. I do find that the captain's chair on the driver's side has started to sink and wear down some. I am a relatively large man (6'2" AND 235 pounds), but not so large that I think I would have worn out the seat prematurely. I checked at the local Toyota dealer about ordering a new captain's chair and my question is does anyone know where I can purchase a new chair instead of looking for a used one at a junkyard or ordering from the dealer? I plan on driving my truck for another 3 years or more and would like to purchase a new seat?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Don't discount the junkyards, many of these places have 05 & 06 Tundra's that have been totaled by the insurance companys & although the exterior may have been severely damaged the interior can be like new.
    If you contact a major auto dismantler they can do a search for you, it will be half the price of the dealer & they are sometimes negotiable on the price.
    Hope this helps.
  • psyco6psyco6 Posts: 1
    dude, i have an 01 tundra, v8, 4wd...and i live it most of the time. i used it to jump start a peice of logging equipment one cold saterday morning,,,,and fried the battery. needles to say i replaced the battery, and tried to go the cheap route, after i put the new batt in, my truck did the exact same thing yours i went to the best battery and,,,,no more problems. sounds overly simple but the cheap batt didnt have enough whatever to work the electric systems and the computer.
  • My 2001 Tundra feels like it ran over a cement block when it shifts into 5th or overdrive. Telephone diagnosis calls for rebuilt or remanufactured tranny soon. I can lock out Overdrive and nothing else clunks. Have you had yours fixed yet?
  • I have recently purchased a new 2005 Tundra and at about 1200 miles I started experiening the same vibration that you described in May 2005. I have an appointment at dealer next week to check it out. I am wondering if your vibration has gotten worse or remained about the same or perhaps someone was able to fix the problem. Reply on forum or email me if you want at

    Waiting to hear from you.

  • What kind of gas mileage are people getting with their 05 Tundra Dbl cab 4X4's? I have 7400 mi. on mine now and the best I've had was 14.7 mpg (highway) and the lowest of 10.4 (city & highway). 11 - 12 mpg is pretty normal for city/highway driving. I don't let the truck warm up alot before hitting the highway so there is very little idle time. Very disappointed with mileage, vibration/rumbles and Toyota's attitude of "It's not our problem". Two more years on the lease and It's Outta Here!
  • mnjimmnjim Posts: 1
    I live in MN and every fall when the temp drops my 2003 Tundra starts to tick when first started when cold. I asked the service manager at my dealership and he knew exactly what it was. Said Sequoia's have the same characteristic. I believe he said that it was a solenoid in the fuel injection system. I have had very good luck with the dealership / this service manager. I believe him & that it is nothing to worry about (but annoying).
  • I have been a loyal toyota :lemon: owner for years ( all new 93 4x4, 95 t-100 4x4, 97 4 runner , 2000 tundra 4x4) the tundra is a useless piece of junk and toyota does not back their products like they used to. My brother owns a 2002 seqoiua piece of junk and a 2003 tundra nothing but headaches
  • ehawkehawk Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 toyota Tundra double cab with 17,000 miles on it. The differential failed the other day and because I was on ice and the wheels were spinning when it came off the ice it made a clunk as it broke gear in the differential. We drove the truck forward to get it off the road it was grinding all this time. We stopped on the side of the road looked for visible damage. Not seeing any we drove it forward to hear were the damage was. The differential was grinding. Toyota says driving on ice is a road hazard and thus not covered by warranty. I feel there was a defect in the gears and caused the failure. Their recommendation is arbitration, because they think it was abuse, $2500 in repairs. Has this ever happened to any one else? I plan to do the arbitration even though I don't have time to waste on it. This is my last Toyota and as soon as I can unload it I will. I have four co-workers with the same truck and they are amazed at the response of toyota. I will do my part to make sure toyota loses there luster with everybody I meet. :mad:
  • well, I HAVE THE 03TUNDRA, v8 and I get about 14 avaerage city and possibly 15/16 highway, If you want to call driving around boston as highway mileage.
    I even replaced the air intake system with the entire KN system and still didn't really help the mileage.
    i don't understand why they don't get better mileage since the truck alls are paper thin.
  • My 2000 V8 4X4 Tundra Gets 16-18mpg up here in NH consistently in the summer but winter I get a consistent 15-16mpg with hi-octane. high I can manage 19mpg summer and 16-17 winter both with cruise. I had a K&N filter that was robbing me about 3-4mpg so I took it out. I have the TRD dual exhaust which causes me to punch it more than I should :o) My Ticking has totally gone away since I had my cracked exhaust manifold replaced at 64k miles. Happy Happy Joy Joy.......
  • My service manager took great care of me warranteed both exhaust manifolds and all 4 O2 sensors which were fine but they get to make the call if you will be covered. I pulled him aside before he looked at my truck and I made it clear that I was going to take care of him as long as he took care of me by giving him a $100.00 bill when I had him diagnose the ticking which I already knew was my expensive manifolds. I know its a gamble because I had an extraordinary understanding service manager but remember they don't make alot of money and the golden rule "He who has the money rules" We were like old friends after that hand shake. But be discreet. Pull him outside to your truck and make it as safe as possible for him to come to the dark side. It saved me a small fortune. Goodluck!
  • I just bought a set of the Ivan Stewart Rims for my 2000 Tundra 4X4. What size should I mount on them. I believe they are 16 X 8. Plus any info about special lug nuts these require would be appreciated. A buddy told me they require a special set of lugs.
  • K&N filter swap cost me about 3-4mpg??????????
    I thought it was supposed to help. I drove like an idiot the first tank of fuel because of the fake supercharger sound it make under the hood but the second tank I did alot of highway and was still at best getting 14mpg.... I really am passionate about my tundra and would love to think Ill buy a new one some day but you guys are all having alot of problems?????? :o( Other than my manifolds I have been in good shape although Im the second owner at 65k miles so who knows what happened before me maybe thats why it got traded in for a Jeep Grand cherokee now theres a piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!
  • ehawk: I am on my third differential, and Toyota doesn't stand up for their products...period. I went to arbitration and that doesn't work at all. The arbitrator didn't even hear the noises in my diff. They are in bed with these car makers. I have had over 11 major R/O in less than 48,000 miles. I had to finally hire a lemon law lawyer and file a lawsuit. I think you will find it interesting that the new Tundra in 2007 features a larger diff gear, and Toyota is proud to announce it at the car show this year. Maybe they can include a bigger transmission, cause that went out at 46,000 miles. Oh and they upgraded their brakes cause they to were horrible. I will be glad when Toyota will be forced to buy back my lemon. Read my earlier posts because they might help...with lemon laws you get ALL your money including down payments back, and it doesn't costs you a penny!
  • My truck has a squeaking sound when going over a bump or braking and it came from the rear part of the car. I had to lubricate what's called the Ujoint, you might wanna ask them about that.
  • I have a '99 Tacoma 4x4 5.7L with 67K on it and all of a sudden, it started to make a rattling sound when I'd start my car in the morning during the cold weather and it being sitting over night. It turns out, the problem is called a "Piston Problem" or "Cold Morning Knock' or sometimes referred as "Carb BuildUp."

    When it was finally diagnosed as having a piston slap problem, the manager of the service dept at a toyota dealer refuses to place an order on my car, although it is under warranty b/c he defines it as normal. However, piston slap is NOT normal. I have done some research online and no one says it is normal, rather it is the beginning of an engine problem. Of course, the manager that refuses the order sees it that way, he says it will never affect the durability of my car.

    So now, I starting my own list of toyota owners with the same piston problems b/c I want to prove that I am not the only toyota owner with the piston slap problem and that I am not paranoid about the sound. Ford and Chrysler have replaced thousands of engines for their customers b/c they recognize it as a big problem, GM has not. I don't know what Toyota will say, but I am hoping to get enough names and records to prove that Toyota should do something to compensate.

    Please contact me at


    Thank you.
  • Cost you mileage? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
    unfortunately 14 is what I get in the city with the entire air performance system (k&n). eventually you can't tinker anymore and we have to live with what the engine was designed to actually somewhat do. Also I UNDERSTAND EVERYONE has issue with the toyota product, but i have a ton of friends with gm and ford and they are constant recall mode throughout their trucks entire life. If an american prduct gets 125k miles on it it's considered a miracle. witha toyota it's not even mid life.
    justa thought.
  • Y E S COST ME MILEAGE!!!!! (K&N FILTER) Think about it more air more fuel. I did get a mild HP gain and that was it. Not worth the loss in mpg or the very noticable whistling sound which was cool at first because it sounded like a supercharger but got annoying after about a month. I did like your thoughts on your buddies trucks having endless recalls because it is very easy to forget toyota is still a far better product compared to its US competitors when you read all these posts of bad problems.
  • Bingo.! I have both a 2004 Sequoia SR5 4WD and a 2006 Tundra DblCab SR5 4x4 and YES, both of them do it.!
  • OK, Last word on the mileage thing. I was reading while on the governor aaa magazine. It was stating that they compared the 24 year old testing procedure for mileage thats used by the epa for mpg on new vehicles that goes on the sticker. They (epa) admitted it had a 14% error factor (yes 14%) not in your favor error factor from the stated sticker posting. wow,,Then aaa compared the tests with a dodge truck or something and found the new mpg test system to be within 1mpg variance, comparing the old to 14% off. So per say it stated 15city and 20 highway,, it could be 12 city and 17 highway at 55mph. who th hell drives 55?
    It was in the last quarter of AAA magazine if you can get your hands on it. But don't worry I'm sure opec will ower the cost of oil soon. :cry:
  • treihingtreihing Posts: 1
    Ok Girls-

    Looks at the reality of the matter. You bought a full size truck with a V8 engine. The standard for a Tundra is 14mpg in town and 18mpg on the highway.

    Big truck, Big Engine = Low MPG
    Little truck, Little Engine = High MPG

    So quit Crying and face the facts-

    2k5 Tundra DC Limited
  • cyclone7cyclone7 Posts: 6
    GM's 5.3L(more torque,more horsepower) gets 17 and 20 city and highway. Also, the Tundra weighs less.Do you fail to see the complaint?
  • stdbobstdbob Posts: 14
    Until this week I had a 2004 Tundra 4x4 SR5 long bed (wife totaled it). She's OK, but now I need a truck, so I went to 4 different dealers. Nobody has (and can't get)an 06 Tundra 4x4 SR5 long bed. The only long bed I found was stripped. (vinyl on the floor, poor seats, and no power options).There are plenty of extended cab short bed trucks around.
    What's up with this?
  • hprjrhprjr Posts: 24
    I have a 2001 sr5 v-8 with about 57000 miles. Recently at first start-up in the morning, the engine turns over and starts with a slight hesitation, but when I put it in drive, the rpm's drop so low, the engine cuts out or barely keeps running. After giving it normal acceleration out of the driveway, everything is normal. I've tried different grades of gas with different suppliers with no change. I live in a mild climate. Also the truck is throwing off no codes. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I share your dismay, because my 01 Tundra Lmtd tranmission failed on my way to have brake work at the Toyota shop nearby. Like you, I drove my truck for primarily pleasure, mostly highway miles and NEVER towed anything. With 98,500 mi on it, I hope Toyota does something to offset the projected $4600 cost for a new tranny. We bought Toyota for long-term quality and low maintenance. With only 4 payments to go, I'm shocked that this happened. We don't need 10 more payments. This truck earned Truck of the Year honors so I'm counting on Toyota to stand behind its ads and truck. I can't imagine paying for a part that should last the lifetime of truck. A company is as good as its warranty and service.
  • contact toyota customer service since your local dealer cant help
  • I have a 2006 Tundra with the 4.7L V8, I've got 5400 miles on it. This weekend I was changing the oil and the oil filler tube and cap were full of moisture. The goo had an orange tint to it and I'm thinking it may be coolant but don't know. I called several dealerships, all said they had never seen it in that motor before, of course my dealership that I took it to be looked at said it is completely normal. There is no way that much moisture in the valve covers is normal. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, if you are unaware check it out.
  • jusdrivejusdrive Posts: 2
    Hello I was wandering if anyone has changed there own Trans fluid?? I have an 05 quad cab and there is no dipstick do dump the trans fluid back in.
  • jusdrivejusdrive Posts: 2
    My truck has moisture under the cap to. I wouldn't worry about that the cap is on a plastic extension form the valve cover.
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