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Toyota Tundra: Problems & Solutions



  • berniek2berniek2 Posts: 1

    I just started to do the same thing and then I put the screw back in.
    What did the dealer do for you? How much did it cost?

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    Bernie K
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    My 2001 4x4 AccessCab Ltd (28,000mi.) needs new brake pads. Does any kind of recall apply? Should I be looking at OEM or aftermarket pads? My rotors are fine (but need to be turned), according to the dealer.

    BTW: Had my 02 sensor replaced today under recall. No probelms. Cost me $zero.
  • chwoodchwood Posts: 7
    I had my 04 Tundra DC 4x4 SR5 for just shy of a year. In February, an uninsured motorist broad sided the passenger side of my truck as he ran a red light while sleeping, nice (had 2200 :cry: miles on it). Me, my two young kids and the in-laws were in it. Luckily everyone was okay except for some aches and pains and my then-10-month-old son had a cut on his face from the harness(?) on his carseat.

    The truck was spun a little over 180 degrees and the force of the impact sheered the spare tire cable and launched it into a yard nearby. The bulk of the force of the impact was absorbed by the rear axle. However, the rear driver's side tire was knocked off the rim and as it slid on the road the rim was ground down a half inch. There was some damage to the bed next to the rear passenger side door and the step was folded under the body a bit.

    If I could have found my spare (which I thought had been stolen or ?) I think I could have drove it away.

    The 90 Ford T-bird that hit us pretty much had the long front end compressed in to 3-4 foot ball of steel. Good thing for crumple zones for that schlepp. He was okay, except he declared bankruptcy pretty quickly after the accident.

    I can tell the side impact rating from me is outstanding, it went onto two side wheels for a second but we never felt like we were going to roll.

    Only one issue since I got it back from the body shop (Ream Auto Body, Marion IA - good folks, good work):
    - a shrill squeak comes the rear suspension or bed mounting when going over minor bumps (TSB SU003-04 seems to address the same noise - dealer will check it out next friday)

    Other issues:
    - it pulls to right even after dealer 1-time free adjustment since purchase;
    - popping and ticking after driving it (I figure its from hot/cold expansion) but now that I have 10K on it I figured it would be okay)
    - it lurches at stops intermittently (dealer says it is okay ???)
    - the power steering pump gets pretty loud after starting and cranking it like leaving the driveway or a parking spot - again the dealer says it is okay as the system is under 1200(?) psi and the pump is playing catch up.

    If anyone has any ideas about the alignment, lurching or steering let me know. The customer service rep said that when the previous alignment was done, it was with factory tolerances. I would assume it was when it left the factory. GAH.

    I hope no one has to test the safety your Toyota like we did.

    The truck otherwise has been great...
  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    First off I'm very happy you and your family are okay !! I too was hit by an uninsured motorist last Feb. After they fixed my crappy GM van I traded it in for a used 02 Tundra that had 45,000 miles on it.I forgot the [non-permissible content removed] trucks(owned a Nissian 4x4 back in 1989) they like to idle higher when the heater/defroster or sometimes with the AC on ,so when I would leave a stop light or would brake to pull up to a stop it felt like it wanted to lurch forward. Bought a can of intake throttle body cleaner and sprayed down the accelerator linkage and sprayed inside the air intake and it seems to have helped also put in a $50 K&N air filter. The truck still had the factory Bridgestone tires(size-P2657016) and when I test drove the truck it didn't pull to either side.At 53,000 miles I replaced the tires with Dayton Timberline tires which is made by Bridgestone but they only had them in a LT2457516 size and now I noticed it sometimes pulls to the right and I checked to make sure all the tires have the same air pressure so I'm not sue what it is because sometimes it doesn't do it??
    My exsust pipe pops only in gear and it reminded me of the noise new pipes make when you shut the vehicle off. Mechanic buddy of mine heard it when he was in the truck and said it was nothing to worry about. I sprayed lubricate on all 4 shock mountings and that took away the squeaking sounds although the dealerships have a new mount kit they can install to fix this problem.Brakes are great just had to have my buddy adjust the rear brakes and man they are right there but I don't know if the past owner had the problems with the rotors and I'm just running on what he replaced, same with the 02 sensors don't know if he replaced them but I don't have that famous check engine light on.There is a recall on the lower ball joints including the 04 Tundras.My buddy did say Tundras are indestructible !!! I believe it. Thanks for your posting, rvboy from Wisconsin says goodnight.
  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    >size and now I noticed it sometimes pulls to the right and I checked to make >sure all the tires have the same air pressure so I'm not sue what it is because >sometimes it doesn't do it??

    Sounds like a break caliper is hanging intermittently. Might want to check them or the brake lines. My truck had a failing brake line that made the caliper hang sometimes.
  • ruopsruops Posts: 2
    The transmission on our 2000 Tundra failed at 45,000 miles therefore was replaced under warrantee. Now the replacement transmission is having the same signs and symptoms of impending failure. The dealer and corporate offices of Toyota state that the next replacement will be at my cost.

    Could anyone direct me to a source indicating what the transmission failure rates for the Tundra are? Also, can anyone provide any advice to compel Toyota to cover the cost of the next replacement?
  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    Thanks sfh1 for your reply, that makes sense that it would only do it some of the time.
  • fastfjrfastfjr Posts: 11
    Are you pulling tree stumps out???
  • westtxwesttx Posts: 16
    I have a 2005 DC SR5 and it has a keyless remote, but apparently no alarm. I was looking through the owner's manual and saw where the light should blink on the dash to indicate that one is armed. The dealer said it has an ignition kill switch that triggers when the truck is towed or if there is an attempt to start without the key. Dealer also mentioned that it is an 250.00 option. Has anyone heard of this? I figured since it had a remote that it would at least have an alarm that set off the horn and lights. I really don't want to go after market, anyone have any suggestions?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The keyless entry is not an alarm. On the Tundra, the security system is a separate option that is available, not standard equipment. You're dealer is telling you the truth.

  • westtxwesttx Posts: 16
    Thanks Ken, I appreciate you confirming that for me. I never thought to ask because the remote has a panic button, so I assumed there was an alarm as well. Now I will know better next time. I love this truck though! I am very pleased with my purchase and the deal I got. I am thinking of adding running boards and that aforementioned alarm. Any idea on what I can expect from a dealer for the running boards? Is there a way to add a compass and outside temp gauge in the overhead console?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I would guess that the O/S temp guage and compas in the overhead console may be cost prohibitive, but you may be able to get the auto-dimming mirror with those installed less expensively. I would check the price for both running boards and tube steps. The tube steps don't protect as well, but if you live in a snowy climate, they don't accumulate snow like the boards do. I'm sure you're going to love your new D/C. My wife has loved hers since I got hers about 4mos ago.

  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    I agree with westtx to check running boards and tube steps. Also check for aftermarket parts, and you may get the best of both worlds. I love my D/C as well, but I think the running boards could be a little better. I'm concerned about how much snow they'll pick up in the winter. I have this nice tall truck that's going to get a snowdrift right outside the door!

    Let us know what you get!
  • people, i need help. i put a k&n in my truck and i lost all power. it drove fine for 3-4 hours but i went to reset the computer and i couldn't get going past 15-20 mph. the tach wouldn't get past 2500rpm and it just ran like a big ol pile of [non-permissible content removed]. i dont think its o2 sensers because i put the filter in and then the truck went to [non-permissible content removed]. what can i do. :confuse: :mad: :cry:
  • tundriktundrik Posts: 1
    It sounds like a vaccum leak...

    Make sure that the lid to the air filter is closed tightly, and that the none of the vaccum hoses came of or became loose. Sometimes if not careful the main (the bigest one) vaccum hose that carries the air from the air filter to the engine slips off on one side causing your can not to get much air intake.

    PS: I assumed you have a drop-in K&N not the cone type filter
  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Has anybody experienced their clutch pedal not releasing? Does anyone know what causes this problem? Someone told me the clutch master cylinder has nothing to with this.
  • gapeachgapeach Posts: 1
    Just got the call from the dealer. Says it is gone....and this is the dealership that has all of the records of all the normal scheduled maintenance - none of which has been missed and says "too sad...$3K please".

    Needless to say, my up to now zealous endorsement of my Truck has just been "re-directed" to make sure I provide the newly purchased $3K of "advertising" from me...
  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    Hey everyone, can anyone tell me where I can find towing mirrors to fit a 2002 Tundra. I bought a pair of universal mirrors from auto zone and they suck.
    The RV dealership I bought my travel trailer from keeps telling me the Tundra mirrors are on back order and I have gone to toyota parts .com but can not find anything !!!
  • Is it a drop in air filter or a chute type?
    Hate to tell you this but there is no difference between the two but the price.
    I have the drop in one and no probs, I was going to buy the chute type but researched alot also asked some mechanic friends and they all told me if it does not go outside the truck it is no better then the drop in kind. :D The truck will still run with the o2 sensor bad for a while. If it is the drop in type some of the oil could be on the sensor in the actual chute.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Unfortunately, the only ones I have ever seen is 2 strap kind to fit the existing mirrors. This is what I have used for 6 years.
  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    Thanks for your reply tundradude, that's what I'm also using is the 2 strapper.
    They have for Ford, GM and Mopar mirrors that slide over the factory mirrors but have not seen them for Toyota yet !!!!
  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    I got some two strap kind from Schuckes. They fit perfect on my tundra. Ron
  • fastfjrfastfjr Posts: 11
    I added a K&N air filter to my 2005 Tundra V8 about 5 weeks ago, here are the results. Before I got about 19mpg highway. Now I'm getting 24. WOW. My city mpg went from 14-15 to 18. You also get a bigger kick when step on the gas. When towing my boat it went from 12mpg to 16mpg
  • chwoodchwood Posts: 7
    rvboy - thanks for the tips. I took the truck in to get the squeak checked as I thought it might be related to the TSB related to a shock bushing being installed incorrectly. It turned out that a exhaust pipe bracket was tweaked out of place and was causing the squeak.

    I plan to clean the throttle body and have been thinking about the K&N air filter. Did you follow up on the sfh1's reply?

    It still pulls from time to time - now to the left - after another alignment.
  • I have a 2000 tundra I bought new. The problems I have had so far are as follows:
    Front brakes completely rebuilt at 36000. TSB, so toyota paid
    Both O2 sensors replaced, again a TSB so toyota paid
    warped exhuast manifold, again at about 36000. toyota paid( i don't kanow if there is a TSB for this or not)
    Front brakes have failed again at 70536, which are the present miles on the truck
    It appears to have another warped exhuast manifold. I am wondering if this is a common problem as a result from defective manifolds, if it is, I am going to try to have toyota cover the cost of replacing the manifold again. Has anyone experienced this type of problem?
  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    Hey chwood, go with the K&N air filter. I put one in mine and seems to be giving a little bit more HP and gas mileage. I have a buddy that works on imports for a living and is dad works as a tech at a Lexus dealership. So I'm going to have him check out the brake lines. It's weird that it only started after I had the new tires put on. The popping of the exhaust does not happen after I shut it off anymore, or was it because it was colder outside in the Spring and the exhaust sound.
    When in gear is not happening as much. You would all laugh at how much grease I have on all the front suspenation parts but I don't get the loud klunck when I turn the wheel sharp such as when I'm backing up by TT in a camp site. I will also ask them about your power steering noise because my 02 doesn't make any noise. Don't know if you change your own oil like I do, but my 02 has grease fittings on all the U-joints so of course I had to over grease them and got grease all over the under side. Talk to you later !!!
  • Has anyone noticed factory orange peel on their new 05 Toyota? I purchased a new 05 Toyota Tundra double cab 2wd (Salsa Red) about a month ago, and in detailing it yesterday noticed that on the bottom 4-5 inches of the vehicle sides there is substantial orange peel. I have a friend who says that I should be able to buff it out - put the "pits" are pretty deep and I feel this is something I shouldn't have to deal with. Do you think the dealer/factory will/should address the problem? Any other thoughts?

  • rvboyrvboy Posts: 12
    I would take it in. I have read a lot of owners complaing about the thin coat of paint on there Tundra's. I bought my 02 Tundra used and when I test drove it it was covered with snow from a storm the night before so it was drity and full of road salt when I got back from the test drive. Well I bought it because I wanted to unload my crapy GM minivan and when I washed the Tundra the next day the hood and roof of the cab was covered with small white like paint overspray on my blue truck. The truck center I bought it from said it does not and will not warrant any cosmic defects on the paint and suggested that it was a Toyota factory paint issue and said I could exchange it for another truck, of course more money for the only other Tundra on the lot. I have since buffed most of it out but I'm not totaly happy. It almost looks like the guy who owned it befrore me got it full of overspray and traded it in like this and the truck center put it back on the lot as is, because my minivan had dents all over thr rear cornner panel and when you view it online you can see all the dents so they put it for sale as is. Lesson on this one I will never buy a Toyota truck unless it is from a Toyota dealership. !!! Good luck let me know what Toyota says !!!
  • The textured "orange peel" finish on the rocker panel area is there to prevent stone chips from your tires in the paint. Are you sure you are not confusing what is on your truck with what is supposed to be there?
  • Did you over-oil the filter? One mistake made is to put too much oil on the filter and that oil gets sucked into the intake and can coat sensors that send signals to the engine computer, possibly resulting in faulty operation.
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