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Toyota Prius



  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    Has anyone gone from a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc. to a Prius? If you, how are you adapting to the Prius? I have a bmw 5 series wagon (E-39); great car, low miles, "pretty good" mileage with the I-6. But, the tax breaks on the Prius, the 40mpg, & paying $35.50 in gas to go 280 miles all have me thinking. Someone told me driving the Prius is like driving a Corolla or Camry, which I guess I could live with. I can order an '06 Prius for a $1000 refundable deposit, MSRP, 6 mo. wait. Worse comes to worse, if I really don't like the Prius (which I doubt), I assume the resale is extremely strong. Any thoughts? TIA!

    PS falconone, thanks for the advice on options. I'm thinking of going with Pck. #4, no xenons, but VSC, SKS, all the airbags......oh I guess I don't get CD changer with that. Wish I knew the option prices.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I have owned an Audi allroad, Mercedes C320, Audi A4, Subaru WRX all in the last few years. I have no problem at all going into the Prius. I am getting an 06, but I have extensive seat time in an 04 (same thing pretty much). You won't have any problem at all. Do a google search for some Prius forums and you'll get much more feedback than here.
  • I went from a Lincoln Town Car to a Prius. That should show & indicate a wide and diverse change in autos. Massive size has its advantages but they're sorely overpassed by common sense.
    Railroadjames ;)
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Here is a link that will allow you to see numerous videos about the Prius. Most interesting are the crash tests. Once you click the link below, click on goodies and you're there. Enjoy!!
  • hi aleknit,
    would you give me more detail who did the leather for your prius? are you satisfied? i am interested to put one in for mine! thanks in advance!

  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    falconone & railroadjames,

    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like you don't feel "deprived" in going from luxury or sports sedans to a Prius. That's my real question: I'm so "spoiled" by the wood, leather, S/R, heated seats, handling of my bmw.......I guess the only way to know my own reaction is to order a Prius & find out. (I know you can get leather now, but I want to get minimal options as part of the whole reason for me is to save $$). The no heated seats may be the toughest for me......

    falconone, what kind of options/color are you getting?
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I can't decide between the blue and the white. If you want, you can have heated seats with leather installed as aftermarket for less than $1,000. Looks great. One thing I'd suggest is to rent one for a long weekend. It's worth the money to see if you really can live with the car. I've done that and I was sold! I also drive my sister's car whenever I go to visit.
  • Thanks for the reply Falconone. I guess you are right, it's gone be MSRP anyway!
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    No problem. Better put your deposit down now! I have a deal in writing for $500 under MSRP with a Jan/06 delivery. I am going to get the one with all the options. Really looking forward to finally owning one myself.
  • Option #8 on 2006s provides leather for only about $1,000
  • From my local Toyota dealer :

    "I will sell you any Prius in inventory for $300 over invoice. If you conclude this purchase before the end of the month I will tint all the windows for free. How does your schedule look for the rest of the week? Please call me when you have a minute and we can go over my inventory. I hope you had a safe weekend!!! "
  • Yes for 2007 they will offer a optional sunroof, power seats, auto lights,class I towing package, and a Prius GT model.
  • Actually, most of the stranded vehicle weren't gas hogs but just "normal" cars. People were averaging only 5 miles per hour. Lot's of stop,stop,stop, go, stop,stop, go, stop, stop. Even Prius cars were left stranded.

    Mass evacuation, with 2.2 million people and some 1.7 million voluntary. There just wasn't enough gas or resupply tankers to handle.

    However with the Prius HSD system and the engine stop and electric power, most Prius drivers eventually made it :) and yes most Hummer drivers did not. :(

    Cheers to a 6-speed Prius,


    P.S.- Does anyone else have the extra capacity gas tank that RailroadJames does? His is 12 gallons.
  • O.K......So I rounded the tank out to 12 gallons...In actuality it's 11.9 ....Sorry about that lousy tenth. I didn't think WE here at this hybrid site were so exact. I'll endeavor to be more precise next time.
    Railroadjames (run Forest a Prius Dealer!!!)
  • O.K......So I rounded the tank out to 12 gallons...In actuality it's 11.9 ....Sorry about that lousy tenth. I didn't think WE here at this hybrid site were so exact. I'll endeavor to be more precise next time.
    Railroadjames (run Forest a Prius Dealer!!!) ;)
  • Hey railroadjames are you in a valley? , I hear an echo ;)

    Glad you are enjoying your Prius so much! Is it true because of the bladder expansion you never get close to 11.9 gallons, even on a full fill-up. What is the most you have ever put in your tank?


  • Sorry........Had a time warp and Scotty couldn't beam me up to the "other" deminsion. In other words.....I was baby sitting and taking care of my wife and the dogs said it was time to "take us outside or else." Get my drift? I goofed!

    P.S. The most, on one fill-up was 10.4 gallons...559 miles :D
    Railroadjames(getting old just like my Prius)
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Hey, midnight cowboy, just what is the official source for the information you presented here about the 2007 prius? That's a significant list of cool features the '06 is lacking. That's the way I like my vehicles . . . loaded! The '07 sounds more like the one for me, but I wouldn't want to wait that long unless your information is truly accurate. Otherwise, it's an '06. Thanks.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    I wouldn't count on seeing any of those changes. Toyota would be very unlikely to change that many things one year after a change.
  • Toyota already has these improvements in developement and are waiting to see how thier competiton fares before introducing them. Their abically was only one or two players in the hybrid game. The competition is starting to get stiffer and whoever has the most bells and whistles will take all the marbles or at least the majority. Obviously , it is an emotional game (green or high mpg or unique look or feature) becuase it is obviously not a economics game.

    And belive it or not thier are Toyota HSD Prius developers that regularly visit this forum. Why do you think there is a "mouse fur" replacement option, not becuase of the loyal Prius lemmings.

    Okay the Prius has a lot of features and good qualities. But what about the people on the fence that might buy if only it had such and such a feature. These features will be introduced. Remember what complaints and criticisms thier have been with the Prius, no power seats, no sun roof, languid accleration. Toyota listens; solutions are coming. Just wait and see.


  • where is the dealership, and what do you have in stock
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Please post this on some of the Prius boards with dealer info. Hopefully he doesn't mean $300 over MSRP.
  • kic92kic92 Posts: 1
    If I buy a used 2004 Prius after Jan '06, am I still eligible for the tax credit or must the car's model year be 2006 as well?

  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Sorry to If it is a NEW 05 (doubtful) it will qualify.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    I think this was just a bulk form letter he sent out and forgot to exclude Prius's from it. Toyota is counting availabe Prius's on hand in Hours now so I don't think this is a legit offer
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    My understanding is that the credit only applies when the car is first put into service. This disqualifies all used cars, period.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    shop on autotrader and new cars and you will find many many dealers with new and used Priuses available.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    So, Midnight Cowboy, in REALITY, there is NOTHING OFFICIAL to back up the claims you made regarding the "07 Prius. Of course, it's very good reasoning to expect advancements in the features as well as the designs from model year to model year, but you made a statement that claimed there would be certain features on the '07, and basically you made it up from your imagination! (although it does sound like a good idea) Try to back up your statements next time with hard evidence or facts. Thanks anyway, MidCow. I have to admit, I'd love to see the Prius equipped the way you described, but I'll have to stick to the actual choices of options that Toyota offers in REAL LIFE!!!
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    The 06 Prius will have a leather option. I don't think power seats are an option but who cares? I have power seats and I can't remember the last time I touched the switch. LESS to break!! I do hope they make an up and down adjustment. That has been a complaint from some drivers.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    It's odd that the height adjuster, larger rubber etc. are on the European Prius but not here in the U.S. So it would be easy to bring those features here. Letter-writing/email campaign to Toyota, anyone?
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