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BMW 7-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • pfreak76pfreak76 Posts: 17
    Would you know how much a maintainence plan would run to cover the BMW 750Li, past the 4yrs/50K miles? I talked to a dealer and he was offering it for 3K and I thought that sounded excessive.

    I have heard different numbers... When is it best to buy the maintainence plan? The car I am looking at has 18K miles left on it and about 20months of the original warranty, after which the extended warranty kicks in (valid through 2013).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Maintenance plans are a profit item for the dealers so some may mark them up more than others. if you have more than one dealer, shop around. The problem with maintenance plans is that they are sometimes hard to compare, as they include and exclude different items. You have to read them over very carefully. Also deductibles will vary as well, and rules for deductibles also vary.But by all means, get something.

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  • pfreak76pfreak76 Posts: 17
    ok. so the maintenance plans are different than extended warranty - right? The car comes with a certified pre-owned warranty valid until 2013. The maintenance expires at 50K miles or mid-2011.

    I'll send out requests to multiple dealers. Is it advisable to buy this as soon as possible or should I wait until I get closer to expiration?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Can you post what they are giving you and how much it costs? It's kind of hard for me to know what the maintenance plan involves. If it has a lot of "packing" in it, I might say no. I'm really not familiar with this plan so I hesitate to influence you too much.

    so you have a CPO warranty until 2013, right? (GOOD!) And I presume you'll keep the car until we need to figure out (seems to me) the cost of about 4 years of maintenance with NO plan at an independent BMW shop vs. 4 years of maintenance at dealership prices.

    Much as I hate to say it, you may find that not a lot of independent BMW shops are not that comfortable with a 7 series car.

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  • pfreak76pfreak76 Posts: 17
    Hi -

    I have asked for the breakup of the maintainence plan - its called "BMW Ultimate or Elite". Now I do have this maintainence plan until mid-2011 since the original warranty does not expire until then (this is a 2007 750Li). The pre-owned warranty kicks in after 2011 but the maintainence plan expires mid-2011 and will need to be bought for the period 2011 to 2013 (2013 is when the pre-owned warranty expires). Depending on how this car works out I plan to keep it - but first pass want to see how it runs through atleast the warranty period.

    Now this car also happens to be a demo car - and the basic warranty is available until 55K miles (it has 33K miles on it right now). But maintainence still expires at 50K.

    This is one of the two cars that this dealer had on their lot for 113 days and they lowered the prices down almost 10K to clear out their inventory. So I think I have a pretty decent deal and would hence not mind paying a little bit more for the maintainence plan from BMW. I do hear that third party options are pretty unreliable.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Well what if we do this---let's estimate that to maintain a 750, not REPAIR it necessarily, but maintain it...might cost $150 a month. How does that square up with the cost of the extended maintenance plan?

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  • dougmcdougmc Posts: 4
    I am still hoping someone will help me with this 1998 BMW 740il and it's stalling problem, as originally described above. Thanks.
  • found a 98 740i with 126,000 miles, everything works, new trans, excellent condition body wise, idles rough, shakes going down the road, guy will take 3000.00 for it, is :) it a good deal, will need a battery :)
  • pfreak76pfreak76 Posts: 17
    ">Yea - you asked the right question.

    Now what the guy offered to be was $2999 for a 2 year maintaince plan post the 50K maintainence expiration. That covers me through 2013. Now I hear that the brakes, rotors, oil change and windshield wipers cost a fortune for the 750. They should easily exceed 2999 if they break - which I am guessing they will.

    So its a no brainer. But I also hear that you can shop around for the best price. To answer your question on the specifics - the maintainece plan through BMW has no deductibles.

    I have plenty of time to buy and negotiate this maintainence plan. The car is working out great btw and I believe this one was a pretty good buy - thanks to this one and another one of these being on the market for like 100 days plus, the dealer shot down the price about 8K below the first advertised price. I believe a 44K price for a 2007 750Li with pre-owned warranty until 2013 - is a pretty decent deal.
  • polljimmypolljimmy Posts: 6
    In many cases its possible to unlock the engine in 740 trunk.When you try more and more you are specially go through the manually trunk.
  • Hey! Does any know if I can interchange my door lock actuator from the rear left to the front left? It's on a 94 740i. It just turned the big 200, thats the most mileage that I've ever owned. And I'm likin' it. Just a few bugs of varying sizes came with the deal. It don't have a D.L.Actuator in the drivers door. I do have one at the rear left and front right and the rear right is locked and I can't open it, yet. The right side is opposite (of course) to the left side. Question; Is the rear left the same as the front left. I'm asking the question before I 'plug and play' and see what happens!
    Thanks, Mr. Luck
  • telexontelexon Posts: 1
    a good deal or not?, already kno it needs about $3k of work, was listed for $11.9k initially. am aware of all potential problems. right now everything works, needs some suspension work most of all.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Too much!! $10500 would be retail for a nice one that needs nothing. You'd best be very careful with a 750iL and verify the "work" and the "estimate". A 750iL can break you in half with repair costs.

    If a BMW tech is quite certain that $3000 will fix everything, and if the car is very clean, offer $7500 tops or keep shopping. These are fabulous cars but also Elephanto Blancos, and hard to unload---so it's a buyer's market right now for used 750s.

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  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to replace the oxygen sensor on a 735il? The manual is not too clear. Thank You.
  • I figgered it out. After removing three of my door panels, it turns out that the accuators are all the same. They mount the same if you move front to back. You can move left side to right side cuz there are mounting holes on both sides of the accuator. Now, I'm missing a door lock accuator, does anyone know a good place to find one and save some money? Thanks, Mr. Luck
  • Lexus dealer in Gwinnett, Georgia is selling 2001 BMW 740il-asking $12,990.00, with 106,000 miles. I test drove it and didn't notice anything irregular (drove just fine), and it looks fantastic. I'm no mechanic however. No maintenance records are available. Tried checking the local dealers with the VIN# and was told the last time was October of 07. Very worrisome-but I love this car! BIG concern about costs-have read many posts, gone to various forums, having many doubts about how much money I'll end up spending on repairs. Spoke with a BMW specialist/mechanic about inspecting the car, and he warned me to expect upwards of $2,500.00 a year for maintenance.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Really want the car, but don't want to spend $250.00+ a month in added maintenance as I read elsewhere in this forum to expect.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Yes $2500 a year is being realistic. Some years less, some years more. Depends, too, on how much you take on yourself, whether you join bmwcca and get discounts on parts and labor, etc.

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  • First, I think the price is a bit high. The miles are right, but none of the 740s are selling well right now, although I don't understand it myself. I have an 01 740il with 156K. Cannot sell it for 9900. It too is beautiful. You could very well spend 2500/year if you have a shop do all the work. The car(s) are what I call "fussy". If you plan to do some of the routine maintenance, ie, oil changes, brakes, cabin filters, bulbs, etc.yourself, you can save considerably. It's just the detailed repairs or unneccessarily complex repairs at a shop (or bad shop) that can send your repair budget overboard.
    Owning one of these has more to do with the passion of the experience than the budget analysis, but do not buy on impulse.
    Good Luck, DAC
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Miles are too high, is your obstacle. Once you crack the mythical 100K barrier, it seems to have a psychological effect that really dampens buyers' enthusiasm.

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  • Correct you are! Many factors merge to make the 7 series a bit hard to sell. The mythical 100K mark, the aura of a cantankerous, fussy car, high insurance, poor gas mileage are all examples of the myths that make these and most cars hard to sell. Remember when the magical # was 50K?
    I'm sure I'll have to get the number closer to $9K to sell it anytime soon.
    Good Day y'all!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Well spiff it up, get out all your service records, price it right and it'll sell. Good luck with that! :)

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  • Appreciate all the feedback, and definitely has helped in my decision making. Hard choice to make but I'll pass. As much as I love this car, I'll be wary all the time when the next failure will come given the issues I've read about here and elsewhere. Thanks to all!
  • Been checking out other used vehicles (other 740s with lower mileage, Audi's and 5 series BMW's) but I'm still hung up about this 740il I test drove with the high mileage but perfectly kept interior and exterior. I've attached a link to the dealer website-if only maintenance records had been kept! But the guy who owned it must have been immaculate, and you figure someone like that kept the car running well.... &bgcol=ffffff&newonly=0&scr=1

    Do you think the dealer might let me take it to a BMW mechanic to have it checked out? Unfortunately I don't know any mechanics to take with me. Any suggestions on how I go about having this car checked out? If it were a BMW dealership I might feel more comfortable purchasing it, but from a Lexus dealer? I don't know....
  • I too, was looking at a 740, The bmw repair shop told me to remember when looking at one of these, this is an 80,000.00 car. If you had to replace all the parts on it, that's what it would cost you. Check the phone book and find a independent bmw shop and tell the dealership you want to have it gone over. If they want to sell the car, they will do this. The price of parts never goes down, just the price of the car.
    Look around, these cars are cheap right now. :)
  • The 01 is the ultimate 7 series and worth searching for, but I'd suggest that this dealer's price is a little on the high side. A few weeks ago a local dealer, (who deals in BMW's in a big way), had a 740il with similar mileage at $11K. Didn't have the Sport Package but very tidy, and was gone before I could get there. Keep up your search, or try beating lexusgwinnet down a bit.
    For service and repairs I use a small independent mechanic who specializes in Bimmers. You might look for someone like that to look over a possible purchase. Otherwise, don't laugh, try looking on Craigslist - there are sometimes ads from guys familiar with BMW's, who will do a basic check and read the computer for error codes etc. Not a guaranteed health check but better than nothing, and you get what you pay for etc etc.
    Good luck in your search - it's a great car and worth spending time looking for the right one. At the prices we're talking about, you get a lot of the car for the money.
  • Found a BMW specialist (through who can do a thorough inspection with their own diagnostic equipment, check everything in detail, and the dealer will allow me to take the car for a few hours to get it inspected. It will cost me $190.00 but it'll be worth it for peace of mind if I go forward. Plus I get to test drive it for 25 miles there and back to the shop and get a good feel for the car, its handling, and anything that might be wrong that I can tell the BMW specialist about when I get there. Thanks for the input to all!
  • Hello Papsephus -

    I have an 03' 745Li and am experiencing the same transmission "bump". The car has been to the dealer twice now and they can't seem to permanently fix the problem. One dealer had mentioned possibly replacing the entire transmission?? My warranty expires in about 30 days (Sept 30 2009) so I want to make sure this is taken care of and I'm not stuck with a faulty product.

    I was wondering what happened with yours? Did the dealer fix your problem? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    Lots of wind noise coming from our 02 745 Li Sunroof. I know this is common, but it also has a slight bit of water coming through during auto car washes. Is replacing the seal something I can do myself or best left to the dealer, and if so, what would it cost?? Thanks for any help here :)
  • i am about to buy a used BMW 745li with 65000 miles on it. When test driving the vehicle it drives great. Under the speedometer it tells me that service is due in 4400 miles or 6 weeks and on the i drive it says i need a new micro filter. Now i was wondering do i have to take the car to a authorized dealer to do the maintenance or can i just do it my self and is there a way to reset the light. Please let me know asap because i am about to buy the car tomorrow. It is not under warranty what are my options how much will the dealer charge me> p
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,570
    Well I think there are two microfilters, and the dealer would probably charge you about $60 each plus .8 of an hour to replace I'd figure $225 or so for that, and yes, you could probably do that yourself.

    As for the 70,000 mile service, you'd best call the dealer and REMEMBER, not everything they list will be MANDATORY---like "fuel injection cleaning", and "check exhaust system" (whatever that means).

    If you found a good independent BMW shop, they'd know what you need at 70K. This doesn't sound like a major service interval anyway.

    Keep in mind however, that without warranty you are buying a car that will have high maintenance costs. So figure $150 a month on average to keep everything ship-shape.

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