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VSA, is it working? Can't tell, please help.

4dognight4dognight Member Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Honda
I have 2009 honda accord base model and I'm pretty certain the VSA or VSC is not working.

No faulty lights on dash, but I can get significant wheel slippage and I never feel it engage or flash on the dash board. Also note the VSA button is not illuminated (don't know if it should be)

how can I check to see if it is just not working and how might I go about getting it fixed.

Google search only brings up people that say they have the light on in the dash (I don't have any indication of it on/off)


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    lerikselerikse Member Posts: 1
    how can I tell if my VSA/ABS systems are working? I'm getting little to no traction on roads that are slightly snow covered. Make/model is 2009 Honda Accord EX L 4 cyl automatic transmission. This issue caused me to slide thru stop sign into an intersection which resulted in a 3-car accident(no injuries thank goodness!).
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