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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My dealer has never charged me for floor mats (and I've purchased or leased a LOT of BMWs). If your dealer charges you for floor mats in a new vehicle, you should find another dealer.
  • nyinjanyinja Posts: 10
    I am in the final stages of ordering a 2011 BMW X5 35i Premium, and have a couple outstanding questions.
    1. Has anyone purchased/used the head-up display? Will it display speed in KPH? How badly is it effected by viewing through polarized sunglasses?
    2. Are the adaptive steering and adaptive drive worth the added cost?
    3. Any comments suggestions on Space Gray / Ventilated Beige interior combo?
    4. Is the 3rd row seat useful? (not needed in my case, but thought it would be handy).
    As I am currently overseas, and have very limited access to inventories, I have to make most my decisions from on-line info, so any insight/opinion is appreciated. :shades:
  • brentslubrentslu Posts: 5
    You can barely see the HUD through polarized sun glasses. I had it on my 07 and decided against it on the 2011. I never used my third row but I only have one kid. Check out the Oyster Interior. It is really really nice.
  • zheckszhecks Posts: 42
    4) 3rd row seat is only useful if you have 2 kids and need to carry 7 passengers. The 3rd row is very small and fits young kids only. Not practical to have an adult there for more than an hour.

    5) There are a lot of inventory at the dealership. Sell price at $1K over invoice is not uncommon (almost $4K off msrp).
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    The 2011 X5 was reviewed here:

    "We did notice that the heads-up display vanishes when wearing polarized shades. So if you like to see your HUD properly, with apologies to that little ole band from Texas, ZZ Top, wear some cheap sunglasses."

    Hope that helps.
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    edited July 2010
    EVERYBODY! DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY: Right now (July 19 till ?) you can get 1.9% even on the 60 months SIGNATURE LOAN ...and that is offered though BMW Financial serv. In case for some that're not aware: S.Loan means you only need to finance ~1/2 the cost of the vehicle with about 20% downplay - it totally beats the lease options these days if you have a little cash upfront ...especially if you want to keep it for more than a brake-in period:)

    When we placed an order for our X5 it was 2.9% but right before delivery it went down to 1.9% :) (how unusual?) with the money saved we've decided to get the 5 year TIRE-RIM full coverage against any damage ..each tire goes for $300+ with no option for repair - it's worth it ...just read the reviews of all the "cry-babies" with run-flats. Another surprise was how fast it was delivered! we placed order on 6/23 and took delivery on 7/24 with 2 miles on the odometer. The new ENGINE-TRANS 300hp/8speed is truly amazing feels like a 5000lb rally-car!
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    edited July 2010
    I was planning to get an X5 in the month of december but my current SUV started to have minor issues. I need to change the tires as it is too noisy now. All this will probably be done with in $800. All I want to know is if I buy in December, will the prices paid be cheaper than July? By how much approx?

    Also, if I really want to go for it in any given month, end of the month is probably the best time (may be I am wrong here?) but I may have to special order it for what I want like, say, third row seat. Will I still get a good deal if I sign the papers end of the month but take delivery may be a month later?

    Appreciate your help.
  • ukwildcatukwildcat Posts: 1
    Sorry for the late reply, but I've just been through this myself.

    I've owned two different Lexus vehicles in the last oh.. 8 years.
    First an RX. Very girly - yuck! That's what I get for trying to be practical.
    Then I got a much manlier GX470, which I loved, but good lord - it's sooooo boring.

    I was eagerly awaiting the redesign - the GX460 - and when it came, well.. I guess I liked it, but I kept going back to look at it thinking "Well, it's nice, but it's really just.. a pretty coat of paint on the same old thing." All those years, I just assumed I'd buy another Lexus, but it just didn't strike me as "yes! I must spend $60K+ on this now!" Nope. Far from it. It had all kinds of little things I didn't like. Don't even get me started about the tailgate.

    And at 35, I can't believe I have such a BORING car. I always prided myself that it was a "practical" (insomuch as a luxury car can ever really be "practical") car, never broke, no problems, etc. So I decided to shop around this time.

    I looked at the MDX. Yeah, it was nice, and lots of people at work have them and love them. The price was actually very attractive - it was by far the CHEAPEST one I looked at - but price wasn't really my objective.

    For grins, I even looked at Toyotas. The 4Runner (that the GX is loosely based on) inspection went like "Hmm" .

    I looked at FORDS! FORDS!!! The 2010 Explorer (yes, I've seen the media stuff on the 2011 model) was unchanged from my college days, save some newer features, and it still rides like a log wagon. The Expedition was actually an improvement, but I don't really need a big minivan, thanks.

    Looked at the new Porsche Cayenne. Not really my taste, and then when he told me the tires are like rubber bands and a brake job costs $2400 I told him "thanks for your time" and walked right over to the Audi dealer.

    I was actually looking forward to the Q7. It was not quite as comfortable as I expected, and I noticed immediately that forward, side and rear visibility was poor. It has some interesting gadgets - and I really always rather liked the Audi cabin design, so we took it for a drive. I hit the gas and it does.. almost nothing. It handled like a drunken monkey and even its gadgets seemed pretty rough on the edges.

    Last one on the list was the X5. I loved it. Immediately. Yes, this one. Please. Good GOD don't make me go back to the other ones!!

    Had to order it. I'll pick it up at the factory. I've read the manual. Twice.

    I hate waiting.
  • nyinjanyinja Posts: 10
    edited July 2010
    Thanks for the info/help all.

    I decided to go w/ the HUD as I am bringing the X5 to Japan where the speed limits (though mostly ignored) are very low - and in KPH. My hope is that the HUD will display KPH because it's hard to read the inner KPH readings on the speedometer. This machine is so smooth I know it'll get away from me if I'm not watching the speed closely (which means goodbye to my Maui Jim's I guess!!) :shades:

    Still hoping for confirmation if the HUD will show KPH or not. Anyone try yet??

    I agree the Oyster is by far the best looking, especially w/ the Space Gray that I went with. But after the heat this month I decided to go w/ the beige ventilated seat package; which unfortunately only comes in beige or black.

    Took the advice on the 3rd row and nixed that, but pretty much got every other price about ~$60K (about $7K under MSRP) :shades: Now I just have to wait a couple months for delivery! :mad:
  • lokyloky Posts: 1
    We ordered 2011 X5 35d for 55K after eco credit. It comes with Premium, Tech, 3rd row, cold weather and rear climate packages. We also added running boards and Roof Rails. We are told to wait for 6-8 weeks to deliver the vehicle. Is this a decent price/waiting time?
  • nyinjanyinja Posts: 10
    Were you able to order the Tech w/o the Conv package? I just ordered the Sport Activity 35i, and when I added the Tech package, I HAD to include the Conv package; for a total of about $5K MSRP...... Can't comment on the price you paid, but wait time is about what I was told...
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    Hi nyinja,
    I assume you will finance/pay after you receive your car but how much one has to pay to "order" it?

    Thanks for your help.
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    Hey, The $ looks good, the time a little long but better than most car-makers these days. I was surprised we got ours in only 4 weeks, but they may be more backlogged now. BTW what is this Eco Credit? and how much does it save in %? Thanks.
  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    bimmervoy - Is the Signature loan line the OwnersChoice Financing from BMW? I was talking to the dealer about the OC and he said that 1.9% is not available and is much higher. In TX, OC makes sense compared to leasing. Let me know.
  • nyinjanyinja Posts: 10
    My situation is kind of unique because I am ordering it from the US, but sending it to Japan - so I had to pay 15% down to order. Don't know what the "normal" down/hold price would be to order it....
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    I LOVE YOUR POST:) ...It's amazing on how those Japanese "soccer-mum" x-wagons got to be so friken' BORING!!! ...Just looking at the new Lexus RX makes me sick to my stomach! I wouldn't drive it unless someone paid me to do so! However I remember they actually had an upper hand in this segment in the late 90's & early 00's ...WTF is going on?!?!...The ONLY one that is got a little "pepper" to it is the INFINITY FX ...but they're just pushing their STYLING vs PRACTICALITY way over-the-top. Anyway, I had cars from Ford, VW-Audi, Honda-Acura ...and after driving (2) X3s for 6 years & a 330i for 2 years ...I will ALWAYS drive only BMW for as long as I possible can!...absolutely no comparison to anything else when it comes to DRIVING-DYNAMICS period!!!
  • nyinjanyinja Posts: 10
    Does anyone have a 2011 X5 with HUD that can confirm whether it will display your speed in KPH if you set it up in iDrive? I've been told it will, but haven't been able to confirm....
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    I am in the midst of negotiations to buy a 2011 X5 and was told by the dealership that the invoice prices listed on edmunds and other sites are wrong. The dealer said that the invoice price for a 2011 X5 is 93% of MSRP at all times. I have never heard that. It appears that when I build an X5 on edmunds that the invoice prices on various options vary between 90 -92%. Can anyone assist me in showing my dealer that I know he is wrong? Or is he right and edmunds wrong?
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    edited July 2010
    Can someone PLEASE tell me who's idea it was not to include the VERY STANDARD component called: CARGO COVER - Really?!?!
    After just dishing out $60,000!!! an a top notch luxury SAV ...I get home thinking oops, some "[non-permissible content removed]" forgot to install that rear cover (no big deal) ..But ha! to my dismay it's no longer INCLUDED! ..and it sells for ~$300+
    Am I just getting "my leg pulled" by Paul-Miller of NJ or is this really TRUE. I was told that it's thanks to some idiots that forget to put those things back when they go to return their lease - fine!...but I'm actually (for the 1st time) BUYING this X5!

    So please BMW stop "NICKEL & DIME'ing" us US customers!!!
    1st. We don't get the silly TOOL-KIT & 1st AID KIT like the rest of the WORLD.
    2nd. No std Floor Mats (some production problem) got "all weather" once instead ..Thx God.
    3rd. And now NO CARGO COVER? ....It's Ridiculous!

    Sorry for my venting, but it's just that annoying to me!...
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    Hey bimmervoy,
    That was the first question I asked the person at Open Road BMW in Edison,NJ after opening the trunk when I went to test drive the 2011 X5. He said the same thing that your dealer said. Even he was blaming BMW for that. It was supposedly a standard accessory in the previous gen X5 but not with the 2011. I agree its totally ridiculous.

    BTW, Can you tell me how much did you pay when you "finalized the deal" for your X5? What % do they normally charge for booking.

    I am sure there is a 6-8 week delay but I am just curious.
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    Hi sunnyvali,
    YES, our loan is from BMW Financial, but I'm not sure if these programs very based on location - we got ours at Paul-Miller NJ.
    Talk to the HEADQUARTERS about it to make sure what's going on. Good luck.
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    edited July 2010
    We got our X5 finalized at $57.5K. (I really didn't have a time/chance to haggle around much)
    Deposit was ~$950 to place the order.
    Down-payment was $13K on a 5 year signature-loan.
    Our GOAL was to stay at $500/month.
    Of course we'll have to pay the rest of it after 5 years ...but who cares about that now:) since then I won't be paying $2000/month for child care, but won't have the college tuition yet.
    Good luck!
  • ethansdadethansdad Posts: 8
    When do the residuals and money factors for august come out? Is this info out yet?
  • I'm looking to buy/order 2011 x5 35i prem. Friends complained that older X5's leather seats are stiff and not comfortable. Given the new choice of leather, Nevada, Napa or Perforated -- does anyone have a suggestion? I am used to Acura MDX cushy leather seats. BTW -- the Sparkling Bronze is a tough one to locate in Calif. I'm trying to decide on that or White.
  • Wow -- I think that is a good deal. Are you in CA? What dealer did you buy from?
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    Hi, If you can wait just ORDER what you want (it's worth the wait). Personally I feel that the OYSTER int. looks stunning with the S.Bronze or Red ext. and great for the sunny CA; I would definitely consider the PERFORATED seats as well for CA, and perhaps the extra contour option if the cost is not prohibitive - it's rather pricey for these "above all" extras. To me as long as I have leather, lumbar support (MUST HAVE) & heat, I'm happy with the standard set as far as comfort goes for the X5. On my 330i I have the Sport Contour once's needed:)
  • asharmanasharman Posts: 5
    Ok, once you remember, please let us know which floor mats you are talking about. I am awaiting delivery of my X5d. Not sure if I will get the mats but in case not, I want to know where to order. Thanks.
  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    Talked to the dealer (DFW, TX area) today about the OwnersChoice financing option and he said that the 1.9% is not available. The interest rate is 6% for the diesel. Can't believe how these folks operate. They probably love haggling all day along...

    Will try another dealer tomorrow and see how much it changes. My credit union has the similar program, but they will not do SUVs.

  • koolkillerkoolkiller Posts: 12
    edited July 2010
    I got this quote from a local dealer this morning and am not sure how much further I can negotiate with them. Please let me know how good the price is. The final price is $49,876 plus ttl.

    Any comments would be apprceciated.


    My X5 xDrive35iDetails
    3.0 liter 6-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo technology
    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive
    Base MSRP
    Space Gray Metallic
    Black Leatherette
    Dark Bamboo wood trim
    Convenience Package
    Heated front seats
    Navigation system
    Destination & Handling:
    BMW Ultimate Service™
    A suite of premium benefits that are included at no cost
    with all new BMW Vehicles.
    4 Years/50,000 Miles Warranty
    4 Years/50,000 Miles Maintenance Program
    4 Years/Unlimited Mileage Roadside Assistance
  • sjthomassjthomas Posts: 61
    I just put your configuration on and found that the price in and around NY metro area is:

    $48,730 + dest + ttl

    Hope that helps.
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