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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Someone on the "X5 diesel reliability" discussion posted that the roof rails were noisy. My internet search only confirmed that anything attached to the roof rails makes the wind I was wondering what others have heard.... I agree, for $100 I'd rather get them now, added on to the lease, but not if they make a bothersome noise....
  • Here is the deal :

    ZPP Premium Package
    ZTP Technology Package
    2LE Sport Activity Package Wheel/Tire Upgrade
    ZPS Premium Sound Package
    322 Comfort Access Keyless Entry
    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    328 Running Boards
    300 Space-Saver Spare Tire
    386 Roof Rails

    MSRP $65,775

    Sale price 55950 plus NY $60,916

    Any opinion ? Can I do better ?

  • Hello, I am women from the Atlanta area and looking for 2010, 2011 X5 35d. Spoke just with one dealership, but have no idea what "deal" I should try to get. No need a heated seat (hot in Atlanta:-).
    I have heard about dealers selling cars over internet and it should be much better deal? Any advice, please... :shades:
    Thank you!
  • bimmervoybimmervoy Posts: 13
    edited September 2010
    Roof rails by themselves do not cause any extra wind noise (certainly less than mirrors do), it's those cross-bars that you need to attach to carry anything on top may cause a little noise at high speeds.
    Actually I never noticed that you could order an X5 w/o rails.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    I think it's the crossbars that he is considering for $100...

    The rails are useless without them (pretty much).. For $100, I'd get the cross bars and just take them off if they bothered me...


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  • Eco credit is deducted prior to calculating the tax. In your example, you pay tax on $55,500.
  • I do not notice any noise from my roof rails (w/o cross bars.) Also, just an fyi, I got my diesel 10 mos. ago for 1,000 over invoice, then the $4500 eco credit, so $3500 below invoice in CA.
  • I just got my new ride home.. San Diego, CA

    Deep Sea blue metallic
    Sand Beige Perforated Nevada Leather
    Dark Bamboo wood trim
    Active ventilated seat package
    Premium Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Technology Package
    3rd row seat
    Heated front seats
    iPod and USB adapter
    Destination & Handling

    MSRP - 64075
    Sale price - 55510 (including 4500 eco credit, MACO/advertising and floor mats).. Don't know if it was the best deal but i waited 6 weeks after placing order and I asked for a better deal than the Costco price agreed to at time of order placement and it went very smooth with further reduction of $750 and no attempts to sneak things in.. Got 2.84% from BofA for 60 months..

    $61,156 OTD + finance charge.. I am pretty happy..
  • Forgot to mention 'roof rails'. They were also included in the price..
  • I can use help in understanding why would someone go with diesel over Premium 3.5, when diesel is 5G higher and comes with 6 speed.
    RIMS are another reason I cant make my mind. I really would like to have 19" 335 style rims.

    Thanks in Advance!
  • After much internal debate with my wife and many a discussion with BMW dealerships nationwide, I bought a 2008 BMW X5 3.0si CPO with every option included. Very happy with the decision. Looked hard and long at the 2011 X5 diesels, but finally decided that a 2 year locally serviced car with CPO can provide just as much joy and save nearly $20,000. Some of you are probably struggling with the same decision...there are plenty of low-mileage lease returns in the market. The car I ended up buying was owned by a local doctor, serviced at the same dealership since day one, and had the right color combination and desired options (premium, convenience, technology, rear climate, 3rd row of seats, roof rails, cold weather pkg, and comfortaccess). Car is under warranty until June 2012 and then under CPO through June 2014. A little of bit of luck always helps...but once we decided to go pre-owned, it is quite amazing how many lease returns one can find.

    Happy searching AND Buying everyone !!
  • Congratulations on getting your X5. I got my 2003 Certified pre-owned 325i back in 2005. The free maintenance was good till 2007. I extended it for two more years till 2009. You won't get all the benefits for the extension. You will have to pay a minimum amount whenever your car is in the dealership for maintenance although you don't have to pay anything that has to do with warranty. Also, not everything is covered in that maintenance. BMW said they won't cover the rear shock mounts on my car. I found a local mechanic who only does BMW's and I can say it is little expensive to maintain. I had to pay around $1K last time. Be prepared to shell out around $500 every year for maintenance on an average apart from wear and tear. Again that was for a 325i. I am not sure how it is for an X5.

    Anyway good luck and enjoy your ride.
  • Can you share the dealer name - am looking to buy the 35D.
  • I see many people ordering the third row seating. Is it worth it? I know no adults cannot sit there nor even infants/toddlers with car seats. I think the only people who can sit is kids who use booster seats.

    This was a dealbreaker for me.

    Any suggestions if we can really place a car seat in there?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,318
    Congrats on your new used X5. Once you found the vehicle you were looking for, how willing was the dealer to negotiate? What was the discount off the CPO asking price?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I live in Chicago, been looking at X5d for couple of weeks.

    The only one price I got is $500 above dealer invoice(substract the eco credit). Does anyone know what dealer invoice means - ie. Edmunds' invoice + MACO?

    I don't really want to spend too much time over couple of hundreds, what is the realistic BEST price I can expect?
  • Not sure. Wasn't a real criteria at this time but just in case we needed to squeeze more than 5 sometime. Mostly we are keeping the 3rd seat fold flat. I wouldn't suggest this for people who want to use the 3rd row on an everyday basis..
  • rho6rho6 Posts: 3
    Can you email the dealership and salesperson contact info to rho66 at yahoo dot com ? I am looking for a similar deal as yours. Thanks.
  • Metallic sapphire black
    Tobacco Nevada leather
    Premium package
    Technology package
    Cold weather package
    Heated Rear seats
    Rear seat entertainment
    Roof Rails
    Running Boards
    Ipod USB connector
    All weather floor mats

    MSRP: 62199
    Price Paid 52950(+Tax, + Registration, + Documentation charges)
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    With current incentives and tax credits the diesel is quite a bit less expensive than the gas model. ($4500 bmw eco credit and $1800 federal income tax credit) when similarly equipped.

    Also the turbo engines on the gas inline 6's (also on 3 series) have had multiple high pressure fuel pump failures and the word I got was that while the engine may have changed from twin turbo to twin scroll single turbo, those pumps may not have been redesigned. Some owners are reporting multiple strandings, so one reason to go diesel might be to hopefully avoid any chance of that until it's clear the issue has been fixed. Then again, I've read that some diesels have burned up! So who knows?

    Some feel diesels have more longevity as well, though I doubt many BMW buyers keep them long enough to wear out an engine.

    The turbo 6 gas is likely more refined and is definitely a little quicker. But the way I configured one the diesel was a few thousand cheaper now. By January that won't be the case, as the $1800 credit is definitely gone and the bmw eco credit may be gone as well, as it's renewed only month-month.
  • sounds like a great price, what part of the country are you at?
  • Ordered mine in NJ
  • Wish I was in your part of the country, guess on the left coast, more env. conscious people...drives the price higher or so the dealers say.
  • Has anyone been shopping for this recently? I'm looking at one with an M sport package and I dont know what kind of discounts to expect.
    Ay feedback would be appreciated.

  • Got 'car fever' in trading out of old car and fell in love for X5 35d, so my negotiating skills evaporated. It is a fully loaded X5 35d, but I paid $7,500 down (incl negative trade in on old lease + all fees, taxes, etc) and then pay $915 a month. I'm 6 months in and my payoff is $57,000. Seems a lot of money, but if I see the lease out I'll pay $32,940 in monthly payments + $7500 fees and won't even own the car. Any advice on next steps? Should I bite th bullet and just buy the thing or suck up another 30 months of $915 and then gicve the car back?

    Needless to say, won't be rush purchasing my next car. However I LOVE this car, the X5 35d drives and looks amazing - so not all bad :)
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,318
    a very unfortunate situation. However if you do have leasors remorse, there are 2 sites: &

    Maybe you can get someone else to takeover your lease.

    Good Luck!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    a) You can't really count the negative equity from your old car as part of the lease cost of this one... One really has nothing to do with the other..

    b) If you bought the car for $6X,XXX, and financed it for 60 months, you'd have to pay $43K (or so) over the first three years... Yes, you would own the vehicle, but would still owe $25K-$30K on the vehicle, and have two more years of $1200+ payments..

    Strip out the negative equity and your payment is probably right around $1000/mo... Yes, that's not cheap... but, anything you do now won't save you any money.

    The way to stay out of a negative equity situation is to stay in the car you have, until the lease or loan is paid off.. You can't trade your way to a better situation...



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  • thanks for the advice guys. Only other option I can think of is to buy it cash, but my payoff is $57K after already paying $13K into it (old debt + on road plus 6 mths payments). Worth taking the hit now or paying another 30 months of $915?
  • Made my purchase last week, had to special order since there is low stock in nor cal and the way I wanted it, or even close to it, made it practically impossible to find. Anyway, got it for a okay price, at least i think, msrp was 61375 and got it for 530xx.
  • Hello,

    Does anyone know if its possible to get a "base" X5 Diesel? I want to buy the car but I find they all come with the packages. For example, can you buy this car for 45K?

    Thank you,

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