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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You might try going to the website and configuring the vehicle in its base form. Have a dealer check his and other dealer allocations or order the vehicle you configure. Good luck.
  • Thank you for your reply. I believe its good info as I would like to see if its possible to get it this way.

  • I think with the existing eco credit and if you order it with no options, just the base model, you could get close to 45k with some negotiations. I think the base with no options is about 51, 52k.
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    1. how do they calculate your secuirty deposit? based on your payment??

    2. i have a paid off trade in which is a it smart to trade in acadia and use it to reduce capitilized cost?

    3. see attachment if they give me close to kbb lease payment would be around $110 with trade in..

    4. if i put down 7 extra security deposits..would lower my payment to $ would my 7 security deposits be 110 x 7 = $770 extra
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    1) Yes, based on your payment, rounded up to the next $50 increment..

    2) No, not smart..

    3) No attachments here... But, I'd just take a check for my trade, and put minimal amount upfront.

    4) MSDs are a good idea.... If your payment were actually $110, then the 7 deposits would add up to $1050 (7 X $150). I'd rather keep my money in the bank, and have a higher payment, though...


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  • premium pkg, cold weather pkg, rear climate pkg, tech pkg, comfort access, iPod adapter, satellite radio, roof rail.

    MSRP $62,525, final out of door price = ($53,740 + $95 doc/title + tax). Also got 0.9% finance for 36mth through BMW. Car needs to be ordered. Put down $1,000 non-refundable deposit and should have the car in 6-8 weeks.

    I quoted 10 dealers within 200 miles and this deal is the best. It is basically (invoice - $3500 eco credit). And the dealer is very easy to work with.

    Note that starting Oct 1, 2010, BMW has increased X5 MSRP by $500, which is NOT reflected by edmunds yet.

    Hope this helps folks in the market.
  • zoom03zoom03 Posts: 8
    My deal was almost done when Eco-credit was $4500 .

    My Dealer tried to add Doc fees of $499 after I agreed to pay $600 over invoice which included maco fees. I did not agree to bogus doc fee & left. ( wasted 2 hrs )

    I hate to lose the whole deal but this was unacceptable bogus fee.

    Now I lost $1000 in eco-credit but still this bogus fees by the dealer is crazy.

    Many members here dont post the whole deal. :surprise:

    Please post details with maco fees + any doc fees paid. This will help many who are looking to but this UDM.

    Will try another dealer.

  • Looking to start discussions with dealer and would like to hear information as to what to expect on a well equiped (I am a gadget guy) X5 5.0. thanks for your feedback.
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    So why is not smart to put money down from our trade in on a lease?

    Here is my scenario...2008 Acadia paid in value of 28000.
    Put Down 20000..making my lease payment $110 with the multiple security deposits..

    Why is this a bad scenario? Thanks for your input
  • what credit score is needed to get 0.9%. thanks a lot
  • Are you in NJ? I am looking for a near identical vehicle and your price is about $1,700 better than what i am being quoted. Would love to know what dealership you are buying from if you are in NJ. thanks a lot!!!!
  • Can I ask what part of NJ are you in and what dealership you ordered from? I'm looking for something very similar and it sounds like you got a great price. thanks for your help!
  • zoepupzoepup Posts: 10
    Did the dealer offer you $28k trade in on a 2008 Acadia? IF so, wow!

    I was close to pulling the string on a new Audi and the dealer offered $25k trade in on a 2008 X5 3.0 (loaded and in MINT condition)! Research showed me $37k was reasonable. Needless to say I walked away
  • When you put any money down, if the car is stolen/totaled you would lose those down payments. BMW has MSD (Multiple Security Deposit) that you should put towards with the extra cash which gets all returned to you at the end and it's like 10%+ return.
  • I recently sold my 530XI and am now lookign to lease an X5 Xdrive 35d with premium, cold weather, sport, etc.. i am on the west coast, but dont mind paying a shipping charge if the cost is low enough. Does anyone have a sales rep they could recommend they are happy with and got a great deal?
  • Would you mind sending me your sales rep and dealership info. I am looking for an X5 and that soudns like a great deal.
  • zeaxzeax Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Just picked up our new custom built car and it's gorgeous.
    2011 35i SA + Mpackage + convenience + technlogy + multicontour seats + comfort keyless + premium hifi + heated front seats. MRSP $69025 (we ordered it before the $500 bump). Out the door price was $69282 including all the misc fees, floor mats and 6.25% sales tax.
  • sorry for the late reply. unfortunately, I am not in NJ

    I ordered mine at Bill Defouw BMW in Indiana
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24

    i live in indiana..can you let me know your salesman at thinking of getting a bmw x5 either diesel or premium...

    my email is

  • Can anyone tell me if I am an idiot to sign off a deal as the following?

    - $52,100 for 2011 X5 iDrive 35i Premium with option of multi-contour front seats, heated front seats, including $100 for the cargo cover which I can't really find from list of the options, the salesperson said this is additionally priced as an accessary; sales tax not included yet (7% in NJ);
    - $2500 as deposit paid upfront;
    - The car would be available in 2 weeks but they called me today it may not be available in 3-4 weeks;
    - on top of above I will have to pay document fee $399, NJ license fee $389...
  • Really!...pretty much everyone is custom ordering their new X5, and I don't think there're any 2 alike.
    I found an invoice list somewhere on the web (unfortunately after we got our 2011 X5) but at least I know how much I paid over the invoice ...~$1200 which isn't horrible considering I just went to one sales-guy (who I could trust) since I didn't have time to shop-till-I-drop over ~$500! (time is $$$) So the INV. on Basic Premium is: $47,470, Multi-C.S.:$1185, and Heat-F.S.:$455. I didn't get the C.Cover either ($350 acces) but at least the s.guy thru-in all-weather floor mats, and I got the c.cover on ebay for $170.
  • popdisplaypopdisplay Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I had the opportunity to work with Karen Smith @ Albany BMW in GA.
    USAA referred me to this dealership as thay have an arrangement on pricing.

    USAA members pay invoice + their $499 doc fee. PLUS, Albany BMW is outside of the Atlanta BMW advertising region-- Meaning that there is no MACO fee on the invoice. Compared to the Atlanta based BMW dealership that also has the USAA affiliation, it was like buying the car for $400 BELOW INVOICE. Also, they apply the $3500 Eco Credit before tax is applied. So between the absent MACO $400 fee, the Eco Credit of $3500, and the federal tax credit of $1800, I will effectively be paying $5700 below invoice.

    While I don't know for sure if Albany BMW will sell at invoice to everybody, the absence of the $400 MACO fee is a great savings all by itself. If you're buying from an Atlanta based BMW dealership, save yourself $400 and head to Albany, or better yet, take care of all the paperwork over the phone/internet and then go to Spartanburg to pick up your X5 at the factory.
  • I guess I am a bit over paying the vehicle when I look at deals you guys concluded.

    I signed it on 10/18 and on that day they added $500 to MSRP that day meaning from $51600 to $52100 for the Premium, and I ended up paying $1500 above the new invoice price with option of Heated F.S. and multicontour F.S..

    I didn't mention I trade in my 2007 Audi A4 Avant at 49k miles, they gave me $19000 for that.

    I guess I am an idiot, but learning from you guys. Thanks.
  • Order your car from Albany BMW. They do not have the $400 MACO charge on their sticker price. Talk to Karen.
  • I know this is not good place to post this one, but I need your help and input.
    I just bought a 2010 X5 35d and love it. The problem I have noticed is that there is a strong plastic burning odor coming out the right fender after it runs for a few miles. I could not detect that from the inside the car, but only smelled from the outside when I got out the vehicle, even I could see the smoke and felt heat on the fender, but I have not seen any fire and physical damage to the tubing, cables and metal parts. I have noticed twice. The first time was at about 100 mileage. I called the dealership who stated it is quiet common for a new car which burns chemicals used for making the car. Now the X5 has run slightly over 400 miles. Do you have seen the same problem and any suggestions. Greatly appreciated.
  • Hi - I have a 2010 X5 35d and had the same exact experience. I called the dealership and they weren't much help. Then the smell just went away on its own after about 500 miles and never returned. it seems like it was just part of the new car breakin. Good luck
  • Thanks for reply. I took a look again and found a piece of plastic material on the metal bar, tightly stick to each other. The plastic is melting and is difficult to get rid of. At least I can say that may be the cause. If it is the case, the odor will eventually go away once the plastic is totally burned down. I will wait and see what happens. Thank you again.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hi, This is a normal thing, also happened to my last 2 new cars.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Again, my X5 35 d just passed 500 miles. I do not smell the plastic burning odor and will continue to monitor.
    One more issue is that the warning sign shows up which is Top View Camera Malfunction. Any input and suggestion? Please help! Thanks in advance.
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