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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • premium pkg, rear climate pkg, tech pkg, 3rd row seat, running board.

    MSRP $61,775, final price is $53,921 + tax + $154 doc + $194 registration fee.

    it's basically 2000 off the MSRP - $3500 Eco - $2500
    Dealer has to order the car
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    This is what I am quoted in CT. Prem package, 3rd row seat, heated front seats, roof rails. MSRP $58375 , Offered price $50,597 - $2500 = $48097 Conv fee= $399 + reg= 100 + tax.

    Do you know how long it takes for delivery after ordering? I am hoping to buy the car by end of year to qualify for tax credit of $1,800.
  • dae928dae928 Posts: 22
    edited November 2010
    Received the following quote from a dealer and was wondering if Carman or anyone else could shed some light on the following deal:

    2011 X5 35i Premium
    -Convenience Package
    -Cold Weather Packaged
    MSRP 56,125 (Invoice 52,170)
    Price 53,600
    Taking advantage of the Holiday Credit so final price $51,100 +tax, title, &licensing.
    Inclundes full tank of Gas, floor mats, & $50 towards parts.
    Financing through BMW for 3.9%/72 months.

    I appreciate the input.
  • I ordered the following earlier this month. It is set to be built over thankgiving and i should have the 1st of December. I ended up paying Invoice, then BMW gives you $3500 off for diesel, and another $2500 off for Holldiay cash incentive. Since its a diesel i also will get the 1800 federal tax credit. This takes a 70K msrp price to low 50K. I worked through a broker based out of colorado.

    Sport Activity Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Technology Package
    20" Light-alloy wheels Y-Spoke (style 214) with mixed run-flat performance tires
    Comfort Access system
    Heated rear seats
  • Seems like a good deal to me. Where are you located? Please share more details. Thx!
  • email this guy, he can help you.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    You have a great deal there. Do you know if we need to order the X5 35d before the end of year or take delivery by then to get the $1,800 tax credit?
  • where are you getting an X5 for $6K under invoice, I want one...

  • I'm being quoted at $800 over invoice plus $500 Maco/adv fees. The dealer claims that the Maco and profit are absolutely non-negotiable? Has anybody gotten their dealer to waive the Maco and negoitated a lower profit?

    Also, has anyone order from Albany BMW (talked about above) from out of state?
  • dae928dae928 Posts: 22
    Located in Chicagoland. In addition to the price, the dealer is buying my existing owners choice 528xi so I am saving an additional 2k in tax savings. Placed the order and should take delivery within 4 weeks.
  • I was pretty resigned to purchasing a medium loaded X5 diesel through local dealer when, for giggles, I filled out a inquirey to Huge savings.

    2011 X5 diesel
    Prem Sound
    Prem Package
    Tech. Package
    Sport Activity Package (with 20" wheels)
    Cold Weather Pkg
    Rear Climate
    Rear Heated Seats
    Heads Up Display
    Side View Camera
    Roof Rails
    3rd Row Seat

    $72 MSRP for $60,495 + $55 document fee, tax & registration -- Hard to believe, but I pick it up next week!

    This is $5k under the dealer, who didn't have Heads Up, Premium Sound or the 3rd Row Seat. And we managed to avoid the running boards, which really are horrible if you're over 5' 10" (expecially when exiting the vehicle!).
  • Why not also mention if you had a trade-in on this offer so others dont think they can easily come across the same deal elsewhere
  • les25les25 Posts: 1
    If you have only 2 options why not chose the base model with the same options but $5k lower invoice price?
  • 2011 X5d
    MSRP 61,475
    Selling price 55,604
    36 mo/15K
    residual 54%
    money factor .0022
    2855 due at signing(TTL + first payment)
    payment 766/month

    This will be my first lease of a car of any kind, so any and all suggestions would be helpful. This price includes the 3500eco & 2500 holiday cash. I want the payment a little lower, or at least a significant decrease in drive off fee. There is also a 169 processing fee already included in 55,604. Is this deal terrible? Invoice on is 56,540.
  • dae928dae928 Posts: 22
    I wanted leather and the base model only offers the leatherette. Also wanted the privacy glass, panoramic moonroof among the other upgrades with the premium vs. the base. Not interested in paying 50k for a "lighter" version when the premium has what I am looking for.(i.e. cold weather package and the convenience packages offer more in the premium than whats offered in the base packages).

    I also decided to add in the technology package once the dealer said that they will buy my owners choice vehicle at lease end and was going to save roughly another almost 2k in sales tax.

    Will post the final details once the order is placed and I receive the rest of the information. This will be my 5th BMW from same dealer and salesperson, and it makes a difference when you are able to call and not play games between dealers.
  • Any help at all? See above lease deal. Am I missing something?
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    I am not familiar with lease part of the deal however the selling price seems high to me considering that the 6k credit is already factored into the selling price. So excluding the credits your price is more than MSRP ?
    I have received quotes in NY and CT for 500 under invoice excluding the credit. So it would be 6k less than invoice even if they roll the MACO(adv fee) and training fees into the invoice.
  • Please do post the details once you have it, I'm in the market for something very similar to what you ordered. Thanks!
  • No, basically the salesman and I built the X5 I wanted which came to a MSRP of 61475. He then said the price you would pay with incentives is 55435. There is also a 169 processing fee added to this making it 55604. When building on MSRP is 61475 & invoice is 56540. So your saying I should be some 6000 less than invoice with incentives? And people are getting these deals on a constant basis? What dealer is this and located where? I quoting from a dealer in Oklahoma where there is virtually no competition.
  • If you are getting $6000 total eco + holiday cash off the car, then your price without any discounts would be $55475!
    You say that you are paying $55604-I believe you are being ripped off!
  • Can you give me the name of your broker/dealer? I'm looking for a similar setup in Texas and not getting the same kind of deal.
    Thank you.
  • dae928dae928 Posts: 22
    2011 X35i Premium Black Sapphire/ Tobacco:
    -Convenience Package
    -Technology Package
    -Cold Weather Package
    -Floor Mats
    -Tank of Gas
    - $50 towards parts
    -MSRP $59,525
    Price including the the $2500 Holiday credit: $53,600.
    Ordered and in production.
  • Anyone know a good dealer in SoCal area?
    looking for a good deal on X5 35i Premium with following options:

    -Convenience Package
    -Technology Package
    -3rd row seat
    -Comfort Access

    You can also email me: akrca4 at gmail
    Any help appreciated! Thanks.
  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    I ordered an x5 diesel today at orange county BMW in NY and took advantage of 6k credits. They were nice to deal with. Too bad that you are not from the area. I had 3 dealers offer prices under invoice and one little over invoice price.
    Out of 6k credits.. 3.5k(eco credit) gets taken out of invoice price. and 2.5k (holiday credit) gets deducted from loan amount if you use BMW finance. Few other people on this forum posted similar deals so I think you should get that too. I would negotiate using invoice price as reference and then request to apply credits on top of it.
  • What were the specifics of your deal if you don't mind me asking? MSRP, invoice, MF
    lease terms, MSD's, and money down. Thanks for the info, unfortunately I will probably have to go out of state, I had saw above where someone mentioned the Albany BMW in GA, and specifically named a "Karen". Might try that route, but will probably email the Dallas area vendors first.
  • radhay,

    I am in your area and looking to order a 35d too. Can you please share which dealers are willing to deal at invoice or under. Thanks.
  • Hi desiboysf, could you email me the dealer you got your car from. My email is Thanks
  • hi, bayman48. can u email me the dealer u got your car from? My email is crazyworkshop at
  • hi nkole, can u email me the dealer u got your x5 from? My email is crazyworkshop at

  • radhayradhay Posts: 17
    edited November 2010
    companyman21, mine is a purchase. I have Premium, tech, 3rd row and rear climate with MSRP 61,575 , invoice 57,130 (includes 300 MACO + 200 training fee) - 6 k + TTL.
    Try as it gives you dealers quotes relative to invoice and use edmunds for calculating invoice.
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