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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    edited August 2011
    $8500 under MSRP is a good price. Congrats!

    I have a 2010 X5d Ti silver and love it.
  • Looking at a new 2011 X5d that the dealer has come down to Edmunds True Market Value. We keep telling them they still need to take the Eco Credit $3500 + the BMW loyal customer $1000 off this price. TMV is $59,847. Our principle for the trade is $6160. So we see the price at $49,689. The dealer says Eco Credit is NOT a manufacturer to customer incentive but a manufacturer to dealer incentive and that is part of how Edmunds gets to their TMV of $59,847. They have countered w/ TMV minus BMW loyal customer minus trade equity. For a final price of $52,687. We have another dealer, over an hour more away, who says the Eco Credit comes off the TMV and is willing to order the car for $50,435. We would end up waiting 8 to 10 weeks for the new car and be over 2 hours from our house for servicing.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Balony. Call BMW NA and have them fax you the eco credit policy for your pig dealer.
  • gurvygurvy Posts: 6
    edited August 2011
    Thats bull. I just got quoted a price of 56,000 that includes the Eco Credit of$3500 and a $1000 for being a owner of another BMW. The dealer u are working with is taking u to town since he has come down to TMV. I had another dealer tell me the same thing in NJ and I walked away from him and went with the other dealer i used before. If u go to and build it there, that will give u an idea of what the car should be worth, including the incentives.
  • I agree with the other responses....this dealer is looking to make a handsome profit off you. You can always buy from the dealer with the better price and then take your new car for service to the closest need to take the car back to the dealer from which you purchased it.
  • So I did call BMW USA who song and danced me before sending me to the BMW Financial department after stating they are unable to answer or provide the BMW Eco Credit details. I am now on hold w/ BMW financial who also seems totally confused and unable to give any details of the program.

    BMW financial states they have no way to even look at the incentive programs. As each BMW dealership is independantly owned, it is completely up to them how they incorporate/use the Eco Credit Program or any other BMW incentive program.
  • I am somewhat disappointed with my dealership but am moving forward w/ this purchase of a 2011 x5d. This is the 2nd x-5, the SECOND, x-5 I have bought from them in LESS THAN 2 YEARS and they treat me like this.

    The attitude to me, maybe I live in a dream world, should be, Hey Glenn, look at this. We can save you even more money on your 2nd BMW because these credits are also available. Rather than me scraping and arguing for every dollar less. I guess its profit profit profit.

    I mean I'm sure the business is down for all car sales. And I have no problem with them making a REASONABLE PROFIT. MY trade is a 2009 w/ 23k miles. I walked around the lot and saw OLDER used BMW x-5's w/ more miles and less options selling for $59K. They are giving me 37k after a huge struggle. My understanding is that dealerships profit is from more from the used car business. and life goes on.

    Anyways, wife is happy and looking fwd to new car w/ new options and features. I'm looking fwd to the Premium Sound w/ amp and subs!! Life is too short to be pissed off!!!
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    MSRP to Invoice is roughly 8%. Your eco credit should reduce your invoice by 3500. The difference between that and what you agreed to buy the car at (Selling price) should be ur dealers "profit". From what I see $1000 profit is the norm for this model. This is ofcourse before taxes :surprise:
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    Wanted to add a little more:
    What your dealership told you the invoice price of the car is incorrect in their favour. Check edmunds and spec out the car with the options and invoice pricing and print it and give it to them! Here's what I see;
    MSRP 64,000
    Invoice 58,816 (-8%)
    Eco Credit -3,500
    selling price 55,316 (this is the true cost)
    Include 6% tax 58,634
    Since I do not know what the dealer fees, and tag and title cost are in ur area I'm going to say all that is dealer profit. dealer fees are usually around 600~700 and tag and title should be just 30~50 max. What they are selling you the car is for 64,000. The difference (dealer profit+fees) is $5365! Do you still think its a good deal? :confuse:
  • Well our dealer really came thru for us. We could have driven another hour and dealt w/ a dealer 2 hours from home and saved approx $2500. Decided just to stick w/ our local dealer, who has always provided great support, loaner cars, biscotti's in the lounge, fresh ground coffee machine, snacks, water, sodas. A class act.

    But just love the difference between the 2009 and the 2011. Man oh man did they make some GREAT improvements. Especially all the iDrive controls. But the REAL highlight is the upgraded stereo system we got, 16 speakers and subwoofers, Mannnn it kicks.
  • Glad to hear your comment regarding stereo. We pick up our X5d on Saturday - had a hard time locating one with all we wanted. The one we selected had the crazy stereo upgrade package. Have been nervous I just wasted $1300.00.
    Have a 2008 135i now - the stereo really stinks IMHO.

    Cant wait to pick up car. Black with sand beige interior. Planning 2-week driving trip up east coast in late September. Gonna see what kind of mileage I can eek out of that turbo diesel.

    Happy trails!
  • Just negotiated deal on 2011 X5d here in Ohio. It is black with sand beige interior. Has the tech package, hi-fi upgrade, premiere package, cold weather package, sport package, running boards, navigation, comfort access, all the smartphone stuff. MSRP was right at $65K. They dropped price $5K and we got an additional $1k for loyalty and $3500 for ECCO credit. So we paid $55,500 + tax and title to get it out the door. All in all I was happy with the deal. Same dealer I purchased 135i from back in 2008. Great to deal with.

    Okay deal? Too late now.

    Cool thing was they did most of the dealing via email....didnt have to visit multiple times. I like that.
  • My first post her.

    I am in Northan CA and I have been quoted $61,000/- for the followign configuration and the MSRP is $64,725/-

    Let me know what is best price I can negotiate to?

    Cold Weather Package$750.
    Premium Sound Package$1,500.
    Technology Package$1,700
    Convenience Package$3,500.
    Multi-contour seats$1,300.
    Running boards$300.
    Destination & Handling:$875

    Thank you
  • I am currently negotiating with some of my local dealers for an 2012' X5 Premium but with different options and right now I'm looking at . I priced yours out and cam up with an invoice of $60,110. If you're affliated with Amex or PenFed car buying program, it could potentially knock another $500 off. That said, there are a few incentives that is currently not very public or advertised. The first being for loyaty customers. Which means that if you're a 05' and above BMW owner past or present, is eligble for $1000 credit. Additionally, there is a running $1730 (esentially the invoice of the navi) option credit available when financing. So in short, if you applied both credits, your cost should be around $57000. That would be the price to pay - if the dealer is willing to deal else walk out and look for another. One key thing to remember is option credit should be added net of your purchase. Hopefully this helps..
  • Thank you tripp.

    Sales person gaev his new price of $60,317/-

    I came to know about the navigation credit last night. I am not an existing BMW customer, so I will not get the $1000/- credit for that.

    I am PENFEd memeber , i will check out their car buyign program.

    I will keep the form updated with my progress.

    Will have test drive this week end.
  • Does any one know about

    $1500 build out incentive/allowance for 2012 BMW.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I am in northern ca and wanted to know the dealer you are working with?
    There is 1730 credit for Navigation and you can get 1000 if you participate in BMW test drive at a participating dealer
  • I am working with Neillo BMW
  • I do not think the test drive credit is there any more
  • trippc....

    I am now working on a deal that a dealer that is already offering you $500 over invoice on X5 with do you get the nav incentive, the BMW owner incentive (I may trade-in my 2007 X5) ....and I am Amex cardholder
  • ttopper1..
    you should go to this amex car buying service (as long as you're an amex member which is pretty much everyone nowadays) and price it out yourself.

    Essentially, I priced my X5 Premium with the following options.

    3rd Row Seat (4UB)
    Cold Weather Pkg (ZVW)
    Comfort Access Keyless Entry (322)
    Convenience Pkg (ACV)
    Running Boards (328)

    Invoice: $51,870 (incld'ing Dest Charge)
    Options: $2690
    Total: $57,560

    MSRP: $55,675
    Options: $6,250
    Total: $61,925

    Your Price (going thru the Amex Program)
    Base: $51,362
    Options: $5,690 (as you can see thru the pgm, you should pay invoice price)
    Incentives: Loyalty & Navi Option Credit: $2730
    Your Cost: $54,322

    So in short, you should be at least getting $7500 off msrp.

    I was just in the dealership today for a test drive and walked away extremely impress with the ride. Beats the crap out of my ML.

    However, my experience with the dealer was as smooth b/c he wasn't that up front/honest. I was offered $57,400 net of the incentives. I question about what was included and the guy said everything that is available. Then I ask for the itemized amounts. He then went to his mgr and came back saying that I should be eligible for the loyalty incentive. That was strike 1. 2nd strike came when I pull out this amex printout with the $54,322 price. He then said that there was a $1000 difference due to for some reason the site (amex) didn't include the comfort access keyless entry option. I was scratching my head for some time and just trusted him. In the end, he wasn't willing to go below $56,400 as he didn't want to lose out on his cut ($750). Not sure if that is really the case but doubt it. I walked. Unconvinced, I went back to the Amex site and rebuild the X5. Little did I know, if you select the Convenience Pkg, the comfort access keyless entry is included for the grand price of msrp $3,500. So he was trying to slip one in. I'm in discussion with another dealer in hopes which is willing to give it to me for that price. And finally, strike 3 came when I ask the dealer (the dealership has a sign that says they'll match the price of any BMW dealer as long as it's in writing) if the dealership was going to match the offer if I have it in writing and that it eats into his $750. He said NO. Sorry for this never ending paragraph.
  • ttopper1..

    Sorry but I forgot to reply to your org inquiry.

    The nav incentive $1730 is really automatic. Just add the convenience pkg and the credit should be taken off net of your final amt - that is if your dealer is honest b/c mine first one wasn't. The BMW loyalty incentive is somewhat automatic. I would go to the amex site i posted earlier and price out your SUV and bring in the printout but don't show it right off the bat rather flip it out when he/she gives you the final amt. This way, it'll give you an indicator whether that person is honest of just taking you for a ride. Hope this helps..
  • Test drive day.

    Drove a 35d (2011) and a X5 Premium.

    Liked the Premium. Deisel was littel more engine noise, felt needed a push in the begining.

    Any how, Delar ready to offer at the Invoice price, no haggle yet. Told them will be back after test driving the Audi & Lexus.

    Lexus GX felt like glorified truck. Audi Q5 with V4 was not that exciting, but the slaes man claims he is selling thme like a hot cake. Q7 was little bigger, nothign different than the Q5 except size. Lexus and Audi can really refine interiors. Feeels like same interiors as five years ago.
  • Tippc

    I did try to use the Amex system about a year ago and they were no where near net invoice...I got a better direct dealer $500 over invoice deal myself. I guess things have changed with them? What about the incentive credits you mentioned? Does Amex address customer loyalty credit, nav credit, etc?. Thanks for offering your expertise and help. Ttopper.
  • Yeah I too didn't like the 35d as it was just a little more noisier beside the power differential. If Dealer is ready to deal, hang on to them for a little longer as you're doing the right thing by testing other brands out. In the end, I would hand them two brand models and that it was the price that is in the way. X5 Premium, New ML350 and Q7 are good comparisons. Towards the end of the month is a good time to deal although not scientifically proven. Let me know what happens.
  • To be brutally honest, most dealers push these programs down and saying that it is impossible to match. Fact of the mater is that this is a good guidance as to what to expect and how honest the dealers can be. There is a dealer right now that is willing to deal with this price of Amex's. So I'll let you know once I push that through. With regards to does Amex offer their customer the incentives, you'll have to go on to the site I published earlier and price it out. In the incentives page, there is the option of including those two (who wouldn't) proving that that program is indeed genuine.
  • We built our 2012 X5 Premium with a dealer in SC and are doing PCD in October.

    X5 Premium
    Sapphire Black Metallic
    Oyster interior/dark burl wood trim
    Convenience Package($3500)
    3rd row($1700)
    Running boards($300)
    BMW APPS ($250)

    MSRP - $61425
    We had the Olympic drive credit and negotiated a price of approx $56,400

    Can't wait to pick up the new "baby" on the 10th!!

    GOOD LUCK!! :)
  • Any one out there who recently bought a 2012 X5 in Septemeber, please share you experince and pricing.
  • I placed an order for 2012 X5 35d:

    Packages: Premium, Cold weather, and Technology
    Options: 3rd row seats, BMW Apps

    MSRP: $65075, my price is $57230 before tax and title. The production will be scheduled in the first week of October, expected delivery time should be on late October or early November.
  • What discounts did you get?

    Did you negotiate directly with the delaer or used websites like Amex Car buyign Program?
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