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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Discounts include eco credit $2500 and Nav credit $1730. The negotiation process was really simple, I wrote my configuration and a desired price to a local dealer, they accepted, so we made a deal. I didn't use Costco or Amex buying program, because Amex website has no 2012 X5 diesel yet. I recommend you try, they are very professional and responsive, they help you compare price among several dealers.
  • I thoguth the ECO credit was $3500/-
  • For 2011 model, there are $3500 but no Nav credit, for 2012 model, the eco credit is decreased to $2500 but has Nav credit
  • I still the NAV credit for the regualr 2012 X5's.

    So it is nto availble for deisal?
  • We paid $56g and change for an MSRP of $61425. We negotiated and had the Oympic Drive credit. We went with a dealership in SC. PCD Oct 10th!! :D Good luck!

    2012 X5 Premium
    Black Sapphire
    Oyster interior
    Conveinece package
    3rd row
    running boards
  • What is Onlympic credit and how much?

    When will this expires?
  • BMW conducted a Drive for the team driving event over the summer. If you took part and were registered you were given a 1000.00 credit for participating. The credit expires on Oct 31st.
  • I want to buy a 2012 X5. I want xDrive 35i with features:
    navigation system
    iphone adapter
    convenience package

    I donot need leather or other features

    The MSRP is $52000+. The quote I got from local dealers is nearly $50K, and they told me I could not get navigation incentive of $1730.

    Why cannot I get the navigation incentive? I hear if you add navigation system, the incentive will be added automatically.

    Can I get a better price? I hope to get $46K-47K,. thinking of contacting dealers in other areas, and have the car shipped. is it possible?

  • You shoudl check the price on the Amex Car buying Program website and then start your negotiations from there.

    Also its good to list out your requirments and then come upm with a price you want to offer and negotiate from there. Do nto negotiate one item at time, it stresses you out and thats whay the dealer wants.

    Truecar or Amex program can give you some price points negotiate.
  • Thank you for the reply
    The local best price I got from both truecar and Amex is 48200
    But I did buy a ford fusion before with a price lower than the truecar best price, so I guess I could still get the price lower than 48200 based on my previous experience.
    Wondering how much room is there to lower the price. I read stories on this webiste about buying x5 with prices much much lower than msrp. How did guys make it!?
  • Bigapple331,

    What dealeship you used to get the deal.
    I am looking for th esame configuration (almost) - would like to get to the dealer that can do it.

    Best regards.
  • BMW Seattle, are you in Seattle area?
  • Sorry - exact opposite from the West Coast.

    I am in NY, NJ, PA area.

    The spread between MSRP and your purchase offer lokks really good by my area standards.
    I am trying to buy 2012 X5 Diesel with Cold, Premium, Technology and Sport Activity packages + 20" Wheels and Premium Sound with Satellite radio andRunning Boards and BMW apps - comes out to $68,725MSRP - deducting ECO and NAV credits results $64,475 - I am trying to pay $60K, but so far no willing sellers.
    It is too new -- so will wait a little - even BMW site does not have the BYO for 3.5D model
  • It seems BMW is working on getting the certificate to sell diesel cars in US, so that's why this car will be available until Oct.

    You can get the invoice price from, so you can try to negotiate a markup with your dealers. I offered $1000 to them, they accepted, so simple.
  • Came back from a dealer with following offer (to be built price):

    2012 xDrive 35i +
    navigation system
    convenience package

    Quote from the dealer is ~ $48,500 (including $1,000 loyalty and $1,730 Nav credit)

    The invoice is $46,210 (base + Nav + convenience pkg - $1,730) therefore the markup seems to be: $48500 - 46210 +1000 = $3,290

    Any feedback is welcome as it seems to me a bad deal. Tks.
  • I am looking at your deal and wondering ....

    if you get the invoice price of the car with options and then deduct the $1730 nav credit and $1000 loyalty credit that should be the price to look at and add the dealers necessary profit over invoice.

    I think you can find a dealer who will do $500 to $800 over if you search....also try 1Click auto brokers in Centennial. Colo. Josh.....I live in Seattle and he can delivery through a local dealer all over U.S......
  • I have heard the navigation credit does not come with the 5.0 X5 this excluded from 35D too?

    Does anyone know how long the loyalty and navigation credits are going to be offered by BMW?

  • I agree with you 100% on the logic instead of dealer's $$ discount from MSRP approach. It's hard to find a dealer in DFW area who is willing to do even $1000 over because of a "zero inventory".

    Therefore I will explore the "remote" purchase venue. Tks.
  • got a quote from a dealer:

    2012 X5 35i

    base model + convenience package + navigation system

    $47,410.00+ fees

    Is this a good price? Can I go any lower? I contacted several dealers in my area, and they all said they could not match the price.

    I saw a post at other websites saying he just bought one:
    x35i base model +
    Navigation System +
    Nevada Leather +
    Convenience Package +
    Heated Front Seats

    and paid only 47677 + fees.

    Thank you for your advice.
  • Depending upon whether you own a BMW or not ('05 or later I guess), the $47410 would be either 1200 or 2200 over invoice. The other posting in this forum earlier said an offer of 48500 in Texas. IMHO, it could be lower.

    I am not sure where you discovered the 47677, and it is a better deal because the leather pkg alone is 1500+.
  • Thank u. This is what I dunt understand,
    My invoice price got from Edmund is 47940. And the seller price is 47410. Why you say my price is 1200 or 2200 above invoice. Is there another invoice price out there? Where can I find it? Thank you
  • The simple answer to your confusion is, there is a $1730 Navigation credit from BMW (until Oct 31 I believe) thus 47410 - (47940 - 1730) = 1200 markup. Also there is a BMW loyalty credit of $1000 until 12/31 (1200+1000 = 2200). Hope this helps.
  • which part of US did u get the 47410 quote, thanks.
  • OR
    Is it a good price?
  • It's a good price, and it certainly could be better.

    Take a look at truecar website for some interesting stats, e.g.

    National Avg Paid: $47678 (MSRP $52075) with a "great price" of $47138
  • thank you. trying to bring it down to 47000
  • jcc5jcc5 Posts: 8
    2012 X5 Premium


    MSRP: $65,175.00
    Invoice: $60,540.00

    got quote from several dealers at around 603xx with 1730 Nav. incentive.
    However, one dealer quotes me 59,310.
    Should 59,310 be reasonable or they just try to get me there?
  • So the real invoice should be
    60540 - 1730
    and seems they charge 1500 above the invoice..
  • go for it as it's merely several hundreds above invoice.
  • seller sent to me:
    This is the Breakdown of the INVOICE from BMW the manufacture:
    Base Model X5 $43,700
    MAACO $450
    Convenience Pacakage $1910
    Navigation $1730
    Destination $875
    INVOICE $48,665

    There is a Navigation Credit for $1730

    My selling price is $47,410 plus fees.

    I am asking for 47000 plus fees, but he said I have to pay MAACO - MAACO is BMW's advertising cost. MAACO is included on ALL new BMW's.
    is that true?

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