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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maco is not legit invoice item.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    MACO is a regional advertising charge..

    It is on the invoice of most dealers in any sort of metropolitan area..

    If you are asking a dealer to sell you at invoice, you'll likely see it... If unsure, ask the dealer to show you the VIR (Vehicle Inquiry Report), which is the invoice for that particular vehicle.



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  • other forum postings showed a lower MAACO figures eg. 300 (if there is one), and it may not be applicable depending upon ED or BMWNA.

    Base model is a little higher (vs kbb's 43425).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    You are correct.. it doesn't apply to ED..

    It does vary by dealer area... The last VIR that I had access to was in the Atlanta area, and the MACO was $400 on a $55K car...

    In the last couple of years, $400 seems to be the most common amount cited...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 47410 (or 47000 if you can get it) is attractive despite the minor maaco charge...
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Which city and state you are in?
    Here in Bay Area ca, dealers are selling between 500-1500 over invoice, depending on the Sales person you are dealing with
  • jcc5jcc5 Posts: 8
    Bay area CA. is there any specific dealer you can get 500 over invoice most likely?
  • I just paid 47,375 for the following configuration:

  • where are you?
    have you applied Olympic credit or loyalty credit?
    and 2012? that's a good deal
  • Loyalty and Navi Credit. I'm in the Boston area
  • That's the best deal I have ever seen, congratulations.

    Did you get any other discount besides the loyalty and nav credit? It appears you just paid the invoice price. Tks.
  • Who qualifies for the "Olympic" credit or "Loyalty" credit ? Do you have to have or hand a Loan with BMW financial?

    Also, anyone have an idea of what's the status of 2012 X5 diesel production start up and pricing?
  • I was in my dealership this weekend and priced out a new 2012 x5 35D, which is supposed to be begin production this week and deliver in 2-6 weeks.

    Any opinion on my quote for a new diesel 2012 x5?

    Titanium Silver/ Black Leather
    Premium Package
    Active Ventillated Seat Package

    $55,500 before taxes
  • jp2011jp2011 Posts: 2
    One question: the convenience package is the base model, correct? also from which state did you purchased the X5?
  • jp2011jp2011 Posts: 2
    which dealer did you purchase the car? i'm in boston area as well.
  • New Diesel deal. Work your pricing backwards with dealer if you can. Invoice not msrp down.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    Just got off the phone with the dealer and was presented with this deal. Not sure if it's something to WOW about or still getting pinch. Appreciate all the feedback.

    MSRP|Invoice Prices
    X5 - $55200|50415
    Cold Weather - $750|$685
    Convenience - $3500|$3185
    Running Boards - $300|$275
    Navigation - $1900|$1730
    Destination - $875|$875

    Total $60625|$57165
    Offered $53000

    This is inclusive of loyaty, olympic credit & nav credit.
  • From which dealer did you get this deal? Why are you adding Navigation package separately? It is included in Conv.package.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    What was I thinking.. You're totally spot on autocrazy4. It should read like this..

    MSRP|Invoice Prices
    X5 - $55200|50415
    Cold Weather - $750|$685
    Convenience - $3500|$3185
    Running Boards - $300|$275
    Destination - $875|$875

    Total $60625|$55435
    Offered $53000

    This is through OysterBay in NY.
  • You should go for it. I am not getting in any similar deals in CA. The best offered so far is $56k+Tax for the above packages.

    May be you should email me the copy of quote so that I can negotiate here.
  • laran1laran1 Posts: 3

    I live in the Boston area and I would like to know where you purchased your X5 so I can contact the deal . I wish I can get similar deal (I'm getting much higher offers than the price you paid)

    Thank you in advance
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    Wow.. That's good info. I think I will visit the dealership to negotiate the deal a little more as this is something that is agreed upon verbally so have to get this in writing to validate the claim. Will send you a copy of the quote once I have it all sorted out. Thx.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    The dealership is OysterBay BMW in OysterBay NY on the north sound of Long Island. Since this was a verbal quote, the salesperson said nothing is concrete until I step into the dealership which I hope to do so this weekend. Once I seal the deal, I will send over the deal info and salesperson info.
  • Hello Im thinking of purchasing an X5 35D origionally a 2010 but I cant find one with the options i want so now im looking at the 2011 or 2012. I was wondering if anyone has compared the differences between the X5 35D, and the X5 35i ? Is the 35D worth the extra $ for the higher gas mileage or is the 35i with a lower price tag and low mileage the better deal?
  • krispekrispe Posts: 4
    I am looking at a very similar model in GA and want to know what would be a good deal. I'm looking at a

    2012 X5 Base
    Convience pkg
    Heated front seats
    Sat Radio

    Amex buying program is showing an invoice price of $50535 and on top of this I know I can get a NAV credit for $1730 which will give me a price of $48805.
    Is this a good price. How much below invoice can we expect for this model and options. Any recent buyers please share your experience.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    depends on your location
  • jsy916jsy916 Posts: 6
    First of all, thank you to everyone who have commented in this X5 forum. All the information and advice have been so valuable!!

    I hope to be a first-time BMW owner soon. Here are the specs on the brand-new 2011 X5d (MSRP=$66525):

    Alpine white exterior w/ black Nevada leather interior
    Sport Activity Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Premium Sound Pkg
    Rear Climate Pkg
    Technology Pkg
    Comfort Access Keyless Entry
    Matte Black Roof Rails
    Dark Bamboo Interior Wood Trim
    3-Stage Heated Front Seats

    We have negotiated the price down to $56700 (includes ECO credit, navigation credit, negotiations, etc.), which is around $5K under invoice and $10K under MSRP. I feel that it's a great price. ANY COMMENTS, THOUGHTS OR RECOMMENDATIONS???
  • jitubatsjitubats Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    You do know most of the options you mentioned at the end are almost included in the packages above..f

    This is a pretty good price.
    I had mine speced out pretty closely .. with a total MSRP of 65625, which included the 875 destination charge.

    I fianlly got it at 55300, which included the Eco, NAV and BMW drive usa credit. Out of door price was 59200..

  • Not good.
    Inv price = 57200
    - Eco
    - Nav
    + Dest+tax+tags

    Should be your target. I would target max 500 dollars over invoice
  • Sounds like a great deal....what dealer?
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