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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi Trippc

    How do you get USAA membership, can anyone apply? If I get 13K bellow MSRP, I think the 2011 GL450 is good idea, they have them here in Ca

    When is the new X5 coming out in 2014 or 2013?
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 113
    Thanks Trippc,

    As per insideline, it will be probably 2014.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi ab10000,

    If you're affiliated with the military or any enforcement agency, you can apply for membership. I bought my first MERC through that program and it was a breeze and quite frankly saved me a bit. Regarding to the incentives aforementioned, that was two months ago however. The $6000 is still in effect (just chk'ed) and set to expire at the end of the month. I think the conquest is about the same but you can check with the dealership. The other $3000 was for the month of September as a way to encourage buyers to buy. So potentially you can still nail the $10000 through USAA if you qualify. I live on the East Coast so there were nothing here else I would've been driving the GL by now. Good luck hunting.
  • Base + Cold Weather Package, Convenience Package, running board, Siruis Radio for $55,000. (MSRP was $60,625). Had to negotiate hard for this, so wanted to pass it along and also see if this was good (worth my time) or was the dealer just putting up a fight?

    I got talked into buying the maintenance upgrade for $2000 (2yr/50,000 mile), and a tire/wheel warranty (5Yrs) for $1,100. Anybody have experience with these - good or bad?
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi mathewsbmw,
    i basically priced the '12 X5 the same minus the Siruis for $53000. This is after the incentives... nav, loyaty and olympic.. As for the maintenance pkg, not too familiar but heard it is decent if you decide to keep the car for longer than 4 yrs. You never know... the 2014 X5 comes out, you'll want to trade up.. The tire pkg is a little different. Had a word with the SA or CA, he highly recommend that protection as run flats can be expensive to replace. It all depends on the roads you drive on and how often so do take that into consideration. Hope this helps and good luck.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited October 2011
    Hi Mathewsbmw,

    As a general rule, I would not pay for anything upfront. The 2k is too much for just oil, breaks and checks this and that. All these new cars do not need much maintenance under 100k miles. If I want to spend I would rather pay for extended warranty if you are planning to keep the car. These cars have many issues after 4 years. I own German cars and they are headache after warranty.

    The tire stuff is BS, this is the dumest idea, 1000 for what??? Are you going to drive in the mountains?? Anyway these tires last between 20-30k miles max, so why not save the 1k for a new set and get your tires from Costco which has 40k tire warranty on Michelens tires. I get 40k warranty on my Mercedes AMG tires which wear after 18k and then I get credit for new set. I can't believe people can sell this stuff, paying 1k for tires upfront, only to spend another 1k on another set 20k later, how is that logical? Great salesman.

    It seems the dealer gave you a discount on the car and will make it up by these empty offers. Save your money and use it for your next tire set in 20-30k miles.
  • 2012x52012x5 Posts: 11
    I placed an order on Sep 28, and at the time, the dealer told me I could get the car in Nov. Today, 1 month passed, I called again, and they told me I have to wait another 2 or 3 months...and there are 3 orders before me...the issue is I learned from another dealer if I could not get the car delivered by Jan 2, I could not get the nvg credit
    what should I do now?
  • I am new to this... looks like you got an incredible deal, I am in CA, can you tell me where you are at? I am just starting to look, do I just say give me $7-9K off MSRP? I am looking at the 35i Premium, but looking at your discount maybe I'll get the better car. Would you mind sharing the dealership/salesperson info? Many thanks.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited October 2011
    Hi gregbmwjones,

    So here is the facts that everyone can get online except for point 6,
    for X5 3.5 premium, there is,

    1- $1730 credit for navigation
    2- $1000 loyalty or if you take the team America test drive
    3- Dealer is including $500 on top of invoice regional Marketing add fee, (which I think is BS, because you expect us to pay for your Water and Cable bills also, what kind of business is this??? Why BMW dealers don't be start forward with your customers)
    4- $1270 hold back to dealer
    5- Invoice 52160 including destination and marketing fee $500
    6- There is X dollar rebate incentive to dealers based on the number of BMW cars they sell every month

    So 1730+1000+500+1270+3915(difference between invoice and MSRP)=$8415 is the total markup on the basic 3.5 premium, that is 15% profit not including the Volume rebate.

    So if you want to do business and work with online community we are happy to give you our business.

    Also if you lease you have to pay about 700-900 acquisition fee, doc fees, etc. The interest dealer and BMW make on the 3 year lease for MF .00195 is about $5000-$6000 depending on the negotiated price. If the MF is .00235 the amount is more.
  • jk2004jk2004 Posts: 2
    Have decent offer on a 2012 x5 premium with conveience and cold weather packages. I am considering just ordering base x5 35i and adding appropriate convenience package, heated seats, navigation, etc. This will reduce cost by quite a bit. It appears to me, however, that the base model does not come with privacy glass (tinted rear windows) and no option for it. Is this correct? Is the only way to get privacy glass on the x5 35i to order tohe premium package? Kind of a deal breaker for me so just curious if anyone knows the answer to this question.
    Thanks very much!
  • the dealer only post msrp price, what price is good? The dealer offer me $1000 under msrp base msrp $55200 convenience package $3500 3rd row seat $1700, destination &handling $875 total MSRP as built $61275 ... They off $60275 is this a good price or not, can some one help me, tell me what price you paid for it . i want to buy soon,
  • No good. That is almost the same config we just built (2012 X5 premium) and picked up at the Performance Center and we paid 56 and change...I would look elsewhere.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi mike809,
    you forgot to mention that you're in the market for a premium. At any rate, without any incentives, a good and fair price would be ~$57k. Now bear in mind that the current nav credit $1730 (you can read the past threads) expires tonight as well as the loyalty credit ($1k). @ over $60 for your build, the dealer is definitely taking you for a ride and if he/she included the nav credit, you might as well run away from that dealership as they're just not honest. Good luck.
  • There are several factors for a "good deal." Keep in mind, this brand has little markup...half the percentage that it used to be. It's about the only business where the buyer gets to know what the dealer paid (if you insist). Try that at the grocery store, or clothing store. Clothing has a 300-400% markup, more with designer brands. Nobody asks the clerk how much they paid wholesale. If you are getting a fair price on financing, you can compare that, and if you receive about what you want for a trade in and get a payment you can afford, while getting a discount off the regular price, which by any industry is a fair markup (about the same that Costco makes in their warehouses), then you got a "good deal." All businesses must profit in order to stay in business and pay employees, so you are not getting ripped off if you don't get the vehicle at employee prices. If you have good credit, you give yourself better buying power.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi gregbmwjones,
    i whole heartily agree with you that all businesses must profit in some way shape or form when it comes to staying in business and paying for all the overheads. It is really how much of a profit is considered fair to a company/firm.

    Courtesy of
    Did you know that the factory invoice price and what the dealer actually paid are not the same? Yep, it's true. The invoice price for the 2012 BMW X5 is on average 2.496% greater than the actual dealer cost, so caveat emptor. The dealer's actual price includes at least $1,093 in dealer holdback, or funds that are provided to the dealer by BMW after the sale of the vehicle. The actual car dealer cost for a 2012 BMW X5 9.266% below the original manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP).

    Can't speak for everyone (though everyone on this forum seems to be want the best deal) but I'm out there for the best deal and if I can secure one with little negotiating, I'm in.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,391

    There's a forum here on Town Hall "Stories From The Sales Frontlines" that used to be populated with sales people from various marquees. I'd really like you to come over and post some of your tales of selling BMWs (one of my favroite brands).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • jsy916jsy916 Posts: 6
    I posted about 3-4 weeks regarding my 2012 X5d purchase (if you check my previous post, you can see what options I chose, the price I paid, etc.). We just picked it up from the dealership 2 days ago, and it's an amazing car!!!

    I agree with most people here concerning extra protection for the car. DO NOT purchase any protection plans for the wheels/tires, protection plans for the exterior/interior (aka perma plate), or extended maintenance plans, etc. It's just another way for the dealers to make money.

    For those of you wondering about time of delivery, I placed my X5d order on Oct 12, and it was delivered to the dealership on Oct 28 (from Spartanburg, SC to Arizona). I was told it would take around 4-6 weeks. I was surprised by how soon it was finished.

    The X5 is simply a beautiful car!!! You will not be disappointed!!!
  • mike809mike809 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    hi trippc I am in Hawaii , they did not mention any of nav credit $1730 and any incentives ,is royalty credit $1000 , you have to own a bmw before, that's what he toll me ,$60275(plus tax, fee,ect....) thanks for you information. i think i wait get more information first.if some one have more infor please reply.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi mike809,

    sunny skies and sand filled beaches...i'll trade the x5 for that. the incentives that i'm aware of up until oct 31 (some might still do it depending on the situation) are the nav credit which essentially isa free navigation but that has to be optioned in order for them to apply it. you are correct about the loyalty credit which pertains to 05 and newer bmw owners which qualifies you to a 1k credit for being loyal (similar to the newly conquest pgm thru Mercedes). the olympic drive event was mainly for state side - i think but that was just to test drive their (6 series) cars in support of our olympic team that resulted in 1k towards you new purchase which also expired yesterday. all in all, that was some pretty sweet incentives which i can't recall the last time that bmw had offered something similar. not sure how many bmw dealers in your area but i would ask around if there are more than one and do give bmwna a call to find out more about different incentives that your state is eligible for just in case you have doubts of any sales ppl. Also, if you go to under financial services --> under loyalty offers, it does say $1730 option credit available under the 2012 financing offer and just to prove the point, i typed in zip 96727 and the same offer shows up so you may want to have a chat with your sales person unless you didn't select nav as an option on the build. Good luck on your X5 and tell us all about your purchase.
  • Hi all. I have never posted on any forum before but used this to negotiate my purchase so thought I would share my details. I am in Southern CA and just ordered a 2012 x5d with the following options:

    Black Sapphire Metallic
    Black Nappa Leather seats and dash
    Bamboo wood trim
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package
    Sport Package
    Multi-Contour Seats
    20" wheels
    Running Boards
    BMW Apps
    Space Saver Spare

    Total MSRP: $69,725
    Price after ECO and NAV credits: $61,700

    I think this is pretty good and, frankly, I didn't have to negotiate too hard. I used, contacted the best quote, got a new quote (they say that those prices are only for cars "in stock" which is nonsense), and then negotiated a little off that price and was done in one phone call.
  • cpl2usacpl2usa Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    My deal from a PA dealer.

    My X5 xDrive35i
    3.0 liter 6-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo technology
    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive
    Base MSRP $47,500
    Black Sapphire Metallic $0
    Leather Nevada Cinnamon Brown $1,450
    Dark Burl Walnut wood trim $0
    Convenience Package $2,100
    3rd row seat $1,700
    Heated front seats $500
    Navigation system $1,900
    Destination & Handling: $875

    Total MSRP as Built$56,025

    With Navigation credit, Price is $49950 + tax + title

    Is it good?
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    assuming you do not have the loyalty and olympic drive credits, that's a pretty good price.
  • cpl2usacpl2usa Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    I do not have loyalty or olympic drive credits. Also, BMW may come up with Holiday cash incentive in November. Dealer promised me that he will give extra credit if there is a extra cash incentive available. I have asked him to add his promise to the contract :)
  • I have been reading about deals on this website and it really helped me get a price I am very happy with on my new X5 diesel that is on order now. I got the order placed yesterday in order to take advantage of the $1730 Nav credit

    Space Grey outside/ Perforated Black leather in
    Active ventilated Seat Package
    Premium Package
    Head-up Display
    $55,600 + tax, titles, plates = 60,600 (NYC taxes)

    I should probably have the car by the end of the month. Hopefully sooner! :shades: Btw, Amex car buying/zag was very helpful in getting the salesman serious about pricing I found.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I think this is fair, but try to get 1K more
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    BMW is giving $1000 credit plus the $1730 nav credit
    So add that to your deal
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    All x5 deals need to start from invoice -1730 Nav credit-1000 holiday credit-500 marketing markup
    This leaves the dealer with $1230 hold back plus volume rebate
  • Hi,
    I was wondering are these($1000 credit plus the $1730 nav credit) new incentives for November 2011?
  • From BMW web site:
    0.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer. $1,730 Option Credit available. $1,000 Credit Available.

    I spoke to my dealer and he said, you have to take finance from BMW inorder to get $1000.
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    edited November 2011
    I believe you can not maximize the incentives as the footnote clearly stipulates that the offer can not be combined. So my understanding is you should be eligible for the nav credit and $1000 cash incentive or the lower apr...

    0.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer. $1,730 Option Credit available. $1,000 Credit Available.

    1Offers apply to current and former owners of a BMW Model Year 2005 and newer in the past 12 months, who purchase or lease a new BMW Model Year 2011 and newer. Consult your BMW client advisor for full program details. 1% APR reduction can be applied only against current posted rates on all new Model Year 2011 and 2012 BMW vehicles only. Special Lease offers may not be below .00005 on Lease/PrePay and below 0.01% on Retail/Select/OwnersChoice, once applicable program discounts have been applied. $1,000 loyalty cash may not be combined with other loyalty rate reductions. Offers subject to change. Subject to credit approval. Offers may not be combined. Offers expire January 2, 2012.
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