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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cpl2usacpl2usa Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    I have placed the order yesterday without $1000 credit. When I call my dealer this morning, he is saying I will get $1000 credit only if I take finance from BMW. What should i do?
  • trippctrippc Posts: 27
    hi cpl2usa,
    i might've missed your feed of what your order and how lucrative it was but if you don't mind share it with the forum members that way it could enrich everyone. With regards to your question, the dealer should've mentioned this to you unless you had other intentions of financing. In all honestly, I would try looking into financing it through BMW Financials....with the primary driver being the cash incentive which lowers your purchase price resulting in a little in sales tax savings. The flip side to this is if you can get a lower apr at another financial institution and through the life of the loan you can save $1g, then go with that solution else BMW is a better bet in my eyes. The catch to this is the dealer may run your credit and turn you down for bad credit score and propose a ridiculous apr in order to get that incentive. So all in all, a few factors to consider and evaluate. If you know for sure that you have good credit (if available, go in with your credit rpt to settle any doubts), go with BMW Financials. Good luck and tell us all about your experience.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105

    The footnote is under loyalty offers. I believe you will get one of the below with loyalty offer if you are going to use loyalty credit. Not all of them.
    - 1% APR Reduction
    - Special Lease Offers
    - $1,000 in savings

    Under financing offers -all of the below still stand good.
    0.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer. $1,730 Option Credit available. $1,000 Credit Available.
  • I ordered an X5 on October 24th and only received the NAV credit for the deal. I did not qualify for the loyalty credit because I did not currently own my last BMW (must have owned within the last 12 months, even if it was a 2005 or later).

    With these new incentives for November, would it seem likely I should get the additional $1000 credit if I finance with BMW. I think if the incentive is BMW to customer, I should. I know the NAV credit was factory to dealer (which some dealers refused to give up when I was shopping)

    I got an ok deal. Sticker was $61, 250 and I paid $56, 600.

    Many of the dealers in my area Balto/DC metro would not do better than the price I got. Most offered a much higher price during my search. When I give my lowest offer, I did not hear from them again. All cars in this area are order only. No X5s on any lots.

    Should I push for this credit (assuming the car comes in this month) or am I not eligible since it was not in the original deal. I did not make any finance commitments when I ordered the car.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    You can always cancel the order, all x5 are built to order, the factory is set for just in time inventory, dealers do not stock them, even in California. If you qualify for the credit you should get it period, tell the dealer you will give your business to another one if they deny you.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    How long before you can cancel the order? is there time e.g. within a week or something?
  • 35d_ude35d_ude Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    I'm looking to trade my 2009 35d on a new 2012 35d. Looking for guidance on whether or not I'm leaving money on the table.

    The trade is a 2009 X5 35d with 36K miles, in very good condition. No wrecks, non-smoker. Equipment includes the brushed alum running boards, premium pkg, cold pkg, nav, comfort access.


    Trade: 40,000
    Payoff for Trade: 41,989
    MSRP (2012): 63,925
    Incentives: 2500 ECO, 1730 Nav, 1000 Loyalty
    Cash down: 1000

    BMW Select for 60mo. at 6.9% (ouch!)
    Monthly payment: 830

    Thanks in advance. Viva la diesel!
  • That looks like a straight up, honest deal. If you can do better with financing elsewhere, go for it. Getting credit from BMW is usually easier. Credit score determines your rate.
  • I guess my sticking points on this are part emotional, and part hesitation regarding the trade value.

    (1) I wanted to stay closer to a 750/mo. payment, and (2) I feel like they could give me the payoff value for the trade (41,985), and still make a good profit on the deal.

    If you were in my position, and wanted to negotiate it down further - what would look to focus on? Trade value, purchase price, or both?
  • Dealer is telling my BMW Select interest rate is higher in Ohio. They are telling me 6.9% for top tier. Can anybody confirm what the Select rate is in other states?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    Hi 35_ude,
    It seems that you are not getting any break on the purchase price just the typical credits, I would shop around.
    The trade in value is fair.
    If your credit is poor than 6.9 is ok.
    Bank of America is giving 2.9 for 72 month.

    Side question, why diesel?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    Hi abhiku
    Dealer here in California told me that if I place an order, I can cancel even if the car is here and I test drive.
    The car has to leave the lot for the contract to be valid.
    Check with your state and other BMW.
    Do your homework because the dealer will never tell anything that can get you out of deal they love.

    There are many BMW salesman on this form, hope they can give you some honest advise
  • That is true. You can cancel the order after the car arrives. You have to sign final paperwork and drive off the lot to take ownership. I ordered my first BMW custom from Germany back in 2002 and it was the same deal then.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    Thanks ab,

    So there is no deposit or something with the dealer...right?
  • RE: Why diesel?
    I think the diesel is the best value in the lineup, if you're looking for a responsive engine with some torque. The gas mileage is excellent, and it's fun to drive. It in no way feels under powered, which I feel like the gas V6 does a little bit. I can go nearly 600-miles on a tank too. Add in the ECO credit and it's a no brainer if you ask me.

    RE: Purchase price
    So I'm upside down on my trade by about 1,900. The purchase price appears to be about $1200 above invoice before adding in my negative equity. These guys are acting as-if I'm insane for seeking $500 above invoice, like they never do it, don't need to do it, and take a hike for even thinking it. Do they know I'm a sucker, or are there dealers like this out there?
  • cidsoucidsou Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    I put down a $2000.00 deposit on the car I ordered, which the dealer called a "nonrefundable deposit". I have every intention of buying the car, but it is good to know that it might be refundable. Is this a BMW rule or a law that may vary state to state. Just want to narrow my search to find this info in case I need it.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    Hi 35d_ude,

    Some salespeople like to put a show, I have seen this sometimes, but others are serious and want to deal. I recommend to deal with the Internet sales and not to waist time with salespeople that think everyone is dump enough to believe that the car has 6% margin, factory is backed up, and thay sell 5 BMW x5 a day. The these Guys are starving for business and cars are not selling like the old days that is why they do not stock the cars anymore. This is the information age, know the facts and be patient.
  • Just ordered my 2012 X5d. Platinum Gray with Oyster Leather and Dark Bamboo Trim. Includes Premium Pkg, Sport Pkg (had to have the black headliner!), Running Boards, & BMW Apps. Total sticker $63,825. Paid $55,643 (with all weather floor mats and trunk tray). Price is before TTL. ECO and Nav credits were taken below invoice price. Due to start production next week. Salesman said I *might* have it by the end of the month.

    Negotiation was way easier than I expected. Sent salesman my specs, he gave me a build price. I asked for a selling price that included rebates, and he came back at $58,000. I told him I wanted to be at $55,000, he came back at $55,643. I agreed. $8445 savings seemed fair to me. All done over email in a day. I went in today and paid a $1000 deposit. I already had my pre-approval letter from my lender. If BMW can beat my rate, there is another $1000 savings to be had according to the sales manager. It was late this afternoon, so they are going to let me know on Monday.

    We looked at the Touareg, MDX, and XC60. The sales staff at my local BMW dealership was the best of them all. I was very impressed.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Congrats very nice, which state you are in?
    Just curious why you went with diesel?
  • rmkleinrmklein Posts: 9
    edited November 2011
    Starting me to think. We looked at a 2012 x5D diesel yesterday. Very similar but a tech package instead of the sport package( I think the sport is more expensive). Sticker is 63,300 before ttl. Dealer is looking for $61,700. Doesn't sound good compared to your deal? Any advice on how you got the price so low or where I can go to see the dealers invoice? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Same here: talked to my BMW salesman yesterday. One thing he said I might consider is to finance $7,500 with BMW for 0.9% to get the $1,000 credit you mentioned. Didn't do the math yet but definitely something to think about. Not sure though how this would work with 2 lenders - which one would get the title etc.?
  • Spec'ed out my X5d yesterday and came up with the following:
    Alpine white, Oyster, Dark Bamboo, Cold weather pkg, Sport Activity pkg, Multi-contour seats, Technology pkg, Premium pkg, Running boards, BMW apps, Space saver spare.

    Total MSRP $67,325

    They offered $2,500 eco + $1,730 nav credit + $1,000 loyalty (I only own a 2005 BMW motorcycle so they would have to look into that - my guess is no) + $1,000 finance (see my reply above).
    So best case I could get $6,230 without further negotiating, which makes it $61,095.

    Checking on Edmunds, the True Market Value in my area (Chicago Northshore) is $65,746 and invoice is $61,545 (both might be a little higher since Edmunds is off by $400 on the base MSRP).

    When they assessed the value for my trade in, they came out quite a bit lower than what I was asking (as expected); I think the sales guy realized that I was not too happy so when we walked out he said: "well, those were all the standard incentives that we considered, there might be more we can do".
    This said, I am wondering what my going in position should be.

  • Sounds like its fully loaded. I went out to BMW's site and the NAV credits expirted 10/31? Also, their was a federal tax credit for Diesel vehicles incl the X5 that expired 10/31/10. I don't see any advanced lean burn (or diesel) credits available from the GOV. Is this a BMW incentive?

    Bottom line is its damn hard to trust anyone for good info!!
  • He didn't mention the tax break so I assume it might be expired. But he did tell me that the whole staff had a 1.5h meeting in the morning to get briefed on the new incentives they can offer, so I assume nav and Eco are in.
    At the end I don't really care what he can pull out of the hat as long as I get a good price ;).
  • We are in Southwest Missouri. We are giving up our Jetta SportWagen TDI, and have been very pleased with the diesel engine. We drive quite a bit, around 50,000 miles per year. Diesels gets better mileage, hold their value better, and are generally more reliable. Granted, a diesel engine is an upcharge, however, our dealer told us upfront about the $2500 ECO Credit, and that they were matching the $2500 as an additional discount. Something they weren't willing to do on the gas model. At that point, the diesel isn't that much more expensive.
  • RK-

    We used True Car to determine the invoice price built to our specs. Then the dealer took the $2500 Eco and $1730 Nav off the invoice price. I was shocked at how easy it was.
  • According to True Car, invoice on your specs should be around $62,500. Then take off the Eco and Nav credits, putting you at $58,270. So ask for $58,000 and see what you get. If you can't get it in Chicago, my dealer is only 6 hours away in Springfield MO. We almost went to Chicago to get one off a lot, but my dealer decided he really did want me to stay local.
  • Hmm, might have to to consider a trip to Missouri...
    My quotes so far are way off from what you got in Springfield.
    Reliable BMW?
  • Priced it out through truecar and Wagner BMW matched it.
  • Yes it was Reliable BMW. You can PM me if you want my salesman's name and email address. We went in to drive one and left. I emailed him the next day about making a deal. Everything from that point was done through email until it was time for a deposit.
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