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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    Got the email this morning. Yes this price includes all credit, incentive etc.

    Selling price $58,810
    Sales tax       $5645.76
    Document fee $150.00
    License estimate $300.00
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    Published Invoice price for the config is 57654 excluding credits, rebates etc. MSRP is 63640.

    According to Xls - with all the credits, rebates, holdback etc. selling price comes out to 55949. It does have 2% dealer profit after all the rebates, credit and volume disc. From BMW. Btw dealers in WA are selling 3% off of MSRP.

    What should be my target price?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Hi abhiku
    There is at least $1200 hold back and $500 marketing fee included
    In the MSRP. Check
    Also there is volume rebate on number of cars dealer sell.
    So even if you pay invoice the dealer has lots of cushion, but the salesperson want make 4k.
    I would rather deal with Internet sales they work with lower margins.
    Try PeterPan bmw in bay area or southern ca dealers.
  • after all that, local dealer pulled a loaded 2012 diesel early from service fleet...only 1000 miles on msrp 68k, out the door price, 61k....i think it was too good a deal to pass on.
    any positive thoughts appreciated....buyer's remorse has not kicked in yet.
  • You can buy the car out of state pay the sales tax for that state then get a 1 way driving DMV pass the dealer can help you with. Once you get the car into Washington go to DMV and you'll pay the licensing fee and any tax difference between California and Washington. I have done this 3 times and it's fairly easy. If you ship the car from California to Seattle instead of driving the 16 hours yourself plan on paying $600 door to door for it to be transported.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    edited December 2011
    Yes you are correct. I did the calculation with Xls - subtracting all the credits, rebates, holdback etc. selling price comes out to 55949. It does have 2% dealer profit built in.

    I have only deal with Internet sales still they are pita in WA state:) here is one of the Internet manager sent me email today.

    >>>Dealer has holdback, volume rebate and marketing markup that they will get back...has nothing to do with what we sell cars for.  Our invoice is a little over $59k minus the $1730.>>>
  • What kind of factory to dealer incentives are there with x5's? I've seen that BMW has no holdback, but I'm guessing that same money shows up somewhere else?
  • I was at a dealer looking for a 2012 BMW X5 Premium. They don¡¦t have the specs that I want in stock. I was told that the incentives ( $1,730 Nav Credit + $1,000 Finance credit + 0.9 APR ) do not cover the new built if they need to order one.

    The reason was that I can¡¦t sign the paperwork until the new built arrives which will take about 4 weeks and the sale will be expired by then. They also said the finance can¡¦t take place until the actual car arrives. They said since this is a new built, they will not have any VIN# and can¡¦t process the incentives this time. The incentives will not carry over to the period of time that was spent for building the car.

    They can offer the incentives if we buy any in stock vehicles. They said the incentives are meant to drive the sales of the current inventories. I didn¡¦t think that was true and walked away. Can anyone tell me that if they are right or they are flat out lying and play trick?
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 105
    Only one dealer out of 5 dealers I talked to told me about this. Other said nav discount is included in the price they gave me but that price is no good.

    Latest price I got 58800 for my, conv, 3rd row, BMW apps, running board..
  • if u add conv package u cant get nav order to get nav credit,ask to drop conv package and just order car with nav and then 1730 can b applied
  • i got my new bmwx5 premium 2012,end of nov.
    x5 premium,conv ,cold weather package,sound package,running boards for 55970 after $1000 credit.
    u add sales tax and other things on it
  • fofsfofs Posts: 1
    Dear Landl1,
    do you mind telling me where the dealership that you bought your x5 at. We are offered a deal in I'll which is few thousand more than yours for a similar vehicle. What was the final price you paid out the door for your diesel.
  • getvasgetvas Posts: 2
    I have placed order on a 2012 BMW X5 35i with Platinum Gray Metallic exterior & Cinnamon Brown interior and added the following options..

    > 3RD ROW SEAT (4UB)
    > HEATED FRONT SEATS (494) and

    The Vehicle's MSRP as configured is $56,275
    The Invoice price is $52,345 - Navigation Incentive is $1,730 + Dealer Fee is $500 = $51,115

    I am a resident of NJ but ordered in NY as my local dealer quoted $52,000, if I do not finance from BMW. This dealer in NY is willing to reduce it below $51,115 if I finance it from them, but I got loan for 1.9 APR from a credit union.

    Also one more thing I noticed in NJ is that the Dealer Doc Fees are between $250 to $400 depending on the dealership, where as in NY the Dealer Doc Fee Max is $75 and there is also a $10 Tire Management Fee.

    So, my total on road price came too...

    Vehicle Price: 51,115.00
    NJ 7% Tax: 03,578.05
    NJ 0.4% Luxury Tax: 00,204.51
    Title & Reg : 00,350.00 [Approx]
    Dealer Doc Fee: 75.00
    Tire Mgmt Fee: 10.00
    TOTAL PRICE: 55,332.56

    So, what are your comments on this deal... Regards.
  • cpl2usacpl2usa Posts: 18
    I got similar X5 from PA dealer. My X5 is BLACK METALLIC with CINNAMON BROWN interior.

    My Options:
    > 3RD ROW SEAT (4UB)

    MSRP is $56,025.

    Vehicle Price is 49000 (includes $1730 NAV credit and 1000 BMW finance credit)

    + $3500 NJ TAX
    + $750 (NJ TITLE, LUXURY TAX, Registration)
    + $125 Doc Fee
    + $5 PA Tire Tax

    Total: $53,380
  • Does anyone know what the post-Jan 3rd incentives are for an X5? Is the $2500 eco credit still active? What about the $1730 navigation credit?

    Thanks in advance!
  • what dealer? please share
  • ak19ak19 Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum, I appreciate your suggestions.

    I have an offer of BMW X5 X Drive 35i, Model yr 2012 for $ 53500 from BMW dealer.Car fax is clean, Service record shows no issue. It was leased. It has new warranty (No COP)

    Service In date: 05/23/2011
    Miles: 8500

    Active Vent Seat Pakg
    Conv Pkg
    Cold Pkg
    Premium Sound Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    Running Boards
    BMW Apps
    Side Cameras
    Color : blue Pearl
    Blk Interiors

    Pl suggests is this worth deal to get in to.
  • Looks like BMW pulled out the 1730 navigation credit.

    Any insight in to what incentives are comming for Feb 2012?

    By the way when is the 2013 X5 suppose to start selling?
  • This is a not a good deal at all. Typically, a good deal on a new X5 is invoice minus all the credits available. I suspect that the figure you are quoting is similar to that figure except that this car is used and hence has depreciated. Try configuring the car with - dealer trade in value (best condition minus one step) + $1000. In my estimate that should be the right value.
  • I agree with your a comments. You can at certain Socal dealers get the X5 at invoice price less any specials etc.....this way you have a new vehicle and full warranty......
  • lay2lay2 Posts: 13
    Hi i need you help folks. i am looking to purchase 2009 x5 xDrive with climate, navigation,premium and technology package. the vehicle is spaced gray with black interior, 36000 miles. The dealer said he cannot go below 40,500.00 is this a fair price or c an i do better? Also should i be aware of any hidden cost> i will finance with my credit Union. I am open to any thouhgts suggestions etc> i just don't want to get taken> help! oh i am purchasing this vehicle in NY?LI
  • Hi,

    Went to the dealer, for a particular colour, he said, they need to order it. Let me know if he giving me a good deal ?

    My X5 xDrive35i Premium

    3.0 liter 6-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo technology

    xDrive, intelligent all-wheel drive

    Base MSRP $55,200

    Black Sapphire Metallic $0

    Black Nevada Leather $0

    Dark Burl Walnut wood trim $0

    Technology Package $1,700

    Convenience Package $3,500

    Destination & Handling: $895

    Total MSRP as Built $61,295

    I can sell it for $58,795 + T,T,&L.
  • I think you can negotiate atleast another $1K based on Truecar pricing
  • I have the same car model and year without navigation with 33k miles and an end of lease payoff amount of 29500. You should try to negotiate the price down to 35~36k if possible.
  • getvasgetvas Posts: 2
    I bought from Wide World BMW - Spring Valley - NY and they gave me for the exact price what they quoted on True Car certificate. The doc fee in NY is also a fixed $75.
  • Can you share the name of Socal Dealers who sell at Invoice. if you have specific sales person name, that woudl really helpful.

    I have seen deals for Invoice + $500/-, nothign at Invoice.
  • call Tina or Clint at Sterling BMW Newport Beach, Ca.
  • Thank you and I can oofer BMW X5 at the invoice price correct?
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