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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 16771677 Posts: 1
    I too am located in the DC (DMV) area. I'm looking to order/purchase a 2012 35d. What helpful hints can you give and what dealerships did you use.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    We ordered our X5 through BMW of Silver Spring. We had originally placed an order through Otto's in West Chester PA, as they were extremely professional and courteous. But when we found out that Silver Spring had some allocations available, we cancelled with Otto's and went with them. From the research I've done, I'd stay away from VOB and Fairfax. I did my BMW Test Drive Event at Fairfax and their follow up was somewhere between horrific and non-existent. VOB had 20+ X5's in stock, not a single one with the sport activity package and claimed that you couldn't get one with it. Bozo's.

    As far as helpful hints, as I stated in a previous post, if you have the ability to order to your specs, make sure you check out all the options and don't get talked into anything that isn't of value to you. IMO, the $1,500 premium audio package wasn't worth it - especially since with BMW Apps you can use your i-phone as a internet radio receiver for free.

    Good luck.
  • Hi,
    This is my first time on this site. I may be a bit late, but wanted to say that tomorrow I will be picking up a 2013 Bmw X5 35i Premium w/convenience package, climate package, running boards, sat radio, apps, 3rd row, upgraded leather, 12k, etc. Also in NYC.

    total out of pocket $4160 includes first month payment
    Monthly payment $660. 35 mths

    Hope this helps.
  • Are you sure this is what you paid? What wad the price of the SUV agreed upon? What was the dealer in NYC? i am looking to buy one asap.
  • I'm considering the 2013 X5 Sports Activity with 3rd row and the M Sport package with white exterior and black leather interior.

    I think the invoice costs are:

    X5 SAV: $53,085
    3rd row: $1,545
    M sport: $2,275
    Destination: $895

    Total: $57,800

    I'm a USAA member and I get a $2,500 discount. Negotiating up from $55,300 (invoice - USAA), I have one dealership willing to accept $56,995.

    Is that fair? Can I do any better? Any help would be appreciated.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    That's $1,700 over invoice. Not too bad, but the dealership I bought my X5d would probably be willing to order one to your exact specs for about $500 -700 less.

    Either way, pick it up at the Performance Delivery Center in South Carolina if there is any way you can fit it into your schedule. Free service, but priceless experience.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114

    Can you post the final price for 2013 X35i premium and X35d you just got?
    Just want to get the idea what is the reasonable price I should ask for during my ordering process?

    any offers going on for 2012 or 2013 models?

  • riloh05riloh05 Posts: 15
    What are the current incentives for a 2012 X5. Thanks.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    I would target Invoice +- $250 minus all incentives
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    I previously posted this under the X5 leasing thread, but it belongs here.
    Just bought an 2012 X-5 Premium with Convenience Package.
    MSRP $60,195
    Purchase Price 52,195. I thought this was a very good price.
    I traded in a 5 year old Mercedes ML350. I'm sure they got be for some $ on my trade in.
    I was able to get 1.74% financing so I added tire protection, dent wizard and appearance package which only added about $25 to my monthly payment. (These added to the bottom line of $52,195)
    I went in intending to lease, but ended up buying the car as the lease numbers were getting too confusing with lots of misc fees that I didn't like. Buying the car was more straight forward.
  • cd1969cd1969 Posts: 2
    Hi, Harry:

    Could you please tell us which dealership you got the deal?

  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    Vista BMW. In Coconut Creek, FL
  • I'm interested in a 2013 X5 50i pretty loaded -- M package, 20" wheels, multi-contour seats, premium package, premium sound, tech package, m performance package -- all in the sticker is about $78,270. The dealer is offering $1,000 discount from sticker for a sales price of $77,270 and a mf of .00135 and 62% residual for a 36 month lease/10K miles. The monthly lease payment would be approximately $1,035 (including 7% sales tax). Usual fees.

    The discount from sticker seems particularly stingy. What should I realistically expect?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The dealer I bought my X5d from would custom order a 2013 X5 5.0i to your exact specifications for $500-750 over invoice - several $1,000's less than your quote. In addition, there are a number of 2012's and even a couple of new 2011's in dealer stocks that you could pick up for well under invoice around here (DC/Baltimore).

    I assume you are aware that the X5 is in a redesign and the new model will be out shortly? If you must buy now, so be it, but I would use that information to find a dealer that is willing to approach invoice with a custom order and go below for an in stock vehicle. Not sure if there may be other incentives you qualify for (loyalty, USAA, test drive apps), but all of those come off the sales price (i.e. in addition to the dealer discount, not in lieu of).

    Good luck. If you custom order, consider pick up at the Performance Delivery Center.
  • Thanks, Habitat1. I'm aware of the redesign for 2014, although it appears to be more evolutionary than revolutionary based on the spy photos available. It appears that the changes in the new model will be similar in scale to the changes to the new 3 series sedan in comparison to the outgoing model. I'm sure the new model will have new bells and whistles and features but I'm not likekly to get the same level of discounting on it. I agree that the Performance Center Delivery is great.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Agreed, we were obviously OK with getting a 2012, knowing that the 2013/4 makeover was coming. I'll be a little disappointed if we find out that the M-diesel engine is offered in the states for 2014 model, but that's the risk I took and we did get a great deal with the $4,500 eco-credit that may/probably won't be offered on the new models. I hear the nav system and tele-metrics will be improved, but we still didn't want to wait.

    Friendly question for you, given your obvious performance orientation, is whether you cross shopped the Cayenne GTS? The Cayenne diesel was a tad too small for us and $10k +/ more expensive after discounts on the X5d. But I did get a chance to drive the new GTS at a Porsche Driving Event a few weeks ago and it was pretty amazing. It doesn't appear that much more powerful than the "S" on paper, but behind the wheel, it felt as tight handling around the track as the Panamera S. More expensive than the X5 5.0, but at least not as outrageous as the Turbo or X5M. Sorry for the digression, just thought I'd ask.
  • Can someone confirm if the residual on a 2013 X5 Premium is set by the dealer or the Mfg? I see lots of posts were it is 60% but I'm told from the dealer that it is 58% and can not be negotiated.

    Also, is it reasonable to expect to get the car at the invoice?

  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114
    I assume this price is after ML trade in?

    Just bought an 2012 X-5 Premium with Convenience Package.
    MSRP $60,195
    Purchase Price 52,195. I thought this was a very good price.
    I traded in a 5 year old Mercedes ML350.
  • snow26snow26 Posts: 24
    Help. I ordered a 2013 X5 with Cinnamon brown interior. Picked it bc of website and a swatch at dealer. Car just came in and I swung by to take a peek before prep. Ugh. The interior looks more pink and orange than brown, it is horrible. I told the dealer I can't take it. They told me different die lots can create "slight" variances in color but it is what I ordered. I don't care, it looks horrible and for $60K, I should like it.

    What do I do here? Carman?
  • The Cayenne S (not the GTS due to price) is the only other SUV that I've seriously considered, but the Cayenne is just too expensive. The Cayenne is significantly lighter than the X5 50i and only slightly less power (if you opt for for M performance package in the X5) so it feels more nimble in comparison, but I can't justify the extra expense. The X5 represents great value in this class of vehicle and strikes the right balance for me between performance and luxury. Unless I can realize substantial savings off the sticker for a 2013 X5, I will wait for the 2014. Thanks for your reply.
  • bigamybigamy Posts: 3
    I live in Lorton, VA. And i need help in getting the right buying price for an X5 Premium with $63K MSRP. Dealer is offering for $60K out of the door. Please help.
  • cd1969cd1969 Posts: 2
    I think it is a great deal. Dealers here in Atlanta can only offer $3500 off MSRP.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think you can do better at BMW of Silver Spring than any northern Virginia dealer. I shopped them all - and PA, NC, NJ, DE - when we were shopping for our X5d which we ordered in late July and picked up in September. Your $63k MSRP looks like it would have an invoice price of $58,000 ($5k markup). I think you should be able to get it for $1k or a little better over invoice. Plus taxes and tags.

    Two other suggestions:

    (1) BMW of Silver Spring still has allocation slots for ordering a new 2012 X5d. And BMW is still offering a $4,500 eco-credit on the vehicle. That means you could order one exactly to your specifications - i.e. color and options - for about $1,500 less than a comparably equipped X5 3.5i. Our X5d had an MSRP of $63,845. Our price was $54,800. Black/Oyster, Sport Activity, Premium, etc. We only have 1,300 miles on it since September 5, but it is averaging nearly 30 mpg highway and we are very pleased with the decision. Audi, Mercedes and Porsche all charge a few thousand more for their diesel models, so the X5d is a relative bargain compared to those other brands. I would recommend you at least test drive the X5d to compare.

    (2) Regardless of whether you go X5 3.5i or X5d, if you don't need the vehicle immediately, custom order it from the dealer for Performance Delivery Center pickup. It is a spectacular experience and you'll get to drive their X5 on a track behind M3's and on an off road course that would leave our old MDX broken into pieces. Tour of the factory and BMW museum included. Previous night in a Marriott hotel, dinner included. The cost to you is your airfare down ($61 from BWI). The experience is priceless. It is the ONLY way I will ever buy another BMW.

    Good luck.
  • bigamybigamy Posts: 3
    Your comments are very helpful to me.
    I would like to get the same exact x5d as yours.
    If you can give me the name of the rep in silver spring BMW then I will go get the same for $54,800.
    Appreciate it.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I dealt directly with one of the sales managers. Don't think I am supposed to post names and direct phone number, but if you want to e-mail me, Im happy to provide and follow up with you off forum. I checked with them yesterday and they still have X5d build slots.

    My ".com" e-mail address is (take out the "X"'s which I've inserted to prevent spam): XXXhabiXXXtatXX@eXXXrXols

    Let me know here if you have e-mailed me so I know to look for it. Thanks.
  • Thought I would share my lease with the community:

    2012 X5d (metallic black with cinnamon interior)
    MSRP $68,105 (premium package, sport activity package, tech package, cold weather package, bmw apps, running boards)
    Buy price $59,345 (includes $4500 diesel credit, $750 loyalty credit, $500 BMW Drive app credit)
    $725 acquisition

    $2200 drive off (1st payment, registration, acquisition fee, ad fees)
    $711 monthly + tax

    Overall I think it was a solid deal. Probably another ~$500 or so in there, but at a certain point its not worth the grind. :)

    Good luck with your search.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think you may have left something out on the options, as it looks like the MSRP for the vehicle you specified would be $66,295?

    In any event, hope you enjoy your X5d as much as we do.
  • yes, it has lane departure warning, multi-contour seats and other stuff as well for $68K.

    Coming from a 2009 X5 4.8 that was pretty well loaded. It's definitely not a quick (didn't expect it to be), but overall we are pleased with it so far.
  • 2013 x5
    Sport activity package
    Convenience package
    running boards
    Msrp $62670.00
    Selling $58196.00
    M.F. .000135
    Resid 59%

    $757.00 10k 36 months

    Due at signing
    First payment $ 757.00
    Cap reducuction $1000.00
    Tax on Cap $86.25
    Aquistition $725.00T
    Tire fee $12.50
    Insp fee $10.00
    Doc fee $75.00
    Dealer fee $225.00
    Tax on fee $88.41

    If i dont cap 1000.00 monthly payment is $797.00
  • bigamybigamy Posts: 3
    edited November 2012
    my friend habitat1, please check my email and reply asap
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