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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Around $53.9k. Looks like you also did good for $55k
  • thanks! good to know
  • standard is only up to 4 yrs/50k. Anyone buys extended one? if yes, how much for each?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited January 2013
    I declined the extended warranty/maintenance option. Was quoted $3,217 for the extended warranty and $2,495 for the extended service. Ridiculous prices, IMO, given that it's only 2 more years, unless you are a higher mileage driver (12,500+ miles per year). I had no intention of purchasing so I didn't haggle and they knew better than to hard sell me.

    We have a good independent mechanic that would be 30-40% less than dealer charges for routine oil changes, fluids, brakes, alignment, etc. And does not pad the service with unnecessary repairs. The only thing I would be concerned about would be a major out of warranty repair in years 5 or 6, and I figured I'd take my chances. There are other reputable third party warranties that my mechanic recommended if I get nervous between now and the 4/50 factory warranty expiration.
  • thanks for the quick respond.
  • x5fan2x5fan2 Posts: 1

    Can you please share with me the contact info of your dealer. I want to custom order a X5. Thank you.

    I am not sure how to PM you.
  • leoyueleoyue Posts: 1
    I'm looking for a X5 xDrive35i, the dealer offer me: INVOICE price + destination fee($695) + $500 + tax. Does it is a good deal?

    Just want to confirm with yours that when yours talking about the price, the tax is include or extra?

    BTW: It's in Houston, TX. The sales is very nice.
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    I couldn't figure out how to send you a private message, either. Send me an e-mail with "need BMW dealer" in the subject line. To prevent spam, I'm writing my address backwards (hope that works!): moc.loa@920tl

    I'll respond to you with all the info as soon as I get it.

    This goes for anyone else who wants the info. We're very happy with our new car and the dealer I dealt with was very honest.
  • vonnrvvonnrv Los AngelesPosts: 5
    Please comment on this deal -

    CAP Cost: $57191
    Money Factor: .00135
    Residual Value: 56%
    Terms: 39 mos.
    Mileage: 12K
    * Refundable Sec. Dep: $ 4550
    * Lease Payment: $643.94 with tax (CA)

    1. First mo payment $643.94
    2. Acquisition Fee $725.00
    3. Title/License Fee $505.75
    5. Doc. Fee $85.00
    6. Down Payment $5,000.00
    7. Incentives $(1,500.00)
    *Cash Due at Signing $5,459.69
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Woild like to know MRSP to compare to cap cost. Is security deposit really $4550? If it is then are you using it to lower the money factor? Adding all the fees, first month and security deposit gives one a down payment of $6500.69. If the incentive is taken off the the number is $5,000.69. Usually the incentive is taken off the MRSP by dealers, but one should take it off the invoice of the vehicle. This should be your starting point for the cap cost. Hard to analyze this deal at this time.
  • vonnrvvonnrv Los AngelesPosts: 5
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    MSRP: $60,520
    Security Deposit: $4550 (to lower the money factor. Refundable after lease term)
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Is the $5,000 down include the $4,550, I suspect it does not. If the $5,000 is separate then you are lowering you cap cost of $57191 by about $3000. (Take away about $2000 from $5,000 for up front fees.) I calculated a depreciation payment based on new cap cost of about $54,191 which is about $520.00. Residual is $33891.2. Finanace charge is about $120. Pretax lease would be about $640.00. I think this explains your current lease. Most thought are not to put much down except minimum up front fees. I would try to lower the cap cost more without putting money down. The security deposit to lower the money factor is okay. I believe this may be your deal, but let me know if I am wrong with my thoughts or calculations.
  • vonnrvvonnrv Los AngelesPosts: 5

    The $ 5,000 DP does not include the SD of $4,550. My negotiated cap cost is $52,951. By the way, car has the convenience package.

    Based on the information, do you think there is still plenty of room to negotiate the CAP cost?

    Thanks again.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    It depends on how agressive your dealer wants to be. Right now you have a great cap cost, but the reason it is lower is you are putting five thousand dollars down to lower it. Use the Edmonds program to see what invoice is on your car. This will help to analyze your deal better. As I previously mentioned putting money up front is not recommended. I would also ask the dealer for the breakdown of your approximately $5,400 up front. If you do not put the 5 thousand up front, your lease payment is going to probably be $750 to $800. It is hard to give you a straight answer as all the information is not available.
  • glen71glen71 Posts: 4
    I am wondering what are other folks in LA Metro area are paying over invoice now days. Is 250 a reasonable offer to make?
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    Yes, it's defiinitely reasonable. We got two different dealers to agree to $200 over invoice, one in North Hollywood and one in Riverside, on the car we ordered. Just make sure they actually charge you invoice for all options and THEN add the $250. I had one who was going to charge $200 over invoice for the car but then tried to charge retail for the packages/options we wanted.
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    I never got any e-mails from you. Did you already get a car? I'd be happy to share my experience with you if you contact me. I left you my address in my first reply.
  • glen71glen71 Posts: 4
    Thank you Toy4Me, I will talk to the North Hollywood dealer and post the results.
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    edited January 2013
    Ask for Henry Martinez. I think he's the Internet Sales Manager. Tell him Ariel sent you. He'll take good care of you.
  • Hi! -
    We have a deal on the table for a 2012 X5d dealer loaner car with 10k. Quite a few extras with a MSRP of 65.5k - dealer price offered is 52.5k - is this a good deal? Alternative deal: 2013 X5d MSRP 62.5k - dealer offer 56.5k ? Is there room to deal more and/or which one would you go for?

    Thanks in advance!
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    Where are you located? Considering there is an eco credit of $4500 on the car, i think $13k off is already a good deal. However, depending on the market, i believe you could negotiate up to $15k off. Try to get close to $15k off as much as you can.
  • Can you tell me which dealership you went to for this deal?
  • maylhmaylh Posts: 9
    So it is 500 over invoice. I am interested in the same model. Do you mind to pass the dealer info? Thanks in advance.
  • I bought my BMW X5 from Perrillo BMW IN CHICAGO. Ask for KEN if you like to.
    Good luck.
  • toy4metoy4me Posts: 13
    edited February 2013
    It was $500 over invoice for everything, including options, plus tax. We ended up leasing instead of buying for tax reasons, but the price was still the same. On a lease, you just pay the tax monthly, instead of all up front, as when you buy.

    As for our dealer info, it was BMW of Riverside in Southern California.
  • Hi. I am in Georgia and was offered 6% off of MSRP plus tax and fees for any BMW X5 I chose to order. Essentially, MSRP was $64,570 and they would sell it for $60,695. We tried to offer $59,000 plus tax and fees but they stood firm at the 6% off saying they would lose money if they sold it for any less. Is it worth pushing the issue or do you think this is the best we can do?
  • $500 over invoice price is pretty typical. You get the invoice price here on Edmunds. Usually it comes out to about 10% off msrp.
  • BMW will openly tell you their mark up is 8%. You will see this on other sites such as and when you 'build it'. Dealers will give you 8% off everything inc options and than deduct any rebates/incentives. Even if you don't drive a BMW already, mention the word Audi and they will throw in their '$750 loyalty cash'! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't able to use some of the features to build the car on bmwconfig for some reason. I am still waiting for a response from other BMW dealers about their best price so I will keep you posted. So far, two have come back at 6% off being their bottom line so I will keep pushing.
  • mrygalmrygal Posts: 4
    One more thing, should I be looking at 8-10% off or $500 + invoice and then add MACO, destination & training or should that be included?
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