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Error PO445 and PO446

rongcrsrongcrs Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Hyundai
Have a 2004 Sonata. Thought the Catalytic Converter was bad because the car stalled and it was quite red and hot. Checked it and saw that it was brand new. Was suggested that the oxygen sensors get replaced because when they replaced the CC they probably didn't replace the Oxygen Sensors and never fixed the problem. Did that and replaced both upper and lower. Once done the car refused to start. OBD II stated first error PO445. Replaced the Purge Canister in engine compartment. Tested connector. All good. Error changed to PO446. Replaced the Purge valve in the rear by the gas tank and tested the connector. Tested both replacements to be sure they were operating correctly. Now getting the PO445 again. Performing a vacuum test tomorrow but have a feeling it will be fine. Car still will not start. It just cranks and doesn't fire. Any ideas out there?
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