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Extended warranty

altredsaltreds Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Audi
I am at the end of my lease with my A4. I am thinking of buying the car. The dealer says Audi needs to buy it, then they sell it back to me with an extended, 6 year, 100K warranty. The dealer says I need to pay for new tires and brakes for the car to qualify as certified. Is there room to negotiate here? These warranties cover seem bumper to bumper (except maint).......Is this the right way to go if I want to buy the car? Warranty good, price competitive with room to negotiate?
Any help really appreciated.


  • karhill1karhill1 Member Posts: 165
    With a lease you have a buy out amount at any time, including end of term. You can buy the vehicle at that amount.

    If you buy it under the terms of the lease, there is no requirement of any kind for you to purchase an extended service contract nor is there a requirement for you to put on new tires or have the brakes worked on.

    Of course, if you are intent on buying the vehicle as a CPO, the dealer is likely correct. Only the dealer/Audi can sell it as CPO. In this case, you will need to turn the vehicle into the dealer (for Audi) who will buy it from Audi, certify it, and sell it to you, probably at considerably more than your lease buy out.

    Technically, the dealer would put on new tires and fix the brakes. Those costs should be included in ultimate selling price of the CPO. As always, the price of the CPO'd vehicle is negotiable. Once you turn in the vehicle, you are buying it the same as any other vehicle on the dealer's lot.

    In this case, you would be wise to compare the lease buy out amount to the CPO price. You may find the difference significant making the lease buy out the wise choice.
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