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Lexus RX 400h and 450h



  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    I don't know the details of regenerative braking, but the logical way to "turn it on" would be when the brake pedal is touched. Also, I would think the harder you press the pedal the more friction braking you would get.
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    If you want to go intoa general discussion about regenerative braking and how it works, please use the How do Hybrids work? Newbie questions encouraged. discussion.

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  • Hi all,

    Is there a break-in period for the 400h (mileage wise)? About how many miles do we have to have before hooking up a trailor hitch and hauling some things. I appreciate your help.

  • And could I add a PS to the question? If there is a break-in period, what activities should be limited during that period? Since there is no tachometer, I'm not sure how I should limit the amount of stress on the engine.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Even worse....

    Most break-in instructions want you to vary the road speed for the first thousand miles so the engine rings don't seat just at a narrow RPM range. How would this work with a CVT wherein the ECU can operate the engine at the most optimum RPM regardless of roadspeed?
  • Car man or anyone else with experience on this,

    What are your takes on the Extended warranty? Is it worth purchasing it with the car? What would be a reasonable price to negotiate for? Thank you in advance.

  • akgakg Posts: 85
    My best buddy is buying a new Lexus x400h in California and is not financing it. I know that extended warranties and perma-plating are negotiable. Since most folks finance their vehicles the dealership usually convinces the buyer to just add it on the monthly payment.

    When I bought my new 4Runner and new Subaru Outback, Folks on Edmunds Forum steered me in the right direction to purchase my extended warranty elsewhere and I got a great deal. Any ideas or suggestions of dealerships that have a deal on the extended warranty? Any idea on what is fair to pay for the yearly perma-plating? Thanks!
  • twq83twq83 Posts: 19

    The break-in period for a Lexus 400h????? let me QUOTE YOU ............ " to extend the life of the vehicle, the following precautions are RECOMMENDED to observe:

    for the first 200 miles * Avoid sudden stops.

    for the first 500 miles * Do NOT tow a trailer. ( that answers that question above!!)

    for the first 1000 Miles * do not drive at EXTREMELY high speeds.
    * Avoid sudden Acceleration.
    * Do not drive continuously in the LOW GEARS.
    * Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods."

    These are the Lexus suggestions......... printed in the owners manual.

    My own philosophy is that if you have to think twice about whether or not it's good for the Vehicle ....... Don't do it!!!!! Ask your sales rep!!!!!! ....... and if they don't know ask me!!

    Just my opinion .......

    Tom Quinn ;)
    Internet Sales
    Pohanka Lexus, N VA
  • twq83twq83 Posts: 19
    OK, "Best" information says that the 2008 RX400h will arrive in the show room Last Week of August first 2 weeks of September 2007! I can tie down a better release time when we get closer to the September time frame ( late July/August)........ and as it stands right now the 2008 will NOT have the Black Birds eye maple finish ......... :cry: ......... sorry guys. If anything changes, I'll let you know

    Tom Q ;)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods."


    My point was/is what good does the above do if the CVT can, and apparently does, maintain the engine at a relatively constant RPM regardless of road speed?

    With an ordinary gearbox the engine RPM MUST vary with roadspeed. With the hybrid "CVT" the engine RPM is kept within a fairly tight range which results in the best FE.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    While I was waiting to have the oil changed and tire rotation on my '07 RX350, I picked up the 2008 brochure which has the information for both the 350 and the 400h. According to the brochure, the RX350 has VSC, which stands for Vehicle Stability Control, and the RX400h has VDIM, which is Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the two?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    New marketing "word".

    VSC/TC/BA/EBD/ABS/etc, were all already integrated by necessity.
  • dgrahamrdgrahamr Posts: 20
    That's not correct -- do a google search for comparisons of VDIM and VSC, and you will see that they are different. VDIM includes VSC, but also other technologies. Among other things, VDIM will create steering resistance to assist the driver in knowing when a turn will aggravate a rollover situation. There are some who think VDIM goes too far, by the way. If you research on the Lexus website, they discuss the cars that have VDIM, and explain that the 400h does while they have not yet rolled it out in the 350 (but will in a future version of that series).
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    VDIM is also the term used for the RX350 system, and others, which do not have electric stearing which in the RXh allows the "stiffening" of stearing effort to assist the VSC function of VDIM in preventing under or over stearing.
  • dgrahamrdgrahamr Posts: 20
    Go to the following webpage: gement_VDIM.asp?model=All

    For Lexus' discussion of VDIM. As it notes, VDIM is available on 5 car models, including the RX 400h but not the RX 350.

    There are reviews on caranddriver, motortrend and other sites in which they test drive lexus/toyota cars with VDIM as compared to VSC. One of the principle differences noted by the testers is that VSC has the traditional grinding sound/vibration feeling when it kicks in, which is not present with VDIM.

    As I noted before, some serious drivers really dislike VDIM. On the other hand, the testers do state their view that VDIM provides a higher degree of safety through more effective stability control. VDIM has also led to some issues that aren't present in VSC -- an early version made it in some cases impossible to move the car on slippery surfaces (that has since been fixed).
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    I am really trying to find a good deal on an extended warranty for a new Lexus Hybrid. When I bought my Outback a year ago somebody knew of a dealership in another state that had a great deal on an extended warranty and I bought it from them. Anybody out there know of a great Lexus dealership that has a decent price?

    Also, what is a reasonable price to pay for the permaplating that dealerships offer, which usually included a detailing once a year? Thanks!!
  • AKG,

    We just purchased our 2007 4000h yesterday from Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston, Texas. I paid $1650 for a 6 year/100000 extended warranty. I believe that was $200 over invoice. I hope that helps you. Good luck!

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Ooops, I should have seen that one coming...

    A few years ago one of the european marques, MB or BMW, developed a system which allows their "VSC" to counter-stear against the driver in order to prevent under or overstearing. It looks as if Toyota/Lexus has adopted that technique using the electric power stearing, eliminating the need for VSC braking...
  • hallinihallini Posts: 13
    I'm just wondering if I'll have buyers remorse w/ the 2007 RX400h AWD Black/tan/aluminum trim/NAV I ordered 3-4 months ago, due to arrive in June (so close to 2008 release date). Should I wait for 2008? Any word on what changes or options 2008 will bring?
  • hilandr05hilandr05 Posts: 18
    I have the same question about extended warranty so if you find the answer elsewhere, please let us know.

    I recently got a much better price for an extended warranty on my wife's Chrysler T&C for a dealer in another state that I found through the web but I have not been able to find the same kind of deal on Lexus.
  • hilandr05hilandr05 Posts: 18
    Has anyone experienced tire wear on just the inside edge of the left front tire? I figured something was wrong with the camber. The dealer checked alignment and says it is within specs and that slight negative camber is put in to improve handling. So why not the same wear on the right side?
    He also said the Goodyear tires on the 400h make for a softer ride, better handling, better braking, but don't expect more than 22K miles out of them.

    Any counter comments?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Defective tire...?

    Internal belt slipped during manufacturing...?
  • hallinihallini Posts: 13
    Do you know what changes, if any, are planned for the 2008 RX400h? I'm guessing they will follow the 350 with chrome door handles. Let us know what your sources say about that, any other changes or additional options. Thanks!
  • atkins1atkins1 Posts: 1
    I was just searching the net to find out if I could find out any info on the 2008 hybrid and came across this forum. I will keep you posted as to when your car will be here and if I find out of any changes.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Converting the RXh engine to the Atkinson cycle to improve FE even more, 20-30% maybe...?

    Mill the heads to raise the compression ratio to ~13:1 and then custom grind the intake cams so the intake valves remain open for ~30% of the compression stroke.
  • I have also experienced unusual tire wear. When I brought my lexus in for a car wash, I ask the service guy about the unusual tire wear. The first service guy I talked to said, "There was a problem with the hybrids and unusual tire wear and new tires would probably be covered under warranty". (I should have gotten his name). When I brought it in for service, the next service guy had never heard what I told him the first service guy said. He stated, you like the nice soft ride don't you, then these types of tire don't last long. I feel we are being ripped off.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    The reason for your "unusual tire wear" is because those OEM tires are "low rolling resistance" tires which help you get WAY BETTER gas mileage than most tires.

    The trade-off is that in SOME cases, SOME of the LRR tires have low mileage ratings. Not every one of them does.

    If you want to go with a different tire next time, look around on these boards and you can find a good replacement tire that is a better compromise of low rolling resistance and long life.

    And with the hybrids, the brakes last much longer than a regular car, so you are getting extra value from the brakes to counteract anything you are losing with the low rolling resistance tires.
  • Why are the tires only wearing on the inside track?
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    THAT particular issue I'm not sure about. Look around at other forums and see if anyone has similar issues and what they did to resolve it.

    Maybe do more frequent tire rotations to even out the damage?


    Go to and search this:

    "uneven wear" +rx400h

    and go look at the first result. There are several other owners there with similar "inside wear" on their RX400h.

    Seems to be an issue with these vehicles. Maybe further down in the information someone will have a solution for you.
  • I have done the tire rotation and now all the tires have the same wear on the inside only. They are bald!! I just replaced them today with Michelin Tires for $964.00. Maybe with the hybrids having the extra batteries, their weight could be causing these problems. I called Park Place Lexus and spoke with Kevin Boles, service manager, and he said, "With Z or V rated tires you only get up to 20K before having to have them replaced". I was having problems before 10K. In my opinion there trying to cover up this problem. I could see if the tires had the same wear all over, but only on the inside.
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