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Lexus RX 400h and 450h



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    4WD version..??

    The RXh and the HH are the ONLY vehicles of which I am aware that have FULL-TIME 4WD capability. Independently "driven" front and rear axles eliminate the driveline windup "problem" with all the PART-TIME AWD/4WD and F/awd or R/awd out there in the marketplace.

    So all that is left for the RXh and HH to overcome is tire-scrubbing.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The only possible ill effects might be mutant DNA within the next hundred years or so.
  • fawltytowers44fawltytowers44 Posts: 58
    edited May 2012
    Does anyone have any news on when the 2013 450 will be released. Also; what changes, if any - like a driver seat that is designed for men to sit in, not just women; there is no thigh support to speak of and forget about lateral support. Does anyone here have the thigh extender option on their RX?
  • nerdoenerdoe Posts: 1
    Need some advice/opinion on this. I currently own an 2012 Acura MDX fully loaded and have had it for about a year. Was looking at trading it in and getting a 2013 Lexus RX 450h. Reason being is because over the year that I have owned the vehicle a lot of miles have been put on it. My wife does a lot of driving (it being our only vehicle) taking our son places and running her own errands.

    While I love the MDX I was thinking that maybe it would be better in the long run to trade it in for the Lexus. Besides the obvious boost in mpg wanted to get an opinion from people on if this would be a good idea as well as people who own a Lexus 450h and their experience with the car. The car would mostly be used my wife who would be driving it in most suburban areas as well as city. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and do most of the driving in that area.

    I've read that people haven't been getting the estimated MPG that Lexus says that you should be getting and wanted to get know if that is a universal thing. Hope that this makes sense and look forward to hearing the responses. Thanks for reading.
  • I don't own this vehicle but based on the complaints with the cost of repairs, I would stay away from this hybrid. Who has $10, 000 to replace an inverter? It has had 5 recalls, my 99 Lincoln has had none, you do the math. Stick with the gas motor.

  • acetyleacetyle Posts: 1
    Fact checking: Edmund's shows ZERO recalls for the RX 450h. Further searches turn up 1... for the 2010... a floor mat. :p The '06 RX 400h and Toyota Highlander hybrid had [very rare] inverter problems. These were down to a minor flaw subsequently corrected.

    29mpg is a common average for RX 450h owners; in the end, it's mostly driving habits that kill efficiency. Racing from one red light to the next is basically running into a closed door.

    Lexus makes extremely reliable cars. Ask a mechanic.
    [yeah, it's an old thread, but misinformed]
  • August 2017
    It is either the 2007 Lexus hybrid or it is this particular 2007 Lexus hybrid. SUV was purchased in 2013 with approximately 88K miles and has had eight intermittent failures to start--the key will not turn, but the interior lights come on. A quick battery jump and all is well until the next time. The failure is not related to the charging of the battery--the problem has happened after a drive and turning the vehicle off to put in even happened one time on the Johnson Lexus dealer's lot where it has been brought in...AGAIN...for this same problem. As of August 2017, Johnson Lexus cannot find the problem. Had they done their due diligence when I purchased the vehicle, I could have traded for the RX 350 (identical, just not a hybrid). Now with 160K miles and knowing the vehicle has an unresolved problem, trade is not an option.
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