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Car Transport Companies



  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... OKAY, WE WON'T USE THAT COMPANY ......... that said, if you would have done some research, did a little background and history YOU wouldn't be in this situation ..............

    Terry :shades:
  • trust53trust53 Posts: 1
    I need to ship my car and motorcycle from new york to florida asap
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100

    I promised that I would give a review of transporting my car. It was almost cross country.

    I did a lot of research about the pitfalls of using an auto shipper. A lot of it has to with with (lack) of insurance coverage during the shipment, delays, and of expectations of the customer. I looked at both companies using brokers to ship their autos and companies that own their own trucks to ship the auto.

    I checked BBB online for both the companies setting up the shipment, and of their broker that actually shipped the car.

    I was really anxious after finding that insurance by anyone wouldn't cover things like cracked glass, rocks hitting the car during the transport... A friend told me, "well, don't ship it then, drive it yourself! And even if you do drive it yourself, these things could happen (but then my insurance company would cover it)." So I changed my expectations. I then hoped for minimizing risk, not a perfect transport of my car.

    I picked a broker company that used auto transport shippers, rather than a company that owned their own trucks. The company that owned their own trucks said that they could control their drivers and have a better shipping experience. What they don't tell you is that they could have your car on their lot for weeks, until they get the number of cars needed to fill a truck that would be going to your destination. A shipper that uses a broker has a choice of many companies (they seem to have favorites), so they can have more control over the arrival dates.

    When A-Z told me that they would use Pioneer Auto Shippers, I asked for a copy of their insurance paperwork (you have to ask for a copy of the insurance). That gave me a lot of information--like their location. I think that even a phone number was listed.

    My research also showed that people expected the car to be picked up just before they were going to leave town, and it sometimes didn't happen. One woman left her car on the street, awaiting pickup after she left town. The auto transporter was delayed in getting her car picked up, and she got a ticket on street cleaning day (A-Z did pay for the ticket).

    After seeing these problems, I gave the auto shipper almost 2 weeks leeway, even though they said they only needed 3 days. IA-Z told me that the car would be picked up between Tues 8/9 thru Friday 8/12. That was many days ahead of my plane flight. When 8/9 came around, I called A-Z for pickup date. They said I would get a call on Thursday, and the call should be picked up on Friday. So I didn't plan to be at home to receive the call on Wednesday ( I didn't have the cell phone--it was at the destination). Wednesday afternoon, my answering machine said there was an immediate transport for Thursday morning, and could I call Pioneer? I called, but they had filled the transport. They said they would pick up the car on Monday. I asked why they wouldn't pick it up on Friday,as promised. He was honest and said that my car would only sit on their lot over the weekend, so I might as well enjoy it on the weekend.

    They picked up the car and said that it would be delivered about the time that I got to my destination. A transport company that owned their own trucks boasted that they would pick up my car with a small flatbed, and not the big truck, but Pioneer (subcontractor) did the same. They said 7-10 days. After 11 days, I called Pioneer, and they said "you told us that you didn't want the car delivered till after you got to the destination." That was not true, because someone was at the destination the whole time, with the cell phone number they were given. They were buying time.

    We got a call from the transport driver on a Saturday night, telling me he would be there on Monday. We were able to call him back later on because of caller ID on the cell phone, and this proved to be very helpful. We told him that we had it set up that he would drop off the car in front of an auto dealer, because the destination street was too small. He called us when he came to town, and said he was at a Kmart off the highway.

    My car came in perfect shape. It seemed all kinds of answers dawned on me when I got my car. My car was probably the first car picked up for the next transport and they had to wait for the rest of the cars to be added.

    The driver (and the dispatcher of Pioneer) had thick Asian accents, and were hard to understand. But what I did realize is that this is a business of unexpected delays. When my driver got to about Tennessee, it was pouring rain from Katrina. He had to stop for the night, and that delayed him some. There were delays in getting my car picked up because it's just the nature of putting together a transport. I realize that I could have called A-Z when I found out that my car wouldn't be picked up on the 12th, but that would have possibly made them change brokers and possibly delay pickup even more.

    A-Z had told me that Pioneer is reliable, and my main concern was getting the car delivered in good shape. People asked me how I would get along without a car (in a town that doesn't have great mass transit), but I managed. I was in a city where I knew the way around and had friends. I could order groceries over the internet. I made it work ok for awhile, and I knew I wouldn't be leaving town without my car being picked up.

    I hope this information helps someone in the future.
  • Please avoid RKB Auto Transport. I had a terrible experience with this company. My car was delivered two days late with over $500 damage to the rear bumper. After repeated attempts to reach the driver, I went to the home office who informed me that he "had been fired."

    I am out of pocket for more than $500 in repairs and have had nothing but a miserable experience dealing with these folks.

    Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for car transport services.
  • I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how I should handle a potentially awful auto pickup from an auto transport company. Without getting into huge details, AAA Inc. based out of Las Vegas NV is an awful company. If you have had issues with them i would suggest that you report it formally to the FTC and BBB. Apparently they were sued by the FTC in 2001 and lost. They are back to their old tricks now that the injunction has expired... (

    Anyways, the car should FINALLY be arriving any day now... The truck driver is an independant contractor and I am going to owe him about $700. However, I'm a little worred that the car might be damaged. Moreover, given the fact that they are now about a month late I am very upset with the service they have thus far given me. I would love to just withold the money all together, but I am pretty damn sure that I cannot do that legally and if if it were (which im 95% sure that it wouldn't be legal) I wouldn't be able to get my car back... And I NEED a car. So after that lengthy discussion my questions are thus:
    1. What things should I be looking for (aside from scratches) that these drivers may have stolen, swapped out, etc. (It's a 2004 GLI Special Edition Jetta). I'm worried that parts are going to be missing when it finally arrives. I want to be as THOROUGH as possible.
    2. If there are missing objects. Rims missing, or anything actually stolen, what should I do? Should I call the cops? Or sign it over and just expect that this "federally insured" transport company is going to resolve the matter with me?
    3. If it's damaged; glass broken, paint scratched, dented, etc. should are they going to withhold the entire car from me if I refuse to sign the forms OK-ing the delivery? Or should I just sign the thing "under protest"?

    This whole ordeal has been a huge nightmare and to say the very least; I am disgusted with this company. (AAA Inc. Las Vegas, NV). If you have had a similar experience with them, I would suggest you file a formal complaint with the FTC. They took them to court once and won, they'll probably do it again if they get enough complaints. So if anyone has any suggestions how about how I can best ensure that I don't sign off on anything that I didn't notice, please respond. Thanks!
  • I'm moving a car from St. Louis, MO to San Diego, CA in a few weeks. Is there a transporter you would recommend? I wanted to use Angels Moving Autos, but I'm worried because they're a broker and not a carrier. Th">oughts?
  • I need a vehicle shipped from Hawaii Port in Honolulu to Columbus, Ohio. What (reliable) companies are there that specialize in the complete sea/land operation?
  • I just had an experience with the Car Carrier Company (came recommended
    by Allied Van Lines) and would NEVER recommend these clowns. $1800 to
    move to two Altimas from WPB, FL to Rhode Island. At first M, my
    representative, was very nice.

    They told me the cars would be picked up on the 10-11th of November
    (Thursday-Friday) and that worked great as this was a very rushed work
    move. We had to rent a car for these days because my wife still had to

    Thursday PM rolls around, no word from the Car Carrier. I called and
    asked for a general delivery time for Friday. They told me they had left
    messages with the driver and never heard back from him. Was told I
    would get a call back..I never did...

    Friday morning and afternoon comes and goes, still no answers and we
    were getting a bit nervous as we had an early flight out on Saturday. I
    was then told it would be some time before 9 pm. Well, at 5 pm the LOCAL
    carrier called, and said that the driver was no where near our
    location, and it would be Monday before they could get the cars! We lived in an
    apartment, and did not know the neighbors so luckily my parents had
    flown in to help...

    I called the Car Carrier company to see what they would do to help pay
    for the rental car since they missed their dates. I asked for a
    supervisor, and was given the name of the manager. I was told he was "busy" and got the operations manager. He told me that there was nothing they
    could do to help me with the rental car because they still had to pay
    the carrier the same amount of money. I was ACTUALLY the one telling
    THEM the driver would not be there. They had no clue. I asked what would
    be done, and he said that he would "help us out" by picking the cars up
    on Monday. Mind you this was 3:00 PST on a Friday afternoon. We went
    around and around, and finally told him to pick up the cars but we would
    be lodging a complaint and that my wife would call. He said "tell her
    not to bother as it won't do any good".

    My wife comes home about 30 minutes later, and she calls the rep. She was
    very calm, etc as she works with large account customers for a large
    brokerage firm. She asked what he would do to put his best foot forward
    in good faith for missing the pickup window, and he said that he would
    pick up the cars and that was it. He told her to "stop playing the pity
    game" and "he does have to deal with this on a Friday afternoon at
    3:30". When she asked for his supervisor, he would not tell her. When she
    asked for the corporate address, he said "why, so you can write and
    complain? That doesn't make me want to help you out any"!

    So the local carrier called on Sunday, and told my parents he would be
    there between 2-4 pm EST. Mind you they are on vacation and have other
    things to do. They were around the corner at a mall while waiting, and
    finally heard from the driver at 5:00 to pick up the cars...

    Sorry for the long first message, but the Car Carrier Company gave me one of the WORST experiences I have ever had in my
    entire life. The supposed supervisor is never in the office or unavailable, or
    will be back in "1 hour". I could NEVER recommend these carriers to
    anyone, and would advise others to take a good hard look at this
    operation. As of noon on Friday, November 18 I have no idea where my cars are
    and when they will be delivered. I just called to ask where my cars are
    currently, got another rep, and said she would call back...

    I would give them the worst possible rating. Terrible customer service,
    abusive managers, lack of knowledge, can't keep their pickup times, and
    would rather drive the cars myself than deal with these people ever

    EDIT-This is an update and edit since I had to remove names etc..
    I received a call later Friday the 18th and they said that the driver had a heart attack today and someone else was going to get the cars. They hadn't even left Florida yet! Supposedly they will be here Wednesday, the 23rd. They also said that it takes them 7 days before they even know where the vehicles even were...

  • Shipped my Vette and my wifes lexus from NY to FL in July.
    Picked up her car, no problem, we go back to get mine and I notice the front spoiler is hanging off on 1 side (not a big problem in itself) I look underneath and the underside of the front bumper cover and both rocker panels are gouged with red paint (car is silver) obviously the trailer was red.
    Also, before I left I purchased a device that records the last highest speed, I reset it just prior to the car being loaded at my house, when I picked it up I checked it and it registered 68-69 MPH. All emails from DAS stopped once I told them about the speed measuring device. My insurance is now handling it.
  • tombeatombea Posts: 2
    I selected this company based on their references and their BBB
    reputation. Unfortunately they missed the mark on my move in several ways.
    The original pick up date was 12-21-05. Unfortunately, while they say it was
    scheduled for that date, no one bothered to tell the seller of the car that
    was the day.

    After I reached the seller and told him the first date had to be cancelled
    because he didn't know it was coming, he asked if we could schedule the move
    after the Christmas holiday. The move
    was scheduled for 12-28-05. I contacted the seller the morning of the 28th
    and he said that no one had called him. I contacted Tn'T and told them that
    someone had
    to call this man! They finally called him and the pick up was confirmed.

    After the pick up the car went to a 'terminal' where it sat for the next 12
    days. Tn'T was unable to schedule a carrier, probably because all of the
    carriers were going down I-95 with the snowbirds and not to my location. Any
    transportation company should have known this happens at this time of year
    but evidently that fact blew right by the folks at Tn'T.

    After a call from their 'customer service' representative, I
    became really concerned. She had arranged a Sunday pick up for my car but
    that entailed leaving the car outside where anyone could have 'picked' it
    up. The terminal manager didn't do this because my car was a Mazda Miata
    with a V-8 engine in it, and he knew it would be gone if he left it outside.
    Now tell me folks, would you even want your regular family car to sit
    outside of a Philadelphia terminal on a Sunday awaiting some carrier who
    might or might not arrive? If you don't want this, then you need to find
    another carrier, because evidently these folks don't mind doing it!

    Now comes the laugher. After I told them on Monday the 9th that if they
    couldn't find a carrier by Wednesday afternoon the 11th, that I would fly
    to Philadelphia and pick up the car and drive it to Atlanta myself, they
    cancelled the contract. They did it by claiming that my car violated this
    portion of the contract;
    "Unless otherwise noted, all pricing is predicated upon vehicle being fully
    operational and factory standard vehicle dimensions.". The customer service then states, "As you have stated, this vehicle has been modified and therefore does not
    adhere to the terms of our contract."

    In the first place this portion of the contract concerned pricing and could
    have been resolved by simply saying that I owed more money. The dimensions
    of the vehicle were stock, changing the engine doesn't change the body.
    Evidently these folks know cars about as well as they know carriers. I can't
    believe that any competent attorney approved such garbage. You don't think it could have been because they couldn't find a carrier to fulfill their contract,
    that the fault became mine, do you?

    My vehicle was operational and met all outside dimensions of a stock Miata. In other words, it was a stock Miata as far as hauling is concerned. What they did by
    claiming this was a violation of the contract, was to potentially make EVERY modification that you might have made to your car a possible reason for invalidating your contract. Especially if they can't find a carrier. Add a rear view mirror that isn't stock, then if it isn't an exact replacement and you have
    technically violated their contract. If you have modified your vehicle in any way, you might want to take this interpretation of dimensions into account when
    selecting a carrier!

    As for keeping in touch, yes if you initiate the contact! The only company
    initiated contact I had from them was when the customer service representative called me on Tuesday the 3rd to say they were 'actively searching' for a carrier and then on Saturday morning the 7th to say that her Sunday pick-up had fallen through. Thank goodness for small favors.

    There are others out there that are far better than Tn'T. Do yourself a
    favor and find them.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Thanks for the recommendations, and glad to have you in the Forums - Welcome!

    (PS - If you type without the CAPS LOCK on, it makes it easier for others to read your posts - thanks!)


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  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I'll vouch for Passport and Horseless carriage. Also Gold Rush Motorsports.

    They are who deliver our Lamborghinis, all very professional. Which is more than I can say about Lufthansa air cargo but I digress... they sent a sold car to LAX instead of JFK last month.
  • tombeatombea Posts: 2
    Yes, and don't forget Exotic Car Transport. Vehicles are handled by drivers who are used to doing this and the owners of the business have a keen sense of the financial and physical attachments we have with our cars. Their prices are extremely reasonable for enclosed carriers.
  • Merely go to (Los Angeles Better Business Bureau) and do a check on the Car Carrier... A grade of "F"...

    The problems I had with these guys are unbelievable... Including my car getting a parking ticket while it was in their custody!!! Never mind 2 week late delivery...

    Customer Service HORRENDOUS... 4 or 5 young women who answer the phone and NEVER let you talk to "TOM", the manager...

    STAY **FAR** AWAY...
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Do you notice that most people posting to this topic generally are new members who post ONE time and are rarely heard from again???
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ... **Do you notice that most people posting to this topic generally are new members who post ONE time and are rarely heard from again??? ..**

    You mean ........ like the ones that say they paid $1,500 back of invoice, minus the holdback and then they got the $1,000 incentive money - plus they received Nada retail for their trade.?? ... you read those "one posters" all the time over at the "prices paid" forum ..l.o.l..

    It's funny, the other posters will ask for the dealers name, a contact source or just a little help - and all they ever get is the sound of crickets ....

    I gotta give Kyfdx alot of credit for having the patience to read all of that "stuff" ......... :sick:

    Terry ;)
  • Why would anyone come back? Like me, I had a bad experience and wanted someplace to vent... What else would there be to say on this subject?
  • Husband wants to purchase a truck on ebay alot is involved to get temp tag from DMV. We live in Maryland truck is in Chicago that is about 800 miles from us would you advise getting it shipped or going to DMV. It sounds like alot of some risk in getting a truck shipped. Thanks in advance. Buff
  • I have a dealer in CA interested in buying my car. In the negotiations, he's going way down on the price because of his shipping costs. I'd like to know about what shipping costs might be so I can negotiate better. Any ideas?
  • porsche88porsche88 Posts: 1
    I would strongly recommend that you steer clear of these companies. Had a very unfavorable experience with them.
  • eshapseshaps Posts: 1
    Reading the previous posts makes me wonder if we should hire a transport company! What horror stories!

    We are looking to ship our Jeep Cherokee from NYC to Chicago (open transport/door to door). Has anyone had a good experience with any transport companies going to Chicago????
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    If it were me.... I'd take a cheap Southwest flight one-way to NYC, then drive it back to Chicago.. You can probably get it done for $400 including ticket, shuttle and gas.... and about 18 hours of your time...

    I never hear anything good about car transport companies..

    (not the host here)


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  • I shipped my Infiniti SUV from Chicago to Sacarmento and had no problems. It was 3 years ago and if I can find my invoice I will let you know the name of the company.
  • msunc02msunc02 Posts: 1
    They're the rudest people on the phone. They will never return your phone calls. Being treated in this manner, you can't trust this company with your car. Don't even bother calling.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Thanks for the info, but posting it once is enough. It starts to look like spam/advertising if you continue to post the same links in every post (even if you don't intend it that way).

    If you want to create a permanent reference to these links for all members to visit, or want to offer even more advice on transporting vehicles, you can set it all up on your CarSpace page at



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  • They are horrible! They take your stuff just fine, but then they never answer their phone and they lie lie lie! if you use them you better have a bundle of cash to cover any extra costs!!!! :mad:
  • Transporting a car? Great. IF you end up using a broker remember you'll be paying a lot MORE than going directly to the trucking company. THEN to add insult to injury some brokers, like I.C.S out of MO, turn around and do NOT pay their transporter (the truck). So next time you have a complaint about a time delay, remember it is most likely the broker who could not find a truck, or refused to pay the truck enough to transport your vehicle. Be careful as well when using places like I.C.S. Because not only will they charge your credit card over and over, but then the trucking company comes after YOU to be paid because I.C.S refuses to pay their bills! Even after YOU paid I.C.S for the transport!
  • Autotrail Transport, affiliated with A Eastern Connection, should not be in business! Read all the negative reviews at !!! There are numerous complaints on BBB site also. They are extremely sneaky and trick customers into their lies and unfair business practice. They yell at you if you try to call, charge all sorts of fees, make you feel guilty, and hang up on you! STAY AWAY from this headache and I wish we could somehow get their license suspended. Companies like this should not be allowed to lie to people and cash in millions of dollars from unsuspecting customers.

    If you are another unfortunate victim of this company, post your reviews, file a complaint on BBB's site, contact FMCSA, do whatever it takes! Your time and effort will be much appreciated if it can prevent others from falling into the traps of this aweful company. I don't know all the laws but I certainly think that this type of business practice is illegal. Cheating and lyeing should not be tolerated and Autotrail/A Eastern should not be in business!
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