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Ford F-250 Owners



  • 2001, 57,000 miles. Well taken care of truck. Other than this, looks new
  • If this wasn't a problem with almost all 98-2004, I probably would not expect anything, but when for alll intents and purpoese, this was a design flaw, the Ford should step up and fix on a one to one basis as needed, and maybe not a recall
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well, the truck is certainly too old to be warranted, but the mileage is a different bear - I tend to agree with you, Ford should own your engine and fix or replace it. Wish I could help you with that - if I worked for Ford, I'll do it for ya.
  • I'm Looking at Buying an F250, with the 5.4L. it has 200,000 miles on it. Is that a bad miliage? i know its alot, but is that really bad on that truck? What are normal problems for that?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    IT all depends upon the maintenance and use on that truck. I'd be careful what you pay for it. If it's been well maintained, it should still have some life left in it, but generally, that truck is about done. The 5.4L is an excellent motor, but 150,000 miles is usually the easy life span under normal circumstances, before you could have some concerns about it. If very well maintained, it should be fine for another 100,000. Who knows? You have given us almost nothing to go on. Like, what does the rest of the truck look like? What year is it? What transmission? How has it been used? How many owners? Details, man, we need details to give you a useful answer. As for the 5.4L in general, there are no weaknesses universal to that engine.
  • check the manifold bolts. probably rusted off. Also checkthe front brake self adjusting pins. Probably also rusted and locked in place
  • I have a 03 6.0 with a k&n filter and while pulling about 9000lbs up a hill it blows some anti fz out I have had it at the dealer about 6 times the 1st dealer thought it was a blown head gasket my dealer at home cant find out why its doing that it has 100000 miles on it now does anyone have any clues last time it did it I was only taching about 2200rpms @bout 50 mph it also has a 373 gear in it
  • I have a 1999 super duty, and need to replace the shocks. This is my daily driver but also pull our boat. Looking for something that would give me that luxury ride but have the stones to be fully loaded and pulling a boat. Any suggestions??
  • You do not mention where you are blowing out antifreeze. It could be a water pump, head gasket, overflow reservoir, radiator. You need to pin point the exact location. If you have it coming out of the exhaust. you have a head gasket issue. Is the truck overheating?I wouldn't tow anymore until it's fixed.
  • Well, you shouldn't have bought a truck if you wanted that luxury ride. Having said that, I have always had good luck with rancho shocks. They can take the cargo load and towing just fine. I would get the type that you can adjust the air with. That way you can set it up while towing or while driving under normal conditions. Rancho shocks are a reasonable price too.
  • Wondering what sort of fuel mileage I should get with this new F250 that I just got.
    I only have about 500 miles on it right now and the mileage really is poor.
    I have 13000lb trailer that I have pulled a bit just to get ready to go on a trip and I see that my mileage is low. Not sure how low it really is, but it seems to be some where around 8 mpg.

    Is this about right? Seems low but maybe once the vehicle is broken in , it might be better? Anyone agree?
  • its coming out the over flow I took it to another dealer and there saying it needs head gaskets and a egr but now it has 101300 miles on it and ford will not cover it even thow its been going on since it had 97000 miles on it back in july can you belive that!! Ford will not cover it and its been to 3 differnt ford dealers now
  • If it's only coming out of the black overflow tube connected to your plastic reservoir, it does not need a head gasket(s). Don't put so much fluid in the reservoir and see what happens.
  • First of all, do not pull a trailer until you have at least 500 miles on the truck. I waited until I had 1000 miles. You need to let everything break in before pulling a bohemoth trailer such as yours. Your fuel mpg will be at 8-10 mpg towing and 12 or so mpg with normal driving. Congrats on your new purchase.
  • heck this has been going on since july the service manager told me that too i got it right out of the shop and went on a camping trip and it started blowing it out going up the hill at 50 mph 22 23 rpm the temp gage only goes up just a tad its been at there shop like 6 times everytime im pulling the camper and its only a 27ft camper maybe 9000lbs loaded
  • heck this has been going on since july the service manager told me that too i got it right out of the shop and went on a camping trip and it started blowing it out going up the hill at 50 mph 22 23 rpm the temp gage only goes up just a tad its been at there shop like 6 times everytime im pulling the camper and its only a 27ft camper maybe 9000lbs loaded its just blowing it out the top of the cap so I think its the head gasket leting go a little bit
  • Had the same thing happen on a service van I used to drive at work. Least little thing and it would blow out anti freeze. Turned out it was a clogged radiator. Find a good radiator shop and take truck to them. They may be able to boil out the radiator and solve your problem.
  • on an 2003 6.0 plugged up already I can drive 90mph with no load for 350 miles straight and it runs like a charm and it doesn't ever get hot at all even pulliin a load it dosent get hot until it blows out all the anti fx
  • My starter won't disinguage, Has new starter and solenoid, my next guess is the ignition switch in the steering colum is bad. Are there any other options? Thanks
  • Thanks for your note on the mileage question and the suggestion that more miles on the truck would be good before being serious about what the mpg was/is.

    I agree with that (now). I went to my Ford dealer and they said the same thing.
    So I have done that and in two days I am taking off on a 1500 mile trip to Florida and will know for sure what my real fuel mileage is after I get there.

    Cheers and thanks again for your thoughts.

  • have a 99 F250 SD, V-10, 5sp, 4x4, 84,000 miles. Bought it 2 months ago, have put 10,000 miles. Took a long road trip, 2000+ miles , no load. The transmission broke at the tailshaft housing just in front of the transfer case. Before it went, I thought I had a u joint binding, but that's not what broke. The truck has had light use, good maintainance. Any ideas on what could have cause the problem?
  • My speedometer recently quit working oin my 00' F250 Diesel. I have checked all fuses. They are all fine. I also pulled the cluster and it is plugged in good. At the same time my ABS light came on and has stayed on. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • tadortador Posts: 4
    Hey how are ya'. I've actually done that myself, not a super-duty, but a Ford with a Borg Warner 1356 T-case. If it's the same issue which I'm guessing it is, there's an adapter between the t-case and the tranny, the adapter is a high stress point. If you work the truck HARD, or *ahem* ... sidestep a few times, it can crack that adapter. I'm guessing the previous owner of your truck cracked it without knowing, and you were the lucky devil to own it when it let go. Stuff a new adapter in there and you should be in good shape. I doubt it'll break again under normal use conditions.
    Best of luck,
  • tadortador Posts: 4
    There is an electronic speed sensor in the top of your rear differential housing, it has gone bad. This sensor is also tied into your ABS system which is why you're getting an abs fault. It's an easy fix; order a new "vehicle speed sensor", stuff it in the dif. case and you should be all set.
  • Would it be possible that leaving the manual hubs locked in for long distance at high speed could cause the housing to break? I have always just left the hubs locked for months at a time, just not any real long interstate driving, but didn't know if this transfer case is different.
  • I have 6,576 miles on my '08 6.4 diesel and I was able to squeeze 16mpg out of it on a 636 mile trip. I was hauling around 2,000lb with the cruise set on 60mph the whole trip.
  • My 00' Powerstoke makes weird revving noises on cold mornings. If I let it sit and idle, it revs up sometimes but sounds like it is sucking air. I know two others with trucks similar to mine. Theirs do the same. Even when I drive it loses power sporadically. It only does this when its cold. When its warm it has more power than I could ask for. Anyone know this weird thing about the 7.3s?
  • I 'm looking 4 an owner's manual for my '94 F250. Any idea would be appreciated.
    Tks. BEEZER
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