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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I am new to the diesel world and I am looking at buying a 2002 F250 Lariat 4x4 7.3L with 280k miles for $9500. It is clean outside an has little repair on the leather. Can anyone tell me what to watch out for?
  • rocko8rocko8 Posts: 7
    Well i hear that the 7.3 is a great motor but i would be worried about the high miles. i know people that have that same truck but not quiet that many miles. it may go another 100k miles...who knows? i heard that the worst thing ford did was change the motor sizes. Good luck. Stay away from the me.
  • We have a 2002 F250 with the 6.8L V10 and it is awesome, Never misses a beat 85K miles. We also have a Chevy Trailblazer (2002) and the entire dash went whacky. Chevy said that the problem started on 2003 models and they were offering to repair for a huge discount. Since I had an 02, they said Sorry, we cant help.
  • rocko8rocko8 Posts: 7
    i had a 2004 F250 6.0, the EGR cooler was leaking. Bolton ford told me to bring it to them. It had 88,000 miles on it. They said it was still under the 100,000 mile warrenty. I drove it to them and they said it will be ready in 3 days. On the second day of them having it they called me and told me that it was not under warrenty due to the over 5 years old(barely). Itseemed like they would have told me that when i was on the phone with them. I had it in a local shop when i called them. Anyway that put me back another week. The point here is there has been alot of problems with the F250 6.0 EGR systems. Ford should do a recall on them. I had to bring it back to the local mechanic where he fixed it for 2800.00 along with changing the high pressure oil pump which i still don't know how it went out while not being driven. Ford has lost a customer for life along with Bolton ford of lake charles louisiana. I am now the proud owner of a 2007 GMC 4WD duramax...for life. i love it!!
  • Hi, I need some help ASAP...
    I have a 1997 F-250 diesel with the 7.3 liter engine, the "better" axle ratio (can't remember exactly what the ratio is), long bed, extended cab, 4X4. I am looking at a 4-horse gooseneck trailer with living quarters, need to know exactly how much weight my truck can haul -- but just as important, how much weight can my truck STOP reliably, without being scary or unsafe. The trailer is a good buy, so I need to know ASAP or it will be sold to someone else...
    Thanks a lot.
  • Hello, My 2002 F250SD has the extending tow mirrors. I noticed that neither of them want to move 'up' when I use the adjustment switch. I have to roll down the window and manually move them up. When I push the switch up, the go to the right and click like a gear might be broken. Are they are to replace?
  • What is it?

    I love her, but my Old Lady Truck needs to be replaced. I want the same power, reliability and simplicity of her bad [non-permissible content removed] engine. I also like her nice overdrive option for 70 mph on the highway.

    More specs: I think she's geared 3.73. She takes me around every day, but also hauls my two-horse aluminum bumper pull plus horses and all the fixin's just fine. The next one will have to do the same job.

    Ideas? Recommendations? Warnings? Do I jump ship from Ford to, say, a Cummins? Blasphemy, I know.

  • For better and for worse:

    My 1990 7.3 L is great... but at 320K miles wants a new fuel injection pump. Otherwise, this truck is a mechanical rock. No leaks, no burning oil, no unhappy glow plugs, nuthin;. And this one has taken me everywhere day in, day out, plus hauled horses.
  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    I have had absolutely no problems motor wise, but... electronics, another story.. one time pulling my boat back from eastern oregon, it quit, something about a cam sensor in the computer.. it turns on the back up alarm light most of the time, can't reset it.. turned out the center console in the roof for a week, then came back on.. my overdrive light comes on, shift to neutral, back to drive, and it goes out.. sometimes my coil light comes on, you have to stop, turn the key off, and restart, then it goes out.. and last but not least, this is a weird one, if my high beams are on, I cannot shut the truck off.. turn off the key, take it out, its still running, turn off the high beams and it quits.. it will do this everytime the high's are on..? anyone else having electronic fuzz bombs? Ford denies that there is a problem with the computer on the 2002 model, yet many people have told me about their 2002 electronic problems.. ? thanks..
  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    frankly, I'd stay away from the newer diesels.. when they got rid of the 7.3, they got rid of the best diesel motor available.. those new ones are giving everybody a bunch of problems.. my neighbor bought a newer model, traded his 2002 in.. he wound up making Ford buy it back, it was in the shop more than at home.. my 2002, other than computer problems has been great.. enough power to do what I want.. and people don't believe it, but I get over 22 mpg hiway.. sometimes upwards of 26mpg.. I do put Marvel Mystery oil in my fuel, and the Diesel additive (because of the extreme cold up here).. I've been challenge many times over this fuel economy, and proved that its true.. so, I can't say anything bad about my 7.3L.. love this truck.. had a 1990 GMC Sportside 4X4 before.. loved it, kept it 11 years.. but wanted that extra room to recline my seat and give give me leg room.. this thing is huge, seat half way forward had plenty of leg room for a 6'3" guy and the back has more room than a Lincoln Towncar.. its comfy, and with the 4wheel drive, has taken me everywhere I've tried to go..
  • Again, comparing these to my 1990 Dinosaur (too cold-blooded and too stupid to die):

    When were the last good 7.3Ls made? When did Ford start adding computer crap that made these Cretaceous-age engines too specialized for their own good?

    In a recent conversation with an actual mechanic, he said the 6.0s were nightmares, but the 6.4 was a close second. Do y'all agree?

    I assume the point of a smaller engine is more power for better fuel milage?

    Do you comparative anatomists out there think that the 6.0s (when they work) and 6.4s deliver a total product that's as good as, or better than a 7.3?

    Thanks for your input!
  • I would like to buy a used f-250 lariat 4x4 2001 to 2004.
    I am curious about the engines available and their MPG.
    And any known mechanical issues that are common to those years.
    I have a 6000 lb boat that I would be pulling.

    I would appreciate any input.
  • I bought a used F250SD (2002) Lariat. LOVE IT ! We have the V10 6.8L gas engine and we pull a 10,000 pound fifth wheel with no problem. Gas mileage SUCKS, about 10-12 mpg, but who cares ? It pulls the 5er with the a/c on, stereo blasting, in total comfort.
  • i hav a 96 F250 4x4 powerstroke 7.3 diesel and thinkin of puttin a chip or programer in it but i hav no idea what would give me more horses and mpg's can anyone help???
  • I have finally cured all the problems with the Superduty F350 with a 6.0 Liter Powerstroke engine.
    Body still looked like it was fresh off the showroom floor. Interior was also just great.
    -No more blown head gaskets, no more leaking inter-coolers, no more replacing the computer module, no more differential problems., no more shifting problems - Since it seemed the dealer had it more often than I did, I sold it and cured all my problems.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    10-4 some folks have had a lot of problems from these trucks. but i work with and 04 f-250 that i have had grossed out at 26,000 with trailer and got the job done. at 121,000 it still is a baby. also it is a 4x4. the problem with this truck is either you get a good one or you don't. and if you get a bad one you need deep pockets. :confuse:
  • keyless entry stopped working. stereo dosnot turn off automatically.door ajar light stays on all the time .doors have to be manual you have any ideas
  • good morning. new to this site. of course i find it after i bought my truck. i have an 05 f250 super duty lariat short bed 5.4l. it has 57026 on it. does anyone heard of any known problems with particular model? so far it runs very well. dealer i bought from said they replaced the brakes on it and did the standard oil change and stuff before it was put up for sale. wasn't real thrill they wouldn't replace the tires but said they would pay half for new ones. i'm putting on the cooper adventurer atr's (275-70r-18). got it at a very good price. just wanted some input.

    thanks in advance...
  • My truck lost has all power, it feels like it is loading up. It will only do 20mph and blows lots of white smoke. It idles fine but still smokes. Have changed the fuel filter, when taking cap off fuel sprayed out with lots of pressure.
  • Hey I just bought a really decent 92 F-250 and every thing was going great but now there seems to be some slight confusion. I have two tanks that I'm almost positive runs off two seperate fuel pumps. The other day she stalled out in Reverse and I had assumed in was because I switched her over to the front tank ( I normally run on the rear) Which made me assume fuel related (Pump,Filter,Line Etc.) Well yesterday she stalled again on my rear tank in Reverse and again today in Reverse. Does any one know if maybe there's some kind of connection with reverese and my Stall problem? Or has any one had this problem?
  • Its been awhile since I let go of my 92 but if memory serves me right there are two pumps on this truck,one in each tank. However they use one common fuel filter. I would start with that since it is an inexpensive fix, about ten dollars if you do it yourself.
  • What kind of modifications have you done to it
  • hydroagehydroage Posts: 1
    Hi Malo,

    Your best bet is a good Electrolyser. It will clean the pistons, the lifters and improve the mpg big time.

  • frhrwafrhrwa Posts: 6
    well, I don't know what an electrolyzer is? but if its anything like the "Pazer Magnum".. ha ha ha.. if you only want clean pistons, clean lifters, get rid of the carbon, super lube, lube all of your fuel system, and better mileage... Use Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel! don't believe it? try it before you condemn it..
  • Now before you say it yes i know its on the inside of the door. But iam sitting in Iraq and my truck is at home. I need the info for the new plow iam lookiing at and my wife cant figure out the door sticker. Imagine that. So if u could help me out it would be great. Thanks
  • :confuse: Can anyone help me? I just bought my first f250 xlt 2004. I need to know if I can have baby seat anchorage points installed, so I can justify buying it to the old lady.
  • I have a 05 250 6.0 diesel with 93,000 on it and its been in the shop 5 times in the last four mouths. The last time they had my heads and turbo off (4000 miles ago). Now I have a blown engine due to a foreign object (shop said ballbearing). Then Ford said it was vandalism ,now my insurance company said not a chance. What would be the best next step? PLEASE RESPOND
  • tmwattstmwatts Posts: 1

    I have a 1999 Ford F-250 which will not start. The starter makes no noise when I turn on the ignition. I tried jumpstarting with another vehicle and same result. I checked the fuses related to the starter or ignition and they are either not populated or do not appear to be be blown. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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