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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • jollysammyjollysammy Posts: 10
    depends on what you mean...

    "...all the options"

    list the options indicated and then the deal can be evaluated accurately...
  • fourringsfourrings Posts: 12
    Big Tow
    Mobile Theater System
    Side Air Bag
    Sirius Satellite
  • cwleighcwleigh Posts: 8
    Well folks, I've been enjoying my '05 CC for the last week (I mean two
    weeks, where does the time go when you're having fun!). I want to share
    some details of the deal. I did the '.com' thing. I have never even considered doing an internet deal prior to Edmunds and other forums. For me it
    was awesome, I had some very specific equipment I wanted and of course,
    my color too.

    The dealers in the SE aren't fond of putting bench seats in loaded
    4x4's. None of the dealers for miles around wanted to pull a straight
    forward, super good, no games deal and all I found was one that was a demo
    (not for me) and one that was black. I think the black (red brawn is
    nice too) is the best looking but the almost daily showers and heat of
    south Florida don't agree with black.

    I found '' by following a link off of one of the message boards I frequent, it might have been this one, I don't remember. They did as the ads say, $500 under invoice and I kept the rebate, $1500 in my case. My truck had a window MSRP
    of $41870. I paid $35600 + a minimal documentation fee of $35 or $50 (I
    forget). I clicked on a sponsored link from their site and hooked up
    with a shipper. $1075 from metro Seattle Washington to Ft. Myers Florida.
    I think that's about as far as you can go in the contiguous 48. In my
    mind I got exactly the truck I wanted for about $1000 under invoice. The salesman I
    dealt with was awesome. He had two trucks on his lot that were very close but not my first choice in color. He jumped through hoops to arrange a dealer swap with another dealer that was 200+ miles away just so I could have my color! Now, I did find the truck by using the inventory search feature of Nissans website but a deal like that and a dealer swap! Wow! I personally chose to use a form of 'blank check' from one of the big online lenders. The dealers business manager did come up with some
    good alternatives and was understanding/accepting of the fact I wanted to
    follow through and go with the online loan company. Both were extremely capable,
    knowledgeable, attentive (quick to respond to calls and emails) and low
    pressure. Overall I have no hesitation recommending this program to anyone if
    it suits your needs.

    I just loved how easy the whole deal went with a very good price...

    Chris, proud owner of a beautiful white LE, bench seat, CC, OR, BT,
    4x4, Roof, side airbag equipped Titan.
  • falloranfalloran Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm currently researching a Titan LE CC with a sunroof but without the Nav pkg, DVD and all the other hoopla I don't need (or want to pay for as part of a package). I do want power everything and all the LE amenities, but am having a difficult time finding any Titans with a sunroof at all much less one with the sunroof but without the nav and other stuff. I'd really be interested in finding out both the web site you went through to get your deal and the name of the salesman you had such a good experience with. I'm in northern Nevada and wouldn't mind taking a weekend trip to Seattle for the right price. After reading many of the posts here I've concluded that my target price (after rebates) should be around $32K-$33k. If someone more knowledgeable would let me know if I'm on target in that price range I'd greatly appreciate it. The first price I got from Reno Nissan was $41K for an LE CC with sunroof, nav, and big tow. I only want the sunroof and won't pay $40K for a vehicle. Any guidance from you experienced buyers would be greatly appreciated. cwleigh, If you'd be willing to do it, I think you can just click on my username and email me that web-site. I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  • rfs830rfs830 Posts: 3
    I was wondering if everyone was able to get the rebate. I was checking the websire and If I finance with nissan it shows that I will only get 500 for a rebate and get 3%. Are dealer still giving the full rebate to people.

    Im looking to get a

    Crew Cab LE 4x4 with
    Big Tow Package
    Side Air Bags Package
    with msrp of $38,570.00

    hoping for out the door of 33 or 34k.

    Thanks in advance
  • romar35romar35 Posts: 1
    Thanks to all for input on this forum. It has been a huge help.

    The Deal:

    CC SE
    Rockford Package w/ Captain
    Big Tow
    Utility Bed Package
    Trac Package

    1st Deal -

    28240.00 Price is 500 under invoice. I got them to throw in step rails and tint on front windows. Lease with 3000 down and .0015 money factor puts payment at 409/month.

    I thought this was a pretty good deal but they accepted way to fast. So I decided to check around.

    2nd Deal -

    The dealers in next town said they would do everything that was offered plus throws in fog lights and theater system and keep my payment at 410. Now I would not be wondering how they could do this but after I told them I was only putting 1000 down w/ the first dealer they said they could do it w/ 1500. I told them I liked the DVD and agreed. I am waiting on truck to be delivered and I am expecting for something to be wrong with this 2nd deal.

    The Question:

    Does anyone see how they can come this low? Please tell me if I am missing something.
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    I hope someone is out there with some good advice. I love checking this site to see and compare the deals people got. I currently am being offered an 05 CC LE 4X2 Titan with Sunroof, Navigation, Big Tow for $30,666. I had orginally offered and wanted $33K out the door with those options, plus DVD but the above is what he returned to me. Is this a good deal? So with the tax, etc should equal about $33k. What more should I Counter offer to etiher get the DVD or something else to seal the deal? Is a request for an extended warranty equitable or easy for a dealer to do? Or am I at my limit and should take the deal and run?
  • marlin410marlin410 Posts: 5

    I went to my dealer looking for an xe crew cab with no add ons and they have vehicles there with less options than they are listed as coming with standard from the factory. How do I figure pricing on such a stripped vehicle, I would not mind buying a cc with hand crank windows and manual locks etc. but I don't have a clue to the real price.
    All I want is a cc as base as possible to work out of and pick up my chidren in after work, has anyone else seen such a vehicle? It seems like most who post here are looking for all the bells and whistles.
    is the invoice price of 23,3xx for a totally stripped vehicle or for an xe with everything it says it comes with standard in the nissan brochure?
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    You might want to check on the standard feature list for the xe crewcab. From my experience, I don't believe pw and pl are standard options. Do you mean those options?

  • marlin410marlin410 Posts: 5
    yes exactly, the dealer told me and then pointed to vehicles with a solid one piece back glass (not even a manual slider!) and told me that his advertised special XE models whether cc or kc had manual windows and locks. in other words fewer options than listed as having in the nissan brochure.
  • marlin410marlin410 Posts: 5
    to amend my previous message the 05 nissan brochure indicates power windows and door locks including a power rear slider as standard options on a XE cc. I must admit I was a little surprised to find this out after my salesman told me it was part of an option package. although I should not be too surprised at his ignorance, he also told me there was only a 6" difference in bed size between the kc and cc when it shows a full foot in the brochure. and when I asked him about FFV he was completely confused. :confuse: ">
  • tace1233tace1233 Posts: 1
    I just got an '05 crew cab, SE model with running boards for $24,200!! I went on the last day of the month (best time to buy) and had a new salesman who told me to take this truck (minus the running boards) home overnight to "test it out". I had told him I wasn't going to spend more than 24,000. The next day I went back and told them I would take it for that price, but only if they "threw in the running boards". The "real" salesmen were there as well as the owner. They tried to get me into the XE model with the bench seat, steel rims, steering column shift, etc. and I told them no way. After 2 hours of them begging and pleading with me, I got my SE (PLUS they threw in the running boards, which they added the following week) When I got home and checked the LIST (26,000) on this model, NOT MSRP (28,500) I was beside myself. Don't give up and be ready to walk out!
  • dkrenzdkrenz Posts: 1

    I've had 1 replacement set of rotors done; 2 turnings and am waiting (til September I'm told!) to get my 3rd set of rotors - and I've only got 10k kms on the clock! This is almost unforgivable design incompetence from a company like Nissan, in my view. The truck is, outside of this brake fiasco, a beautiful machine that lives up to or exceeds all my other expectations for 1500 series vehicle.

    I just wish they could have designed the brakes better!
  • rfs830rfs830 Posts: 3
    I still need to know if you all are still able to get 2000 cash back and still able to finance with nissan. I dont really want to finance with someone else but if I have to to get the 2k off I will.
  • rfs830rfs830 Posts: 3
    ok i think i found out. I may not be able to get to finance with nissan but the dealer may still be able to finance with someone else so that I can still get the rebate.
  • marlin410marlin410 Posts: 5
    nevermind my previous post, once again I trusted the salesman and once again I have been fooled. The trucks he was referrring to that were minus "standard" options were KC's not CC's and that makes sense now.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    the $2000 rebate is not available with nissan financing, though dealers often work with other banks, so they can still arrange financing for you and you can still get the rebate. however if you want the special financing, through nissan, you aren't gonna get the $2000. (sometimes, nissan will offer a smaller rebate, like $500 with the special financing, but i dont think the titan has that now - i could be wrong - i dont have my incentives book in front of me as i type this!)

    good luck!

    -thene :)
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    Incredible deal!. Please tell me the dealership you got this deal from. THe best deal I am being offered with those options are $33,500 plus Tax and Lic and other fees and that is not with the extended warranty and other little perks you got. I am here in Southern Calif.
  • jollysammyjollysammy Posts: 10
    Serramonte Nissan here in Northern California...

    this was a special deal, he had 3. The 4X2LE and 2 4X4LEs, I believe all 3 are gone.

    In this situation, I was just in the right place at the right time. With gas hitting all time highs...

    I love this truck...
  • titan21titan21 Posts: 1
    I went Saturday and purchaed a Titan XE KC 2wd with the following options:
    spray in liner
    tailgate extender
    tinted windows
    sliding rear window
    6-cd player/changer
    manual locks, windows
    overhead storage console
    60/40 Split bench
    I paid 19,400+tax
    Was this a good price or not?
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know where I can get a 05 Red Brawn LE CC Sunroof/DVD/Navigation Graphite/Titanium interior/Capt Chairs? Sounds easy..I have searched or had every dealer in Southern Cali search from Washington state/Arizona/Nevada etc. They all tell me there is NONE. The only other option is setttle Steel Interior or order one But that means no $2000 rebate becuase they are only ordering 06's.. Any suggestions beside getting an alternative color? Anyone having a lease end with those specs? I was and am still willing to fly to another state purchase it..Maybe ship if prices is reasonable or drive it if it is within reach..
    "Thene" Any suggestions or insight?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124

    are you looking for 4x4 or 4x2? being as though i am in the northeast, the majority of our trucks are 4x4. i did a locate and found the following truck:

    2005 Nissan Titan LE CC 4x4
    Red Brawn Exterior
    Graphite Titanium Interior
    Off Road Package
    Side Airbags
    Tow Package

    MSRP: $42,350
    Invoice: $38,123

    Is that what you were looking for? Like I said, there is one out here on the east coast (a second one has way more options)

    -thene :-)
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    This was Almost there..I want a 4X2 with all those options you mentioned Except the 4x4, Off Road Package. Thanks so much for looking. I even called CHarleston, S.C. this morning and they had one with Sunroof and side airbags but steel interior. I have an appointment tomorrow to look at one with everything I want except its steel interior, so I may end up settling with that. COuld have been a worse settle. Still, a very beautiful vehicle..I'll let everyone know what happens..
    But if that graphite/[non-permissible content removed] appears from somewhere before tomorrow evening..Who knows...

  • delta42delta42 Posts: 2
    I have been negotiating a deal here in the Atlanta area on a Titan LE Crew Cab(smoke) w/ Navigation, Big tow and Mats. I offered $32,690 out the door and after 4 days of talking they accepted.
    Total invoice $32084
    Doc Fee $599
    Plus Taxes (6%) = $34643
    Plus + title/lemon law =$34689
    Less $2000 Rebate= $32689 (DOP)

    Do any of you think this is an ok deal? This is the only smoke color truck around with the options I want and they know it. If this deal looks ok than I am going to go for it. Thanks for any input
  • blizzisublizzisu Posts: 6
    Just picked up a 05 SE KC 4x2 in Galaxy Black and Steel last night w/ the following options:

    -Utility Bed Package
    -Utili-Track Sliding Bed Extender
    -Floor Mats

    $24,435 before TTL
    $21,935 after $2500 rebate

    I think i did about as good as I could do, and in my opinion it wasn't even that hard to get them down that low. Just used the info I found on this board.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Hey, if you're happy with it, then go for it! It doesn't matter what I think. But since you asked, if it were me, consider:

    *the 599 doc fee is tantamount to first degree assault using a purchase order. They'll tell you it's non-negotiable, but I wouldn't pay more that 100-150 for the minimal amount of work that they do for it. They will say they can't reduce the fee; I say fine, then reduce the price of the truck by $499 (or whatever you're comfortable with). You have to ask yourself whether it's worth it to you to maybe lose this deal (and truck) over the money (then there's that pesky notion of being taken to the financial shed).

    **Holdback is about 3% of invoice. That's about $960. My tactic (sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not) is to split that. So there's anohter $480.

    If this were me, I'd go back and ask for $975 off this truck, but at a minimum, I'd ask for a reduction in that ludicrous doc fee. I've fallen in love with many trucks over the years, but would have fallen out of love for $500+++!!!

    Bottom line, what do YOU want to do?

    Good luck.
  • delta42delta42 Posts: 2
    I had ran the numbers the way you talked about and this is how it seems to work out.

    BASE INVOICE $29,242.00
    OPTIONS $2,172.00
    HOLDBACK 3.00%
    GWINNETT TAX 6.00%

    DEALER FEES including title/lemon ect. ....$644.00
    REBATE $2,000.00

    1) Base + Options = A $31,414.00
    2) A – Dealer Holdback (3% OF TOTAL INVOICE) = B $30,471
    3) B x [Percent of profit going to dealer] = C $914.57
    4) B + C = D = $31,385
    5) D + Destination Cost = Negotiated Selling Cost of Car (NSCC) $32,055

    Drive out price (NSCC+Fees*Tax-Rebate) $32,878.55

    $32,700 is what I have been offered. I hope I am not making a mistake. Thanks
  • brads1brads1 Posts: 7
    FINALLY! After months of research and reviewing this forum. I picked up my 05 CC Titan LE and got what I wanted.
    Red Brawn 4x2 Sunroof/Navigation/DVD/Side airbags(If I had a choice would not have taken for the extra money)/Tow Package/ XM radio and the seats are Steel interior. Only about 4 left in California/vegas/Nevada regions. NO Graphite/[non-permissible content removed] interior with these options left.
    Total: $35, 859 (Includes $100 over invoice) plus tax, license and $8.75 California tire fee. Grand Total $38,991.31 minus $2000 rebate OTD $36,991.31. I may have been able to haggle a few more hundred dollars because it was the end of the month. However, I knew this was the only one like this left in this region and I was tired of the research, plus I think it was pretty consistent of what others had paid and some have paid more. So I think it worked out. I am estactic(sp) Thanks for all your input.

    One last question: Again what do you all think about getting the extended warranty? They tried like crazy to sell me that for 7yr/75,000 bumper to bumper for $1999 and if I had added it it would have worked out to maybe $20 more dollars a month but I was already about tapped as far as I wanted to go for this truck..I would like an extended warranty..Would be nice but what is the going rate? Was that a fair price for a warranty?
  • jollysammyjollysammy Posts: 10
    ..that was for a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty.

    They were trying for an hour to sell me a lower warranty, and I kept balking, and then I surprised him when he offered this one not thinking that I would take it....

    after 10 minutes of delay over the 5 year, I grabbed this one to his surprise...
  • menmyjpmenmyjp Posts: 19
    I have been diligently shopping for a Titan for the past two and half months and these forums are a huge help. However, I just keep holding out for "that best deal". I really appreciate and consider remarks/post in this forum I wanted to get some feedback regarding emp. pricing...Its Aug.1 and one would think that Nissan would be incline to follow suit and join in on the employee offer. Any thoughts? Am I just spinning my wheels waiting for that deal? or is it an offer that just may be around the corner? Thanks in advance for your response.
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