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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • menmyjpmenmyjp Posts: 19
    Congrats! hopefully all goes well...If you dont mind I would appreciate knowing how everything worked out "out the door" and did you opt to take the rebate or no? Thanks
  • I posted last night, but I got an email this morning from the admin telling me that my post was deleted for mentioning the name of a dealer in it. Maybe I should pay more attention to things. :confuse: The admin was gracious enough though to attach my post to the email so I could copy&paste after I edited it.

    Anyways, this was what I posted last night:

    Man what a day! After I finished up at work just enough so I could leave with a cell phone and a notepad, I headed straight to the dealer. I was in for a nasty surprise. The salesman had told me $24,400 over the phone but when I got there he said his boss wasn't going for that. He wanted $25,200 at least. The guy said he gave me the best deal possible and I turned it down. It was the 31st and he was indeed up for a bonus but it was now a fresh month and he wasn't that desperate. He told me to go ahead and check other dealers and see what kind of deals they offered, but he said not only was no one going to give me the price I wanted for the vehicle but no one was going to beat $25,200 either. If they did, then we could talk, Plus he said he had the exact style I wanted in the only color I wanted(black),and there would be a handful at best left in SoCal.

    I was like eff this, and walked right out and started hitting other dealers, I visited 2 other dealers and called at least 8 more. The guy was right, no one would beat that price. At least 3 told me just told me to go get the truck, "seriously your truck @ 25.2 is like $1200 under invoice"(which does conflict with the $1300-$1400 under invoice @ 24,750 that I was told by another dealer), and they wouldn't play in that range.

    I never got a call back from the guy so I swallowed my pride and went to the original dealership. The salesman wasn't there but we did a deal anyway. $25,000(after rebate) with half off on some seat covers. Oh well, I know when I got my [non-permissible content removed] kicked. I was tired and beat, my buddy was telling me on the phone just to get it or else I might get a deal on a truck but it probably wasn't going to be the exact one I wanted like I caved. :sick:

    All said and done with finance charges over 3 years, Cali's massive tax, lic, doc fee etc I paid a lil under 29K not counting the rebate.

    Hanks1, if you read this tomorrow. I talked to a guy, I think his name was ********* ***** at the Fontana Nissan dealership. He said he had a 91 dayer(whatever that means) like mine, and he could get a price close to the same as mine but in silver. That guy was really cool and very honest about what he could do(and not do) for me. If you are looking for a SE, 4x4, OR pkg, Pop pkg, Tow Pkg in silver you might want to hit him up, he's seems willing to come down in price and easy to work with.

    Hopefully I don't have to go shopping for a truck for a long time, it grew tiresome real quick. I'm going to bed. This will probably be my last post, so thanks to all the people who helped me out with advice and input, especially you Thene. You da man!

    Here's a pic I took this morning.


    did you opt to take the rebate or no?

    I took the $2500 rebate with 5.3% over 36 months with 10k down, it's a huge savings over the $500 rebate with 2% interest I think.
  • menmyjpmenmyjp Posts: 19
    Congrats! Great lookin truck!! Don't beat yourself up, to me sounds like you got a very nice deal- However, I would like to pick your's and Thene's brain for hopefully the last time :) . Question # 1.) Does anyone have any idea what this "91 dayer" is? Question 2.) Did you go with the Katskinz leather seat covers? Thanks for the reply in advance.

    Wait: The "big boss" just called...Said $24,500 (after 2500 reb) was the best he could do. Again heres everything: SE KC 4x4, big tow, pop pack w/ captins, floormats, and no offroad

    Whats the verdict??? Cash is burnin a hole in my pocket! haa
  • hanks1hanks1 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the help - sounds like a good deal in the end (I have watched this forum for 6 months now so I know you did real good)- good luck with the truck.
  • Hi all! I enjoyed reading your messages and finding out information on the Titan's. I bought one last Friday evening. Figured it was month-end and with the $2k rebate I might get a deal. Here's what I got:

    Titan SE $30,650
    Crew Cab
    SE Pop/w/Rockford $1,850
    Offroad $1,150
    Big Tow $400
    SE Utility Bed $950
    Floor mats $110
    Under seat storage $140
    Utilitrack bed extender $280
    Destination charge $670
    Total MSRP $36,200

    I traded in a 93 ford ranger ext cab with 160k miles. Initially they only wanted to give me $1,200 trade. But I sat there and negotiated for 3 hours and finally finished right at 10 pm.

    I gave them my truck and got this truck out the door for $30k even. Tax is 5% in idaho. Doc title & fees about $270.

    So essentially the truck cost me right at $28,530 before tax and doc fees.

    Do you think I got a good deal? The next day when I went in to pick up the truck, the sales manager showed me a piece of paper that said -$1,379.00. He said that was how much of a loss they took by selling me the truck and giving me a trade equavilent on my truck of $3,880 (could only retail at about $4k max). I'm not sure whether to believe him or not, but I own a Titan now....and I LIKE IT!!!

  • This is a hard tonneau sold by Versacover... It attaches right to the Utilitrac and requires no drilling....
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    nice truck!!!

    looks like you got a fantastic deal, and i would be very happy with it. when dealers start telling you to go buy the truck from the other guy, thats a great sign. if they can knock off a $100 or two they would - but i guess this deal left NO room for them to try to win the deal.

    btw, im the WOMAN ;-)

    oh, and for menmyjp, a 91 dayer is one that has sat on the lot for 91 days -usually dealers do NOT want to keep cars that long - anything less than 30 days is can usually do a little better price wise on vehicles that have been sitting on the lot for a while.

    -thene :)
  • I purchased my '04 Titan LE King cab for $25,499. and it has the big tow package.
    So the best thing to do is hold of on impulse and get what you WANT rather than what they want you to have. I checked on a '05 LE crew cab with big tow and it is only $27,409. So Haggle. Dont let them push you around. Good Day.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Am I hearing you right? MSRP=36200 and you got it for 28530??? Dude, that's 7670 off MSRP which is an awesome deal. Congratulations! The best I've ever seen off around here is 6500, which is sort of a benchmark deal. How did you do it? Any issues with the brakes yet? WHere are you located?

  • fin1581fin1581 Posts: 12
    He got $3800 from a trade-in.
  • Yes it is a 2x4, a 4x4 should only cost maybe about 1500 more!?!
  • I probably came close to the $6,500 equivalent beings how they only wanted to give me $1,200 for my truck anyway. The thing had 160k miles. But I went from them only giving me that to $3,880. So I haggled another $2,680 out of them. Best thing to do is find out what they'll give you without a trade to establish a base price. Then at the last minute say you do want to trade (if you have one). I just didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of selling my truck. I tried selling it once for $4500 but got no offers. So I think I still did okay.
  • Oh...and I live in Boise, Idaho. There's only 3 dealers within about 100 miles, but the one in Boise claims to give the best deals (but don't they all).
  • brickyfwbrickyfw Posts: 10
    Titan SE 4x4 Crew Cab
    Big Tow
    SE Popular with split bench
    MSRP is over 34K
    Non-sliding bed extender....but no bed utility pkg.. :-(

    I offered 31K over the phone. Sales guy said no. I told him ok and said I'd come in at the end of the week to talk about it. He said he could get there with the $2000 rebate. I said I was thinking 31K before the rebate. He said to come in at the end of the week and talk. We hung up.

    10 minutes later he called me back and said they'd take 31K. So with rebate, I got my Titan for 29K.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I've been carpet-bombing dealers in the Wash/Balto area with requests for quotes and I'm consistently getting invoice minus incentive as a price, with one or two going below that (but not by much). This is getting me about $5500 to $6000 below MSRP. But then there's Carmax, whose web site readily quotes upwards of $6300 off MSRP. Trouble with them is that I can't seem to find *the right* truck in their inventory. I'm going to see if they'll do a DX and still give me a good price.

    Anyone getting below MSPR minus invoice? I thought I read somewhere where there is a mfg to dealer thing going on, but I can't find anything about it.

    And with interest rates on the uptick, it's even more imperative to hold out for that great deal!
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    even if there are manufacturer to dealer incentives, what does that have to do with you? its not manufacturer to consumer, its to dealer. its up to him if he wants to even consider sharing that with you, and i personally dont think its fair of you to try and get that included in your deal. besides, if there even IS one, its probably only $250 per unit they sell, ONLY if they hit their target...

    also, if interest rates are on their way up, why wait longer? then your interest rate will only be higher, as you get the same deal as you would have now... (dealers still own the truck for the same price you know...its not gonna change by $2000 just because the interest rates went up)

    anyways, my 2 cents...

    -thene :)
  • menmyjpmenmyjp Posts: 19
    Well, I've got some bad news I wanted to share with some of those who have been so helpful (Thene,Waterfowler) and maybe get some feedback. I thought I had the deal sealed. But when I got to the dealership they acted like they had never seen the $24,500 quote that I was told since day one. He said the best he could do was $25,100... and when I asked him he told me the $600 difference came from me not getting a "trade credit". GRRR, first of all...We had negotiated $24,500 since day 1 with no trade second of all...all they were giving me was $2,500 for trade in the first place. In LA tax on that would only be $200 anyway. The salesman said, "so when are you coming to get it,I'll pull it and wax it now" and I said no deal. His rebutle was...Ca'mon its only like $6-7 bucks more a month. Does this deal sound familiar Waterfowler??? So, whats my next course of action. Thanks
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    What it has to do with me is that it is in my interest to know this information, especially when I live in a highly competitive area such as this. Why? Because it is the dealer who makes the decision to delve into it vis a vis the offers they make. Consumers never know for sure, but we can certainly compare offers and make some educated guesses. It's not even hard to do. I had a dealer quote me price that was essentially invoice minus rebate, that's it. When I countered, he got all indignant in an email and basically said he's not making one thin dime on the deal. Now, at the same time, I have offers that are a good $400 better (and some more than that!) than his offer. You tell me how that happens...

    I'm just trying to find out what's going on, that's all. Again, that's because this is a super competitive market.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    that stinks :mad:

    its been a while since i read this thread - was your truck a rare one? if not, walk. tell them you'll buy elsewhere, and you'll send people elsewhere. when you are given a price repeatedly, it should be honored. speak to the general sales manager, show him your checkbook or credit card, and tell him the deal is $24,500, today, if not, he wont see you again. if it doesnt work, walk. your apparently dealing with a dealer who's less than respectable anyways...

    good luck!

    -thene :)
  • menmyjpmenmyjp Posts: 19
    Thats kind of what I figured, thanks Thene. Let me pick your brain on this deal that I just got. I'll try and not post anything illegal-

    I just talked with a dealer in Fayetteville AR. He said take any Titan you want on the lot home for MSRP -$6,500 + $199. doc fee and $199 pinstripe. Basically any titan at $6,102 off. I asked him about why the mass amount of deals they were willing to make at under hold back?? He said, they have a new dealership coming in up the road and they are kicking off a program to move alot of vehicles in a very short period of time in order to project huge numbers for the dealership. Does this sound fishy or is it realistic?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    if that is a real number (and they will put it in writing for you) that sounds fair to me, based on what i am seeing titans go for. i'd say "eh" on the pinstriping, maybe you can convince them you dont like the pinstriping, but everything else is ok for you. do they have what you were looking for? i'd give it a shot and see where they fall on your price scale...if they start to get wishy-washy, just walk.

    good luck!

    -thene :)
  • hanks1hanks1 Posts: 4
    Hi Thene, I have been watching this website for 6 months now and will try to buy a Titan in the next week (finally) - I just wanted to thank you for your continued efforts, no matter what price I get it will be way lower thanks to your honest advice over the last few months - if I was on your side of the country I would buy from you just to say thanks - but I'm in LA,
    Anyway thanks again - you da woman
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    thanks for the kind words hank! i actually just left the car business last week - so i dont have any more insider information, but i will still be around to give the best help that i can. good luck with your purchase!

    -thene :)
  • ricks4ricks4 Posts: 6
    Been lurking for a while and intended to pull the trigger on a new 2005 in about a week. Just saw this article advising the 2006 will be released on Monday. Is this correct? I've previously searched for a release date and never found one but I thought the consensus of opinion was it wouldn't be until very late 2005 or early 2006. Anyone have any hard information? All my pricing/negotiating plans are out the window if this is true.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    it could be true - but i think first shipments will be made monday, so unless you are at a big dealership, you probably wont see any 2006 models for a couple weeks...but i cant be 100% sure...

    -thene :)
  • ricks4ricks4 Posts: 6
    What would you advise if I were to buy a new 2005? Obviously, a new vehicle depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot. A "new" year old model must be even worse. What kind of a deal should I expect the dealer to entertain given I would be buying in essence a year old vehicle?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    every dealer does this differently - some try to wait until the last possible minute before really discounting the crap out of the new old models...some will discount like crazy, and some will just sell them for what they are...

    its tough because the dealer still owns that vehicle for $xx,xxx and has to make a deal around that. but with the new ones probably going for close to invoice anyways, what incentive do you have in taking an 05?

    its a tough predicament, and i cant tell you what to expect, but you can see what the best you can do on one of those is - especially if its a weirdly equipped truck (odd color/equipment etc)

    good luck!

    -thene :)
  • Wow,

    my rule of thumb has always to negotiate the best deal that day and sign the deal, once you go back they never return to the original point of negotiation because the stats say that once you leave and don't take the initial deal the chances of you coming back are only 1.5%, but if you come back, the odds get infinitely better, so they can hardball you more...

    I always do my pricing research away from the target dealer, and if I have to test drive and try it out, I'll do it at another dealership...

    Its very hard to come back and expect negotitations to restart where you left off...
  • coldingcolding Posts: 2
    So what could I reasonably expect on a Titan XE 4x4 with a MSRP of $27,100? Does $21,000 seem like a good offer for me to give? Should I start lower?

    Thanks for the input.
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