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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • I have been looking for a Nissan Titan. I noticed the rebates for the 2006 have expired. Does anyone know when a new rebate will be released?
  • I just got quoted this price for a 05 SE CC. With the following:

    *RF /Power Captain
    *Utility Bed
    *Util Slider

    For $24,344 not including TTL. What do you guys think?
  • What price should I pay for this titan
    How much should they knock off the $39.0000 sticker price for this 2005

    AL Pennsylvania

    Nissan Titan Crew LE

    Total MSRP† $39,310.00
    Model: Crew LE Exterior: Red Alert
    Interior: Steel
    Drivetrain 4x4
    Packages and Options
    Big Tow Package $400
    Mobile Theater System Option $1450
    Off-Road Package $1000
    Floor Mats $120
    Utili-Track Sliding Bed Divider $270
    Base MSRP $35,400.00
    Total Packages, Options, & Accessories $3,240.00
    Destination & Handling $670.00

    Total MSRP† $39,310.00

    Standard Features
  • n8nleen8nlee Posts: 2
    Hi jcaley,

    I'm starting the process now and I think it'll be much faster than I anticipate. Would like to get that contact for a dealer in SoCal. I'm in San Diego and willing to travel.

  • n8nleen8nlee Posts: 2

    That's about what I want (except I like to get the tow package as well). That sounds very reasonable to me. Which dealership quoted you this price?

  • mnavamnava Posts: 5
    Best deal I got, is it good? Thanks

    Current Configuration 2005 TITAN 4X4 LE CR-CB AUTO
    Invoice MSRP
    BASE $31,999 $35,400
    DVD $1,258 $1,450 DVD ENTERTAIN SYS
    FLO $90 $120 FLOOR MATS
    NAV $1,735 $2,000 NAVIGATION SYSTEM
    OFF $867 $1,000 OFF-ROAD PACKAGE
    SA2 $738 $850 SAB W/O VDC
    SRF $780 $900 SUNROOF
    TOW $347 $400 TOW PACKAGE
    50S $0 $0 50 STATE EMISSION
    Freight Charge $670 $670
    Total $38,484 $42,790

    This net price is calculated as follows:
    MSRP $42,790.00
    Internet Sales Price $37,984.00
    Savings $4,806.00
    Rebate $2,250.00
    Net Price $35,734.00
    Total Savings $7,056.00
  • Hey there everyone...
    I am looking for a deal like this one.
    A 2005 Titan SE or LE Crew Cab with console/leather/5 spoke wheels and a sunroof (optional) what has everyone been paying and from which dealers?
    Thanks alot.
  • muzzymuzzy Posts: 12
    Hello all,
    Im going for the 2006 titan crew se 4x4 in the northern virginia area. I was wondering what people are paying in the area or any area for that matter. thanks
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    In the Northern VA area, I heard, but cannot verify, that some dealers are offering 10K off MSRP for the 05 KCs. I can't find this anywhere on any web site. A friend said a co-worker did just such a deal though. Take that FWIW. I haven't heard anything as to what's going on with the 05 CCs.

    As for the 06s, you can probably start at invoice and subtract the rebate (don't know what it is right now), shave off some holdback, add in some profit and go from there. I haven't heard of any outrageous deals going on with the 06s and I wouldn't expect to this early in the model year. You'll just have to do your homework and get down in the trenches with your sales person. Good luck.
  • muzzymuzzy Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info jhs70
  • muzzymuzzy Posts: 12
    does anyone out there know of any other forums to research the titan. edmunds is great, just looking for any extra info. thanks
  • Finally, since they came out, I have found the Nissan for me.The color,LE package, everything. Of course they won't be willing to deal on a 2006 this early in the year.The dealer next door is still trying to get rid or the 2005's(Dodge) for a huge 10,000 off sticker.The sticker on "my" Nissan is 36,650. I figure on waiting till at least after the holidays when there sales have gone flat. I'm thinking if they don't take at least 5k off they're taking me to the cleaners, especially if the domestics can afford to take off 10k at the end of the year. I have yet to see any drastic price cuts off the Nissan Titans. I have the patience to wait for the" deal". What does everyone think the Nissan "deal" will be??????????
  • I'm in the '05 market too. Can anyone confirm $10K off MSRP in N. VA or anywhere else? I'll travel a long way for that deal!
  • I have been reading many posts from other forums and it seems like $8,000 off MSRP on an '05 is the going price. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone done better than that?

    I am replacing my '97 F-150 in the next few weeks and would like to make an informed decision.

    -Bill :D
  • I've been looking for a couple of weeks now. Best offer I've had is $6250 off MSRP for an '05 SE CC 4WD including rebates. This works out to around $800 below invoice. '05 inventory seems to be getting a little thin now, but I'm hoping I can do better than that.
  • I just purchased an 05 KC LE. Sticker was 33990 and they sold to me for invoice minus the rebate of 3K. Thats about 19% discount off MSRP. Best deal I could find was about another 300 off but would have had to go 250 miles to get it.
  • I ran across one yesterday...2005 Crew Cab XE 4x4 only options were power windows and locks. MSRP 29,630 would sell for 24,580. I think dealer invoice should be around 26,500 which should put the truck selling at invoice less the 3,000 rebate at 23,500. Is that good or can I get better? How much under invoice is a good rule of thumb?

  • I just got a 2005 titan LE for $33,350 (almost $6.000 off the sticker) . I think I got a pretty good deal, what do you guys think. I hope I didn't get ripped off

    Let me know


    2005 Nissan Titan Crew LE

    Total MSRP† $39,310.00
    Model: Crew LE
    Exterior: Red Alert
    Interior: Steel
    Drivetrain 4x4
    Packages and Options
    Big Tow Package $400
    Mobile Theater System Option $1450
    Off-Road Package (4x4 only) $1000
    Floor Mats $120
    Utili-Track Sliding Bed Divider $270
    Base MSRP $35,400.00
    Total Packages, Options, & Accessories $3,240.00
    Destination & Handling $670.00
    Total MSRP† $39,310.00
  • 2005 (Date of Man 6/05)
    King Cab (Galaxy)
    SE Pop W/Power Captains
    Utility Bed
    Under Seat Storage
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: $32,990
    Rebate: $3,000

    I paid 26,400 after rebates plus 6.5% tax = 1912.00.

    Thats $6590 off MSRP

    Found it at Lancaster Nissan in Ohio
  • Hey, your truck sounds close to the one I'm eyeballing. The one I'm looking at has a $36650 msrp on it. From what I can tell from this forum is you should be getting $6300 off sticker. So have you broken down and gotton it yet? How did the #'s pound out? I have found exactly what I want at a local dealer and am going to hold out till after the holidays when there sales should really be in the crapper.Like to hear how it turned out for ya :confuse:
  • Kevin
    I think you did pretty good. Actually couple hundred better than me. I am looking forward to picking mine up later this week. Good luck.
  • Ya, I picked it up earlier this week. Something that kind of ticked me of is the documentation fee (sometimes called prep fee or some other bs) it was $100. The salesman admitted is was crap but claimed it was $100 in Ohio. I felt that I made up the $100 in negotiating so I it was not a show stopper. He told me that in other states like WV that he has seen it as high as $1500!

    I waited as long as I could to purchase. I was hoping Nissan would raise the rebates for Nov but as you know they stayed the same. Considering the options I wanted their were only three within 150 miles that were comprable so I gave in. All said and done I paid $28,412 after tax and title minus rebates. Good luck with you purchase. :) Kevin
  • Anyone purchased an 06 recently? I know what I want:

    LE Crew Cab
    Tow Pack
    Step Rails
    Floor Mats
    MSRP 37,275

    Trying to find a goal to shoot for in pricing.
  • Ha...they get the same $100 in Massachusetts. Title preperation and documentation fee. Its a BS fee.

    I actually bought mine the last weekend in Oct and told the dealer that if the rebate increased in Nov then I expected it. No luck and since the 05 stock was getting thin I decided to pull the trigger now.

    Got the truck yesterday and its all I expected.

    Good luck with yours

  • Hey, Good for you. Sounds like you got the best deal going. As for the doc. fee you still did real good. Up here in Me. I think it's around $250 or more. They claim it's state law. Yeah, state law that says they get a little xtra cream in their pocket! What were you driving before and how does it compare?
  • Run Deep, you have good taste! I'd like the same truck. Have you braved the salesmen yet ? How about those sites like cars below They claim the best deal, but I'm wondering how crazy the Emails will get when you throw out your address to 'em. I'm a little gun shy to take the dive now. ( just changed jobs) Love to hear how things turn out for you. We may be better off to wait till after the holidays when eveyone is in creditcard shock when they see what hey spent on xmas. What do you think :confuse: :confuse:
  • I was driving a 97 Dakota SLT Crew Cab V8. Had it for 9 years and 105K miles. It was ok but had several issues over the years and quite a few in the first 5 years. The quality and robustness were just not there for a truck. Still looks great and runs well. It was just time.

    After my first weekend with the Titan all I can say is WOW. I am impressed. I have driven PU's for the last 30 years going back to my 3 on the tree Chev C10 250 straight 6. I was initially a bit concerned with the size since I have been driving a mid size but after 300 miles I am over that. Its really not that bad. Initial Gas miledge is 15 which is about what I got with V8 Dakota. It was between Titan, Ford 150 and Tundra. I always second guess after a decision and did it here as well but if initial impressions hold this was a great choice.

  • I test drove an 06 last weekend and I am going to buy one. I didn't talk price with them at all yet and I already got a message on my machine at home. I am going back on the friday after turkey day to see if they are willing to make an end of month (quota) deal. I figure it will take them a few days to find what I want (at another dealer in the region) and I can delay a couple more days after they get it in - i.e. show up on 12/1 - to see if the rebate goes up in December for some free money.
  • hey all i just got my 06 nissan titan SE crew cab with step rails the other day.
    I was hoping if i got a good deal on this?

    Here's the list (hopefully i get most of you guys jealous =P):
    2006 titan 4x2 SE grey(smoke)
    Total MSRP before buying warranties and plans =$30,040.00
    SE popular package $1350
    Floor mats $120
    Destination charge $670
    Interior: steel
    rear sonar sensor
    thermo sensor(displays temperature)
    tow/haul mode
    mp3/am/fm/cd system with 6 speakers 6-cd changer
    power windows n locks
    rear glass
    audio mounted on steering wheel
    heated outside mirrors
    2 yr maintenance/30,000 miles premium(platinum)coverage
    5 yr tire & wheel protection
    careguard security system warranty
    gap insurance: $374 per
    Gold security plus plan(5 yr/75,000miles) warranty
    5.94% annual percentage rate (APR)!!

    Total MSRP $31,079.68
    Total after completing payments (6yrs)= $35,999
  • Yes, usually after the holidays is a very good bargaining chip. In fact, i believe that if i waited after Thanksgiving holiday, i would of gotten probably $500 more off of the (out-the-door) MRSP, which was the $31,079 i was talking about. Usually the warranties and whatever plans you buy will bring your MRSP up a little bit. Oh, and one more thing about my buying experience, I was being hustled. After i finished with the paperworks for the truck, i took my time to went over all the costs and papers. As you may know, you should never walk out the door even if you're done with the paperwork. Once u drive off, the deal's done. SO anyways, after the paperwork was done i took my time to re-calculate all the costs that i signed for. To my surprise, they charged me $177 more a month. $177 a month for 6 yrs to be more exact. Thats alot.

    I guess overall my experience was good because i got my truck with an okay price. I just love it when i kept giving my disapproval look =). I talked to them for about 5 hrs and i end saying ill think it overahhah.. They were dumbfounded because they thought i was indeed going to buy the truck right away, when in fact, i was hustling them.
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