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Saab European Delivery



  • jeff66jeff66 Posts: 1
    What financing options are available to European Delivery?
    Does the Saab customer loyalty incentive apply?

    When will the pricing be available for the 08s, now that Euro Delivery is no longer avail for 07s?

    Is there a way to do Euro Delivery and lease?
    current 03 9-3 loyalist
  • athehunathehun Posts: 1
    We just purchased a Saab through IDS and financed it with a conventional car loan from our Credit Union. We had to wait for Saab to provide us the VIN number to finalize the loan. Three days after paying for the car, we received the $2000.00 check from Saab in the mail. Scheduled to pick up the car in Germany, second week of June.
  • wheussnerwheussner Posts: 3

    I spoke with the SAAB European Delivery Department today and found out the pricing for European delivery of the 2008 models will be available around October 1st.

    Also, Financing options are available once the vehicle has been built and the dealership has the Certificate of Origin. This usually occurs at least two weeks prior to your scheduled European delivery date.

    In regard to the SAAB loyalty incentive, due to the low fixed price of the vehicle and the $2,000 spending cash no other incentives apply including the loyalty offer.

    I was also informed that leasing is not possible on European delivery vehicles.

    I hope this helps and would be glad to be of further assistance!

    Bill Heussner
  • wheussnerwheussner Posts: 3
    I was misinformed regarding the SAAB customer loyalty incentive.

    The fact is that SAAB customer loyalty incentives are actually the only incentive allowed for SAAB European delivery.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    After calling Saab, emails, then finally Detroit (who returned with my answer promptly), I have learned that there is no Saab European delivery for 2008. None, nada, zero! Just when Money Magazine, or Smart Money runs a big article on the best of MB, Audi, BMW, Volvo and Saab claiming Saab has the best program, cancelled for 2008.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Thats more of an indictment of sloppy research on the part of the magazine.That info regarding Saab's suspension of I.D.S deliveries was a matter of record.
  • GM seems to be doing everything it can to discourage people from buying SAABs, at least the 9-5, the replacement for which has been delayed several times. Is there any other 1998 vehicle still on sale as a 2008 model?
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