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Anyone shopping for a 2004 Tundra Double Cab?



  • Hi All,

    I have been informed, and have had confirmed that the actual price of the Tundra Double door with NO extras is $22,463. Then come the 'standard extras: CK, PG, TO, KE, ST or what have you. Then you add in the hold back, the doc fees, and whatever else they nickel and dime you on. Mine included TO, LD, KE, JZ, PG, CK, ST. I paid 25,500 + TTL. The best price I could find, with the least amount of standard extras I didn't want. And I am very, very pleased with this truck!!
  • touctouc Posts: 28
      I, too, got a good deal on a 2WD Double Cab.($25,100). I wonder what I could have negotiated if my wife would have not been with me? (although she might have been my luck charm) So far I a very pleased as well. Now I am trying to save for a bedliner and keyless entry. Looks like you got a keyless. I am hoping to get a spray in liner first. My only complaint is the looks of my stander tires/steel wheels. Enjoy your Tundra.
  • I recently received my ordered DC Limited 4x4, the MSRP was $37,600, I got the truck for a bottom dollar of $34,400. It has leather, heated seats, skid plate, 17 inch alloys, wood-grain dash kit, rear audio controls, moonroof, towing package, limited slip diff., carped floor mats, accessory package, all weather package, overhead console package with homelink system, and color keyed running boards.
  • ronstoyronstoy Posts: 55
    Any news or rumors for a larger engine in the near future for the double cab?
  • kellyckellyc Posts: 3
    Just bought a 2004 on Monday, March 31. Total cost was 28995 (including tax, tags and title) from Fred Anderson Toyota. A little bit of a drive for us, but they definitely gave us the best deal around. Truck, has moonroof, floor mats and normal extras. Seems to be doing really, really well. It rides with quite a bit of comfort.
  • benjaminbenjamin Posts: 1
    I bought a DC Ltd 2WD yesterday.
    Options are: Leather, 6 Disc changer, Heated seats, towing package, running board, LSD, overhead console, running lights for 29,000 at toyota of El Cajon and 2.9 % for 60 months.
  • prlady1prlady1 Posts: 573
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  • What trim level and accesories did you get for that price? What APR did you get by the way?
  • bigguybigguy Posts: 1
    I live in the Los Angeles area and I'm very interested in the Ltd. 2wd DC Tundra. I'm trying to stay under $29k.I love bells & whistles like the next person but I hate the option packages given.They are too pricey,it seems and some options I wouldn't even use.Doesn't Toyota let you choose whatever you want? And what happened to the color BLUE,why is this not available?

    Does anyone have any tips?
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    BLUE - Because it's ugly and nobody buys them.
  • benjamin1benjamin1 Posts: 1
    go to:
    - build and price your tundra
    - pick the model you want

    it will show you the packages available. This are the same exact packages you will see in the dealerships.
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