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Hyundai Tucson



  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Charlotte, I get 22-23 miles per US Gallon in mixed driving. 4 Cyl with the manual transmission.
  • mkirk1mkirk1 Posts: 4
    have a 2005 Tucson 4 WD 6 cyl. and have been to the service center on 4 occasions to report poor fuel consumption. first visit the service rep indicated the AC was causing the problem. second visit service rep indicated poor airflow around the car due to open windows since not using AC. Third visit service rep declared the car is still in the break in period. Getting 12-14 miles per gallon (now have 8000 miles on vehicle) is unacceptable and am in the process of filing lemon law complaint. if anyone has experience with this please let us know. sold my F250 diesel in order to get a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and based on the salesperson thought that was what i would be getting. turns out the Tucson gets worse gas mileage than the truck!
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    to GuyF

    Took in my Kia Sportage to the dealer this morning. Got a cold shoulder technican becasue " You only have 3600 kms and we don't check high consumption at 3600kms

    Another technician showed him a new service bulletin :) to fix Sportage gas guzzling looked like bulletin #17 upside down... ;)

    Bulletin says to reprogram the CPU controlling ignition and transmission. They reprogrammed it as per specs.

    I filled up tonight and will report back o the effects of the reprogramming.

    Sister Tucson 2006 may have similar problems :sick:
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Jacques, How many km could you do on a tankfull? My 4 cyl Tucson easily goes easily over 500 km.

    Glad they have a fix for your Kia :)
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    2006 awd v6 is new as of oct 05.
    never ran it into vapors...

    best guess would be about 400km on a tankfull runnning at 60 mph in 70 degrees on highway.

    hard to say specifically at this point what I would get in warmer temperatures. ....who knows what I will really get if this service bulletin really has an influence...I will run the car for a week to check impact of service bulletin.

    Car is basicall excellent :) so far other than gas....
    but it is no...Sorento :(

    If things don't improve it will be trade-in time in 32 months and bye bye Kia's for me ! :lemon:

    I really expected better when I traded down from the Sorento

    sorry folks I know this is a Tucson forum but it is family related :D
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    400 Km on 52 litres is 13L/100 km, not 25....
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    I wrote.... :mad:
    best guess would be about 400km on a tankfull runnning at 60 mph in 70 degrees on highway.

    Current winter city driving I am getting 25l/100KM as previously stated and confirmed with gas receipts

    If I get to halfway mark on my gas gauge I am at 100KM on the trip odometer and it takes 25 liters to refill my tank back to the rim. :cry:
  • I wonder if the mixture is too rich to be consuming so much fuel. Would it show up in a "drive clean" test as exceeding the limit and therefore "fail"?
    Just a thought.
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    I am nearing the 3/4 mark on the fuel gauge and I am at 35 Km on the trip. odometer. IF this trend keeps up I will be at 70 KMS at the 1/2 half tank which for me is 25L of gas !! this is going to be worse than before the service bulletin (017)reprogramming they did this last monday !!! 5 imp.Gallons for 42 miles or 8,4 miles/CDN gallon or 6.75miles/US gallon (128. oz versus 160 oz.)

    Am I upset :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: exhaust fumes smell like lacker thinner
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I am getting around 16-18MPG.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    This is alarming! What is your tank size, do you have the 15 gallon tank, or the 17 gallon tank?

    My city MPG ranges between 14-17 MPG, usually closer to 16, 17MPG.

    My exhaust fumes don't smell very good either, but that shouldn't neccessarily be an issue. Something is wrong with your truck though! Maybe I shouldn't get the service bulletin #017. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I have an LX V6 4WD Sportage. I have been told that the Kia leather is a huge improvement over the Hyundai leather. If this is a key factor in your decision, you may want to consider buying the Kia. I think the Kia interior is also more sporty.

    Dan HFX, NS
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I get around 16 or 17MPG and I have the V6 4WD.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Really, is there that big of a difference with the 4cyl than the V6. Are you talking city or highway driving? The most I have gotten in the city was 300KM per tank, and about 450KM on the highway.
  • Wow, this sounds pretty strange. I would leave the car with the dealer and have them take it on an extended test. From the road test I've read of this car, your mileage should be 18-22 give or take per gallon.
  • I have owned many cars where the gauge drops like a rock after it hits the 'half-full' mark.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I easily get 500Km in mixed driving before the light comes on, that is 50% City and Hwy. And the fuel tank is smaller on the 4. 58L VS 65 L. I've got the 4 with FWD and I get 10-11 L/100 km. :)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Am I skeptical about 9.6 per gal??? you bet! I would even go out on a limb here and state that that is virtually impossible with a Tucson/Kia twin. Have you been smelling gas lately...from the massive hole in your tank.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8, bah!? Had one and never got over 15 MPG at best, more like 12-13. Talk about a gas guzzler but what do expect for an overpowered, large, heavy, un-aerodynamic box of an SUV? Can't have high expectations.... My Tucson is much...much better at 17 city/urban and as much as 24 highway. This driving sensibly. Finally, a news flash...EPA estimates are phony and not realistic...flash number two...ALL SUV's are inefficient and will NEVER get 30 MPG. Oh, hybrids, yeah, the jury is out on those.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    A news flash for you too...the true, real world mileage as compared to EPA estimates, is going to be 75-80% (more or less). You chose a V-6 powered SUV and the Tucson is no worse and I think may be better, than the Ford V-6 Escape..the Jeep V-6 Liberty.. Suzuki Grand Vitera and I think even the CRD diesel version of the Liberty. So, what other manufacturer of small V-6 powered SUV's are you referring to when you suggest you bought the wrong vehicle. If you were expecting super fuel economy you certainly DID buy the wrong vehicle, the wrong class of vehicle. Try a Honda Civic.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yeah, you could read the published reports on how the EPA derives its ESTIMATES on fuel economy. The test was developed in 1975 and slightly updated years later but all manufacturers submit a vehicle or several for evaluation. But that evaluation is performed at tightly controlled speeds that are artifically low (not real world starts/stops etc.) for "x" amount of minutes and some of the tests are performed on a dyno inside a building where wind and traffic and weather play no part. You could read an October 2005 "Consumers Reports" article titled "The Truth about fuel economy" page 65 to become an informed consumer before wondering about "doing something" about "false" the way, this is not advertising at all but a government mandated sticker that ALL manufacturers are required to post on their vehicles for comparison purposes (within classes of vehicles) only. It isn a guarantee you will get whatever is posted, in fact it is a guarantee you probably won't.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I am replying to my own post to give interested parties a better article to read than the referenced "Consumers Reports" article about why the EPA estimates are soooo..wrong. Refer instead to Car&Driver magazine, December 2005 issue, page 13. Check the periodical section of your library. Instead of complaining about so-called poor fuel economy become informed about why the EPA tests are fatally flawed. People who expect, no, demand that they get that EPA estimate are doomed to forever blame the manufacturer, the car etc. etc....when, in fact, it is probably unobtainable for most people. In case you didn't notice this is a pet peeve for me.
  • jacquesjacques Posts: 34
    well I was at 9.6 miles per US gallon...measured several times and no I do not have a puddle of gas burning my asphalt. (25L/100 = 12 miles per Imp. Gallon)

    Update. things have gotten better... I got 150 km on about 25l this time around versus the 100KM I was getting.

    The problem is that the outside temp. in Montreal is crazy these days . :confuse:

    One day is -20C the next it is + 6C I also did some higway driving which I am sure helped the sats somewhat

    I will refill to the rim and stick to more urban driving to reevaluate the improvement the service bulletin jobby did on the consumption. can't say more for now
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    Target, Once I figured out my true mileage, my mileage city mileage on my 2005 LX V6 4WD Sportage is around 10 or 11 MPG - so he is not kidding.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    EPA ratings are lab tested, no hills, no A/C, no heat, no stereo - I understand the difference, but I expect to get better than half the EPA mileage?
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    So is it generally true that Tucson owners are getting better mileage than Sportage owners? Feeback.
  • hfxnshfxns Posts: 74
    I appreciate the research Targettuning - I will take a look - I am actually sitting in the library as we speak.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    I have been watching these posts with some interest. I have a 2005 LX V6 AWD. It has just over 7500 miles on it. Last week I had to do a 2 day trip (out and back) of 350 miles each way. It was on I-81 from Washington, DC almost to Bristol, TN. I took care to fill up and check mileage and reset the trip odometer and record fillups. Overall, using cruise control set at ~65-72 I averaged about 23MPG. I do not doubt those who say they are getting sub 20mpg, but assuming their car is in tune, I can say that driving habits and city vs. interstate may play a role.
  • I got a recall from my dealer yesterday. I called and told them it says a "motor vehicle safty" #922. The woman didn't know what the defect was. :mad: Anyone here get the recall and know what it is :confuse:
  • peppepeppe Posts: 5
    I received a recall notice the other day and had the work done. The recall is for ECM reprogramming. They said that the ESP may cause the brakes to come on????
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