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Hyundai Tucson



  • One of the main reasons I did not buy a Tucson is the posts on this forum reporting how bad the read world mileage is. We got a 2006 CRV-SE instead and it gets the EPA estimates (average 24-25 MPG in mixed driving). We also have an 2003 Accord 4cyl which routinely exceeds the EPA estimates.

    It seems some manufacturers are able to match or exceed the EPA estimates and others are not. Too bad because I really think the Hyundai is a much better looking vehicle than the CRV.
  • Well, there is that! But there are a few unknowns on Hybrids also, mostly on the battery pack life...disposal...cost to replace. There are also the... surprise, surprise...complaints about EPA verses real world gas economy numbers. Seems people demand to achieve what the EPA sticker says and cannot otherwise get it through their head that it is an estimate..same as on this board. In addition I read that the Escape hybrid 4wd doesn't do too well when you would expect to need the benefit of awd. I believe the rear wheels are electric motor driven and in light off road testing some magazine or another said that while the Escape could climb a loose surfaced test hill once the second time ran the battery down and it got stuck or stopped part way up. So, while hybrid technology may be fine for a fwd family or commuter car it may not be the answer for a 4wd/AWD S.U.V.
  • Please consider that your CRV is a 4 cylinder(maybe with a manual transmission) while most Tucson's are a larger V-6. Also consider that everyone has different driving habits, road, traffic and weather conditions, and routines. I may be able to take one of those CRV's and using it where and how I drive get 18 or less MPG. Conversely, where people are bitterly complaining about gas mileage in the low teens I can and do get 22-23 highway...16-17 in small city, few traffic light, with a "rush minute" as opposed to densely populated larger city driving. It's all in the details as some wise man..oops...person once said.
  • So here's the deal: I've heard from one person that the crossrails come off by unscrewing about 16-plus allen screws. i just got off the phone witl my dealer's service department and even they weren't too sure, but what he said seemed a little more like the set that I have. Basically, unscrew four set screws where the crossrails meet the siderails and unclamp the hinges.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    The modern diesel's available in Europe don't smell, smoke or go slow. I spent a 3 week vacation there last year and had the opportunity to drive an Audi A4 diesel. 95 mph all day with 36 mpg! All we need in North America is to get rid of our 19th Century diesel fuel and the doors will open to these cars.
  • I ran across this forum while looking for other Tucson owners that may be experiencing a noise factor.

    Once my Tucson reaches 40 mph or more, the noise becomes so loud that the radio can be on level 30 and you can still have difficulty hearing the words.

    It almost seems like it's not wanting to shift gears. I'm taking it in to the dealership tomorrow, but I was more curious to see if others are experiencing the same issue or if it's something up with mine in particular.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    I have 2005 v-6 AWD LX, I have not had a noise problem at all. On a long trip recently (750miles over 2 days) I ran the CD player all the way pretty much set at between 18-22 with mostly soft music (Steve Tyrell-A New Standard) and had no difficulty at all. I have not had the shifting problem either, but sometimes I do override the upshift and downshift on the hills.
  • I currently drive a F150 crew cab with the small V8 and get 15mpg city and 20 HWY. I would like to get a Tucson or Spectra, but I also hear bad things about mileage, and from what I read here, I wouldn't do much better. I would however, save by much smaller monthly payments. Someone try and convince me.
  • well if it is any consolation every person I talk to that owns a newer domestic (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) V-8 pick-up complains about extremely poor fuel economy in the 12-14 (+/-a mpg or so) MPG range with the higher numbers being highway driving. I guess this reinforces my point made above that it is how, and where you drive as much as what you drive. In spite of what you may read here the 2.7 liter 4WD Tucson IS capable of lower to mid twenties highway and upper mid teens (16-18mpg)city. You MAY be able to drag this down by setting in gridlock traffic, in winter, every day on your daily commute. As everyone should know stopped in heavy traffic and idling for an excessive time produces exactly 0 (zero) mpg...
  • I can't imagine that Tucson owners drive less efficiently than CR-V owners. There are no more than a few isolated posts on the CR-V forum complaining about bad mileage. This forum is littered with them.

    I also argue that there is no real world difference between the performance of the Tucson's V6 and the CR-V's I4. Especially given that the Honda has a 5-speed auto tranny standard.

    I really think the Honda just has a better engineered engine (attention department of redundancy department :D ).
  • I don't know why there is the perception that the Tucson gets horrible fuel economy. In my experience with 3 Hyundai SUV's ...a 2002 Santa Fe 4WD 2.7 liter V-6, a 2003 Santa Fe 3.5 liter V-6 4WD, and the current 2005 Tucson 2.7 liter 4WD they all got acceptable (read this as reasonable not dream world expectations)fuel economy. Both the Santa Fe's got between 15 (3.5 liter)and 17 (2.7 liter)MPG in urban driving in our smallish city, not a lot of congestion, minimum traffic signals and a daily "rush minute". On the open highway cruising at between 70-72 MPH they both got 21-24 MPG depending on weather traffic and other variables. The 3.5 got about what the smaller 2.7 got on the highway because it had a 5 speed automatic that seriously dropped rpm's at cruise. To be frank I expected the somewhat lighter Tucson to do better than both Sante Fe's but it gets about the same under the same conditions...but not horrible. With regard to your Honda, I do believe that Honda has more modern engine architecture ( variable valve timing-I etc.) that the current generation (older design) Hyundai engines don't employ..that said, the newest generation Hyundai engines are right up there in being modern. So yes that may be part of the reason but the Honda is still a 4 cylinder..with a 5 speed auto (as opposed to a 4 speed)...and it is lighter. Finally, a co-worker has a Honda Element AWD 5 speed manual transmission that during long highway trips from Pa to Ohio NEVER gets more than 22-23 mpg. Is this poor...for a Honda...or simply realistic?? I am certainly glad you think that you dodged the perceived poor fuel economy bullet of the Tucson, but if all you went by were the persons on this board who, for unknown reasons, using unknown formulas derived unsubstantiated poor fuel economy you may have missed a good car. Of course the Honda is also a good car also.
  • 17mpg actual mileage is atrocious for a vehicle as small and underpowered as the Tucson. We were getting rid of our Blazer SUV which got 15-16 mpg city and could tow 5,000 lbs. The idea of only getting 1-2 more miles per gallon for a brand new mini-SUV seemed ridiculous - and that's if it met the EPA estimates. Honda's history for reliability also swayed us in the direction of the CRV. Resale also. And I do feel like I "dodged the bullet" of unacceptable fuel economy we almost certainly wound have gotten in the Tucson.
  • I have read all of the message concerning Hyundai. And I understand that the gas mileage may not be that great. That's almost an individual thing. People drive differently. But, what I really want to know is...would anyone here buy another Hyundai? I've compared them to Jeep Libertys and there about the same, except the Tucson is a lot nicer. So before we just jump in and buy one, would you buy an another one ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Absolutely. We own an 05 Tucson LX AWD and an 04 Sonata LX (my wife's) and we would definitely buy another Hyundai in the future. Both cars have been trouble-free and well worth the purchase. In fact, my wife likes to get in "Cher" (she keeps trying to name mine Sonny), open the sunroof, turn on tunes, and disappear on a nice long drive. ;) :confuse:
  • I bought the missus a Tucson for Xmas and she loves it. If I'd been buying a toy 4WD for me it would have been a Suzuki Grand Vitara, but she got what she wanted and I have to say it's a very adequate little car. Haven't fully tested it in the dunes yet, to find out what it won't do, but running along beaches it's fine.
    Ours uses about10-11 litres/100km, which is about 20-22mpg in your parlance, and I'm pretty happy with that, considering it is AWD. One thing I plan is to take the crossrails off the roof rack and thereby reduce drag. Any experience of whether it has a useful impact?
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I love driving an SUV but hate the MPG.I have owned a
    lot of vehicles would think a Tucson can do better than 17 mpg.I have a Sorento and get 15-16 mixed,and 19-20 freeway so it would not be worth it $wise to downgrade.My wife has an 04 highlander which is nimble and gets 20 mpg but my KIA
    is heavier and not sports car like.If I had a dream car
    it would be sportscar/truck of high quality with 200HP.
    A mini-Honda Ridgeline sounds good.Before I got the Highlander I had a CRV (02) and it was not planted as solid as the KIA and felt tippy in corners.In addition
    the quality of the body was crap compared to KIA.Before
    I knew about KIA I thought Toyota was tops.Now having
    both Korean and Japanese cars I see the public's
    perception of Korean cars is wrong.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,880
    good to read your post about Korean quality. I agree with you, I love the quality of my 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 and don't doubt that the CRV/RAV4 is over-hyped average-ish completely, just carrying the Honda or Toyota namebadge.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Is yours a 4 Cyl? I have a 4Cyl, 5 speed manual and I too average 10-11 litres/100 km.
  • Am considering buying a 2.7 V6 2006 Tucson. Currently drive a 2003 Toyota Matrix. High mileage. Occassional towing - utility trailer, bike rack etc. Manual transmission on Toyota just replaced - $4500 Cdn (ouch!).
    See different ratings on Tucson - 1,000, 2,000, 3,200 lbs. Has anyone had any experience towing? Good? Bad? Can you compare to Santa Fe? To Ford Escape? To CRV?
    MPG seems to be in debate - any towers out there? What happens to MPG?
  • Upate : Kia Sportage V6 AWD - Alias Hunday Tucson gas guzzling

    I am 56, had a dozen cars, lived 56 Winters and Springs , I know what gridlock is and warning- up my car in the driveway,and idling at the grocery store while getting
    0 miles/gallon

    My driving habits have not gotten worse or better only the cars have changed

    Kia Sportage latest figures on gas consumption in Montreal Canada

    9.75 miles/us gallon (128 oz.)
    12,18 miles/ imp. Gallon (160 oz.)
    23,31liters / 100 km

    I am heading back to the dealer... I am crazy or he is if he thinks I will buy another Kia car from him. IF he fixes the problem I will think it over the 32 next payments. :(
  • my KIa Sportage Alias Tucson pull my 17foot/75hp rig and trailer pretty good (about 1800lbs) .

    Car is rated at 2000lbs for the v6 AWD IF THE TRAILER HAS BRAKES !!! :surprise: AND IF THE BRAKES ACTUALLY WORK !!

    I basically pulls ok to and from the lake launch

    I will try mountains and dirt roads next summer

    What I don't feel good about is the cheap towing frame. The one with the skimpy one inch square socket and insert.
    ( I use a 2" ball)

    The Sorento had a much more appealing 2.... 2.5" bar and socket good for 3500 lbs.
  • the CRV/RAV4 is over-hyped average-ish completely, just carrying the Honda or Toyota namebadge

    I can't comment one way or the other on Korean quality as I have never owned a Korean made vehicle. I have owned multiple Hondas and Toyotas over the years and they have all been exceedingly reliable and well built. Far ABOVE average and appropriately-hyped. They cost more but in my opinion are well worth the few extra dollars in purchase price (which they more than make up for in decreased maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the vehicle).

    Your comments sound like sour grapes to me.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,880
    they just show that I value Korean cars, SUV's and minivans. The old opinions of Kia's and Hyundai's that were held by Americans in the late 90's aren't in the realm of reality anymore.

    While everybody(except those in the know)has been sleeping Kia and Hyundai's have been winning awards left and right for their vehicles' quality and value.

    The lack of decent Toyota and Honda body styling also turn me off to those brands in a large manner.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I recently bought my first Honda..a 2006 Civic. It cost me $19,680 with no discounts for which I could have bought a nicely optioned Sonata (gas was at an all-time high at the time). I am not entirely happy with it and it has its share of problems that are common to other 06 Civic owners (see the 2006 Civic owners site). I am also thinking of buying a larger car in addition to keeping the Civic and guess what, it won't be an Accord. Unlike you, I have owned other Hyundai products and I'm buying a new Sonata. I am thrilled for you, you have found your automotive "soulmate" in Honda but I, for one, am not sold..the Civic is merely OK.
  • The Tucson isn't underpowered...every bit as quick as your ex-Blazer. Can the unibody/automobile derived (from the Elantra) Tucson tow as much as the body on frame, truck derived(S-10) Blazer..nope. If towing is your thing maybe the Tucson isn't the best choice...but then, neither is the CRV so why bring up the Blazer?? I notice you didn't buy another Chevy. Finally, with regard to reliability, the last time I looked Honda dealers haven't all closed their service and repair facilities for lack of business!!
  • I brought up the Blazer for comparison purposes because it got practically the same gas mileage as many of the Tucson owners report on this forum. It was an terribly unreliable truck and the only reason we owned it in the first place was that we got it off lease from my father-in-law as a gift. My point was that it makes no sense to buy a new (and smaller/less powerful) truck in order to save money in gas when the new truck barely gets better mileage than the old clunker.

    We never really used the Blazer for towing so that wasn't a priority.
  • Well we agree on that..Blazers were basically junk!!! I do understand your point about reported poor economy by posters here but I am also a poster (maybe in the minority)who reports reasonable economy, not 30 mpg perhaps but I don't think 23+ highway is too bad for an S.U.V. with a V-6 and 4WD. Don't be fooled, the Tucson isn't that is very near the size of a Santa Fe, same as Escape, Liberty, bigger than the previous generation RAV and at least as big as your CRV. I maintain that if you give me a CRV to drive I may get "only" 18 or 19 mpg where and how I drive. I would then cry, as many here do, about the poor economy for a "Honda for God's sake" on the Honda owners site.. Finally, I simply cannot figure out how one guy here reports something around 9.5 mpg, let alone the people who insist they are getting 12-13. I guess it may be possible but not in normal type driving...I never used/abused ANY vehicle in the matter that would be required to do this. Well, I lied, I too am nearer 60 than 50 years old and I recall a couple of cars..a SS 454 '70 Chevelle, a 440 '66 Fury and a few others that I MAY have driven pretty hard. Further, these are all 2004-2005 model cars and couldn't be that mechanically screwed up to get that and still run.
  • Owned a Ford F250 HD crew cab (diesel) and sold it last year to buy a 2005 Hyundai Tucson V6, 2.7 L, 4 WD because of the vehicle's good looks and for the declared good fuel efficiency. Have been very disappointed because the F250 got better gas mileage by 3+ mpg (12-14 for Tucson vs. 17-18 for F250). We haven't been able to resolve the problem as the dealership on Maui has not been very cooperative and for that matter neither has Hyundai USA. Not sure this information is very helpful to you but in my opinion keep the Ford, it's more versatile and may get better mileage. Good luck.
  • Yep 9.75 miles to a US gallon...

    my "abnormal driving" consists of the usual driving around nothing elaborate, nothing new over the years.

    Remote start the Kia and warm up 5 min . like a lot of other cars do up here in -20C

    Drive to Wal-mart or Sears... pick-up groceries
    drive over to father's place half a mile away
    no screaming tires or speeding on 20 mph side streets.

    Dealer initially said they can't do much for me before... 6000 miles is reached

    I am now at 4400 so figure I will burn in excess of 250$ for nothing. Gas here is about $3.50U$/128 oz or 4 liters

    I asked the dealer if the V6 awd are all the same and he said no! So I figure my car is the problem because I statistically can't be the worst driver in town ... or at the bottom of the heap of all Sportage/Tucson drivers.

    The dealership director seems a good guy so I will let him follow-up and see what they will do for me .. before I reach 6000 miles !

  • I suppose I will finally have to have something wrong. I can't imagine what though since I guess you would agree it drives OK....normally? I just can't process 9.5 mpg it seems unreal. And your dealer is very right, it is abnormally low. Good luck in tracking it down, perhaps you can let us know what they eventually find. You seem to like the dealer but maybe try a Hyundai dealer for other ideas or new directions to look.
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