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Hyundai Tucson



  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    See what I mean. Some have just bought themselves into a low quality vehicle and refuse not only to admit it, but flame anyone who can. The most frequent posters go as far as telling you there's nothing wrong with your vehicle. Some may have gotten a good build by accident, I don't doubt that. Look for yourself, talk to owners in person and I think you'll find that low quality is a common theme, even given the already low price. Its too bad some of these forums have been taken over by those who constantly post every day telling others what to think about their vehicles.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Bah...I am one of the most vocal Hyundai supporters and I suppose you are refering to me. However, I refuse to admit to something that simply isn't true..Hyundai isn't a "low quality vehicle" and if you believe it to be true go find an automotive "icon" to blow your extra couple of grand on. I am not "flaming" you or anybody else but I AM pointing out that sites like these are visited by owners of "automotive icons" who like to point out how bad other makes are but have never even sat in a Hyundai. I have personally had 3 and, as I said, immediate family members own 3 additional and Guess What!!!! They all are reliable vehicles that are no worse than any "automotive icon". "Talk to owners in person and I think you'll find low quality ia a common theme" to me, my son, my daughter, my sister, three co-workers: who own 3 Santa Fe's and an Elantra driven by a person who drives 120 miles round trip to work daily and has over 45K miles on his 2004 already with no, read that... NO... problems and liked the Elantra so much he bought one of the above Santa Fe's. Another of the Santa Fe owners drives a little over 60 miles a day and has accumulated 100K miles on his 2002 4 cylinder FWD guessed it..NO problems!! My son's 2000 Elantra has around 140K miles and oops he had a front brake rotors and pads a few times and rear wheel brake cylinders and brake shoes at about 110K miles. You can talk trash about Hyundai as much as you care to but given the experiences I personally have had with the brand you WILL not find me doing so. Further, I do not tell others what to think but I like to believe I am a counter weight to the rubbish posted by people who probably don't even own one. And if you do happen to own one and don't like it do the American thing express your freedom of choice and buy something else.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I really don't know how to properly answer your way off base comments. I could sit here all morning and tell you about my trouble-free Tucson, my wife's trouble-free 04 Sonata LX, my sister's trouble free Tucson, her 97 Accent, my co-workers' various years' trouble-free Sonatas and Elantras. Or I could sit here and say that you may be the exception rather than the rule regarding Hyundai quality. I could, but I won't because I think most reasonable people can read and do the research and find out your comments and observations ARE the exception, not the norm. If that is flaming you, sorry. I just thought I was telling the truth. By the way, I have owned numerous vehicles in my life, Fords, Mercs, Chryslers, Chevys, Volkswagens, and the 2 Hyundais I currently own are the best built and most trouble-free of all that I have owned. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "'s visitors are encouraged to submit reviews of vehicles as well. Every Hyundai vehicle has received a consumer rating of 9.0 or greater on the quantitative scale where ten is the highest possible score."


    Looking at the Consumer Review link at the top of this discussion, the '05 Tucson is pulling a 9.2 score from owners. You have to drill "up" to get '06 numbers, but they are currently at 9.2 also.

    Steve, Host
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I am sorry to hear that you have problems with your Tucson (assuming that you have one). Equally, I have had some problems as well with my Tucson (V6, LX). All this minor problems were solved by my dealer. If you are not satisfied with your dealer you always can send an email to Hyundai USA and they will phone the dealer to do the job you are requesting.

    I had a Honda Civic Coupe before for 3 years and after 6 months a rattle noise appeared and 2 spot corrosion were noticeable in one of the doors. The rattle was never eliminated and the spots were re painted by the dealer (car was under warranty).

    It is OK to say that the internal finishes of the Civic were, I will say better quality that my Tucson, that needs to be improved.

    I bought this Tucson to give it a hard work, why should I need a fantastic interior if I going to enter the car with shoes full of mud. When I am in the country side I need a responsive engine and the Tucson is good in this.

    I was not prepared to give away another 2K dollars just because the internal plastic was better. This car solve all my needs and before I bought it I did my research.

    If your dealer doesn't want to do the job you want, you still can ask to talk with the big boss (manager). Hyundai is interested to show its customers that the they care for new Hyundai owners. I don't understand why you could not have the type of service I got from Hyundai dealers in California, and Boston, Mas.

    I look after my Tucson carefully, but I will wish that the under frame were more protected and the floor clearance increased, and the external paint is pealing in some places. I love my Tucson and it is very bad you have had problems with your Tucson. Fortunately, you could use your Tucson as part exchange and buy a CR-V Honda. I can just say that you have had a very bad luck and wish the best in your next purchase.

  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    Its obvious when people don't have a good point that they ignore all the bad info and selectively choose the good. I never said anyone didn't have a good experience with their personal vehicle, you might have. On the contrary, there are several here who attack anyone who would question their godly opinion of this manufacturer. Hyundai does have the highest depreciation of about any car maker out there, just a simple fact, that low resale value is due to low quality and little demand for their used cars. Odd how nobody brings that up. Edmunds Editor's rate the Tucson only an 8.0, thats a little different from 9.2, thats the bigger picture. Funny how that wasn't mentioned. The anti CR conspiracy theorists here blame the only unbiased report on vehicles as being....well ask them for the complete conspiracy. The small group of people here who rant and rave like radicals every time some one posts the truth about their experiences, should take the Honda, Toyota, GM and whatever bashing some place else. You do nobody on this board any service at all except discourage people from asking questions and posting their experiences for fear of your attacks.
  • duckiedduckied Posts: 52
    Hyundai does have the highest depreciation of about any car maker out there, just a simple fact, that low resale value is due to low quality and little demand for their used cars.

    Interesting...check this out: link title

    Looks like the Accent is the only Hyundai in that list, and it's not even close to #1!

    Also, directly from Edmunds, Yay! : link title

    Guess what? No Hyundai's there!! Yay!

    I backed up my points with factual information!

    Sorry about your bad experience. My '05 Elantra is trouble free and doing great. I'm also considering buying a new Tucson or Sonata. ;)
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    You do nobody on this board any service at all except discourage people from asking questions and posting their experiences for fear of your attacks.
    :confuse: :confuse:

    I am not sure how I attacked you. All I did was provide my own personal experiences (like you), question how CR's rating could show all average to above average to excellent individual ratings and then come up with a below average reliability rating (the whole is less than the sum of the parts?), and point out that the positive experiences, ratings, and reviews of the Tucson far outweigh the negatives. All the info I mentioned can be verified or read in print or on other websites.

    I have no doubt that you have some problems with your Tucson. It can happen to anyone and any make or model, even Honda and Toyota. If you can't get your dealer to address your problems, try another dealership. If that fails, you have a few other choices: Accept it and live with it, or trade it in for a Honyota. Just some common sense advice and plain facts from me, no specious arguments or tirades. If my prior posts offended you, please let me apologize. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think Hyundai gained a lot of cred around Edmunds with this comparison:

    Comparison Test: Hyundai Sonata Takes on the Accord and Camry (the Sonata won.)

    For Edmunds 8.0 take on the Tucson, see the Editors' Rating. And here's the Reviews & Specs page. Finally, here's the Road Test from last year on an '05.

    The slush fund scandal isn't helping their stock prices though. (Market-Day).

    Ok, I'm over my daily links quota now. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • rdillierrdillier Posts: 71
    Hi. We've owned a 2005 Tucson V6 GLS with 4wd. LOVE the car and average about 22 mpg with mixed city/highway miles.

    Whenever I sit in the back seat, I can hear road noise at a distinctly higher volume than in the front seat. I'm thinking of adding some soundproofing material to the cargo area. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have a recommendation about what type or where to purchase? I'd appreciate it as there is a long trip coming up with the car.

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    It was probably me and, no, I don't apologize. Since I too have had and heard (second hand from current owners) nothing but positive comments there is nothing to apologize about. I am, however, known to have tirades from time to time...I shouldn't read these forums it raises my blood pressure!!! I think you will find that if you read the original post flytedhy doesn't really have a stated problem except for 18.something MPG fuel economy in city driving and thinks this poor. Mainly it is a diatribe about poor quality.. low resale value..and an invitation for others to check out Honda and Toyota and how much better off they will be if they spend the extra couple of thousand $$$ for one of those.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I shouldn't read these forums it raises my blood pressure!!!

    I know what you mean! I read these forums and am amazed at what some people will say about any vehicle without specifics, verifiable claims, etc, to back up their rants. Many try to take the tack that if they have a problem, all must. Unfortunately, trying to extrapolate from a singular event to the whole does not work, although going from general to specific is a whole different situation and may have validity. When I post, I always try to preface that my comments are based on my own experience or from people I know and trust and YMMV, or at least provide verifiable data, articles, links, etc, so I can't be accused of blowing smoke. Prime example, the CR ratings mentioned that rate the Tucson worse than average when all the metrics that supposedly go into that rating are at worst average and many are very good or excellent. That is directly from the CR Auto issue. How can the "whole" be less than the "sum" of all the parts? That is the question posed by many to CR which as yet has gone unanswered. :confuse:
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    My History, Previous to the New 2005 Tucson, I bought a New 2002 Crystal Blue Santa Fe LX V6 4WD auto, That gave me 20-24mpg around town, & 24-30mpg Hiway, running the stock air filter, & synthetic blend oil, plus regular oil changes, & maintenance, it was traded in after 3 1/2 yrs, & 87K miles of trouble free service, with the "still good" original equipment BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A tires on it, for the New Tucson. Ever since then it has been my quest to get the same or better gas milage on my similarly equipped Tucson, with disappointing results! After all, it is lighter, and more aerodynamic! Now, It is a bit early to tell, but at 13K miles, I just replaced the original equipment (O.E.) BFGoodrich Traction T/A "Spec" tires on my 2005 Tucson that prematurely wore out, down to the treadwear indicators! That I could not keep from turning brown, & dryed out looking, from right out of the showroom? With New (better) BFGoodrich Traction T/A, H-rated (non-Spec)tires, and noticed an immediate improvement in coasting?!, handling, ride comfort, & gas milage! Hey, they even look better, if I didn't know better, I'd say they look like a bigger, wider size tire? Brawny, with a nice aggressive A/W directional tread. I was getting 19-20mpg around town LX V6 4WD Auto. and a poor 20-21 hiway?,,, now, early testing appears to be, 22+ around town, & haven't tried hiway yet, but soon in the near future, I'll report back then. After 7 months of trying various gas milage fixes, even unorthodox personal ones, I think this is it! By the way, I also run 10-30W Quaker state synthetic blend oil in all my vehicles, changing at 3k miles on a regular basis. I Imagine this could be even better with a K&N air filter. This would be quite a Boon, & tool, for defense of all us Tucson, & Sportage owners being slammed, & flamed, by other major brand competitors over poor gas milage claims.
  • jmomjmom Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 Tucson limited on Feb 14th after messing around with the dealer for 4 weeks to get the color and options I wanted. We took it on a road trip with the family and was disappointed with the gas milage. Last week a 18yr old kid ran a red light and hit me and rolled me. After spinning on my roof and hood, two guy got me out. The car is a total loss, not one thing on the outside of the car did not get damaged. I have a couple of bruises, but that is all! My side air bags went off, there is a lot to be said for a 5* crash rating. Now I am torn between getting another Tucson or looking at the Rav4 again. I so like not having the tire on the back and having the lift instead of a swinging back hatch. After coming out of a full-sized minivan this was a fun car to drive and great in the little snow we got this year. Any helpful advice would be welcome. I hope we get a full replacement.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    Go For It! Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but glad to hear you are Ok, after that horrific accident. I would also check out the new Kia Sportage, as it is the same vehicle, but slightly different styling. I couldn't get the color, & features I wanted at the time Sept/05 so I opted for the Tucson LX, either one is a great vehicle, but be wary of the O.E. (original equipment) tires, if they are the BFGoodrich Traction T/A "Spec" tires, they are one cause of the poor mpg, and will probably wear out to the minimum tread depth within 15K miles! Aside from this, these are a Dynamite SUV!,,, The Best "Bang for the Buck" out there presently, I don't think I even have to sell you, if you've already owned one.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Omigosh! How awful - I'm glad you're okay!

    tidester, host
  • Was just wondering if anyone knows if the 2005 Tuscon has an auxiliary or mp3 player jack that is easily accessible or not too hard to get to. I tried connecting my mp3 player to the car through a Belkin FM transmitter but the FM transmitter died on me, I replaced with another one, and it did the same thing. I'm not sure if I should try another FM transmitter from a different manufacturer, but am hoping there is an auxiliary jack I can get to.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    Well, It's official now, I DID get BETTER gas milage with the new tires! picked up 2mpg around town already! went from 19-20mpg around town to 22mpg, can't wait to test the milage on a long distance highway road trip. This must be the key to better milage for the Tucson. It is now in the same mpg category as my previous Santa Fe, it is somewhat of a relief, as there appears nothing wrong with the Tucson mechanically causing poor mpg, just the crappy O.E. tires.

    I can recommend the new BFGoodrich Traction T/A H-rated tires I got, because the car handles, & rides, better then ever! It's like the difference between night, and day, especially when driving hard, it's more sporty, but from the reviews I read, that's to be expected with these. All in all, after much tire comparison, I think these are the Best tires for this vehicle, & terrain.

    Either way, if you're looking for tires, I suggest an A/W tire like these, not a winter tire, unless you live in the frozen north, because tire noise will be excessive. Try looking for a high wear rate tire (abit harder tire, for less rolling resistance=better mpg!) like a highly rated in all weather Good Year Assurance Triplethread, or Good Year Comfortthread, preferred by my local tire guy, he also likes the Michelin Hydroedge, but feels these lose some of their traction in the slop, once they wear in a bit. A Michelin Harmony would be a good choice also, but these are only an S-rated tire.
    --2005 Tucson LX V6 AWD Nautical Blue ww Sunroof--
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Well, if you feel it was worth surviving a T-bone then a rollover in trade for a couple of miles per gallon by all means get another Tucson. Be advised rollovers are common with tall SUV's so a RAV-4 isn't necessarily going to change that much. If all the safety equipment and engineering saved me in a crash I probably would very strongly consider buying the same model (different color maybe) as a replacement.
  • winston8winston8 Posts: 2
    My diesel experience:

    I have a 2002 new beetle diesel. It has plenty of power for day to day driving but on the highway, its a bit sluggish for passing. Not a big deal for me. I can fit a child, and 2 golden retrievers in the car. Safety is impressive for front seat passengers. The back seat is okay for short drives, but not long.

    I get around 40 mpg in mixed driving, 45 all highway. The diesel smell does not bother me any more than pumping gasoline, yuk on both accounts! It cost around $500 extra for the diesel which paid for itself quickly with lower fuel costs and higher mpg. Oil changes are around $50 and have to be done at the dealer, but only every 5K miles.
    We have had the typical VW problems all covered under warranty. All in all I can't complain.

    We are considering a Tucson Limited an expect it will be about even with the Gran Prix on mpg. But we'd get a lot more space, visibility. We decided life would be good with one bigger vehicle and one little great mileage car. A Tucson diesel would be great.

    We did the mileage estimates at and found it is not worth the extra cost of a hybrid or a Rav-4 for us it would take 3 years to make up the extra cost with money saved on gas. So we will probably buy the Tucson.
  • winston8winston8 Posts: 2
    I'd like opinions on the Fwd. I live near Chicago, we get slush and ice and an occasional (1-2 per year) snow storm with 4-5 inches. Our streets our generally well-plowed. Does the Fwd handle this okay? Is the MPG better with the v-6 fwd over the 4wd?
    Is the 4wd worth the $2k my dealer wants for it?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I have found that AWD/4WD is great and it will get you out and about during the winter....but unless you have to be somewhere 24/7 (maybe a doctor, emergency worker of some type) if you encounter snow, or ice,especially ice,so bad that 4WD is necessary you might as well stay home until the roads get cleared. Have you noticed how many 4WD SUV's litter the median along interstates during the winter?? this comes from the overconfidence in the traction and stability of 4WD, but they do not steer or stop any better. Having had both front and all wheel drive I have found that with lighter powder snow the front wheel drive car with all season tires will plow through more than a foot of fresh snow. It is mostly limited by ground clearance. Heavy wet snow is a different story but FWD will still get through 8 or 9 inches of that, maybe more, if you know how to drive in snow. If you add dedicated snow tires and change over to them every winter FWD would be entirely adequate for most if not all winter driving. I do admit to liking the extra security AWD seems to give though but if you can get past your macho feelings FWD is OK. Now, to answer your specific Tucson questions...yes FWD will do fine under normal Chicago winter conditions. Yes, a FWD SHOULD get marginally better fuel economy than the AWD version by nature of its lighter weight and simpler driveline with less friction loss. Both have more ground clearance than a normal car
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    Tenpin288- No apology necessary as you can post in a reasonable manner without going into a tirade every time about how bad Honda and Toyota are as an excuse for problems at Hyundai. I could list all the problems with the car here, but that doesn't fix the quality issues and neither did the dealer. Some are just poor designs and cheap parts. I replied to someone asking about the 4-cyl for purchase, I own one, and gave my opinion and I don't need to defend my experiences with the vehicle. I think you can respect that but at least one here can't. Thanks for the common courtesy of an apology even though it wasn't you.
  • alpine1alpine1 Posts: 51

    What make vehicle hit you and how did that vehicle fare in the accident?
  • dripgossdripgoss Posts: 7
    Dude, you need to get over yourself already. You've made your point so why don't you move on and sprinkle your obviously inflamatory commentary elsewhere. So, back on topic...

    After much research and numerous test drives, my wife and I just drove off with a decent deal on a new 05 6cyl LX FWD Tucson with leather, moonroof, 6CD, power goodies that was overstock from another area. I have to say that after testing a Mazda 3 hatch, CRV, RAV4, Element and even a Santa Fe, I really liked the feel, drive and features for the money of the Tucson. $17.5k +tax/title @ 50 miles on the Odo. The runner up was the CRV which just felt cheap (folding center "tray", 4cyl, hub capped wheels and cloth seats for 25k?!?! NOPE) and the drive felt way to harsh and truck-y for me. I loved the Mazda 3, but couldn't justify the price to get leather, 6CD, but without the room, engine, warranty or vantage point of the Tucson for $4k more. I know they're apples and oranges, but I was open to many makes and models. So far I feel good about the purchase and will update regularly as I break 'er in...
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    You don't need 4WD. Just spent a winter in Quebec City with a FWD Tucson and it did just fine (with Gislaved winter tires however..) We had record level of snow this year BTW, over 10 feet!

    The traction and stability control works great. ;)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yep...its me!! and you haven't seen tirade yet. No apology extended because I own a Honda too and I will once again tell you, and anybody else who cares to listen, that it isn't everything I had been conditioned to expect. It is merely OK. Nope you don't need to defend anything to me I owned more than one Hyundai.... still do and I am more than pleased. If you are not, you entitled to trade it in for something better, go for it friend it is the American way!!
  • quikglikquikglik Posts: 2
    I have a question about tire pressure (a little change of pace from what everybody has been fuming about here :)). The recommended tire pressure is 30 psi for all tires. It seems to me to be a little low. It's the same pressure my previous small car recommended. Does anybody have it at higher psi? I mean possibly in the mid-30s or so. Also, since the front end is heavier than the back, does anybody put more air in the front tires? Would drivability and gas mileage be improved by higher psi? Additionally, I just figured how to remove the cargo area cover beam. What a dodo. My combined mixed driving gas mileage (based on the trip computer reading) has been climbing from the initial 17.5 mpg to the current 19.7 mpg (mine is a 2006 GLS AWD with only about 1,300 miles on it so far). I like the car a lot so far. A couple of suggestions for future improvements would be less tint for the back windows and a little higher rise for the back part of the seat cushion. And as to AWD vs. FWD, I do agree that with traction control/stability control/ABS, AWD may not be necessary even for Chicago-type climate. You save $1,500 and do get a little better gas mileage (probably 2-4 mpg). As was suggested by someone before, a set of snow tires would provide even more security in the winter, if needed. A few of our Canadian friends I've met in the past did not have AWD vehicles.
  • jmomjmom Posts: 2
    I was hit by a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. The front and the hood were smashed, both front air bags went off. The report said about $3k damage to his and $10k to mine, but the insurance is giving full replacement plus tag, title and taxes since I had the car for less than 2 months. The police said I would have just spun, but the wheel hit the curb and that was what caused me to flip over. We think the dealer has finally found me another Tucson, this time with the correct interior color.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    dipgoss- Sounds like you overpaid for your vehicle, you should have shopped around a little more. Maybe thats why you're so upset and commenting on issues that didn't involve you. This is a forum and not a "good news only about Tucson club" even though the most frequent poster(s) here would like that. When you own a Tucson over a year then you might think different.
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