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Hyundai Tucson



  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I recently had mine done and it took them less than 30 minutes to change it. ;)
  • nearly all automatic transmissions need to be warmed up with the engine running in order to get a correct reading from the dipstick. the dealer mechanics are wrong. also, do not add automatic transmission fluid to a cold tranmission, wait until it warms up before adding fluid. failure to do this can result in serious damage to your tranmission.
  • hey guys!
    I have a 06 Tucson limited and it's been a great little suv the past year and a half! But recently (after starting it up) and "ESC OFF" light comes on and stays on. This has been going on the past 4 months and everytime I take to the service department at the dealership to get it checked out, they tell me they can't find anything wrong or that this is "normal" and it should shut off eventually". Does anyone have this same problem? Sometimes the ESC OFF light goes out after starting the engine and other times it just stays on the whole time I'm driving even when I press the ESC OFF button trying to engage the ESC. Please other Tucson owners give me your thoughts on this problem!!
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    They're feeding you a bunch of bull! The only times that light should be on is right after starting when it does its self test or when the system is active such as in inclement driving weather and the system detects a "yaw" or slipping condition that needs corrected and only during such situations, not all the time. A constant or steady on during normal driving is indicative of a problem with the system. It sounds to me either the ESC computer is not operating properly or one of the ESC sensors is faulty. If possible, take it to another dealer. If that is not possible, keep after them and if necessary escalate it with Hyundai's Consumer Affairs Dept. The numbers are on their website. :mad:
  • I have an 06 Tuscon and the ESC light has only came on one time when I was stuck in snow and constantly trying to rock the vehicle out back and forth. I think it was supposed to be on in that case, but no other time. Let me ask you something unrelated about your tuscon. Does it ever feel like your heater or a/c is on when it's on "off"?
  • It seems to me to be a faulty sensor but then again I'm not a ASE certified mechanic. It is frustrating since this problem supposedly never shows up when the techs are testing the system. I left them the Tucson for a couple of days so they could get to the bottom of this problem. thanks for the info, other than that this has been a great little suv! :)
  • Hello ,

    Does any of you know about when Hyundai
    intends to change model/facelift the present Tucson?
    There are rumors about this being done in 2008 or 2009.
    Thanks again for your help !
  • Hi, Im a tucson user, i just want to say, i love ford, i change my ford ranger 1998 for a hyundai tucson 2005 2 years ago and im very rgretful of doig this, i bought the car on cash, here in Ecuador that car cost 22 thousand dollars, doesnt come with airbags, first when i bought it, the right windshield was broken,i didnt notice it until i went to the freeway and hear an air likeage, so i went to the dealer and he said to me that they dont going to change it so they repair it,they repair it well.
    1 year ago the steering gear begun to sound like an old cofee maker, so i went to the dealer again, and they said to me, that sound is normal??????, now the steering gear sound like an old diesel motor, now they said to me that i need to change it, i just want to say that my old ranger never bother me like that, i never spend so much money in repairing it, so im going to sell that piece of crap and buy a ford, i will never buy a hyundai again.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ow they said to me that i need to change it

    Is that covered by warranty?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • irishredirishred Posts: 7
    I bought a 07 Tucson in Feb., although the one I wanted didn't have a moonroof, others on the lot did come equipt with one. I had the dealer install one on the model I bought. That's an option also!
  • It took about 20 extra minutes to have it done a couple of weeks ago when I was getting my 3,700 mile serice.
  • My 2007 Tucson is in the shop right now for the third time since early February with the same electrical problem. I have just under 3,900 miles on this vehicle that I purchased in late October, 2006. The first time they told me I had a defective battery and they replaced it. Twenty days later, when I had it towed in for the second time with the same problem (no electrical power), they said they found a loose connection. On Thursday, April 26 I had to have it towed in again with the same problem. They called me today to tell me that while they could find nothing wrong with it, and had no idea why this was happening, their tech center told them to install a heavier duty battery, which they've had to order. I was told by the serice advisor that they still have no idea what the problem is. As much as I really love this vehicle, it's gotten to a point now where I don't trust it. If it happens one more time I intend to contact the Ohio attorney general's office about invoking the state's Lemon Law.
  • Of course they dont cover it!!, they said to me that is normal for because of the roads!!, and my ranger never get that damage.
  • airflyteairflyte Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 tucson with the same problem! the radio has a problem! when turned off it will draw to much current and will kill the battery. the dealer also changed the battery,this also did not help. after changing the radio the problem never came back!
  • psfod3psfod3 Posts: 63
    I just test drove a 07 v6 Tucson It road very nicely. I drive around 32,000 mniles per year. I read in the service manual that the timing belt has to be changed at 60,000 miles. I think that is crazy to have to go through that expense every 60,000 miles. My Forester did not have to have this done till 105,000 miles. If you do not do it and it breaks your 100,000 mile warrenty is void. Poor design from Hyundai
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Not really on the part of Hyundai. Actually, many manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement @ every 60K miles.

    Timing chains in my opinion are more advantageous, and Hyundai has several models with such equipment.
  • kyedselkyedsel Posts: 5
    Check and see about changing the transmisssion fluid. The say to change it every 30,000,
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    60K timing belt replace, actually, I think that's about right for most vehicles. It's not our fault you put 32k miles per year on a vehicle. That 105k timing belt change seems over the recommended limit even for a Subaru? Besides the cramped rear foot, & legroom, and hard as a board rear seat not even fit for kids, or midgets, in your Forrester is what I call poor design! and they haven't improved these items year, after year, that is the only reason I won't buy one. By the way, I have 40K trouble free miles on my 05' V6 4WD Tucson LX, after trading in my similarly equipped 02' Santa Fe LX with driving it 3 1/2 yrs, and 87k happy, trouble free miles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    I think 60k is too low too. My older Outback is just at 60,000 so I need to replace the belt, plus I think it's an interference engine so I can't skate on delaying it too long.

    On the other hand, my '99 Quest's timing belt is good for 105,000 miles, and it's a non-interference engine, and I've read that some owners are still on the original belt with 200,000+ miles on the van. I'm just 10k miles over for replacing mine. :shades:

    Except for fluids, I'd just as soon not open my hood for the first 100,000 miles. :blush:
  • andavis60andavis60 Posts: 2
    We just bought a 2007 Tucson Saturday May 12, yesterday on May 13 I was driving and began to smell gasoline. It kept getting stronger and stronger so I turned off the a/c and rolled windows down. A person in another vehicle came up beside me a told me I was losing gas all the way down the high way. I pulled over and parked and gas was pouring out from under the vehicle. After it stopped pouring out it continued to drip, but if I tried to turn on the accessory to roll up windows it would start pouring out again. The fire dept ( I had to call them or road side assistant would not send a wrecker to tow) undid the relay for the fuel pump, but it was still leaking when it was loaded on the flatbed. Has anyone else experienced this? This vehicle only has 134 miles on it!
  • sandypath1sandypath1 Posts: 4
    read my post #1362. I am curious as to what was the outcome of your car. Was your gas tank in tact? What did they say happened??
  • andavis60andavis60 Posts: 2
    I just picked my vehicle up from the shop. The cause of my problems was that the fuel return line came loose. They reinstalled the fuel line and refilled my tank. Seems to be running all right,although I can't help but watch the road behind me and look under the vehicle when I get out of it. The guy at the desk said he has worked there 3 years and has never seen that happen. I hope it doesn't happen again.!
  • bwaller78bwaller78 Posts: 23
    Hello, well Im glad it was fixed, I have 12455 miles and not a single problem, but have noticed that sometimes the a/c makes a noise when running, but the a/c still works so probably wont take to dealer till it gets worse, I cant hardly even notice because I play my music loud, lol!
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    i am now getting 20-22mpg around town, here in rural Pa. i was getting 18-20 previously, don't ask me why it has improved? but, I do have over 40k miles on the odometer now. Also, the weather here has been mild between 60-85* Fahrenheit. This is also awhile after a dealer oil change with ordinary Mobil 5-30W oil, not synthetic, or synthetic blend, as I usually use? Haven't tried any long distance hiway drives lately, but if I get 25plus mpg then, I'll shut up. The only mod I've had for quite awhile is a drop in K&N air filter.

    2005 Tucson LX V6 4WD Auto Nautical blue
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    I am looking to get an '07 SE, 4WD. Wanted to get some owner's thoughts and opinions on their Tucsons... Board has been dead for awhile.

    Anyone used theirs off-road? I.e. moderately deep/loose sand beaches?

    Anyone from NC here?
  • bwaller78bwaller78 Posts: 23
    I have a 2006 v6 gls, now over 15k miles and I still love driving my tucson, I have only taken mine on some dirt roads now and again since I dont have 4wd. I find my tucson to be comfortable on long drives, handles well at 75 mph+ I am averaging 20.2 to 20.5 mpg in city and 25-26 mpg on hwy, the rear leg room is excellent for the size of car, drives and handles like a car but a bit higher off the road the way I like, I live in vegas and my tucson has stood up to the extreme heat, and a/c still goes, have not had any problems with mine. I have used my tucson a couple of times to move items and cargo area with fold flat rear seats is nice. I have driven my tucson in a light to moderate snow storm and drove like a champ with no problems.
  • bblm20bblm20 Posts: 3
    Are you still having this problem? I just bought a tuscon in Oct. of last year. It is an o5
    had only 8500 miles. I have had it in the shop 10 times now and it is back there again
    for some kind of electrical problem. If I don't drive it every day, on the third day it is
    dead. they replaced the battery and some module but they can not find the problem.
    I have been in touch with the Hyundai corp. reg. this. I think it is a lemon and I have
    noticed that other tuscon owners are having this problem. I am in agreement for a
    recall. Thanks a frustrated Tuscon owner!
  • tyreetyree Posts: 3
    Yes, mine was the same, 2006 GLS Tucson. Needed driving daily, or on the 2nd or 3rd day it would be dead. They say the problem is now fixed. We will see.

    had it in the shop 4x for same issue, and they think it is a bad stereo unit, which they replaced. seems it would come on while parked, and drain the battery.

    my dealer, at 22nd and wilmot in tucson az found some sort of bulletin on it.

  • bwaller, What happened with that A/C noise? Our 05 Tucson is starting to make a noise with the A/C, I guess its a sort of a slight growl sound that echos the engine revs, and it comes from the vents only when the A/C is on. Did you ever find a fix?
  • bwaller78bwaller78 Posts: 23
    well never did take it in to have it looked at, seemed to stop making the noise, use the ac daily and haven't noticed it, but seemed to make the noise once ac is running for a while on long trips, will have it looked at when i get a chance. its not a big deal to me, because the ac works just fine, so to me its on the low priority list,till the ac goes out, hope you can find a fix.
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