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Hyundai Tucson



  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, our A/C works fine, too, but the sound is a bit anoying. Well if anyone else has had that A/C noise (a sorta growl or rumble or bass sound from the vents) please lemme know.
  • i just bought an 07 se yesterday loaded i have sold them and have owned hyundai since 1989 they are the best vehicle out one you will love it.signed the hyundai pro.
  • dal2230dal2230 Posts: 4
    We are working on the second battery, the second radio, and have been told everything from there is nothing wrong with it to don't open the door before you turn the car off.. My mother has been made to feel as though she is completely out of her mind everytime she has to have the car towed back in.. There is never anything wrong with it. It is in the shop again. They say the last battery they put in that would fix the problem was the wrong battery. In other words... they don't have a clue..We got a lawyer and filed a lemon law case and the offer they made to my mom was that she pay them $500 and they would take the car back.. The kicker of this whole thing is that her car is a year old with 5300 miles on it. She has been having problems with it since the second week she brought it home. I am at my wits ends.. I am about ready to scream from the top of the roof how bad this car is.. My mom bought this car brand new for the piece of mind of having a new car.. She pays her car payment on time.. Somebody needs to step up and fix this problem..I don't know where else to go for help..
  • dal2230dal2230 Posts: 4
    My mother's 2006 Tuscon is a piece of junk.. She has had it in and out of the shop over 20 times since she bought it last year. The problems started a couple of weeks after she got it home. First they said she must have left the lights on.. then. it was the battery.. then it was the radio..then it was there was nothing wrong with it..then the battery.. then you don't drive it enough.. then, you can't open the door before you turn off the engine..It is again in the shop.. now they are saying the last radio they put in was the wrong radio..We hired a lawyer.. the offer was for my mom to pay them (Hyundai) $500.00 and they would take the car back.. All I know is some big wig suit hire up in this company needs to step up and do the right thing for my mother.. Hyundai built a piece of crap in this car..I will not rest until something is done.. I have contacted every local consumer report on t.v and radio in my area and will not quit until somebody helps her. It's ridiculos. My mother's car is a little over a year old with 5300 miles on it..Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    the offer was for my mom to pay them (Hyundai) $500.00 and they would take the car back

    Do you mean to say that they would refund the price of the car minus $500? In that case, I would jump on it! But that's just me. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My wife just bought a 2007 GLS automatic and likes it fine so far except for one issue. She is short - 4' 11" and likes the seat back quite upright. This pushes her head forward in an attitude of prayer. Obviously she doesn't want to pray full time. It is OK if the seat is tilted back some but that doesn't suit her. The rest is adjustable and we have it all the way back. We finally pulled the rest out and turned it around to get by. I pulled the head rest out of our '03 Elantra (non-adjustable) which has the same mounting and tried it in the Tuscon and it is fine for her. It seems that Hyundai in trying to limit head travel in a rearender has gone overboard with this design.
  • dal2230dal2230 Posts: 4
    No, they weren't going to refund her anything, and they wanted her to pay them $500.00. They said that the way they calculated everything, my mom would owe them $500..So she would be out the car, out $500 cash from her pocket, and no money to use as a down payment on another car. She can't afford that..It just doesn't seem right..
  • I think we're (the readers) missing something here. Let your lawyer do his job and let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  • dal2230dal2230 Posts: 4
    That's what the lawyer worked out with Hyundai. Then the lawyer was let go and then his replacement quit, and then his replacement left.

    Basically we are now stuck with a crap car.. and no lawyer.
  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    I hope bucster47 sees this message to reply. What was the cause of your ESC problem? I have a 2005 KIA Sportage with the same problem. My "Traction Off" light would come on intermittently in hot weather and never in the winter. It also never came on when the dealer checked it out. I plan on driving to the dealer when it happens again and let them check the error code while the light is on. I'm in Iraq at the moment and my wife says she hasn't seen the light come on this summer. It's probably a traction sensor but I started wondering if the traction control worked fine and perhaps it's actually a faulty dash light? Once again, it never came on except in hot weather.
  • Working just off of product cycle lengths, a complete redesign is due in a year or two, so we're looking at the '09 or '10 model-year. So far, there haven't been any prototypes spotted testing, so it's likely the latter. Because nothing has been seen or officially announced about the vehicle, it's next to impossible to determine just what we'll get. It will stay car-based, and probably remain FWD/AWD, but we may, for the first time, get a diesel engine choice in the US.

    Below I've added an A3-based chop. There's nothing authoritative about the design, of course, but I thought it might be fun to post. ;)


  • I bought a Tucson 07 in January. Caught fire recently. The investigator claimed that "possible cause" of fire could have been debris caught by the car before parking. Maybe it picked up a paper bag or tumbleweed on the road.
    And is listing the official cause as such. However is not ruling out fuel return line. It was burned beyond inspection. The Tucson is repairable according to Hyundai. It's just that they will not take the responsibility of admitting that the Tucson has a problem. Be careful. I have not yet begun to fight.
  • strakerstraker Posts: 7
    My Tucson that is 1&1/2 years has been giving me engine trouble. First the dealers thought the head gasket went bad but now they're thinking that the cylinder head is cracked. They've ordered the replacement part but should I be having these problems with a vehicle under 3years old?
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    No, you should not be having problems; however, no make of vehicle is always 100% perfect. This could happen to any vehicle, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda...whoever. As long as you are covered by the warranty, I am hoping your problem will be taken care of. Are they giving you a loaner???
  • strakerstraker Posts: 7
    Warranty only for 1 year. I am currently using a loaner they gave me but it's a far cry from what I was accustom to driving.

    Even if not under warranty I would think they I should not bear the full cost of the repairs.

    And I was wondering if anyone else has had that type of problem with their Tucson before.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I am the guy that did a report about the Tucson V6 LX 30K miles USA & Central American ans South America). Now I am in Europe travelling through the Alps, Ukrania, Rumania and Bulgary.

    I will report at the end of this month all the good things of this Tucson with field experience. I have attended the Frankfurt Car Show (Germany)and I saw the Tiguan. The "Track and Field model" is for off road driving with a offroad lock and its underframe is fully protected. Turbo Engine (Diesel and Petrol).

    In my report I will report on what I would like to see in a new Tucson version (year 2008-2009)to beat the competition in price and quality and all the goodies that this car has showm me so far.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Tucson 55K miles (September 2007)

    I am the guy who did a report of the 30K miles of the Hyundai Tucson V6 LX some time ago. I bought this car in November 2004 and I have driven the car in the USA, Central American, and South America and now I have driven all Western and Easter Europe countries (Alps and Carpathian mountains) with the exception of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro and Albania.

    During the course of the journey I have done all the recommended maintenance, I bought 2 set of four new tyres. The original tyres (BF Goodrich) were changed at 25K miles, the first set of four tyres (Bridgestone) was changed at 47K miles and the car has now four new tyres (Yokohama A/T-S G012).

    Externally the car has a number of scratches as the product of tree branches, and the mirror paints has discoloured showing what I might describes as tiger spots. When the car is loaded with stuff the occasional squeaky noises may occur. The ride is still fine on motorway tarmac but off the road it has its limitations. Any little bump or pot hole is felt straight away. At environment temperatures above the 30 degree centigrade the engine compartment can become very hot indeed.

    Internally, the relatively cheap plasticity used in this car cannot prevent a number of scratches even those produced by pens, shoes soles, and finger nails. The plastic covering the doors (e.g. handled) has lost its firmness and there are intermittent squeaky noises when the handles are operated in spite of using silicone oil to sooth the noise.

    During the whole journey I have used a roof box and in general I can say that the car still shows that it is solid and keeps proper composure even at high speed (e.g. 85 miles per hour). In two thirds of the mileage the car had a total load of between 800 pounds to 900 pounds, including passengers, roof box and cargo. .

    If Hyundai is thinking to upgrade this Tucson model I will certainly buy the upgrade if some radical changes are made not just a face lift. They said that the norm of a car manufacturer is to upgrade a model every 4 years. What I would like to see in a new version of a Tucson are: (1) More power, e.g. 3.2 litre engine or 2.5 litre turbo, (2) Five or six automatic gear box, (3) Improved off road (track) suspension mechanism (e.g. 60 % Tarmac, 40% off road), (4) One or two inches more of floor clearance, (5) Set of Xenon front lights as an option, (6) Intermittent signal light (indicators) incorporated in the mirrors, (6) Bigger wheels, e.g. 18 inches (e.g. 235/60R18, (7) Better and stronger internal plasticity, (8) Resistant external paint to sustain stronger scratches, (9) Bigger petrol storage, (10) One or two inches car length longer, (11) One or two inches car width wider, (12) Control switches on the steering wheel, (13) Off-road control (or track)l switch look in addition to the 4WD lock (e.g. similar that Volkswagen Tiguan), (14) A laptop tray in the passenger location or rear passenger seat, or car roof (15) Extra under frame protection for track driving, (16) Improved 4WD mechanism lock response on the rear wheels ( lack of rear wheel synchronization in sharp turning at slow speed), (17) Better heat insulation between engine compartment and the driver compartment (heat from the engine filtrates into the driver compartment), (18) Better leather seat design to prevent undesirable wrinkles, (19) Better A/C mechanism to prevent extra noise from the engine when the A/C or front screen window defogging switch is on, (20) Incorporation of fog light in the rear light mechanism activated from the driver compartment, (21) GPS screen system as an option., (22) Stronger cargo area surface to resist 250 total weights pounds boxes while the car is off-road action, (23) Intermittent sound when the car is driven with the hand brake engaged instead of flashing light in the facia, (24) Stronger or better design of cup holders in the driver compartments, (25) Better airtight in the whole car to prevent road dust enter the inside of the car, (26) Better skid cover design (under the engine compartment) to prevent spill mud to dirty all the engine compartment components. In summary I would just like an increase in ground clearance, bigger wheels, stronger off road suspension, and more engine power.

    What I most like about the Tucson is its rear passenger’s seats mechanism that folds completely flat. This layout has allowed me to sleep in the car with my partner in situations of extreme cold or when temporarily lost in the wilderness or unable to get a hotel or camping site.

    I have attended the Frankfurt car exhibition this month (September, 2007) in Germany to explore the Volkswagen Tiguan. The car is a bit longer, a bit wider and one or two inches lower than the Tucson. The structure looks strong and has an aggressive look. This Tiguan come in three versions or models. The car suitable for off road is named “Track and Field” and it is under-frame protected and has a different nose than the two others and the off-road suspension is lockable and it is made of stronger components. The Tiguan has less power than the Tucson V6. An ideal new generation of Tucson could be an engine with power similar to the Mazda CX-7, and the off road facilities offered by the Tiguan model
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the detailed report! Your Tucson is the most well-travelled of any that I know.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have a 2006 Limited Tucson and I'm just curious to why Hyundai didn't install a visible flashing ARMED alarm light with the keyless factory alarm. I've noticed other Hyundai models (example, Sonata) have a visible falshing light on the dashboard when the car is armed. Do I have a defective alarm light not working right, or did hyundai not install one with their keyless alarm systems on the 2006 Tucsons. Any feedback from other 2006 Tucson would be appreciated!! And by the way, my tucson has hit 35000 miles and no problems at all! Still runs as good as new! :)
  • I just purchased a new 07 Tucson SE FWD. I have put almost 600 miles on this vehicle so far. It's been a month today. My problem is the mileage. It states on the computer that I am getting 14 MPG city driving, and 17 mpg highway. Could this be a computer malfunction? Is this typical in new vehicles? I am not a speedy driver at all, carry no heavy loads, drive very sensibly. I am concerned in a big way that something may be wrong. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice? Other than that, the transmission gets a bit louder in reverse, and the radio makes a hissing noise for about 15 seconds when the car first starts, then goes away. Should i take it in to be looked at? Someone said that new cars need to work out the kinks the first few thousand miles, I don't really buy that. I am not knowledgable about automotive issues so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Your car is going through a break in period it will take atleast 10,000 miles more before the car fully breaks in, i have have 2006 Sonata it got about 13.9 mpg with the trip computer when i first bought it, the lowest was about 12 mpg in the city,on the highway i always average especially 25-26 MPG going on long distance trips, a trip computer is averging your driving situations, if you drive mostly in the city it will do a city average most times.
  • I just bought a CPO Tuscan LTD and still getting used to far no issues 35K.
    Q: Where is the engine compat light? Its 6:23pm ny time , dark and went to look around so more in the dark, but when I opened the hood, I didnt get a light?
    Anyone ?
  • Just bought a used 05 Tucson 4WD for my wife - she loves it - kinda small for me but so far it's seems OK except the gas mileage

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could give me a clue if these were set up for Sirius or XM radio - it sure looks like right above the rear view mirror that there seems to be a antenna of some sort showing

    I really need to get her GPS - so anyone have recomendations?

    thanks :)
  • Newbie owner here. I have a 2007 Tucson and I want to remove my front floor mats for cleaning. Do I need to just PULL on the mat around the post or is there some trick? I'm afraid to break the post . . . sorry for the "duh" question.
  • Nevermind and sorry. I finally figured out how to do it.
    Thanks again.
  • I have a 2005 Tucson with a 6 cd changer and it does not recognize that there are 6 cd's loaded in it and it won't let me unload. Display states no disks.

    Is there away to unfreeze it OR can anyone tell me how to remove the unit altogether and retrieve my cd's?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Changers can be tough.

    Try the tricks in the How to Remove a Stuck CD guide. Especially the fuse trick.

    But my guess is that someone is going to have to tell you how to remove it. Check the site too - they may have some info.
  • So here's a new situation that I haven't experienced with any of my previous cars (none of them have been Hyundais). As a background, I own a 2006 V6 AWD AT Tucson, bought new. It only has 22,000 miles on it. I've been getting about 18.5 MPG in mostly city driving until about a month ago when, all of a sudden, the mileage, as shown by the car computer, dropped to around 13.5 MPG. Recently, it has climbed to about 15.2 MPG. My driving pattern has been exactly the same all this time: nothing has changed in terms of gas used, distances, speed, acceleration etc. I've changed my air filter, but no marked improvement has occurred. So I took the car to a dealer this morning. To my great surprise, the service advisor REFUSED to take my car in order to diagnose it. He gave me a sheet titled "Hyundai Technical Service Bulletin - Fuel Mileage Calculation" that lists driving characteristics that affect mileage, like weight, acceleration, speed, accessories usage, maintenance etc. Daaaa... The second page spells out procedures to calculate MPG. The advisor told me that Hyundai requires them to have the customer do a mileage calculation and write down dates, mileage and amount of gas used on that sheet before they can take the vehicle in for diagnostics. WHAT? He also said that since the "Check Engine" light does not come on, there is nothing for them to check. So one thing completely contradicts the other because my engine light will not come on even if I do the MPG test so what's the point to even mention that? I think it's an outrage. Since when does one need to provide written proof of a problem before having the dealer attempt to diagnose a problem?!!!! Additionally, the car computer shows the current MPG. And if the dealer can't use that number to verify MPG and provide service based on that, then my conclusion is that the car computer is meant to be just a gimmick. The fact that there is 5-year warranty means nothing unless it's followed by Hyundai and its dealers and implemented. By the way, the Bulletin given to me is dated November 2005. It is obviously not a new problem, especially judging by the number of posts I've seen that have to do with poor mileage. There is no doubt that Tucson's auto transmission and engine technology is old, and lower mileage is to be expected, especially on an AWD vehicle. But there is no excuse for Hyundai and its dealers to be blatantly nonresponsive to their customers' concerns. I will try to call their toll-free customer service number, but I doubt that anything will come out of it. I've also had a pretty serious problem with the car's underframe that had to be repaired/replaced (under warranty) after only 15,000 miles. This is my first and last Hyundai product. I am planning to trade the car in at the first opportunity. Hyundai will loose customers very quickly with this type of service (I think they already have based on recent stats, more so than other brands). I would not recommend Hyundai cars/SUVs to anyone. :mad:
  • ecoganecogan Posts: 26
    I am considering buying a 2008 or 2009 Tucson for my two college daughters (one car) that go to the same school 700 miles away from home. The reviews I've read from different websites/reviewers (Edmunds/Consumer Reports/Car and Driver, etc.) run the entire gamut, although I see that most of the negative reviews are for some of the older models.

    Being that the kids will be so far away from home, and are girls, I can't afford to give them a car that will have them often in the shop, and unable to fend for themselves when it comes to car issues. (We all know how amenable some of the car companies can be at accepting responsibity...) I would appreciate your input and feedback.

  • nixennixen Posts: 1

    Do you know what is the camber angle (degree tolerance) for the rear wheels of the hyundai tucson?
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