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Nissan Titan vs. Ford F150



  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Oh don't dramatize the senario, I just stated that the full advantages or dissadvantages of aluminum have yet to be explored. I'm not talking specifically heads, or blocks, etc.etc. I'm talking in general.

    "the only reason they werent used widely 50 years ago is because of the cost and metallurgical technology."

    Thank you, you just reinforced my above reference. Your caught up again.

    "so what you are saying is that you would rather have 120 year old technology under the hood than 5 year old technology? "

    Didn't you just say "the only reason they werent used widely 50 years ago", so how can it now be 5 year old technology ?

    I didn't say anything relating to 120 year old technology (horse and carriage you mean?). I was stating something known in the engineering industry, and as to why a manufacturer would prefer one, over another. It's JUST a preference, don't get all wound up over it....
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    All use steel sleeves in the cylinders. Many aluminum engines have suffered catastrophic failure from the sleeves comeing loose. Dissimilar materials expand at different rates when heated, even moderately.

    Yes, aluminum engines and especially heads have been sucessfully used for decades but, ALL of those 200,000 mile stories are cast iron engines.(heads and all)
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    And that's virginal, I've seen some Ford 5.0L V8's with well over 500K miles...
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Neither iron or aluminum have the ability to be universal material. Each have there own advantages and disadvantages as someone just pointed out.

    Aluminum engine blocks have the advantage of weight but the disadvantage of manufacturing cost. The strength of an aluminium block is more determined by design execution than just comparing the material. Aluminum used in other components, however, might have a distinct disadvantage with respect to strength. For engine blocks and cylinder heads, corrosion is more an acute problem than rusting in iron components.

    Iron has the advantage of cost and manufacturing ease. It obviously has the disadvantage of weight, but by and large that is the only real significant disadvantage in engine components. Iron blocks generally suffer less torsion twisting compared to aluminum versions of the same configuration. Some aluminum blocks use steel bulkheads cast into critical areas to control axial and non-axial bending.

    Unfortunately, aluminum does not conduct heat as evenly as ductile materials. Heat transfer rate is approximately 30% less than iron or steel.

    The bottom line is that both metals are excellent materials for specific automotive purposes each possessing unique qualities.

  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    "Strength through weight is a ginnick"

    I refer you to post #110 in "Nissan Titan: Problems and solutions"

    A few posts back I mentioned the possible problems associated with too light construction and speculated that the doors might not fit after a few years of heavy use. Now we hear of Titans coming from the factory that way. There's nothing wrong with trimming the fat but you've got to be carefull not to cut muscle too!

    Them that knows the workin of them truks wont buy one of them puny ones now
    Good luck on this one now
  • I wonder if Franklin ever got a ride in a toyota?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Don't think Franklin would feel safe in a full sized truck with that Tacoma pumpkin.

    Good luck on this one now.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "I remember when the Mazda Miata first hit the market. It was a cute little sports car that the consumers loved. They were selling for 25% OVER MSRP and selling as fast as dealers could get them."

    Must say, I agree with you on this point. I remember the into of the Miata - my boss paid about 20% over sticker on the "gottahaveitnomatterwhatthecost" deal.

    When the PT Cruiser was introduced, I really wanted one for my business to use. But when I saw the add-on stickers, I passed. I just won't pay over sticker for anything, don't need it that badly. And now look at them! Huge discounts are available now. But, since everybody has one now, I don't want one anymore at any price.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "I haven't paid attention to Motor Trend's picks since they made the Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto cars of the year back in the 70's. I think they are heavily swayed by advertiser's $$$."

    Oh, c'mon, you know M/T always chooses the newest and most revolutionary stuff to make "car of the year", and they don't have a clue about quality at that point. The Pinto & Vega were both completely revolutionary for US product at the time, and deserved the recognition. Of course, nobody knew that the Vega engine had a 12,000 mile lifespan or that the Pinto would be a fireball if rear ended at 70mph by an Impala at that point, so I can't blame them.
  • Is Motor Trend more accurate or Edmund? They didn't picked the same truck. So, who do you think did the better research. Edmunds has a long term test for their vehicles. They also keep up with safety ratings for the vehicles. Motor trend do have their own tv show. Does that really mean anything? Why do you think Edmund pick the Titan over the F150? Why do you really think Motor Trend really picked the F150 over the Titan? Personally, I like both trucks. I think the F150 is more luxurious than the Titan. The engine is what caught my attention. Luxury is not as important to me as speed and power. I think luxury is meant more for suvs and sedans. Trucks are just simply meant to be driven and used to their utmost abilities. F150 is a very eye catching truck. It looks somewhat bulky from different sides. I guess the extra weight makes it look that way. It is way to sluggish for my taste.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't think it's so much a matter of "better reasearch" as a matter of preferences. The Titan is perceived as a better value, and if that's weighted highly, it'll win. OTOH, if reputation or capacities are considered, or even looks, the F-150 could win. Just different methodologies the way I see it. The F-150 has been the gold standard of trucks forever, and has been the benchmark for both Toyota and Nissan to match in building their big trucks. The Titan is too new to rate, and Nissan's reputation (and I have one, you know), is inconsistent, and untried in large trucks to this point. Plus, they are having issues with the Titan - not to be unexpected, actually, but something Toyota generally doesn't have.
  • I see a lot of posts about all the problems Titans have but are these happening in current production or have these issues already been fixed. I have an LE Crew Cab that was built in March and I don't have squeaks, ill fitting doors, brake problems or any of the problems I have seen listed. The only thing I had wrong was a rivet on a rear window controller that wasn't finished off right so it caught slightly in the fully down position. Dealer took care of that no problem. I've got 8200 miles on it and used it to tow and haul. Just haven't had it off road yet but hunting season is right around the corner. Maybe I just got lucky?
  • Well, I don't really know how current they are right now.It's good to hear yours is not given you any real problems. We don't all buy from the same dealership. Some may have better service people that catch these problems before it gets to the consumer.
  • interesting that I would be commenting on post 911 on 9/11 which as we all know is a day in infamy.

    I just wanted to say that you pretty much delivered a "knock out" blow of information regarding the extra weight and it's worthyness that the F150 carries. Thanks for describing why the '04 F150, in my opinion was the truck to buy.

    goog job
  • I believe Motor Trend has more weight on the decision on the No. 1 truck, than Edmunds.

    The redesigned Ford F-150 earned the top spot as the most popular pickup with shoppers on MSN Autos for the second quarter of 2004. The F-150 was also the fifth most popular vehicle overall for the same time period.

    The Toyota Tacoma, a consistently popular compact pickup, was second with shoppers for the second quarter of the year. A sporty truck with nostalgic styling, the all-new Chevrolet SSR was third on the list.

    The list of the ten most popular pickups on MSN Autos is based on visits to the site's vehicle research pages during the second quarter, April through June, of the year. Here is the complete list:

    1. Ford F-150
    Ford's half-ton pickup line is redesigned for 2004 with a stronger, bolder look and five distinct versions: XL, STX, XLT, FX4 and Lariat, each with unique styling. Regular Cab and SuperCab versions are six inches longer and the Regular Cab adds rear-hinged panels to access behind-seat storage. The complete F-Series line has been the best-selling truck in America for 26 straight years and the best-selling vehicle overall for 21 years.

    2. Toyota Tacoma
    The Tacoma is in its sixth generation and is now available in Regular Cab, extended Xtracab and 4-door Double Cab configurations. For 2004 Vehicle Stability Control is available as an option on PreRunner and 4-wheel-drive trims with V6 engines. The current Tacoma was designed in the U.S. and is built in the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. factory in Fremont, Calif.

    3. Chevrolet SSR
    The SSR is a sporty two-seat pickup that takes its styling cues from Chevrolet trucks of the 1940s, but includes a thoroughly modern power-retractable hardtop for open-air driving. Powered by a 300-horsepower version of the legendary small-block Chevy V8, the SSR design features large flared fenders and a wide stance, punctuated by 19-inch wheels and tires at the front and 20-inch meats at the rear.

    4. Ford Ranger
    Another popular compact truck with MSN shoppers, the Ranger's updates for 2004 include a raised power dome hood, a nostril grille with horizontal bars on 2WD trims, a honeycomb grille on 4WD trims, a new front valance, a rally gauge cluster, and Ford-style steering wheel.

    5. Dodge Ram 1500
    The Ram 1500 was redesigned with bolder, distinctive Dodge styling for 2002, and the famous HEMI name returned to the line late in 2003 with the 345-horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI Magnum engine. For 2004 the Laramie adds a chrome grille surround, a chrome billet grille center, chrome moldings, silver interior trim, and a unique leather seat design with contrasting colors.
    6. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    The Silverado replaced Chevrolet's C/K pickup line with all-new styling for 1999. For 2004 a new half-ton 1500 Crew Cab is added. All Silverado 1500 trims now include cruise control, power door locks, a chrome bumper and an AM/FM/CD audio system.

    7. Chevrolet Colorado
    The Colorado is Chevrolet's all-new midsize pickup that replaces the S-10 for 2004. The Colorado is larger and stronger than the S-10 and offers Regular Cab, Extended Cab and Crew Cab versions. Power comes from two new engines: the Vortec 2800 inline 4-cylinder and the Vortec 3500 inline 5-cylinder, both derived from the Vortec 4200 inline 6-cylinder.

    8. Dodge Dakota
    The midsize Dakota continues to be popular, with a Stampede package offered for 2004 including monochromatic front and rear fascia moldings, ground-effect side moldings, 16-inch aluminum wheels, wheel flares and a rear stabilizer bar. The new 2005 Dakota is due this fall with a bigger, bolder look, following the design direction of the Ram.

    9. Toyota Tundra
    Toyota's full-size Tundra received updated styling for 2003 and the Stepside Access Cab was added. The Tundra Double Cab debuts for 2004. This year Toyota focused on rear-seat comfort—a rear-seat DVD entertainment system is offered. The Tundra Double Cab features one of the longest beds available for a double cab half-ton truck.

    10. Nissan Titan
    The first full-size pickup from Nissan, the 2004 Titan offers a fresh alternative in the category. Titan features bold styling with available King Cab and Crew Cab trims, powered by a 305-horsepower 5.6-liter V8 with a 5-speed automatic transmission. A unique feature is a factory-installed Utili-track tie-down system in the bed. The Titan was conceived, developed and engineered primarily in North America and is produced at Nissan's new facility in Canton, Mississippi.
  • Motor Trend they love their long term F150. Well everything except the engine that is. Many of the editors do not see where this new 5.4L has 300 horses in it. I think another reason MT chose the F150 0ver the Titan was its very customizable with 5 different trim levels 3 different box styles. It can be everything for everyone. I'm not much of a pick up guy but both trucks have some great styling. Yeah the new F150 does look more manly and aggressive then the Heritage Model. Although I haven't seen anything more aggressive looking then the Hemi Sport Ram, the thing is huge.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I must be missing something. The SSR is a very expensive limited production truck. How does Msn define popular?
  • How often did Edmunds website have hits for the same vehicles? Is MSN website the measuring stick for researching vehicles on the web? How many hits did Motor Trend have for the same vehicles?
  • rvbanker,

    does Motor Trend have a website listing all their car of the year awards? I'd be interested to see how many of them (hind sight) turned out to be decent vehicles of their time vs. fireball, engine siezing junkers just a few years later.

    wasn't a 'K' car from Chrysler crowned once by MT?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    yeah...along with the pinto, pacer, javelin, etc...

    the list goes on.

    funny, too...the honda accord has NEVER been MTCOY. its one of the most successful, reliable, long-lasting vehicles ever put on the road.
  • See the article below from edmunds. This is why EDMUNDS reviews have no weight. The FORD sold more trucks (F150) than Nissan (Titan), therefor FORD F150 had more consumers......Check out the liberal adjectives (burly, massive, innovative). I want to know how much money Nissan is paying off Edmunds to write this..

    Large Truck: Nissan Titan
     In what has to be called a surprising upset victory, the all-new Nissan Titan edged out the redesigned Ford F-150 for top honors in this fiercely fought category. The Titan's burly V8, massive interior and innovative features helped it squeak out a victory by just 1 percent of the vote (27 percent vs. 26 percent). Such a tight margin of victory shows that Ford's revamped half-ton is still a popular pickup. With its slick interior, numerous body styles and smooth ride, there's still plenty of fight left in the Ford. Further back in the pack were the Toyota Tundra (15 percent) and Chevrolet Avalanche (11 percent), two trucks that prove there's always a market for specialty trucks. Rounding out the list were the Dodge Ram (8 percent), Cadillac EXT (7 percent) and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra twins with 6 percent.
  • Has had customers for how long now compared to the Titan? Thats right for a great long time. So yes the F150 is more readily known, and will have a more loyal following. So again the F150 will outsell the Titan no matter what Nissan does for the time being. Doesn't mean the F150 is the best pickup out there. Same as the Explorer is the top selling SUV which I own one. But its not because its the best SUV on the road. Its because its the best known one. Personally I am considering replacing it with either an Armada or a Durango. For the better tow ratings. I dont think Edmunds is taking ad Money from Nissan lol. MT on the other hand lol. But everyone will have an opinion. But if the Titan has the same engine and trans characteristics as the Armada then yeah it will have some good power. Like I posted before although MT chose the new F150 as the TOTY they still have gripes about its power or lack of it. So its not all that perfect. Then again no truck is lol.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you MUST be smoking the funny stuff today, dude.

    the f150 is the best selling vehicle in the world. this is not in dispute. but volume has nothing to do with the truck itself. is a kia rio better than a porsche 911 gt3? according to your logic, it is.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Bowke, Gotta admit, I admire your last 2 posts. Like hittin' that old nail on the head.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    <---humbly bows to audience...

  • Most Consumers = Most popular

    Edmunds most popular article is inaccurate.
  • Lets rephrase your logic.

    Compare F150 vs Titan (same class Truck)
    The better selling vehicals equates to a more popular (better) vehical for consumers. FORD F150 wins.

    Comparing a 911 to Kia (you must be smoking the funny stuff). Need to get into same perspective in vehicals. Thats like comparing F350 to a Titan (NONE)....
  • And you are very funny. Get on the winning team and buy American (FORD)......
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    first, do some research. the titan has more american design and content than ANY other full size truck, including the super and heavy duty trucks. the main difference is that nissan isnt held hostage by the crooks of the UAW.

    second, im not smoking the funny stuff. i simply used YOUR reasoning to point out that its ignorant to assume that volume equals quality.

    want to know who smokes the funny stuff? look in the mirror. YOU arfe the one that said it.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    With the global economy, I'm not sure what buying American means anymore. See how American you can buy when you buy your clothes or electronics.

    FYI, I drive a Dodge truck, 74% US and canadian parts, 20% Mexican.
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