Coolant temperature gauge

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So how come when I start my 2001 Chevy cavalier that it heats up fast and jumps to 265 then 0 and not even be over heating? It just keeps doing it and then when my temp gauge goes down to 0 my trac off light comes on but when goes back up to 265 it goes off. Plz help


  • dustinj1dustinj1 Member Posts: 3
    I changed my Coolant Temperature sensor, Thermostat, Head Gasket Also even tried bleeding it to get air pockets out it hasn't did it again yet but if it does I have no clue what else it could be unless something is clogged but im getting hot heat. I know my battery is bad and looked up the symptoms of what could cause it it said battery could if it doesn't have the right voltage or charge. And that was saying it from my coolant temperature sensor that the symptoms could be battery. Not sure though let me know any other ideas. Never seen it do this before
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    You could have a bad ground, or a faulty PCM
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