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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a RX 330 that has less than 1,000 miles. On two occassions I have almost gotten into accidents due to the fact that the brake and accelaration pedal does not have a cover over all the wiring and exposed parts. My foot was on the brake when the tip of my shoe got caught on the steering column when slowing down while making a turn. I went to the delaer with this problem to make sure the car did not have a missing cover that is supposed to be put on over both pedals. No cover belongs there they told me. Has anyone else come across this problem??? My other car - B9 Tribeca has a cover and is so much more nicely made in that regard! Buyer beware this is a DANGER!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Have you heard why Willy Nelson wears tenny-runners instead of cowboy boots....??

    He doesn't want to be mistaken for a trucker.
  • gardencar1gardencar1 Posts: 8
    Has anyone had this happen to them? Don't know when this started to happen, maybe about a month or so ago. It really caught my attention this weekend, coming back from a trip. I put on the brakes on the freeway, with firm, even, pressure and got considerable vibration from the steering wheel. Was I going too fast for the brakes? Seems doubtful. Are brake rotors warped? Improbable, since the vehicle is an '04 model with only 25,000 miles. Could it have been ABS? Not likely, since I didn't slam on the brakes. Could this be normal? Impossible, since even my Ford Explorer didn't shimmy like this! Good golly, Miss Molly! What is going on here? :surprise:
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    I recall seeing somewhere that there was a brake issue with the '04 Lexus. Out of curiousity, when the pads and calipers were replaced to fix the issue, were just the fronts replaced or both the front and rear?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Possibly EBD, Electronic Brakefore Distribution. Or even VSC if your were trying to turn during braking or the rear was tending to skid, fishtail. Since EBD is more prevalent front to rear more likely it was VSC.
  • nwtnwt Posts: 10
    Because my Passat has had to be at the dealer a number of times and because VW would not provide me with a loaner or free rental car, I asked Lexus if I would be provided with a Lexus loaner or some rental car if my Lexus had to go to the dealer for repair or scheduled maintenance. The internet salesman quoted me a lease and wrote "no loaner included". Yet other owners tell me they do get a loaner. Also, they valet a colleague of mine's Lexus for scheduled maintenance (to and from his door). I am NOT leasing a 2007 RX if Lexus will not provide a loaner when my car is in the shop.
  • nwtnwt Posts: 10
    I have gone in person to one dealership and emailed two others in an attempt to lease a RX 350. The salesmen have not welcomed me or been pleasant and professional. Their responses to my email inquiries have been "when can you come in?". Even though I stated I wanted a lease quote over email and even though I'm dealing with the "internet sales manager". I was very specfic about which car I wanted, miles per year, cap reduction, my high credit scores, etc. These old men -- and yes every single sales agent I have dealt with at these dealerships has been a middle-aged or senior, white male -- are gruff and have attitude. One salesman kept referring to "the [non-permissible content removed]" -- i.e. "the [non-permissible content removed] build a reliable car" (although he did state that he would never drive anything but a Porsche). I finally said to him "you really got to stop calling them that".
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The car biz is slow to change and adapt it seems. I don't think dealers are comfortable with educated consumers knowing more about the deal than they do!

    A letter to the owner may help change some attitudes, especially the inappropriate comments.

    For another side of the coin, see Confessions of a Car Salesman.

    And you may enjoy CONSIDERATE Salespeople & CONSIDERATE Buyers or some of the other discussions over in Smart Shopper.

    Steve, Host
  • gardencar1gardencar1 Posts: 8
    Hey, west. Thanks for the reply, but the vibration happened after only slight pressure on the brake pedal. Doubt if there was any slipping and certainly no fishtailing or turning. Doesn't happen at 60mph or 65mph, only at 70mph and above.
  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    Hi gardencar1:

    It happened to me before also, but not on the lexus, on my other car (Legend). It only happens when I drive fast (high 60s to around high 70s...) it'll feel kinda shakey...
    if I speed more than 80, it will actually feel better...

    I would suggest you check the tires... maybe the tires are not rotating perfectly... or the tire treads weared un-evenly... tire pressure not right, alignment not right...
    or simply, wheel not round.... wheel balance is off....

    quite a few things can do this... maybe you hit a big bump / pothole... hit the curb when parking and rubbed the tires... anything big or small can mess the wheel or alignment...

    and usually it won't show when you're travelling slow (relatively speaking...) but at high speed, that's when everything is amplified, and you can feel the difference...

    hope it helps...
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    My wifes 04 RX had this same problem I would bet your rotors are warped.
  • gardencar1gardencar1 Posts: 8
    Thanks west, hyiu and btill1. I will call my Lexus technician and post how this issue is resolved.
  • emart4emart4 Posts: 1
    I had to replace tires at 20,500 miles , sure was disappointed, good ride, but not that good. My tires were Goodyear also. Anyone know what to do? Lexus 04, RX330.
  • fulflapsfulflaps Posts: 3
    I get the bright lights back at me all of the time.Mainly when I am in the left turn lane and the other car is in the oncoming left turn lane.They think my brights are on untill I flash my brights back at them.
    Thats why they call them high intensity.
  • fulflapsfulflaps Posts: 3
    Just went through the same thing.The Goodyears are composed of softer rubber(grips better on dry surfaces) which tends to wear quicker.Some wear is also based on your driving habbits as well as the road surface material such as the rough coral rock roads here in Florida.
    I did extensive research and ended up putting on Michelin
    energy MXV4s8 and have noticed a far more superior ride.
    They are also less expensive than Goodyear.

    Good Luck
  • fulflapsfulflaps Posts: 3
    I had the same problem but instead of doing the TSB I experimented and found out that if you press the pedal farther and quicker the downshift response time is quiker.
  • This is a known problem and there is a "BULLETIN" on it. Call the dealer, you need the roters, brake pads and calipers replaced!!!

  • Does anyone have any ideas about tires that are a good replacement for the RX? Everyone says there are no tires that will get more than 35k miles on them for this car!
    Please help!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When I removed my original cross terrains from my 2001 AWD at ~40,000 miles they still had 50% wear left. Installed Bridgestone Turanzas, summer only, for comfort and quietness.
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    I have gotten much more mileage out of my tires and gas tank by increasing the tire pressure by 4-6 psi over the car manufacturer's pressure--but not exceeding the tire manufacturer's posted max pressure. Because the tires are belted, I have never seen center wear patterns caused by over inflation. Shoulder wear is minimized and handling is crisper. Another bonus is that RWD E320 and LS430 handle better in strong crosswinds.
  • md52md52 Posts: 20
    Hey Nancy... you (or anyone!) know the specific Bulletin number regarding the warped rotor replacement?? I am asking because I had the same problem and my dealer told me that there was no "campaign" for this problem so he resurfaced the rotors and left my original calipers and pads on the vehicle. If there is a bulletin I will go back and get it done the right way.

    Thanks for your post..
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    This maybe the one:


    MFG Bulletin Date: 20040618



    Date added to datbase: 20040729
  • md52md52 Posts: 20
    Hey my3rdrx

    Thanks for the quick post...I tried searching the NHTSA site with the Bulletin number 00404 but a message came back that no Bulletin matched the number. From the date (200406 which looks like 20April06) it looks pretty recent and the NHTSA TSB site doesnt list this fix.

    If you have any additional info it would be greatly appreciated...I want to go back with a specific Bulletin/TSB printed-out otherwise they will just deny that a fix exists..thnks again..
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't know what the numbers mean but I found the TSB summary in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide (currently number 24 in our list).

    We just have summary info but it gives this number (here's the direct link but it may not work?):

    NHTSA ITEM NUMBER - 10008391

    Full text is sometimes available at the NHTSA site or you can buy it at Or ask your service writer for a copy.

    Steve, Host
  • md52md52 Posts: 20

    ..thanks; I didnt realize that the 00404 number was the actual TSB number. I found it; I was surprized that it was from so long ago (June04). There isnt much of a description, though it does mention brakes/vibration

    I'll ask my service rep to print-out the TSB and we'll see how it goes from there.

    This is a great site...
  • lovemyrxlovemyrx Posts: 1
    I am on my second RX and every time I take my car to Thompson Lexus in Doylestown, PA I am given a loaner car. My car was recently up there for inspection and they noticed a problem with the radiator which was covered under warranty. I was told to keep the loaner car until they obtained the necessary parts and they would contact me when the work was completed. I don't know what Lexus dealer you are going to but I cannot say enough good things about this dealership-they are the best! My car also comes back to me washed when I pick it up. If I wanted to they would also pick my car up and deliver it for my home or office-hope this helps!!
  • sxn179sxn179 Posts: 1
    I don't know why the dealer told you that. I have a 2005 RX330 leased through Prestige Lexus in NJ and have never had a problem with getting a loaner. Actually the complete opposite. I live about 40 miles from the dealership (its the closest!!) and they're great at understanding my distance and work with me to make it convenient for me and within reason.

    Of course, its not like service is cheap that they aren't making up the cost, but I have not been denied it yet.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Another bonus is that RWD E320 and LS430 handle better in strong crosswinds.

    I'm curious ... does the RX330 have some high speed stability problems? I have a GX470 that's awful at high speeds ... any breeze at all > 70 mph and I'm constantly fighting for stability. My old Grand Cherokee was MUCH more stable. Bart :mad:
  • sltpigsflysltpigsfly Posts: 16
    I have an RX330 with 30,000 miles. At about 10,000 miles the car developed a metallic clunking noise from the area behind the brake and accelerator pedals. After many trips to the dealer, I finally was able to replicate the noise. Lexus had its engineer look at the car and they have advised me that this is a "normal" noise due to heat expansion and cannot be fixed. Neither my previous RX nor any of the service RXes I've driven have had this problem. It gets worse when warm and clunks repeatedly and annoyingly when driving or when stopped, anytime the pedals are being pushed. Am I getting the straight story? Can this problem be fixed?
  • corlt1corlt1 Posts: 29
    I have a 2004 RX330 with AWD. The loaners that we get are the FWD models and I have noticed that the stability on the highway, especially in strong cross winds is not as good as the heavier AWD models. My dealer (Lexus of Kendall, FL.) always has a loaner ready, but you have to make an appointment for regular service, as they need to keep on hand loaners for unexpected service.

    The dealer has replaced my front rotors (under waranty)for the steering wheel shimmy and recently replaced my radiator under and extended the waranty for the raditor to around 90k miles. There was nothing wrong with the radiator, but the dealer said that some could be questionable in the future, so why not replace it now.

    My brakes recently had that metallic clunk coming from the floor near the pedals and I also noticed that the pedal was slightly lower on the 1st pump and got higher on the 2nd press of the brakes. The dealer bleed the air from the brakes and BOTH problems disappeared. Hope this helps.
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