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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • soul1350soul1350 Posts: 3
    Hi Guys,
    My problem is mostly same as Mike, after more than 20 times dropping the car for this issue finally they drove the car with Lexus Tech and he said thats normal, which I don't believe it is.
    on the service invoice they mentioned the noise coming off of the drive line and it's normal.
    I think we all should take the next step and call National Center for Dispute at 1-866-272-4872 or 1-800-777-8119 EXT 115 to file a claim against Lexus which is not coming up with solution for this problem.
    I'm planing to file a claim by tomorrow as well and will keep you guys posted.
  • Well, I always hear a luxury foreign car will cost you. I have a 2004 RX 330, just turned over to 56k miles. I'm the first owner, baby the car. I have had to replace the high performance tires at 40k miles, replace the radio at 45k miles, get a new battery at the same time. So now, my radio is not working again and the dealership will not replace it b/c it's a replacement part, is only good for 12 months or 10k miles. I'm furious. I paid way too much for this car to sink all of this $ into it. I understand oil changes, fluid changes, etc. Has anyone else had issues with tires and radio? I may trade this sucker soon. Love the car/size, but the maintenence is expensive and I'm liking Acuras even more.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    If Lexus replaced your radio then I'm sure you can get it covered until the date the original warranty would have run out. I am very surprised that they are taking this stance. I can't imagine my Lexus dealer doing that. I have 149,000 on a '99 and have even had them pay 1/2 the cost to replace out of warranty items. I think you just need to be firm and escalate it if you need to.
  • Thanks, I have an appt Friday. I plan on being very firm.
  • remborembo Posts: 1

    I own 05 RX330 with 29k miles same exact thing is happening to me. Going back for second time, told me thermostat was sticking first time it happened not even 3 weeks ago. The month before I had my car in for service, tire rotation, oil change etc. and this happened after they had WORKED on it !!!!

    Wondering if you ever got to the cause.

  • Does ur odometer go back to correct mileage after reset???

  • rich18944rich18944 Posts: 14
    This procedure does not change the mileage.
  • my330my330 Posts: 2
    One normal, uneventful day I started my 2004 RX330 with 43K as usual. But it was not a normal day for my RX 330. The CEL (check engine light) was blinking continuously. There was no warning, it was driving fine before this day. Luckily I was home. It was flat-bedded in for service. Truck had 3/4 tank gas, gas cap tight. Codes showed an ignition coil needed to be replaced, and it was. Truck was driven total of 3 miles at under 25mph when CEL blinking. My Japanese-made truck is less than a year out of warranty, so my wallet breathed an audible "ouch."

    Summer vacation is coming up. I don't want to be on a summer outing with my kids and have this happen again. I maintain my cars, keep tires properly inflated, and only use super/premium gas in this truck. I expected to own this truck well past 100K when I bought it, now I'm not so sure.

    :confuse: What is likelihood of other 5 ignition coils going bad, without warning, as this one has? Or is this another once-in-a-million thing that my RX 330 has experienced? My confidence in this vehicle is shaken. My family has owned several Lexus/Toyotas, yes, some to over 100K and some for many years, with no unexpected problems such as this. Any thoughts, please?
  • domer1domer1 Posts: 5
    Have a 2004 RX 330 with 31,000 miles. Purchased new in August 2003 so it's out of warranty. Have had the noisy/rattling dashboard problem in cold weather, goofy transmission "searching" for the gear that will make it most happy and the battery failed after 3 years. Lexus has fixed these items but now comes the most bizzare.

    Driving at 70 MPH on Interstate 95 last week, the black plastic moulding that wraps around the small window behind the rear door on the passenger side blew off the car. Went to Lexus in Naples, FL where the service manager said he had seen this problem before. To repair they need to replace the entire window. Cost is about $400. Outside of warranty so he says Lexus won't cover. He gave me the name of the glass shop where they get windows repaired and that guy told me he is seeing this rather frequently on 2004 through 2007 Lexus RX models. He feels the problem is a defect. Car has never been in an automatic carwash except at the dealer.

    Anyway, I am appealing the dealer's "out of warranty" position to Lexus. Meanwhile, has anyone experienced this problem?


    Domer 1
  • tleevtleev Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 RX 330 purchased in Sept. 05, I have had several rattles and now the most annoying problem is the transmission clunking/lagging, been going on a while now (only has 31,000 miles). Had it fixed several months ago... dealer first said what I was experiencing was normal. Then after driving it, they told me the computer was not transmitting the proper signal to the transmission, causing this problem. Fix at first was great, now a few months later, problem is back and getting worse. Seems like the vehicle is even having a hard time starting from a stopped position now too. Even my husband has noticed how bad it is, just driving it occasionaly. Luckily mine is a lease. Was considering purchasing it, since it has very low miles, but very unsure now. Wish I could say it's a better car and Lexus knew how to fix this problem!
  • t0dt0d Posts: 1
    Sorry about late reply, but complain to Lexus corporate if you already paid this... I spoke to a guy this happened to and he said dealer is replacing trim only, not window. Hope this helps.
  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    This probably won't help you much but when a luxury vehicle is out of warranty
    or more than 4 years old, just assume that you will normally pay at least $ 100
    for each 1,000 miles that you drive to cover both unexpected repairs plus routine
    upkeep such as tires, brakes, oil changes, etc.
  • modfathermodfather Posts: 6
    My 2005 RX330 (awd) will soon go out of warranty (in Sept. 2008). We only have 20k miles on it, but was thinking of getting the 30k/36 mos. service done early in case there are any issues with the car. Good idea? Any advice?

    So far, no issues with the car. Only complaint is low mpg in city (getting 14-15 mpg here in Wash. DC...)
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I have a 2005 RX 330 AWD. What are the concerns with coasting downhill in NEUTRAL at speeds ranging from 25-70 mph to save fuel? Potentially damaging to the transmission and/or the AWD system? Thanks!
  • Just had to add this!!! As I traveled behind my wifes 2004 RX 330, I watched the rear window trim panel peel away from the cars body and snap. It happened so quickly, I couldn't notify her. After looking at how it is attached ( assisted with small pieces of double sided foam tape) it's obvious that the moldings will fail to stay in place. When the tape degrades the molding flies - interesting feat of engineering...
  • 2004 RX 330. I feel a mild (but very annoying) rubbing in my steering wheel whenever I accelerate and sometimes when breaking hard. Took it to the dealership, they checked out the motor mounts and said they looked okay. They said they adjusted the mounts a bit and that the rubbing should be minimized. However, when I picked it back up, the rubbing felt the same as it did before. I plan on taking in again, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this so that maybe I could point the service guys in the right direction. Thanks!
  • ralipioralipio Posts: 1
    I own a LEXUS GSV40L colored white. Today I went to the dealer for a maintenance check-up as I reached 30,000KM. They told me that my car needs to change engine oil & filter only. Would you imagine that they charged me with $162.50 just for changing the oil and filtel and my car is still under warranty. IS this a normal practice to charge the owner even if the car is still under warranty.

    I would appreciate your reply on this query sa soon as possible so I can complain directly to my dealer in Saudi Arabia Abdulatif Jameel Retail company Ltd. thank you for your time.
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    Of course. Warrenty does not cover maintenance items such as oil/filter change, wiper blades, brakes, etc.

    Keep in mind, you DO NOT have to have you lexus serviced at the over priced dealer.
  • I have the same issue as you. I have a 2004 RX 330 and I washed it over the weekend and my passenger rear window molding behind the back seat one, is gone. It was flapping before and I tried to push it back down myself but that didn't's completely gone now. Did you get yours replaced and if so, how much was it? I also had the cold dash noise and my lexus dealership fixed it when it was still under warranty. They added extra insultation or something. It fixed the noise though!!
  • I need help with finding out the cause of a grinding noise when I start the car. It only happens when the stater is turning, and it sounds like there was a loose part in it. It only happens once in a while. The car starts every time I turn the key, but I am afraid that it will not start one day, or more damage to the engine will be done. When the engine starts (starter stops turning) the car drives well. No more noise. I wanted to check if maybe the starter's screw was loose or something connected to it was loose, but I can not even find the starter! Where is it? Any suggestions as to the problem? Are there any other parts that work only at the startup? Any help is appreciated. The car is 2004 :confuse: RX330
  • About a month before the warranty was up on our vehicle the air suspension malfunctioned on our 2004 Lexus RX330...Just went out to the garage one day and it was higher on one side than the other...Anyway, the dealership fixed it otherwise we would have had to pay $3000.00 for the pleasure...I've read of one other person that had this problem so perhaps it was just a fluke...Hope so...because we'd like to keep the vehicle as it really hasn't given us any other trouble...
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    Hey Hunter,

    Sorry about your trouble with the air susp, but glad to hear you had it taken care of... This is a good reminder that everyone can go over their vehicle completely before the warantee expires and get anything fixed. Lexus replaced my tranny right before the odometer rolled over to 70,000.

    Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts about the handling on your model with the "sport" air suspension. Had you driven both before deciding on this one?

    Are you in CA?
  • I have the same problem. My husband bought our RX 330 new in 2004, so it is no longer under warrenty. We took a roadtrip from LA to Dallas and upon arriving in Dallas realized our trim on the right side was missing. Halfway home to LA, the left trim took flight. I called our local Lexus dealership and the guy in parts told me I needed to have both windows replaced. I hope someone posts an answer to this porblem! I called Corporate and haven't received a callback!
  • 1 plantation- hopefully you're still around. I think I may have this same mild grinding/knocking/rubbing problem. I always feel it in the steering wheel when I'm taking off from a stop as the body is torqueing backwards (I am now starting to feel it also when torqueing foward when braking). Does this sound similar to what you had and were able to fix with the new U bolt. I've taken it to the dealership once already, and all they did if fiddle with the motor mounts and said they had minimized the issue. However, I am still having the same issue. I was hoping to be able to point then in the right direction next time I get it serviced. Thanks!
  • janb1- hopefully you're still around. I think I may have this same mild groaning/knocking/rubbing problem with the steering colomn. Did you ever figure what the issus was?I always feel it in the steering wheel when I'm taking off from a stop as the body is torqueing backwards (I am now starting to feel it also when torqueing foward when braking). Does this sound similar to what you had and were able to fix with the new U bolt. I've taken it to the dealership once already, and all they did if fiddle with the motor mounts and said they had minimized the issue. However, I am still having the same issue. I was hoping to be able to point then in the right direction next time I get it serviced. Thanks!
  • coyeracoyera Posts: 1
    Dear Hunterjo1, I have now a problem with my RX 330 2004 Air suspension, the light in the dashboard to put the system off starter blinking on and off for few days.
    I finally took the car to the dealer, to find out the compressor is bad, no very clear explanation of what happened and my warranty expired in May of this year, repair estimate about 2K USD. I would like to know if others have had similar problems. My car has 28K miles on it and it has had a few other problems, including having to replace all tires with only 25k miles on them. Very dissapointed with the Lexus brand.
  • toy188toy188 Posts: 2
    It is common that the joint of rubber boot and steering column (inside the car up near the gas pedal) has caused the noise when you turn the steering wheel far left or right. The harmless and common solution is to spray silicon grease around the joint then turn the wheel for a few time until you don't hear the same noise. Best use silicon grease, which is good for rubber parts.
  • Will give it a shot. Thanks!
  • lon7lon7 Posts: 7
    I have 60K miles on my RX330 and just this past month I noticed a rattle coming from the back of the car. I checked it out and found it to be the cover on the spare tire carrier under tha rear of the car. I am going in for service very soon and will see if the dealer has any info on the problem. A simple gasket to keep it from vibrating would fix the problem.
  • hmn8hmn8 Posts: 4
    To: ckanesthesia

    How did you manage to get Lexus to replace the RX tranny? Did they ask for service records? What is the name/ location of the dealer who took care of it? I know that it was still under drivetrain warranty but I've read that Lexus does everything they can to avoid replacing it and putting the blame on the customer. I too have an 04 RX330 with the whining noise around 75mph. I have 48500 miles. My problem is I bought it used (clean title) from a small non Lexus exclusive dealer and I don't have any service records. I do know based on carfax that it was previously a leased car from a Lexus dealer. If anybody have any suggestions pls reply. Thanks
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