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Lexus RX 330 Maintenance and Repair



  • cecartercecarter Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2006 RX330 with 67k mi.. After the deal and before paying, I had asked about an extended warranty. The closer offered 3 options. 4 yr 48000 mi for $6200. the least was $2400 for 24 mo/24000 miles.
    I passed on all extended warranties. I'm gambling that I can get more from my money w/o the warranty.
    Hope this info helps. There are better prices out there, but this was a lexus dealers best. It was not a CPO warranty either. Good, but not worth $6 large.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    You did the smart thing by passing up the extended warranty. In my opinion they are a rip off and this is particularly true of a Lexus warranty. I have a '03 Lexus LS and an '05 Lexus RX. They are both out of warranty and I wouldn't even consider paying for the extended warranty. The Lexus build quality is such that they are not too likely to need much work after they are out of warranty if you perform the necessary routine maintenance i.e., change oil, filter, rotate tires, and a few other items on the maintenance schedule. I have now had six Lexus' and owned all of them for over 75K miles and one of them for 128K before selling it. None of them have ever needed any significant maintenance work after the manufactures warranty expired. I'm sure that there are people out there who have not had such great experiences with their Lexus but I would bet that the great majority have had experience similar to mine. Good luck and enjoy a great car.
  • showstershowster Posts: 3
    My 2005, Rx 330, with 68K needs the strut mounts replaced. The local Lexus dealership already replaced the struts, which was covered by warranty, as the vehicle had below 50K at the time. I'm thinking the dealership should cover the strut mounts? Does anyone have any information for me to use as ammo?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Does anyone have any information for me to use as ammo?

    You might be able to make a case that the struts wore prematurely due to defective mounts but I'm not sure how you do that.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rvm1rvm1 Posts: 15
    I would get a second opinion on the struts. It might pay you to spend a few $ to get an indepenednt look at the struts since replacements can be up to $900.00. I was told mine were bad but found that to be otherwise when I took it to an independent repair facility and I don't mean a tire place. Go to an independent garage.

    My personal experience with Lexus is that once its out of warranty they don't much care.
  • showstershowster Posts: 3
    Just to clarify rvm1...the struts were already replaced and was covered by warranty. Now it is the strut mounts that Lexus stated needed to be replaced (the noise is horrible when turning following driving on a bumpy road). The last time I complained about the popping noise from the front when I made a turn......Lexus found a bad strut and replaced both. Now I have a rubbing noise which Lexus stated was the strut mounts....thought I would try to fight the warranty thing? Lexus quoted $560.00 for the job.
  • rvm1rvm1 Posts: 15
    Historically Lexus dealers are an expensive way to go for repairs. Consequently I have always done my own maintenance. With that as a prelude, what Lexus will do when you contact them to get them to pay for this is to ask for the name of your dealer and check with him to see if you have been a "loyal" dealer customer. If not they will give you some excuse for not covering the cost of replacing the mounts. If you have been, they may make an offer to share the cost ie they provide the mounts and you pay the labor, which may well be most of the cost quoted to you.

    I would first get an independent quote covering the cost of materials and labor separately so you can compare their response with an outside quote.

    Good luck !
  • martinm3martinm3 Posts: 3
    >>Sorry about late reply, but complain to Lexus corporate if you already paid this... I >>spoke to a guy this happened to and he said dealer is replacing trim only, not >>window. Hope this helps.

    Did you have to pay? or Dealer cover the charge?
  • sltpigsflysltpigsfly Posts: 16
    As a prior owner of an RX330, I still get these alerts. I purchased a 400h and did have the problem with the window moulding coming off - flapping furiously in the wind at 70 mph! My dealership replaced the moulding and the window at no cost. I would contact the service department manager, and if that fails, the regional service manager. They should cover the expense for you.
  • martinm3martinm3 Posts: 3
    My warranty has expired. Do you think they will still cover that?

  • martinm3martinm3 Posts: 3
    My bought 4 michelin tires from Costco and put it on my
    2004 RX330. They totally worn out just after 1 year.
    I can't believe it. What should I do?
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    What does this loose molding look like?

    with our 2004 RX330 with 41K miles, I hear some thing flapping while driving even at 40-50mph. I sounds like one of the luggage carrier racks is loose, but all luggage rack parts are tight in place.

    This flapping noise from outside is annoying in otherwise very quiet ride. When I look at the rear ( left and right) quarter panel window moldings, they appear tight in place. Could it be that they are loosely in place and when wind goes around it then it starts flapping?

    I have never had this type of noise from any other vehicle we have owned.

  • sltpigsflysltpigsfly Posts: 16
    Yes, my warranty had expired. Also, for the individual who asked what the loose moulding looked like, it is the rubber around the rear passenger window area. In my case, it was on the passenger side of the car, and I could see it flapping when I looked in my right side mirror. Typically, you have to be going 50 mph or so to have the problem occur. Hope this helps!
  • sltpigsflysltpigsfly Posts: 16
    I thought of this after my prior reply . . . on my RX400h, I've had the moulding at the top of the roof come loose after going through drive through car washes with brushes or fabric scrubbers. You might look at those strips (there are two, running the length of the roof) to see if they are in securely. You can push them back in by hand, and that should solve your problem. Avoid car washes that aren't touchless!
  • My 2004 RX330 has 110,000 miles and still going strong! The visors on both sides have worked loose. As I am many miles past having warranty coverage, I'd like to tighten them up myself, if possible. Anyone know how to do this? :shades:
  • I have a 2005 RX330 with 35K miles, bought new. Replacing front discs at 35,160 miles. Rears still in good shape. Lexus says brake warranty stops at 1 yr/12,500 miles. Surprised and disappointed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's pretty typical since brakes are a wear item and not everyone treats them gently. Front brakes do most of the work so it's normal for them to wear out faster than the rears too.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    No OEM brake pads should wear out at 12K miles unless you are driving a taxi or a delivery vehicle. or you have frozen caliper and/or hanging sliding pins. I would write to Lexus and ask them for help. While they want to stick to their official stand, they also realize that this is a premature wear.

    I bought cermic pads for front and organic pads for the rear and put them on. It cost me $70 ( after $30 rebate) for front and rear pads. The pads on our 2004 RX with 41K were worn out in the rear with some left in the front. I could not tell whether the front pads were replaced once before we bought the car.

    Replacing the RX pads has to be one of the easiest one I have done.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It is fairly common practice for customers to be told that brake rotors need to be replaced when in fact that is not true. 35K on front pads is on the low side but not really unusual.

    I replace my front pads at least twice before I even consider turning the rotors and I have NEVER has to repalce rotors.

    It is possible, remotely possible, that the front pads were so worn that the rotors were damaged.
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    Since they are a wear item, I wouldn't expect brake pads to be warranteed past 12,000. It is possible to wear the brake pads out by 30,000 miles, depending on how you drive, how much weight you haul with you, and the type of use.

    My experience ('99 RX300 2WD): I replaced my original pads (all 4 at the same time) because of the annoyingly premature wear sensors which made the car squeak like an old jalopy. The wear sensors are small tabs of soft metal that rub cause a metal-to-metal scraping-squeaky sound. I think they were noisy by 30,000, but each inspection showed there was plenty of brake left so being the cheapskate I am, I did not replace them, nor did the Toyota dealer recommend it. I finally replaced all four at the same time to quiet all the squall by about 75,000, but the Toyota dealer said there was still plenty of wear left. The factory pads were fine, but the built-in wear sensors are set to cause lots of noise prematurely to annoy you into replacing them early. I didn't have to replace the discs. I did have them flush the brake fluid, purging all old fluid and bleeding the brake system out at the time they did the brakes.

    If your discs were warped from excessive heat or the pads were worn so that contact was made to the disc, it is possible to ruin your disc(s). Ask them to show you on your car what specifically is worn, and look at the parts yourself. Look for any unusual wear. Any good shop will be willing to do this.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Front rotors warped enough to be a problem would indicate so via throbbing of the brake pedal, or in severe cases stearing wheel "shake", when brakes are lightly applied while moving.
  • rvm1rvm1 Posts: 15
    Replaced the front rotors and pads at 67000 miles on my 04. Unless you drive with the brake pedal down I'd say that replacing them at 12k is premature wear. Perhaps you might have your repair folks check out the rotors to make sure that there isn't a problem there. If none then get back to Lexus and go up the chain of command.
  • wyckoffwyckoff Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 with the rare air suspension system. The car literally does a constant bounce while driving. I've taken it to Lexus twice, they've replaced the front two sensors and fixed the wiring to one of the rear sensors. The bouncing is now much worse than when I originally took it to them. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    Since we bought our 2004 RX330 used last Nov with 37K miles, we have been noticing this annoying noise that sounds like a rubber seal is hitting against the roof. Several times, I could swear the sound was coming from under the dash.

    While changing the oil/filter last week for the first time, I removed two underbody plastic shields to got to oil filter and to degrease underside of the engine. I noticed the larged undebody shield had broken in the front in its thinnest part. The broken section was separated in the front.

    After changing the oil, I did not put it back on, thinking I will buy a new one. When the car drives up, you can tell the piece is missing. At $210 wholesale, I may not ever replace it.

    While driving on the highway without the undebody piece, I noticed the annoying rattle is gone. I just find it amazing how rattle and noise could transfer in a car and be heard in a different part of the car.

  • yosh13yosh13 Posts: 1
    what is fair price for dealer installed remote engine starter on new RX350?
  • Did anyone ever figure out why the check engine and VSC lights came on and how to fix the issue? I'm dealing with the same issue. Thanks
  • I had seen this topic before on this site, but nobody seems to have answered why these lights came on. I would certainly appreciate any info. Thanks!
  • This has happened to me and since I have noticed about 4 other RX330"s missing the moulding on the rear quarter panel window. I was wondering if anybody know how wide spread this problem is and if Lexus is doing anything about it.
    When I went to my dealer they said they never heard of this problem and wanted over $300 because they said the entire window had to be replaced. I said no way for a $20 peice of moulding.
  • Our 2004 RX 330 had this problem (Check Engine and VSC) twice since the end of June 2009. Dealer traced the problem to a faulty fuel filler cap. They cleaned it, cleared the code and I was on my way. They did say there was a chance it could happen again. If it do they would replace the fuel cap. It happened again and they replaced the fuel cap this past Tuesday.
  • This is a common problem and Lexus dealers know it very well. Our right rear moulding blew off 2 years ago. To fix, they would need to replace the entire window. I spoke with the glass replacement service that my Florida Lexus dealer uses. He said he sees the problem often, gluing it on does not work long-term and that I should contact lexus customer service. I contacted them by email and got a favorable reply. While they did not offer to replace the window and did not acknowledge a probelm, they did send me a credit that is good for anything (service or parts) at a Lexus dealer with no expiration. Meanwhile, I've kept the moulding and keep an eye out for an adhesive product that would work long-term.
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